Prevention and Risk Analysis

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Prevention and Risk Analysis Transparency International GGGS-Workshop Cyprus December 1, 2012


 What is a Risk?  What is Prevention?  What is Risk Analysis?  What negative consequences a risk can have?

What is a Risk?  Incident/development that may have a negative impact (opposite: Chance)  To assess a risk you have to take into account – Probability of incident really going to happen – Range and severity of consequences

 Example: Accident in – Minigolf – Cycling – Formel 1

What is Prevention?  Prevention is two-fold – To prevent the incident that may have a negative impact – To prevent/mitigate the negative impact Far-sighted avoidance of problems

 Example: Cycling – Only well informed athletes on public road; follow the rules; drive carefully – Wear a helmet; have an insurance – Make sure athletes follow instructions

What is Prevention? Prevention means to  Avoid  Deter (in case of perpetrators)  Mitigate – Protect – Help – Heal

What is Prevention?


Acting Person Opportunity


What is Risk Analysis?  To prevent problems in advance you have to know – Your potential risks‘ probability – Range and severity of consequences

 To know your risks a list of possible risks is helpful  To analyze your risks you to have to assess in detail – Probability – Consequences

Negative Consequences  Death  Injuries/health problems  Psychological/Social problems  Financial damage (direct)  Instability  Reputation – Lost trust/credibility Possible indirect financial damage

 Resources needed for dealing with the problem

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