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In Galtür, remembrance is deliberately kept alive. The avalanche of 23 February 1999 claimed 31 lives. 31 fates that bind the people of the valley to one another and to multiple families from elsewhere. The Alpinarium is dedicated to this remembrance – and documents it impressively with “Memento”, a triptych by artist Arthur Salner. In the Alpinarium’s cinema hall, visitors are captivated by Lutz Maurer’s documentary on life in Galtür after 1999. “The Wall”, visible from the roof terrace, connects the past with the present yet is the newly erected protective wall between mountain and town.

Imprint: Publisher: Alpinarium Galtür, Photos: Günter R. Wett, Text Agentur Forcher, Graphic: daz design und grafik

CAFÉ. MEETINGS. CLIMBING. After visiting the exhibition, the Frozen Water café lounge (Gefrorenes Wasser) invites visitors to enjoy refreshments and culinary delights. The cosy sun terrace promises the added bonus of stunning panoramic views. For anyone wishing to use the Alpinarium’s spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful architecture for inspiring meetings the auditorium makes for the ideal seminar room. There is space here for up to 90 people and the Room Cert certificate marks it as a data secure location. The young and young-at-heart can express their desire to conquer and test their climbing skills on the bouldering wall.

The Alpinarium Galtür presents: Gentiana punctate, the dotted gentian! Included in the UNESCO‘s intangible cultural heritage. The knowledge of the special feature of this alpine plant lives in Galtür. New theme Islands: ‚The voice of the Enzners‘. History and stories of to lived tradition, locations, production, processing, healing power. Alpinarium Galtür Dokumentation GmbH, Hauptstraße 29c, 6563 Galtür / Tirol T +43 (0) 5443 20000, F -20, info@alpinarium.at, www.alpinarium.at Opening hours: Tues-Sun 10.00 – 18.00 / Closed on Mondays.

STORIES ABOUT GALTÜR AND THE WORLD Listen. Look. Discover. Experience. 18 summer 20 New from R” E N Z ER EN “ GA LT Ü R

Interactive museum. Climbing. Café. The Wall. Seminars.


CHANGING PERSPECTIVES Where am I? And how many? “Sphere coordinates” (“Kugelkoordinaten”) refer to a fascination with space in which these questions are scrambled just as much as the perspectives. Mirrors, light and sounds are the ingredients in this special personal experience. “Orbital” is also concerned with above and below, the cloud of probability. Here, visitors marvel over the various ways of mapping a place such as Galtür. Up to the mountains! This call has been sounded in the Alps from the 19th century and caused the summit storm and the conquest of the mountains by mountaineering.

This room has no beginning and no end. Here, accompanied by LED ropes, visitors wander following the trails of Galtür. Rising out of the sea the mountains formed and became a place for the Walser to live and settle. Time and again people followed the call of the world – and of necessity: as pilgrims, soldiers, Swabian children (Schwabenkinder) and smugglers.

THE CHANGING MUSEUM AND TOWN The world is changing. The Alpinarium Galtür is also changing its content. And yet the reason for this museum’s existence is always present. The view from the roof terrace takes in the impressive mountain panorama and “the Wall” (“Die Mauer”). It protects Galtür from mountain avalanches which illustrated the risks of living in the mountains with disastrous consequences in 1999. Galtür talks about it, deals with it – and changes. In “Ganz oben” (At the Very Top), visitors listen to stories with all of their senses. Stories about people who moved from here out into the world. About those who discovered the village in the valley from far off places. Is Galtür the start, the end or the middle of the world? Its position is in the eye of the beholder. Depending where that position is, either their view of the world opens outward or it focuses inward. Holzer Kobler Architekturen tell these stories in images, sounds and animated transformations. With “At the Very Top”, visitors are invited to engage in an exciting journey into the valley, up mountains and to remote countries and times gone by.

Until tourism brought the world to Galtür. The village presented itself as the most determined holiday village in the 1990s. That determination was also the driving force behind the refusal to develop the glaciers and thus refusal of mass tourism. Instead they, the glaciers, can be called here. “Calling the Glacier” is an art project by Kalle Laar. The Vernagtferner glacier in the Öztal Alps provides live information about its condition.


In search of… work, adventure, traces of ancestors, good ideas. There have always been plenty of reasons to leave the village and the valley – and to come back again. Such as Maurice Mattlé whose granddaughter recorded the journey of her 90 year old grandfather, now living in Paris, tracing the roots of her family back to Galtür. In the early 20th century, Albert Lorenz took part in two Caucasus expeditions as a mountain guide. Why does Galtür appear on Wilhelm “Bill” Lang’s grave on Stromboli alongside Paris, Berlin and Antarctica? The “Sphere of Influence” presents memories, curiosities and interesting facts. In the “Atmosphere” the world is guest in Galtür. As sophisticated accommodation on the one hand and traditional guest house on the other, both the Hotel Fluchthorn and the Hotel Rössle are showplaces for these encounters between city and village, external and internal. Here you can discover that Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger were great fans of the Galtür air. Or about the long-term friendship between Galtür and the Ohata family living in Tokyo. Family destinies and major events in world history are revealed through individual biographies.

“Bubbles” (“Blasen”) are quotes which reflect the images of foreigners and outsiders. Two listening points with exciting stories act as auditory stimuli in this area: a saga about the travels of the giant Christli Kuhhaut and a (fictitious) Hemingway short story about the “Alpine Idyll” that is Galtür.

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