The DTB-Certification „Pluspunkt Ehrenamt“

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Training 2 , Tallinn 9.-11.11.2012 Developing leadership by building capacity

The DTB-Certification „Pluspunkt Ehrenamt“ Herbert Hartmann, DTB

Structure of the presentation:

• Introductory note: integrating the progam into the DTB strategic planning concepts. • Why did we decide to create such a program? • Structure and content of the program. • Implementation • Numbers and Experiences

Why did we decide to create the program „Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB?“

• It was a reaction on demand of the grassroots of our gym-clubs! • Studies varify a big lack of volunteers, particularly in leading positions! • New and higher demands on volunteering prevent often from engagement! • Better preparation and education has to be offered!

•The lack of volunteers is the biggest problem for sport-club management in Germany!

•Volunteering in organised sport is is decreasing! •Particularly volunteering in leading positions!

The demands on voluntary work have expanded and increased and are constantly changing: •more time exhausting; regulations have become more complex and differentiated; •more sport activities need to be implemented; increasing financial challenges; higher quality demands from customers (commercial concurrence); •club philosophy changes from on conviction community to a service provider; •more strategic, political functions.

„Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB“ Qualification of volunteers in leading positions The overall aims of DTB in the field of personal management are: -to motivate to become a volunteer for leading positions on different levels -to improve their personal competences -to qualify elected volunteers -to support the exchange of experiences -to improve the identification with the DTB – to be a part of it -to built networks -to create benefits 7

Pluspunkt The supporting system Ehrenamt.DTB for volunteer people contains six two-day-long workshops with the topics: - Social competences – social skills - Competences of methods – methodical skills - Project Management - Basic seminar “Participation – Understanding – Arrangement” - Politics, networking, strategy – political skills - Volunteers: find, support and accompany – personal management


Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB


The basic start module is mainly for newcomers. The general topic is “What really keeps us together?”. It conveys basic knowledge about - The aims and concept of the program “Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB” - History and organisational structure of DTB - The German Sport System - Topical sport political challenges - DTB policies and strategies - Reflection of individual motivation and expectations on volunteering Engagement - How to continue the program.

•Social competences: Talking to each other, how to convince, understanding each other - Communication; communication skills - Group dynamics, roles, managing groups - Conflict resolution - Self-management and stress management. •Methodological skills: Leading instead of suffering; how to make sessions effective? - Rhetoric - Effective negotiation - How to moderate, to present and to visualise?

• Project management: Developing strategies and implementing projects! - Analysis - Formulation of aims - Development of strategies and working plans - Evaluation -Time management • Policy making abilities: Form networks, search for support, strengthen gymnastics! - Lobbying - Networking strategies - Marketing and management - Public relations, communication strategies

•Volunteer and staff management: How to recruit, to commit and to support your collaborators? - Identification of current problem situations - Stock taking and requirement analysis - Job profiles and job objectives - Steps to implement

All participants in the program will receive a document for their participation after each module. Passing the basic module and three more modules participants get the

Certificate “Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB”.

Michael Mustermann wird das Zertifikat

verliehen. Er / Sie absolvierte erfolgreich die Weiterbildungsmodule zum Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB

Das Zertifikat ist unbegrenzt gültig, es erfolgt keine Verlängerung.

Frankfurt, den 26.11.2010

PD Dr. Maike Tietjens Vizepräsidentin Deutscher Turner-Bund

After four workshops you get a certificate like a diploma. • you are member of the community PPE • you get special information via newsletter; • you get special offers as VIP.

Implemetation - We tested the content and the methods of the workshops in 2009 and 2010; - We briefed the moderators in 2010 - We produced for each modul a manual for organisers and moderators including organisational guidelines, a detailed program for the workshop, background information and literature on the topic, learning aids; - We decided on the concept in our highest body 2010; - We promoted the workshops through our communication tools, edited a promotion flyer, presented the program on the Annual Meeting for leaders of the regional associations. 15

Data, numbers and experiences: - 20 people got the certificate „Pluspunkt Ehrenamt.DTB“ in 2011 - We reached only volunteers, who have already a function/position. They had been enthusiastic about the workshops and motivated to change things. - We didn't yet reach newcomers. A good strategy to recruit new volunteers for this program is still not existing! - In the pilot phase (2011) DTB paid the costs for the moderators (ca. 1000 € per module). - We expected the country and/or regional associations will take over the program in their own responsibility. 16

-The acceptance of the program through the country and regional associations is not satisfying; only 3 had been realy active. - Financing seem to be one of the main reasons for the lack of interest. - But I suppose, a lack of awareness of the challenge and low willingess to act, seem to be more popular.

The dilemma: A good governance program! But a lack of interest to take it! What can we do to overcome?

Thank you for your attention! And assist us in‌.

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