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DM in Club Innovation - not just an event

Dorte With Chairwoman, DM in Club Innovation Member of DGI’s central board Chairwoman, DGI Gymnastics and Fitness

Situation analysis October 2010: knowledge of and overview of DGI’s current challenges internally and externally. We must meet the needs and challenges of society today. Background material for Strategy 2015 (S2015).

A door-opening conference: The result and messages from the conference contributed to the basis for the preparation of Strategy 2015.

DM in Club Innovation

Club Conference vol. 2 A new type of conference involving the entire organisation.

DM in Club Innovation 8 October 2011

DM in Club Innovation

DM in Club Innovation

DM in Club Innovation

Vision: DGI wants to be the sport clubs preferred partner with regard to meeting the Danish population, Danish people’s demand for sport and exercise.

DM in Club Innovation has the broad perspective

and is a specific possibility of creating coherence between the challenges of the situation analysis and the objectives of S2015:

brings the following into focus

• renewal of the club life • club innovation with time • Club innovation is the key to active citizens

What do we want to achieve? Persistence and model clubs We further develop the efforts in the 15 DGI regional associations by focussing on the renewal process in an club over a period of time and in this way create clear, focused and distinct model clubs. Model clubs that can contribute to creating specific suggestions to considerable parts of the objectives in S2015 and that can be motivators for other clubs, e. g. in networks.

5 focus areas/ dissiplines for club innovation: 1. Management – recruiting more volunteers 2. Members – more members, new target groups 3. Sports and activity development – modern and flexible sports and exercising offers 4. Sports settings and facilities – improve the physical surroundings 5. Active involvement in the local society – cooperation with other clubs, companies and public authorities

How will the club benefit from participating in DM in Club Innovation?

• inspiration to changes • support in developing an attractive club • support in maintaining focus on the development • attention from other clubs • being among the approx. 40 clubs that participates in DGI’s DM in Club innovation 2011

The club had to say yes to • wanting to, as well as having the courage and will to initiate a process that strengthens and develop the club in selected areas • allocating man-hours and some money to developing the club • participating with 4-6 key persons in the startup conference on 8 October 2011 • a course of innovation from October to May • accepting media attention in the course of development • sharing its experiences with other clubs

Start-up conference on 8 October 2011:

1 • • • •

half: insight and vision Henrik Brandt – the burning platform Søren Møller– what is the task of the modern club? Karsten Østerlund – Volunteering in the sports of the future Christian Stadil – what can the associations learn from the innovative company – analysing the market, scanning tendencies, creating innovation and developing power – where do you get the inspiration and how do you motivate your employees to do it? 2 half: inspiration to your own process of innovation Topics take their starting point in the S2015-objectives: Recruitment of voluntary leaders and management in boards, motivating more (target groups and phases of life) to sport and exercise, developing the physical surroundings/sports environment, developing itsolutions that facilities practising sports and exercising, developing modern and flexible sports offers, increasing focus on non.elite sport and exercise, increasing focus on active citizenship 3 half: the further process During the bus ride home – the clubs and DGI regional associations discuss the further process

The clubs in DM in Club Innovation are measured on: • TARGETS: To what extent has the club established targets and followed its objective? • INNOVATION: To what extent has the club found new angles on developing the club heading forward

• PROCESS: To what degree has the club carried through a process that involves and motivates central persons in and around the club

The jury:

Member of the board of the support organisation for the World Assocation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Chairman of DGI

Chairwoman of the frivilligrĂĽdet

Director of IdrĂŚttens Analyseinstitut

Minister of Culture

The club today

Objective 2012

Låsby Boldklub af 1959

Skanderborg municipality, Låsby and surrounding area totals approx. 3000 pers.

More visibility in the sports hall. New website. More information conc. club and departments available in the sports hall.

The cluc has approx. 800 members of which 80 are volunteers

Låsby Boldklub consists of an executive committee of 5 persons and 6 fixed department committees and various ad hoc committees

A more professional approach to recruiting volunteers to the club by means of a recruitment committee that handles and act as mentor for new volunteers. Ensure a sense of community among the volunteers in the club.

Our 6 activities are Badminton, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Linedance and Exercise

Public survey comprising the entire city but with focus on the 12-15-yearolds. E.g: Do we have the right offers? Why do the young people drop out?

We can be found in the Låsby sports centre under Skanderborg Municipality with adjacent playing areas

Adjust the club’s offers according to the survey in connection with start-up of the indoor-season, autumn 2012

We work together with Skanderborg Municipality and local sponsors

Develop the town fair ”Happy Sports Day" in 2012. More activities, more visibility, ensure cóntinuty from year to year.

Test Friday events for big children/youngsters, such as monthly offers/events, e.g. non-alcoholic disco

Our dream scenario

The way to the dream scenario – milestones

Låsby Boldklub – which won DM in Club Innovation 2012 – is still reaping the fruits of the extensive development work carried out by the association’s many volunteers. The club now has 1000 members and a continiously increasing accession of volunteers to the new and modern sports club. The first big success was to turn around the member decrease among the young people. Today the club is a rallying ground for young people with a lot of offers to them and the other citizens in the city. Thanks to the good cooperation between the sports club, the local business community and Skanderborg municipality the sports centre has expanded with an activity hall, active outdoor areas and an entrance from the city centre, so that the sports center and the club is far more visible and multifunctional. It has also resulted in the opening of a big, light and friendly cafeteria which is leased by a local restaurant owner and therefore is open all week long with healthy food, internet cafe and wee-fitness which attract children, young people, parents and seniors, so everywhere it is humming with activity.

Flexible management of the club, increased sense of community

More visibility in the city

Continuously adjusting and expanding offers

Examining the possibility of working together with other clubs, , in town and out of town

Make the sports centre a rallying and gathering point, among other things by means of operating a cafeteria

Adjusting and expanding the sports club facilities in cooperation with the local authorities or perhaps as an independent institution

Easier approach to recruiting volunteers with head-hunters, mentors and written job functions

0204400 Snedsted G I F

Results as of 1 May 2012 New Year Meeting, inspiration workshop across the departments and general massive possitiv publicity have resolved previous conflicts – now everyone is thinking about the club’s best interest not only the department’s interest. Old website shut down. New website integrated with member system. Boards and instructors are visible, some with picture and descriptions Has started to use the media actively in order to get coverage and be visible The tasks of the executive committee are described and a person responsible for recruitment has been appointed. Acquired recruiting techniques are used, filling vacant seats on the board has been very easy Public survey concerning sports offers, facilities and the sports club as a cultural gathering point has been carried through with great support from the city The department ”outdoor life” has been established with running events and cycling. Summer gymnastics and floorball for children and families has been started Sports fair changed into a town fair. Cooperation with the civic club, scouts and other clubs concerning the event. Early planning, lots of volunteers. Script for coming years is prepared continuously 3 Friday events for children and young people have been set in the calendar. Parkour, dodgeball and video games contest Cooperation across concerning a better utilisation of our sports club Use an active network with other DGI-member clubs We have begun contacting other sports sources in Låsby with a view to cooperation, we are in contact with the outdoor swimming facility Preparation of a handbook for the volunteers in the club has begun. In order to ensure continuity in connection with new board members Preparation of a pamphlet to members/parents has begun. Including among other things practical comments, voluntariness, ethics and social responsibility

0204400 Snedsted G I F

Club Innovation after May 2012 Local photographer sponsors pictures of the volunteers to ensure a uniform general look. The website is improved Notice board are replaced by illuminated display cases. Templates are made to show what posters should look like. Information regarding the boards will be posted in the display cases A club sign or banner is put up in the sports center, to make it clear whose home ground it is Use the public survey to make the right offers. Specific plans for senior gymnastics, senior sports and parkour Contact to other sports sources in L책sby regarding cooperation Cooperation with L책sby sports centre and other clubs concerning facility development begins on 30 May with an inspiration workshop. The public survey forms the basis. The sports center as gathering point. Activity in the cafeteria. Energy to the plans for a 3 stage of the building work. Focus on outdoor areas for other things than football. Access to the city centre in stead of the industrial district More offers = more members. Continuous focus of offers for the young people. More flexible offers in stead of half-yearly or yearly membership fee for just one activity

0204400 Snedsted G I F

Pandrup GU wins because of its clear vision of developing ”a club without borders”

Snedsted GIF wins for its initiatives to incorporate innovation in the everyday life of the club Låsby Boldklub wins for its initiatives to facilitating the everyday leader recruitment

Hornbæk IF wins for its management team effort in an club with 3,400 members Vilstrup UIF wins for a large local commitment and development of flexible sport

0204400 Snedsted G I F

What happens if the club life is stimulated to thinking innovation on their own terms?

0204400 Snedsted G I F

The clubs take matters into their own hands, create overview and develop!

0204400 Snedsted G I F

Tendencies: • creating overview of the club – organising the management • creating a foundation on which to proceed/ management and finances • utilising the facilities • from the user – public survey – produces the possibility of gaining more volunteers through the survey • More clubs have trilogy or something similar

0204400 Snedsted G I F

New tendencies: • Language and image • An increasing number looks into the various financial possibilities in addition to the contributions from the local authorities • Flexibility – on activity, membership fee, who can be members/holiday visitors • High outdoor focus – activity and physical surroundings • Clubs use the internet, communicate via the internet/FB • From attention to the member to attention to the citizens • A more sales- oriented way of thinking • New types of cooperation partners • Focus/the frame create energy

0204400 Snedsted G I F

It looks as if the clubs in total achieve the following:

• • • • • • • • •

Increased cooperation/internal management Group of club development Internal management Higher degree of extraversion Side effect on surveys More volunteers More activities More members A high degree of media coverage

Klik for at redigere i master

Lighthouses and models

See the possibilities Limit the limitations See the light

Profile for International Sport and Culture Association

DM in Club Innovation -not just an event  

Presentation by Dorte WIth, member of the board of DGI, during the Good Governance in Grassroots Sport 2nd Training, Tallinn, November 2012

DM in Club Innovation -not just an event  

Presentation by Dorte WIth, member of the board of DGI, during the Good Governance in Grassroots Sport 2nd Training, Tallinn, November 2012


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