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Edition 1 - Februrary 2013

Success for Applecross In December last year we were delighted when our own Mr Drew Mayhills from the English learning area was successful in the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year category of the WA Education Awards. Head of English, Veronica Lake, says that Drew has already become an important element of the entire Applecross school community in his first year of teaching. He understands that each student is different and creates secure and interesting classroom environments.

ESL excursion

“His enquiring mind and determination to engage students at the highest level mean he is always receptive to new ideas. He is able to envisage education and its importance on a wider scale than most graduate teachers,” she said.

Applecross Senior High School Year 10 ESL students visited Booragoon Primary School on the 3rd December 2012, to work with the Year 5 children in Ms Fletcher’s class. The purpose of our visit was not only to promote our school, but also to help them in their investigation and observation skills.

Not only was Drew one of the eight winning beginning teachers in the WA Drew Mayhills receiving his award from the sponsor Brad Joyce, CEO of Teachers Health Fund Education Awards, but he was also successful in receiving a scholarship from the Sangora Education Foundation. At this stage it is Drew’s intention to attend the Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom to be held in Osaka, Japan in April. The trip will also offer him the opportunity to visit and observe a number of high schools in the Hyogo Prefecture and participate in a Japanese home stay.

We taught the Year 5 students observation skills by having some students act out a robbery play and then we questioned the audience about what they saw. In this activity, we practiced interviewing techniques which included questioning and listening skills. In return, the primary students taught us about using the iMOVIE program on Mac Book.

Congratulations Mr Mayhills!

Della Jachja with Year 5 students

Towards the end of the 2012 school year Ms Lorimer joined Kimberley Wynhorst at Government House Ballroom for the presentation of medals to students as part of the annual Educational Assessment Australia Medal Presentation Ceremony. Kimberley was successful in English (Year 10) and joined the four other students in the Year 8 to12 category from Western Australian public schools.

Our goal was achieved in providing appropriate activities that will help the Year 5 students get ready for high school, by reducing their nervousness about going to another level of study and create interest in learning new concepts, as well as making new friends.

ICAS medal ceremonies are held annually in Australia and overseas. These events highlight, encourage and reward academic achievement at the highest levels in Computer Skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.

The two core values, Mutual Respect and Personal Best were consistently demonstrated throughout the day by the Year 10 cohort and we hope that by visiting the primary school we were able to be positive role models to the younger students.

Well done Kimberley - a fantastic achievement!

Year 10 students ESL class

We hope that by celebrating academic achievement students will be inspired to strive for further success in the years ahead. Kimberley Wynhorst Year 11

School Calendar Hanna Phritagolda addressing Year 5 students

The 2013 Calendar of Events can be found on our website in the NEWS tab

Links Road, Ardross 6153 | Phone 9314 9393 Fax 9364 1832 Email | ABN: 87 245 596 389

Applecross Senior High School Bulletin – Edition 1 - Februrary 2013

From the Principal’s Desk Welcome to the 2013 school year. I hope that everyone has enjoyed a restful holiday and thank you to parents for preparing students with appropriate uniform and equipment for a positive commencement to the year. We have four new staff members in 2013 and I would like to welcome the following staff members to Applecross Senior High School: Languages Student Services Technology & Enterprise

Martine Spooner Emma Walker Rex Ellis (Design & Technology) & Elaine Johnson (Business/IT)

We would also like to welcome back a number of teachers who have been on long term leave – Mr McMahon (English), Ms Bateman (Careers & Vocational Education), Mr Miller (Design & Technology); plus Ms Rankin (Special Art Coordinator) who was on leave in Semester 2 and Ms Crofton (S&E and Year 10 Coordinator) who was on leave in Term 4. I would also like to congratulate the following teachers who have gained a permanent position at Applecross SHS for the commencement of 2013 – Mr Mayhills (English), Mr Cornish, Ms Lancaster, Ms Robinson (all Science) Mr Dickson, Ms Stevenson (both Society & Environment), Mr Wende (Design & Technology) and Ms Koios (Student Services). We are very pleased to have these staff members continuing at our school.

We are looking forward to a successful year for your children and would encourage you to be active partners in your child’s education. Please take the time to read the article about the management structure of the school. Often parents address their concerns directly to the Principal when the first port of call should have been the classroom teacher or the Year Coordinator. The P&C provides another avenue for you to be involved in the school community and is a great supporter of the school through a variety of committees and projects. The building project is forging ahead with the ground works for the Visual Arts building currently being prepared. The Design & Technology building is now in full use with the arrival of some new equipment which enhances our ability to offer certificate courses in the future. Although there are some minor inconveniences with being on-site through a major building project our students have been terrific in adjusting to these changes. The biggest issue for us this year is that students have a longer distance to walk to access both the D&T building and the oval as they have to detour around the building site However, they seem to be coping with this change and the lower school students are also making good use of the additional three areas that we have made available for recess and lunch – gym, Science quad and upstairs balcony. We will keep you updated of further progress via the School Bulletin and website. Maureen Lorimer Principal

Personal Accident Insurance Parents are reminded that students are NOT covered for personal accident insurance during school hours or during any out-of-school activity. It is therefore highly recommended that you give consideration to organising insurance for your child. If you have private health cover then this shouldn’t be necessary.


P&C Meeting

P&C Annual General Meeting

The first meeting for 2013 will be held on Monday 18th February at 7.30pm in the Staff Room. This meeting is a normal meeting giving new parents the opportunity to come along and see how our P&C operates. We require your support as we lost a number of Year 12 parents at the end of 2012.

The P&C AGM will be held on Monday 18th March 2013 at 7.30pm in the staff-room. The AGM provides you the opportunity to nominate for a variety of management positions and committees. The Applecross SHS P&C is very active in supporting the school in a variety of projects. Please come along and be part of this energetic group of people.

Management Structure for 2013 So that you are aware of whom to contact should you need any advice or support, I would like to inform you of our management structure at the school. Deputy Principals Mr Myles Draper Responsibility for Years 8, 9 & 10 students Mr Rex Lilleyman Responsibility for Years 11 & 12 students Ms Glenys Campbell School planning and staffing Apart from the academic, social and emotional welfare of students under their responsibility, subject changes and enrolments are handled by Mr Draper and Mr Lilleyman. It should be noted that changes to upper school classes can only be made if there is room in the desired classes and that student ability matches the complexity of the course. Changes to lower school classes will only be made in exceptional circumstances and we request that you speak to Mr Draper directly. Student Services Team The Student Services team are responsible for the behaviour, attendance and social/emotional wellbeing of our students. If you have any concerns please contact the most appropriate person on the team and they will seek assistance from their colleagues if necessary. Ms Emma Walker Program Manager Years 8.9 & 10 Ms Angela Koios Program Manager Years 11 & 12 Mr Adam Coppard Year 8 Coordinator Ms Jan Michell Year 9 Coordinator Ms Caroline Crofton Year 10 Coordinator Mr Frank van der Linden Year 11 Coordinator Ms Mileva Tubbs Year 12 Coordinator

Mr John Thompson Ms Esther Deng Ms Mandy James Ms Jenny deRossi Ms Karen Calway

School Psychologist School Chaplain Youth Worker School Nurse First Aid Officer

The School Community Nurse is at the school for 3 days per week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) and we have Ms Calway providing First Aid assistance for the other two days. Heads of Learning Area Ms Jodine McBride Ms Veronica Lake Ms Jodie Lambert Ms Susette Rose Mr Robert Nesa Mr Tony Herbert Mr Wayne Lloyd Mr Darren Payton

Arts English Health & Physical Education Languages Mathematics Science Society & Environment Technology & Enterprise

The Heads of Learning Area have responsibility for student discipline in their learning area, curriculum delivery, assessment and reporting and line management of their staff. If your child is experiencing difficulty in a particular subject your first port of call is the classroom teacher and then the Head of Learning Area. Vocational Education & Training This year we welcome Ms Vanessa Buemi to the VET Coordinator’s position and Ms Julie Reed who will take responsibility for Workplace Learning across the school. Ms Buemi is parents’ point of contact for our Flexible Learning students.

Head Boy and Head Girl Luke Vincent and Jacy Pan are the Head Boy and Head Girl for 2013. Luke was a Student Councillor in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and represented Year 11 on the Student Representative Council last year. He is involved in a range of voluntary work and his knowledge and expertise will contribute greatly to the future work of the SRC. Jacy joined the Student Council in Year 8 and then again in Year 11. Like Luke she is active in voluntary work and has completed 78 hours of community service. In 2011 she was part of the 40 Hour Famine team which raised over $10,000. We look forward to Jacy contributing once again to the work of the SRC.

2013 Head Boy Luke Vincent and Head Girl Jacy Pan

Both students bring a great deal of enthusiasm to their new positions and I’m sure we can look forward to a rewarding year under their leadership.


Applecross Senior High School Bulletin – Edition 1 - Februrary 2013

Year 8 Parent Barbeque Date for your diary - the Year 8 Parent Barbeque will be held on Tuesday evening 26th February between 5.00pm and 7.00pm in the school quad at the Links Rd end of the school. This is a good opportunity to meet with the Principal, Deputy Principals, members of the Student Services team, the Year 8 Coordinator and teachers. It will also provide your child the chance to meet other students in an informal setting. We hope to see you there!

Year 9 Coordinator

Welcome to Year 9. In particular, we welcome 12 new students to our group. Year 9 is a busy year with both NAPLAN and WAMSE testing in Terms 2 and 3, making choices for subjects for Year 10, with an eye to subject choices for Upper School, as well as sporting and social events. It is important that students get into good habits from the beginning of the year – use of their diaries, having a study timetable, regular homework (around 1.5 hours per night) and meeting deadlines. Parents please assist your children with these issues. I am available to discuss issues regarding your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email – jan.michell@education. or on 9314 9310.

Year 10 Science Contest Late last year two Applecross teams journeyed to Murdoch University to compete with nineteen other teams from ten schools in the 2012 STAR Science Quiz. In a very close scoring contest the Corpus Christi team achieved the highest score of 27 and Carine SHS came second with 26. Applecross #1 was third with 26, while 22 points secured seventh place for Applecross #2. It may be worth noting that among the schools we defeated were Murdoch College (2 teams), Willetton SHS (3 teams) and Leeming SHS (3 teams). Congratulations to Rachel Boon, Annabelle Eirth, Ian Hall, Lewis Rother, Tara Sharma, Clare Thompson, Jodie Vong, and Madeleine Watson-Reeves. Thanks for making this a very enjoyable and memorable success. Dr Roger Dring Science Contest Coordinator


The winners are…… 1st Prize $300 Visa Pre Paid Card – Oliver Stenning 2nd Prize $100 Visa Pre Paid Card – Darcy Parke 3rd Prize $50 Visa Pre Paid Card - Genevieve Sweetman

Jan Michell Year 9 Co-ordinator

School Uniform The School Uniform Shop is open at the following times: Term 1 & 4 Monday Wednesday Thursday

1.00pm – 4.00pm 8.00am – 11.30am 8.00am – 4.00pm

Terms 2 & 3 Monday Wednesday

1.00pm – 4.00pm 8.00am – 11.30am

The wearing of school uniform is strongly supported by the Applecross community and is a symbol of pride in the school. Families who choose to enrol their children


at our school are expected to support the Dress Code which means purchasing all school uniform items from the Uniform Shop. There is an expectation that students will comply with the dress requirements and that valuable school time will not need to be diverted to follow up on breaches of school uniform policy. The footwear requirements for all students remain unchanged; that is, flat, enclosed footwear preferably in a neutral colour. When students are officially representing the school, standard black footwear is to be worn. Also, a reminder that black stockings may be worn with skirts (but not shorts) and socks need to tone with the uniform. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that our students represent our school in a positive fashion in the community.

Reminder to Parents - The Importance of Regular Attendance Regular attendance at school is fundamental to your child’s learning. Consistent attendance and participation are essential for your child’s social and academic learning.

The Act defines health, religious and cultural observances as reasonable cause for a school absence and the absence would be recorded as ‘authorized’ by the school.

As parents or legal guardians of an enrolled child at Applecross SHS, you are responsible under the School Education Act 1999 to ensure the attendance of your child at school every day. It is important to assist your child’s achievement and learning by making regular school attendance a priority in your child’s life.

We would remind parents of your obligations and the requirement to obtain approval from the appropriate Deputy Principal for any planned absence. The school calendar is on our website – – so that you are fully aware of important dates for your children.

The Department of Education’s Student Attendance policy requires parents/guardians to provide an acceptable explanation to the school for any absence of their children.

Parents are strongly encouraged NOT to take students out of school for a holiday during the school term.

Excellent achievement by Year 12 students It is always a pleasure to acknowledge the achievements of the out-going Year 12 students. The 2012 Year 12 cohort not only had some individual strong performances but overall the group achieved excellent results with the median ATAR being 81.40 (State = 78.85). 78% of Applecross SHS students had an ATAR of 70+ ensuring their eligibility to university. A further 16% of students had an ATAR between 55 and 70 which provides a pathway to Edith Cowan University. Congratulations to all of these students! Well done to the 55 students who achieved an ATAR of 90+. Of these, 22 students achieved an ATAR of 95+ - an outstanding achievement. And special mention to Christine Chin who achieved an ATAR of 99.60. Christine was our Dux for 2012. Interestingly the median ATAR of Applecross SHS students who applied for university entry for 2013 was 82.50

compared to the State average of 80.10. 94% of our students who applied have been offered a university placement, with 74% being offered their first preference.

Congratulations also to the 51 Applecross students who achieved a Certificate II or higher in 2012.

We had 14 students achieve a Certificate of Commendation – 20 ‘A’ grades over the two years of senior schooling. Well done to:

• •

English as an Additional Language/ Dialect (Stage 3) English (Stage 2) Japanese: Second Language (Stage 3) Psychology (Stage 3)

Congratulations to the students, parents and teachers who have worked together to achieve these great results.

Christopher Anderson Jacob Petersen Christine Chin Rhiannon Petersen Melody Crouch Zhi Wei Poh Gabriel Cruz Bryanna Price Lawson Heah Emma Snell Amy Johnson Rahul Suresh Ji Jae Kim Carryne Teo Finally, congratulations to the teachers who taught the following subjects with the highest % of students across the state who scored 75+ in Stage 3 and/or Stage 2 WACE courses:

Certificate of Commendation Winners Gabriel Cruz & Christine Chin (Year 12 2012)


Applecross Senior High School Bulletin – Edition 1 - Februrary 2013

Applications for Gifted & Talented Education Programs in Public Schools close on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at noon.

Update on School Board The School Board has now been operational for the last six months and has achieved a number of important milestones in that time. These include the finalization and ratification of the School Board Terms of Reference plus agreement of operational procedures. The major work undertaken by the Board in the second half of 2012 was working with the School Principal and staff in developing the Business Plan that will guide our operations over the next three years. The School Board consists of the following members whose membership is on-going for 2013: Maureen Lorimer Allen Hahn Gloria Wynhorst Angela Parsons Chris Lavender Matt Batchelor

Principal Parent Parent P&C P&C Community & Industry

Digby DeBruin Tony Fetherston Jamie McAlindon Julie Reed Phil Samanek

Community & Industry Community & Industry Community & Industry Staff Staff

I would like to thank Anthony Cheam and Melody Crouch (Head Boy and Head Girl 2012) for their contribution to the Board last year and welcome our incoming Head Boy and Girl, Luke Vincent and Jacy Pan to the 2013 School Board.

As the Year 12 Coordinator, it is my intention to assist our Year 12’s in attaining their personal best this year. As part of this initiative, all Year 12’s will be provided with a survival kit to assist them to cope with the demands placed upon them. This kit will consist of photocopied materials regarding study goals, health, stress management and exam preparation. The students will receive the materials during Care Group on a weekly basis. To support, you, the parents, I will be publishing some short excerpts from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s book “Surviving Year 12” in upcoming Bulletin issues. Below is one of my particular favourites with which I am sure many of you may empathise.

Wanted: Parent For Final Year Student Job Description: Long-term player needed for challenging, permanent work in chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organisational skills and be willing to work evenings, weekends and 24 hour shifts. There is some travel required, including endless sporting events in faraway suburbs. Travel expenses not reimbursed. Responsibilities: Must keep this job for at least 12 months. Must be willing to be hated (at least temporarily), yelled at and have things thrown at you. Must be willing to bite tongue


the Selection process for all the Gifted & Talented Programs in Government schools. This process is held once annually, and the bulk of applicants are in Year 6 when they apply, and commence in the Gifted & Talented program as a Year 8 if they are successful. However, it is possible for Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students to make an application to fill places that have been vacated. (It should be noted that there are limited vacancies in the Applecross Visual Art Program in the older year groups due to our high retention rate.) To qualify for the Gifted & Talented Visual Art Program at

Phil Samanek was voted Chair of the Board and Julie Reed, Secretary of the Board.

Surviving Year 12

The Central Office of the Department of Education controls

Applecross Senior High School, applicants are required to attend a practical art workshop (1x day) organised by the Department of Education. If the student demonstrates the appropriate level of artistic ability they are then invited to an interview at Applecross SHS where they are required to present

repeatedly. Must possess the physical and mental stamina of a pack-mule and the patience of a saint. Must be willing to tackle stimulating challenges such as food preparation, computer maintenance and janitorial work. Must screen phone calls, help maintain timetable and coordinate production of multiple homework and revision projects as requested. Must have ability to plan and organise social gatherings for clients of all ages and levels of mentality on request. Must be willing to be indispensable one minute and an acute embarrassment the next. Should be able to turn on surge of boundless enthusiasm and encouragement with lashings of serenity and love. Must also have final, complete accountability for the quality of the end product. Advancement: Fat Chance. Your job is to remain in the same position for at least a year, without complaining or retraining so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you. Previous Experience: None required, but on-the-job- training is offered on a continually exhausting basis. Wages: None. In fact, you must pay those in your charge, offering frequent wages and bonuses. Upon death, you give them everything you have left. Best wishes to my students and their parents in 2013. Ms Mileva Tubbs Year 12 Coordinator

National Sailing Champion Annabelle Davies of Year 9 has won the Optimist Nationals at a sailing regatta held recently in Hobart, Tasmania. Annabelle’s competed in a field of 139 sailors over 5 days in tricky, shifty weather and sailing conditions. Annabelle has now qualified for the Australian Optimist’s World Team (with only 5 selected from each country) to compete in the World championship in Italy in July. Congratulations and well done Annabelle!

a portfolio of their recent artwork and their school report. In addition, they are also required to attend Academic Testing organized by the Department of Education to secure a place in any of the Gifted & Talented Programs. The Gifted & Talented selection process occurs in Term One annually, and applications close this year on Tuesday 5th March at noon. If you would like further information about the selection process, or wish to make an application online I suggest you access the Gifted & Talented Unit on the web - http://www. portal/ OR contact them directly on 9264 6307. Applecross Senior High School’s brochure about our GATE Visual Art Program can be downloaded from the Internet For further information about the Gifted & Talented Visual Art Program at Applecross Senior High School please contact the Coordinator, Liz Rankin, on 9314 9318.

A n a p h y l a x i s U p dat e At the beginning of term you would have received some information from the school regarding anaphylaxis. The school policy can also be found on the school website in the Policies tab. In an effort to raise school community awareness, the School Nurse and Program Managers, have spoken about this medical condition at the recent year assemblies. Many students have friend who have this condition and it is important that we are all aware of our responsibilities. Teachers at Applecross SHS have also received training in how to respond to an anaphylaxis occurrence at the first staff meeting for the year. As previously mentioned the most common allergens in school aged children are peanuts, eggs, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow’s milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame and certain insect stings (particularly bee stings). 1 in 20 children suffer from food allergies and 1 in 50 are allergic to peanuts. It is possible to reduce the risk factors within the school environment with your assistance. You are encouraged to avoid sending nuts or peanuts to school. In particular peanut butter, hazelnut spread (Nutella), certain muesli bars, chocolate bars and biscuits containing nuts. The most important factor in preventing an anaphylactic reaction is to avoid exposure to the trigger. We can all play a part in being aware of these issues. We appreciate the cooperation of all parents, students and staff in creating a safe and healthy school environment.


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Applecross shs bulletin ed01 2013 (2)