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How%stress%Effects%your%Body! Info%graphic%By:%Montis%Songsombat%

! Stress!is!the!body’s!response!when!changes!in!the!body!occur!and!requires!an! adjustment.!The!body!reacts!to!changes!with!mental,!emotional!and!physical!results.!It!is! a!quintessential!part!of!life!that!everyone!has!experienced,!though!it!may!have! presented!itself!in!different!forms.!However!the!ways!may!it!affect!you!is!something!that! people!don’t!expect.!Sometimes!a!symptom!of!stress!may!occur!even!though!most! people!may!expect!the!symptom!to!come!from!other!causes.! ! The!human!body!is!made!to!experience!stress!and!give!a!reaction!to!it.!Sometimes!it!can! be!positive!and!mostly!it!could!be!a!negative!fact.!Usually!a!person!works!over!their! limits!and!the!stress!tension!builds!up.!Commonly!negative!stress!reactions!lead!to! headaches,!upset!stomach,!chest!pain,!and!sleeping!disorders,!authorized!research!even! proposes!that!stress!can!consequences!in!symptoms!or!make!occurring!diseases!worse.! According!to!the!American!Medical!Association,!! “Stress&is&the&basic&cause&of&more&than&60%&of&all&human&illness&and&





! ! BY:$NATSUMI$MATSUBARA$ ! ! ! Have!you!ever!gotten!stressed!from!studying!or!caring!about!your!GPA?!It!is!hard!to! live!up!to!the!expectations!of!your!parents,!and!hard!to!avoid!the!stress!from!it.!Also! some!people!can!get!stress!from!human!relationships,!like!from!your!friends,!or! people!around!you.!However,!if!you!follow!the!steps!below,!then!you!can!be!free! from!your!stress!much!easier.!! ! ! Step%back%from%your%work! Work!that!you!do!with!stress!won't!affect!your!life!too!much.!So!laugh!about! how!stressed!you!were!for!no!reason,!and!enjoy!your!life.!If!you!do!work!with! enjoyment,!it!is!still!better!than!the!work!that!you!do!with!stress,!because! you!can!write!all!the!ideas!that!you!have!without!any!stresses.!!! ! ! ! Stop%shallow%breathing% Take!a!deep!breath,!and!try!to!relax!yourself.!In! daily!life,!if!you!feel!that!your!stress!level!is!rising,! then!always!take!a!nice!deep!breath,!and!relax! your!shoulders.!This!is!the!most!common!way!to! remove!stress.! !! ! ! ! ! Get%fit! Perhaps!your!health!and!appearance!are!stressing!you!out,!but!even!if!they're! not!an!issue,!being!physically!fit!can!directly!help!relieve!stress.!This!is! because!stress!exists!on!both!a!mental!and!a!physical!level.!Sometimes! there's!nothing!like!a!long!run,!an!intense!yoga!session,!or!a!fresh!swim!after! a!stressful!day!to!help!you!feel!relaxed!and!stressFfree!again.!Also,!exercise! releases!endorphins,!which!make!you!feel!good.! !

2$ Defeat!Stress!Around!You! !




! Listen%to%music% Listening!to!music!does!wonders!and!is! a!great!way!to!relieve!stress.! Listen!to!songs!that!get!you!in!a!happy! mood!and!just!forget!about!your! problems.!Music!is!known!to!be!a! significant!moodFchanger!and!reliever! of!stress.!Just!listen!to!the!music!that! you!really!like,!and!calm! down.! ! ! Avoid%Stressed%People! You!can!“catch”!stress!from!other!people.!So!although!it!is!not!possible!to! avoid!stressed!people!all!the!time,!you!should!try!to!avoid!them!–!until!you! can!control!your!stress!by!yourself.!If!you!know!how!to!control!your!stress,! you!can!help!stressed!people!too.!! ! ! ! Spend%time%with%pet! Pets!like!dogs!or!cats!can!reduce!your!stress! too.!They!can!'absorb'!your!stress,!your! sadness,!and!give!you!the!power!to!relax.!So! just!hold!your!pet,!and!play!with!them.!Then! you!can!reduce!stress!and!relax!easily.!! ! ! ! ! Laugh! It's!well!known!that!the!happier!and!more!you!laugh!and!smile,!the!less!tense! you!are.!Your!entire!body!responds!on!a!number!of!levels!to!the!positive! effects!of!laugher.!Go!watch!your!favorite!DVD!or!TV!comedy.! ! Do%something%Kind%for%somebody%else! If!you!do!something!for!somebody,!and!you!see!his!or!her!smile,!your!level!of! happiness!will!increase!without!thinking.!Then!it!will!help!you!to!reduce!your! stress!at!the!same!time.!However,!be!careful!that!if!you!think!that!you!help! someone!because!you!have!to,!then!it!will!cause!you!more!stress.!So!if!you! don't!want!to!do!it,!then!don't!do!it.!! ! Ask%your%teacher%to%have%more%time! If!you!have!too!much!schoolwork,!and!you!don't!have!enough!time!to!do!all! the!work,!then!just!tell!your!teacher.!Ask!them!to!get!some!extra!time.!Most! teachers!understand!that!you!have!many!things!to!do,!and!they!think!that! you!should!have!more!sleep!rather!then!do!your!work!late!at!night,!so!they! will!give!you!some!extra!time!if!you!need!it.!! !

! ! Do%nothing! Don't!do!anything!at!all.!Close!the!door,!open!the!window,!have!a!seat,!and! take!a!little!break!from!life.!You!can!stay!in!the!position!that!is!comfortable! for!you,!and!stay!there!until!your!mind!releases!your!stress.! ! ! These!ten!steps!are!the!major!ways!to!remove!the!stresses!you!have!in!life.! You!can!do!all!of!these!steps!anytime!you!want.!Nevertheless,!do!not!forget!that!all! people!around!you!like!friends,!family,!or!even!your!pets.!They!will!give!you!a!hand! when!you!have!some!stress!and!when!you!can’t!do!anything!about!it!by!yourself.!! ! ! ! ! ! !


“No$Man$is$an$island$5$Human$beings$necessarily$depend$on$ one$another,$as$in$you$can't$manage$this$all$by$yourself�$$ By$John$Donne$


Stress&Induced& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&DRUG&USE& & & & &In&Teens& By:!Mong!Sukpraprut! !

Have!you!ever!felt!so!stressed! any!normal!stress!relieving!activity! doesn’t!release!any!stress?!Have!you! ever!been!so!stressed!you!take!extreme! measures!to!relieve!that!stress?! Everyone!feels!stress.!Stress!is! something!everyone!is!familiar!with.!It! is!our!bodies’!way!of!reacting!to!protect! itself!when!we!receive!mental,! emotional!or!physical!pressure.!We!are! constantly!exposed!to!stress!and!along! the!way,!we!develop!methods!of! dealing!with!it.!The!most!common!ways! to!deal!with!stress!includes!sleeping,! enjoying!a!hobby!or!listening!to!music.! However,!when!we!receive! accumulating!stress!or!a!large!sum!of! stress!at!once,!those!methods!will!not! provide!enough!relief.!That!is!when! unhealthy!reactions!to!stress!occur.! Reactions!such!as!binge!drinking,! excessive!smoking!and!substance!abuse! are!one!of!the!worst,!but!common! negative!reactions!to!excessive! amounts!of!stress.!! ! Stress!plays!a!massive!role! into!increasing!one’s!likeliness!into! an!addiction!to!drugs.!After!the!9/11! terrorist!attacks!in!the!US,!the! emotional!impact!of!largeMscale!loss! of!life,!excessive!damage!and!

uncertainty!of!what!was!going!to! happen!next!caused!a!lot!of!people!to! develop!an!addiction!to!substance.!! Those!people!may!include!recovering! drug!addicts!and!people!with!no! background!of!substance!abuse.! Stress!is!a!trigger!for!vulnerable!! people!and!may!cause!a!relapse!of! substance!abuse!to!recovering! addicts.!Studies!and!analysis!has! shown!that!individuals!who!are!in!a! large!amount!of!stress!are!a!lot!more! likely!to!gain!a!drug!addiction!or! undergo!a!relapse!than!people!who! are!not!under!as!much!stress.! Analysis!of!research!has!also!shown! 1that!high!stress!predicts!continued! drug!use!of!an!individual.!!

(Stress(relieving(toy)( depression/PublishingImages/P%20to%20S/strug glingMwithMstress_364x200_98059549.jpg!


Medical!specialists!suggest! that!during!moments!of!high!stress,! the!level!of!a!hormone!called! ‘Corticotropin!Releasing!Factor’!or! CRF!for!short,!increases!in!the!brain.! This!hormone!triggers!biological! responses!that!help!influence! substance!abuse!and!relapse!of! drugs.!Research!has!shown!that!a! chemical!similar!to!CRF!both!in! structure!and!in!effect!can!be!found! on!test!animals!when!it!is!put!in!high! stress!situations.!As!stress!in!a!


Stress&Induced& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&DRUG&USE& & & & &In&Teens& By:!Mong!Sukpraprut! !

Have!you!ever!felt!so!stressed! any!normal!stress!relieving!activity! doesn’t!release!any!stress?!Have!you! ever!been!so!stressed!you!take!extreme! measures!to!relieve!that!stress?! Everyone!feels!stress.!Stress!is! something!everyone!is!familiar!with.!It! is!our!bodies’!way!of!reacting!to!protect! itself!when!we!receive!mental,! emotional!or!physical!pressure.!We!are! constantly!exposed!to!stress!and!along! the!way,!we!develop!methods!of! dealing!with!it.!The!most!common!ways! to!deal!with!stress!includes!sleeping,! enjoying!a!hobby!or!listening!to!music.! However,!when!we!receive! accumulating!stress!or!a!large!sum!of! stress!at!once,!those!methods!will!not! provide!enough!relief.!That!is!when! unhealthy!reactions!to!stress!occur.! Reactions!such!as!binge!drinking,! excessive!smoking!and!substance!abuse! are!one!of!the!worst,!but!common! negative!reactions!to!excessive! amounts!of!stress.!! ! Stress!plays!a!massive!role! into!increasing!one’s!likeliness!into! an!addiction!to!drugs.!After!the!9/11! terrorist!attacks!in!the!US,!the! emotional!impact!of!largeMscale!loss! of!life,!excessive!damage!and!

uncertainty!of!what!was!going!to! happen!next!caused!a!lot!of!people!to! develop!an!addiction!to!substance.!! Those!people!may!include!recovering! drug!addicts!and!people!with!no! background!of!substance!abuse.! Stress!is!a!trigger!for!vulnerable!! people!and!may!cause!a!relapse!of! substance!abuse!to!recovering! addicts.!Studies!and!analysis!has! shown!that!individuals!who!are!in!a! large!amount!of!stress!are!a!lot!more! likely!to!gain!a!drug!addiction!or! undergo!a!relapse!than!people!who! are!not!under!as!much!stress.! Analysis!of!research!has!also!shown! 1that!high!stress!predicts!continued! drug!use!of!an!individual.!!

(Stress(relieving(toy)( depression/PublishingImages/P%20to%20S/strug glingMwithMstress_364x200_98059549.jpg!


Medical!specialists!suggest! that!during!moments!of!high!stress,! the!level!of!a!hormone!called! ‘Corticotropin!Releasing!Factor’!or! CRF!for!short,!increases!in!the!brain.! This!hormone!triggers!biological! responses!that!help!influence! substance!abuse!and!relapse!of! drugs.!Research!has!shown!that!a! chemical!similar!to!CRF!both!in! structure!and!in!effect!can!be!found! on!test!animals!when!it!is!put!in!high! stress!situations.!As!stress!in!a!

situation!increases,!the!amount!of! CRF!released!also!increases,!just!like! during!high!stress!moments!inside!of! a!human!body.! ! Teens!spend!a!lot!of!time! stressed!out!during!their!High!School! to!their!College!years.!Whether!it!is! cramming!for!a!test,!trying!to!get!a! good!grade!or!just!simply!trying!to!fit! into!society.!Stress!always!finds!a! way!to!sneak!into!a!teens’!life.! Research!and!analysis!throughout! different!schools!in!the!USA!has! shown!that!stress!is!the!leading! cause!of!teenage!drug!use!and!teens! under!high!stress!are!twice!as!likely! to!use!drugs!than!teens!with!lower! amount!of!stress.!!Studies!also!show! that!teens!use!drugs!to!mask!their! stress!and!depression.!It!is!viewed!as! an!easy!way!out!for!most!teens!over! looking!the!consequences.!Studies! also!show!that!73%!of!teens!addicted! to!drugs!are!using!drugs!because!of! high!stress!situations!and!worry! about!grades.!That!figure!is!going!to! grow!exponentially!every!year!as! drugs!become!more!accessible!and! the!teen!population!grows.!! ! Other!than!school!related! stress,!family!and!social!stress!also! comes!into!play.!Teens!stressed!out! about!relationships!and!break!ups,! teens!stressed!about!family!issues! and!stress!from!bullying!may!cause!a! teen!to!turn!to!using!drugs.! Sometimes,!it!is!a!mixture!of! everything.!Little!things!can! accumulate!into!big!things.!Teenage!!!!

years!are!probably!the!most!stressful! years!of!the!average!person.!Issues! penetrating!from!every!side,!getting! into!a!good!college,!getting!good! grades,!undergoing!bodily!changes,! fitting!in!and!transitioning!mentally! from!a!child!into!an!adult.!That!is! why!teens!are!vulnerable!to!stress! induced!drug!abuse.! Stress!is!something!to!be! “You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ― Steve Maraboli

( accepted.!Stress!will!always!be!in!a! person’s!life.!Stress!will!come!and!go.! A!person’s!method!of!handling!stress! is!paramount!to!avoiding!stress! induced!drug!abuse.!Sometimes,!one! must!develop!the!knowMhow!to!get! rid!of!large!amounts!of!stress.!This! method!may!vary!from!person!to! person!because!our!definition!of! stress!also!varies!from!person!to! person.!The!outlets!of!stress!are! different!throughout!different! people.!It’s!about!finding!which!is! your!outlet!and!using!it!when!stress! comes.!!

! !

One Drink. Ten Consequences




suddenly'notice'something,'that'my'eyes'can'allow' me'to'Finally'see,'a'dead'body.''

like'the'world'is'going'to'collapse,'where’s'the'exit?' I'need'one'more'shot;'I'promise'I’ll'go'home'after' it.'But'I'can’t'my'legs'are'wobbly'and'I’m'bumping' into'other'people,'its'all'something' I'didn’t'mean'to'do'but'people'try' to'ignore'me'and'shove'me'out'of' the'way'trying'to'attain'their' space'back.'What'am'I'doing?' Next'thing'you'know,'I’m'holding' another'shot'feeling'the'burn'in' my'lungs'as'I'drink'one'as' quickly'as'possible,'gulping'the' vodka'made'it'more'harder'to' see,'but'I'acted'as'if'I'knew'what'I' was'doing.'What’s'going'on?'


Alcohol'is'used'for'celebraG tions,'a'time'for'joyous'celebraG tions'of'happiness'and'special' occasions,'but'when'you'over' use'it,'your'life'either'builds'up' to'be'something'worse:'health' issues'and'worse,'death'at'an' early'age.'Almost'everyone'says'the'reaG son'for'alcohol'is'just'for'fun'and'because' of'the'way'it'feels'when'you'consume'the' First'drink,'sometimes'its'either'letting' your'problems'go,'having'fun'or'the'pride' that'you'feel'when'you'drink'alcohol'that' makes'you'have'a'sense'of'control'over' your'life'besides'your'parents.'According'to'the'website'“Center'for'Disease'Control'and'PrevenG tion”'they'state'that'in'2012'the'age'of'12'to'20'in'the'United'States'have'consumed'11%'alcohol,' this'shows'that'underage'drinkers'take'in'more'alcohol'than'a'full'grown'adult,'but'the'largest'perG centage'is'90%'and'that'is'only'for'binge.'So'how'did'a'12'to'20'year'old'people'get'an'alcoholic' drink'in'his'or'her'hands,'when'you'need'an'identiFication'card?'The'answer'is'simple,'fake'identiFiG cation'card.'Usually'people'who'sells'the' alcoholic'beverage'makes'you'have'an'ID' to'show'your'age,'it'is'one'of'the'things' that'restrains'younger'people'to'have'an' alcoholic'drink'and'buying'it,'but'that' doesn’t'stop'them'for'breaking'the'rules' having'fun'or'the'pride'that'you'feel'when' you'drink'alcohol'that'makes'you'have'a' sense'of'control'over'your'life'besides' your'parents.'According'to'the'website'“Center'for'Disease'Control'and'Prevention”'they'state'that' in'2012'the'age'of'12'to'20'in'the'United'States'have'consumed'11%'alcohol,'this'shows'that'underG age'drinkers'take'in'more'alcohol'than'a'full'grown'adult,'but'the'largest'percentage'is'90%'and' that'is'only'for'binge.'So'how'did'a'12'to'20'year'old'people'get'an'alcoholic'drink'in'his'or'her' hands,'when'you'need'an'identiFication'card?'The'answer'is'simple,'fake'identiFication'card.'Usually' people'who'sells'the'alcoholic'beverage'makes'you'have'an'ID'to'show'your'age,'it'is'one'of'the' things'that'restrains'younger'people'to'have'an'alcoholic'drink'and'buying'it,'but'that'doesn’t'stop'

and'wanting'to'have'their'fun'by'using'their' could'be'a'life'long'effect.'When'you'consume'an' connections'as'so'called'“friends”,'using'a'fake'


identiFication'card'is'something'that'can'get'you'in' happened,'not'many'people'do'except'for'bits'and' jail'for'seven'years'or'a'Fine'of'$5,000.'Sometimes'












thought'of'the'effects'of'it,' after'having'so'much'alcoG hol'in'your'system?'Every' year'4,700'people'who'are' underage'die'just'from'alG cohol'and'189,000'underG age'21'years'old'are'subG mitted'into'hospitals'beG cause'of'the'alcohol'that' has'been'consumed'countG less'of'times.'In'the'beginG ning'it'starts'out'as'a'drink' and'nothing'happens,'you' didn’t'die,'nothing'major'happened,'all'you'got'a' was'a'hangover,'but'the'beginning'just'begun'as' when'you'consume'more'of'alcohol'it'constantly' stands'out'and'you'slowly'realize'that'you'have'a' problem:'the'memory'problems,'hangover,'illness,' failing'grades,'change'in'brain'development,'which'

“I don’t drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs.” ~Robert Downey, Jr.


MARCH 25, 2013

Alcohol'that'is'being'consumed'by'less'than'21GyearGold'people'is'a'huge'growG ing'issue,'as'many'people'suffer'from'severe'affects.'Alcohol'needs'to'be'stopped'being' given'to'younger'people'and'instead'giving'them'a'whole'different'perspective'about' how'it'could'affect'them'and'lead'up'to'bad' choices'in'life'then,'instead'of'them'seeing'it' as'a'positive'action'and'a'“cool”'thing'to'do.' We'must'stop'this'growing'issue'that'is'takG ing'over'people’s'lives'recklessly.'Think' about'it;'are'all'of'these'consequences'worth' it'just'for'a'few'shots?

Links: ds-to-som-006.jpg -alcoho-007.jpg ds-to-som-006.jpg

Teenage Temptation Te a c h e r s and teens talk frankly about underage substance use and abuse What’s the real story? We anonymously interviewed a teacher and student at ISB to uncover the perceptions and reality of drug and alcohol use amongst the student population at Bangkok’s premiere international school.

What do teens and their teachers think about users? by Keaton Blovad ••• Being at ISB, do you feel that substance abuse is a common trend here? Anonymous Student - Yes. Pretty much everyday you hear a story about someone doing something. Even the people you don’t expect, the quiet people, are up to no good. I know that there were some people who brought alcohol to school and I witnessed it in math class. Anonymous Teacher - I suspect that some students are using drugs and alcohol. What makes you think that? Anonymous Teacher - I hear students talking, I have run into students out at night, I know places students go, and therefore I am aware that students are drinking. In surveys conducted across the United States, 48% of teenage high school students admitted to using drugs or alcohol in the past 30 days, and 70.6% in the past year. Do you feel that this is an accurate representation of ISB substance usage as well? Anonymous Student - I don’t think so. I think People are liars. I think that it is actually more than that. As far as drinking I think that the amount of people doing it are more but not for drugs. It is mostly drinking problems in Bangkok. Anonymous Teacher – I believe these statistics are too high for ISB. As a whole, our student population is more responsible and mature than that of an average public school in the U.S. Students tend to come from good families with two parents. Some of the American students being interviewed come from lower socio-economic families with less stability or education. The wealthier students at ISB as well as the students with better education are less likely to use. The number of students that use drugs and alcohol is lower than that of the U.S.A.

Anonymous Teacher – Again, I think these numbers are too high. Our school tries to help marijuana users with drug testing. Again, the statistic is an inflated percent. I know that not zero percent of ISB smokes marijuana, that would be ignoring the truth, but the number of students actually doing it is not that high.” From what you know, what is the most common drug/substance that adolescents have used by graduation from high school at ISB Anonymous Student - “Mostly Shisha and weed because it is available everywhere.” Anonymous Teacher – “Alcohol, marijuana, maybe ecstasy.” Do you think that random school drug testing prevents students from doing drugs or alcohol? Anonymous Student - “No. I know of a lot of students who are creative who get around drug testing. I think that it would be more effective if it weren’t hair follicles that they tested because people have found ways around it.” Anonymous Teacher – “I really don’t know. I don’t have enough info. about policy or about how kids beat the system.”

“The educational process can deter, but not stop some teen’s curiosity”

Marijuana is by far the most common drug that is used by teenagers. 45.7% of high school seniors have reported they have used marijuana with in their high school years. Do you think that this is information could be affiliated to the seniors at ISB? Anonymous Student - Yes. I think that many people at one point try it. In Bangkok, the rules about marijuana aren’t heavily enforced. I have heard that people of authority close by Nichada or in Nichada have dealt many people drugs. I have witnessed a drug deal going on in Villa. There are students who deal drugs at ISB.

Do you think that peer pressure is involved with the usage of substances? Why or why not? Anonymous Student - “Obviously if all your friends are doing it you don’t want to be the one left out. Also, it has to do with parenting because usually students who do it have parents that don’t enforce a lot of consequences to the point where they feel the need to stop.” Anonymous Teacher – “Peer pressure? Yeah, but I would phrase it as conformity. It is students trying to stay with a social group.”

Do you think that ISB does a good job of informing students of the dark side of alcohol and substance abuse? Anonymous Student - “At the beginning of the year when they had the victims of substance abuse, that was good. But I don’t think that it is effective enough. I don’t think that there is a way to improve it. You could lay all the facts out on the table but kids wont really believe it until they really see it. I guess just hope not to be part of the statistic and fall into it. I think that drug testing is good but contradicting that, I also think a school shouldn’t be that in to your personal life.” Anonymous Teacher – “Yes.” How? Anonymous Teacher – “There are plenty of education opportunities offered, but lets be honest, there is only so much a person can say. Some teenagers are going to try it for themselves. You see the influence everywhere. The educational process can deter, but not stop some teen’s curiosity.”

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NoBODYIs PERFECT Written by Rachel Park

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Thinner Bodies

Teenagers spend an average of 31 hours online a week and watch an average of

Illuminat ed screen capt ivat es our eyes. Wit hi n few seconds, our gazes are f ixed on somet hi ng speci al, models and celebrit i es w ho are as gaunt looki ng as feeble t ree branches. We t ake a reluct ant glance at our ow n i nferi or bodi es and let out a long, abj ect si gh. Our conf i dence i n our bodi es i s crushed dow n mercilessly by a gi gant i c lump of dej ect i on and aspi rat i on like an empt y soda can. Why does all of this happen?

It’s the

mass media.

108~115 pounds when the average weight riously, do you ever see girls as thin as Miranda Kerr walking down the hallway



Designed & Written by OhYoon Kwon !

The Scars of Eating Disorders

What are the warning signs and the effects of eating disorders? How could this be solved?


losing&three&kilograms,&then&five& just&turned&fourteen.&During&the&first& kilograms,&and&then&ten&kilograms.& few&weeks&of&8th&grade,&she&starts&to& Pretty&soon,&she&becomes&addicted& to&losing&weight.&Addicted.& realize&how&her&friends&are&getting& !!!!!In&the&beginning,&she&thought&it& taller,&prettier,&and&skinnier&unlike& her,&who&is&getting&fatter.&From&then& was&just&an&early&sign&of&puberty.& on,&whenever&she&looks&at&her&body& Nowadays,&she&even&admits&to&her& reflected&in&a&mirror,&she&pounds&on& friends&that&she&has&an&eating& her&abdomen&with&her&fists&making& disorder,&but&she&won’t&care&dealing& her&stomach&have&big,&purple,& or&overcoming&her&eating&disorder.& painful&bruises.&She&hates&the&fact& She&doesn’t&make&a&fuss&until& that&her&belly&protrudes&under&the& dangerous,&severe,&scary&things& band&of&her&pants.&Therefore,&she& happen&to&her.&The&doctor&predicts& gets&an&idea&to&make&it&disappear&by& these&symptoms&are&signs&of&

diseases&she&might&not&be&able&to& recover.&

!!!!!Obviously,&this&situation&is&too& much&for&her,&for&a&fourteen&years& old&teenager.&So&her&mind&starts&to& hopelessly&breakdown.&Now&her& mind&is&devastated,&brainwashed,& and&blurred.&She&can’t&believe&in&her& own&worth&and&she&even&had&several& trials&of&suicide.&She&thinks&she&is& worthless,&flawed,&and&cursed.& &

!!!!!What&would&you&do&to&help& Louise?&Would&you&even&care?

What are the Warning Signs of eating disorders? Habitual trips to the bathroom immediately

Avoidance of meals or situations where food may be present

after eating

Increase in consumption of laxatives, diuretics or diet pills

Exercising compulsively, often several hours per day

Hoarding large amounts of food

ISB MAGAZINE: LIVING ON THE EDGES! What should I Do to Prevent eating disorders?

Put away your scale!!*!

It!is!better!because!! you!won’t!have!to!worry'! about!you!weight.! !

Set a routine-

Eating!three!well$' Balanced!meals!that!! are!satisfying!is!good!because!! you!get!to!eat!what!you!want!and!! not'gain!a!lot!of!weight.!Also!the!mealtime!! should!be!4!to!5!hours!apart.! *!Occupy'yourself!after!the!meal! **Walk'away!from!the!table!after!eating!

Avoid alcohol*!!

It!is!a!set$up'for!! a!binge!!

Avoid Kitchen*!

Avoid!the!kitchen!when!you! walk!in!the!door.!This!is!! because!seeing!the!kitchen!! could!make'you'want'to'eat' something.!This!could!also! control'the!urge'to'binge!!!

Get a Therapy or Treatment-!

Talking!to!an!expert!could! actually!help!you!cope!with!eating! disorders!

Change how You Think about Yourself-

Don’t'think!that!you! are!fat!when!you!look! in!the!mirror,!it!could! be!an'illusion.!Think! positively!!You!can! always!take'the'fat'out! of!your!body.!


Wasting Away Pound By Pound Life of an american teenager. March 24th, 2013

Amelia is a normal American teenage girl just like many, now a 18 year old who fought her way to mental freedom after many years of struggle. She has taken the time to answer a few questions that will hopefully help you understand to a larger extent what is anorexia and bulimia. March 24, 2013

Please&explain&what&the&de/inition&of&anorexia&and&bulimia&means& to&you. Could&you&please&brie/ly&describe&your&recovery &&&From%what%I%understand%and%have%learned%during%my%teenage%years%is%that% &process. anorexia%and%bulimia%are%both%psychological%disorders%that%change%your% perception%of%who%you%are%and%dangerously%causes%to%want%to%change%your% && I%began%with%sitting%my%parents%down%at%the%dinner% table%and%telling%them%the%harmful%things%I%was%doing%to% appearance.%Anorexia%causes%your%mind%to%limit%the%amount%of%food%you% intake,%it%is%you%a%daily%struggle.%But%it% myself.%So%many%tears%were%exchanged%that%morning.%It’s% can%really%take%a%toll%on%your%body%and% hard%to%think%back%on%that%day,%even%my%father%bawled.% My%parents%shortly%took%me%to%a%counselor%that%i%would% mind.%Bulimia%is%more%or%less%the% opposite,%you%consume%a%large%amount% visit%a%couple%times%a%week,%I%was%told%remove%the%scale,% my%biggest%enemy.%Things%were%heading%a%great%direction% of%%food%and%shortly%after%purge.% Purging%is%releasing%the%food%that%you% at%that%point%for%me.% just%ingested.%I%hated%the%guilty% What&things&do&you&do&to&keep&yourself&healthy? feeling,%but%it%became%sort%of%my% &&&To%keep%my%mind%busy%and%keep%myself%active,%I%have% addiction%to%feel%that%way. always%enjoyed%doing%sports%and%art.%Things%like%playing% At&what&age&did&you&become& soccer,%basketball,%and%participating%in%cheerleading%has% Bulimic&and&Anorexic? really%helped%me%keep%my%mind%on%track.%But%nothing%like% &&%It%began%when%I%hit%puberty.%Which% my%family’s%support%could%help%me%as%much.% was%deBiantly%the%hardest%time%in%my% &&& life,%I%had%moved%to%a%new%school,% state,%and%didn't%have%many%friends.%% What advice would you give to any one who went through the same things as you did? So%I%felt%out%of%place%for%as%long%as%I% could%remember.%I%could%also%recall% Do%not%feel%ashamed!%And%you%are%not%alone!%I%do%not% being%teased%by%this%one%group%of% think%I%could%emphasize%those%two%things%enough.%I%also% girls,%thats%where%my%anorexia%began.%%% think%that%telling%someone%you%trust,%what%you%are%going% I%was%tired%of%being%called%ugly%and%fat.%But%when%I%look%back%at%old%photo’s%i% through%is%a%good%step.%My%mistake%was%keeping%this%a% really%wish%I%wouldn't%have%listened%to%those%girls%because%looking%back%I%was% secret%and%it%hurt%me%more.% beautiful%in%my%own%way.%Bulimia%happened%in%more%of%an%accidental%form%if% that%makes%sense.%I%would%vomit%after%eating%dinner,%once%I%realized%I%didn’t% feel%pain%like%I%would%when%I%was%sick.%It%was%a%way%to%release%my%stress.% Could&you&leave&us&off&with&a&few&words.

Amelia,&when&did&you&realize&you&needed&help? &&I%was%at%a%soccer%game,%and%I%fainted%in%the%middle%of%the%Bield.%No%one% had%known%about%my%problem%or%at%least%never%confronted%me.%I%think% no%one%wanted%to%believe%it,%even%my%parents.%Everyone%had%thought%it% was%heat%exhaustion,%so%when%I%recuperated%I%was%back%to%my%old%ways% and%back%on%the%Bield.%But%that%experience%opened%my%eyes.%I%feared% what%I%was%doing%to%my%body%was%killing%me%off%days%at%a%time.%

Did&your&friends&or&family&at&any&point&notice&your&change&in& behavior? &&&I%always%had%a%petite%Bigure,%therefore%as%a%result%no%one%second% guessed%%%%my%weight%loss%because%at%the%time%I%was%doing%sports.%It%was% after%my%%%%weight%loss%became%very%obvious%and%my%bones%were%showing% 1 through%my%skin%people%began%to%notice,%but%my%mum%deBiantly%noticed%a% change%in%behavior.%%By%then%I%felt%like%it%was%too%late.%

%%%%At%Birst%i%didn’t%know%how%to%feel%about%opening%up% about%something%so% personal%to%people%I% didn’t%know%very% much%about,%but%after% thinking%about%it,%I% wanted%to%help%as% many%people%as%I% could%with%this%story.% Many%people%don’t% understand%that% individuals%with% Bulimia%and%Anorexia%are%normal,%but%just%have%obstacles% in%their%way.%Just%remember%you%are%beautiful%inside%and% out.%Thank%you.%:)%

Q and A !

Eating Disorder - Serious Problem in the world Mr.$R He$is$a$specialist$of$body$science.$Therefore,$he$knows$well$how$eating$disor; der$is$dangerous$and$how$to$stop$eating$disorder.$Every$month,$he$received$ couple$of$letters$about$eating$disorder$and$he$answer$the$question.$Those$are$ the$questions.$He$believed$that$those$help$audiences$to$solve$the$eating$dis; order$problems$in$the$letters$and$his$answer.$He$believed$that$those$help$ audiences$to$solve$the$eating$disorder$problems.

Question:$At+my+school,+some+of+my+friends+are+struggling+ with+eating+disorder.+I+am+also+interested+in+learning+about+eating+ disorder.+What+effects+does+eating+disorder+have?$

How big is it? In the world, this problem is getting bigger. As many as 10 in 100 young women is suffering from an eating disorder In the United States, as many as 10 in 100 young women suffer from an eating disorder

Answer:An eating disorder makes human to be unhealthy. It leads your friend to be stressful, have malnutrition, heart attack, dehydration, amenorrhea, and hypernatremia. An eating disorder comes from peer pressure, desire to be thin, stress, etc. But it just leads to be more stressful because an eating disorder is not always successful. It is hard to succeed due to the physical effects to a human body. Like I said, malnutrition is one of the effects and the most obvious danger of eating disorder. Eating says “Malnutrition is caused by a lack of calories and current nutrient in the daily diet, usually a result of improper eating, or intentional starving. When all the nutrients in your body are used up, malnutrition is reached. Malnutrition can lead to the exhaustion of other bodily nutrients — leading to damaged hair or weakened bones.” You may also suffer to have heart attack from eating disorder. According to Eating, Eating disorders can cause electrolytic imbalances, triggering hyperkalemia or hyperkalemia, the main causes of heart attacks. The electrolytic imbalances can cause abnormalities that lead to serious side effects – heart disease included.” The third main effect of eating disorder is dehydration. The cite called Eating says, “Dehydration is caused by the depletion or lack of fluid intake in the body. Vomiting or laxative abuse can cause dehydration, and can cause dizziness and weakness. Dehydration is able to lead to kidney failure, heart failure, brain damage, and even death.”


! The fourth main effect is amenorrhea. The cite tells, “Amenorrhea is the loss of menstrual cycle, or periods, in women. A low body mass index and low body fat levels disable the body’s ability to menstrual. Amenorrhea can cause a loss of calcium from the bones, loss of bone density and the loss of the ability to have children.” The last main physical effect is hypernatremia. Eating says “Hypernatremia is the deficiency of sodium in the blood. If one drinks too much especially if someone is already malnourished or dehydrated, can cause fluid in the lungs, nausea, vomiting, and even death. As I told you, the negative health effects of eating disorders can be very dangerous and fatal.

Question:+My+daughter+has+a+serious+eating+disorder.+She+knows+that+she+must+stop+but+she+is+not+ able+to+stop.+What+shall+I+do+for+my+daughter?

Answer:If your daughter suffers from an eating disorder, or predict that she may be suffering from an eating disorder, do something about it. The best thing you can do for your daughter is to be there for her. Your daughter must know that you are concerned for her and she can come and talk to you confidentially at any time. If you show the attitude, your daughter will want to receive your help. If she does have an eating disorder, you will have to know about it sooner or later. People who develop eating disorders tend to have negative body image and poor self-esteem, so your daughter may also want to seek out a way to talk about what is bothering her and what support does she need to overcome the eating disorder. If you are worried about her, you can go to hospital.

Citation: orders.html at_causes_eating_disorders_000049_3.htm























Two Movie Reviews for theme “Bullying”, which is a social issue causing people to suffer. By Yuki Kageyama

The Karate Kid

Mean Girls

Girls who Bully each other Director: Mark Waters A Kid started to learn Karate in order to defeat his enemy. Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lizzy Caplan, Lacey Director: Harald Zwart Cast: Jackie Chen, Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Henson, Wenwen Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese, Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Neil Han, Zhenwei Wang, and Yu Rongguang Flynn T H E K A R A T E K I D e strong, and become be able to speak English more fluently he actions amuse people at once. opposed to your with corrct pronunciation. The speed, movements are fast as a enemy. A kid is acting like wind. The highly skills are gathered he content is amazing since the Kung-fu panda. A 12into this movie. Also the camera year-old Detroit, moves actors performe their fabulous action to China with his mother performs a wonderful work. The scenes excellently. The problem is that distances between the actor and the after his father death. He was the we cannot hear some English from the camera trmendously creates a target of the bully at his new school. Chinese people except Jackie Chan. It considerable combination. The At school, he meets an attractive might purposely been that way to director understands how scenes classmate, Mei Ying. He tries to have a emphasize the fact that it is set in should be taken. And casually, joyful day with her but the cruel China, not in a country where they classmate Cheng tries to separate the showing the historic China makes the speak proper English. relationship between them. Cheng and audience to learn.


his friends chased Detroit, but all of a sudden, a Kung fu prodigy named Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) as the same time, a maintenance man who works at his apartment arrives and saves him. Eventually, throughout Kung-fu, Detroit and Mr. Han learn about each other and about life. In my opinion, the high skills were performed in the story but I was unsure what the Chinese people were talking about which made me understand only Jackie Chan’s English.

This movie is a remake that was produced in 1984. This has a famous actor, Jackie Chan, which I know with the movie “Rush Hour”. Most of his movies are related to actions. Of course, this movie has them too.




“Life will lost us down but better or not you could get up.”

This is the word when Mr. Han taught Detroit how to overcome. These words were really powerful, which made Detroit to face his fears.

Suggestions that I would make are that even though the actors are awesome, since english is their second language, it is hard to hear what actors were saying. Accents are different from normal English, so it sounds as if it is a different language. To improve this point, actors should




A N G I R L Although the director, Mark irls fight a lot. They say awful Waters is not famous also, the things about a person who they dislike. Cady Heron is a excellent point in this movie is 16-year-old girl, who spent her where the actors transform into life mostly in Africa, and she animals and scenes showing the was home-schooled by her zoologist parents. relationship between the girls. The scene when the girls are Her family moves to the United States, and calling each other. A telephone she attends to a new high school. The new environment conveys suffer for her. However, could hold onto other friends and as she attends to school, the rich three popular by using it, the four girls could call at the same time. This scene girls grabs her attention, which is known as "the Plastics". Eventually, she joins the group shows the relationship precisely, which has some humor to make it and discovers their secrets as the story goes along, which she tends to face bully. The story more interesting.



was tremendously fanatic as a comedy but I do not like how the director gathered the scenes.


The points that should be fixed ! the other hand, it could be taken as

are the organization of the clips. Even though the story was excellent, lthough the actors of “Mean Girls” are not the ending was disagreeable. It gradually runs through like a cheater famous, the girls were positions mostly that it did not end memorably. I hate matched, meaning the characteristic suit to the scenes that indicates the their faces or expressions. Especially, Lindsay explosion of swear words because it Lohan who acted as the main character Cady made me feel uncomfortable. But on was fitting into the character’s personality.



Humor clips made the film filled with fantasies.. But there were parts that had swear words. Since the story goes through by strenuous speed, it leaded the movie to be not memorabable.




Bullying Interview-

1. When and how long did you get bully for? Who were the kids? “I was 12 years old and it lasted a year so between 12-13. They


were same age as me.” 2. How did they bully you?

Bully is one of the worst

“They sent me letters about how

things teens can do, or

songs up about me and sung

experience. It can happen

them around me. They also

anywhere, anytime, and to

talked behind my back a lot,

anyone. There are all different

and I was not included in a lot

kinds of bullying: verbal,

of stuff. I was bullied by my

physical, and cyber are the main

whole grade practically.”

much they hated me, made

ones and they all are very bad. M is a normal girl, who had

3. Discuses the emotional

experienced mainly verbal

stress you went through. Were

bullying, and was willing to

there any physical changes?

share her story with me, and

“I suffer from social anxietymeaning I'm afraid of being around people and from being judged. This is because I am so scared of what they can do to me. I am depressed and have been for two years. Now, the bullying isn't the main reason why i am depressed, but it is the reason depression had started. I was suicidal for a couple months and even tried to kill myself once. I also would not eat; I wasn't anorexic or anything but this allowed me to feel pain and I liked that.


There were no physical changes.” 4. What did you do about it? “Nothing. I took it all. Eventually, I moved schools, and I’m having a better time here. However, they still talk to my friends about me all the time.” 5. Did you consult with an adult? Why or why not?

has come out of it though. I have turned into a more caring person than I was before; I have learned not to waste my days with people who don’t like me because there is no point. I would also stand up for everyone because I would never,

“Stay Strong, because that’s the only way you are going to get through it.”

“I didn’t consult with an adult because i was too afraid of being judged. Also, I could never tell anyone my personal life because I thought no one cared.” 6. Did it change you as a person? “Yes, it changed me so much as a person. However, it took me a really long time to see what good came out of the bullying. I fell into the trap of depression, it has been two years and I am still struggling. I also went through a phase where I was extremely suicidal. For many weeks, I neglected my feelings rather than facing them. When I finally did, I saw the good that

ever want people to go through what I went through.”

7. What advice can you give to the kids out there who get bully? “I am going to be cliché for a minute, but stay strong, because that's the only way you are going to get through it. Try to ignore what people tell you because in 20 years you won't know them, and their opinions will be irrelevant so you shouldn't care what they say now.”



Bullying is not an incurable illness. There are many agencies where you can have advice and there are many programs in school that you can get help. Though there are many ways you can get help, your personal effort and mind is the most important part of overcoming bullying. These are the tips you can do to overcome bullying. Read these tips and don’t give up. You can overcome bullying.


Don’t walk around like you are showing others that you are being bullied. Build confidence. One way to build confidence is to stand straight and sit straight. Bullied student’s often tend to walk with their shoulders slightly bent and often have their heads heading the ground. This pose doesn’t only make you look weak but it also makes you lose confidence. If you loose confidence, it makes it harder for you to overcome bullying. So, stand straight, build confidence, and stop bullying.



Don’t be alone. I understand that it will be hard, but I assure that making friends is the best way to overcome bullying. Friends are the most powerful people who can help you whenever you have a problem. You can join a club or you can volunteer a community service to make friends who have a similar interest as yours. What you just need is to have a courage to make friends and open your mind.

DON’T CARE how bullies treat you.

Bullies enjoy the pain of others and they have difficulties in feeling empathy. The more the victims suffer, the more the bullies enjoy. So, if a bully says something bad on you or if they use violence don’t show that you are feeling hurt. Act normally as possible. Then they will loose interest on you and won’t disturb you anymore.



Speak NICE to the bullies.

It doesn’t mean that you should flatter them. It means, even though they say something bad to you, you shouldn’t say bad things bad to them. For example if a bully says, “You’re such a fashion terrorist”, don’t say “So do you.” Instead, it is better to say, “Your fashion is awesome. Where did you buy that clothes?” This is because bullies want to look great from others. Also, by acting like this, you can also reduce the feeling of becoming small.

Tell to your PARENTS about your school life.

Your parents can feel your feelings. They won’t negotiate you when you tell them about your school life. However parents tend to over react when they get to know that their child is being bullied. So, when you tell about your school life, tell them how you want to get help. Continue this conversation also after you are stopped being bullied. Talk about your everyday school life such as your lunchtime, your friends, and your recess time.

DON’T BE AFRAID of retaliation.

Another reason why bullied students don’t tell about their school life is because of retaliation. Don’t think that bullies will bully you more, if you tell your teacher. Even though they threaten you not to tell to your teacher, you should. Same as parents, teachers can also over react. When they hear from you that you are being bullied, they will first talk to the students who bullied you because they don’t know exactly how you want to be helped. So, tell your teacher what you want as how you might say to your parents.

Be POSITIVE. This period is not your whole life. It’s just one small period of your life so don’t think that your life is finished. Make it a turning point. If you were weak, be stronger by facing bullying. If you were an introvert person, be a sociable person by making new friends to overcome bullying. If you had many concerns in your mind, have a chance to talk with your parents and teachers.

Read many SAYINGS that can encourage you.

Saying is a very strong speech from a person. Those people are mostly who had a particular experience or a professor about something. When you see those sayings, you can gain confidence, take courage, and be consoled. Buy a book that you can take with you everywhere. See those maxims whenever who are depressed. Those maxims will help you gain strength and forget about that bad thing.

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” – Chris Colfer, an American actor, singer, author, and producer who was bullied in his school years



HOW TO SAVE ONE’S LIFE Bullying... The leading social issue among teens She had done everything to overcome the pain. She had drunk alcohol, cut herself, and did any kind of self-harm but her life was no different. When her life was already forlorn with nearly no one to turn to, the bullies made her life even more difficult and left incurable scars in her heart. The pain was undeniably severe that she couldn’t take it anymore, and that was


incessantly until she sat in her seat. The uncontrollable anger Lena was constantly bullied and was crawling up inside her heart, but she couldn’t do anyteased by others because she was sightless. They threw eggs thing. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t walk. Nor could she all over her face and laughed find him. Tears started to fall like a mad cow. It was normal for her. The teasing. The laugh. from her eyes, to her cheek, and And the bully. She lethargically to her shoes. As instantly as the tears clashed on her shoes, she walked to her chair, fluttering the white cane to guide her way. ran out of the class, furiously Nicolas, the nasty troublemaker, wiping her tears off. Her anger, was no more to be hidden. stole her stick and hit her head ovember 22, 2007.

her last day of life. The day full of tears. What made her commit a suicide? Indeed, bullying could lead someone’s life to a total misery, and to death. So why do you bully? You might want to take a look at this, and understand some other effects of bullying.




STRESS, DRUG ABUSE, SELF-CUT AND TO DEATH human disorders, such as depression, autism, social phobias and schizophrenia. Clearly, bullying leads to stress among teens, which later causes controversial teen social issues.


esearchers at Rockefeller University in

New York claimed that bullying has definite effects on brain chemistry. On the authority of the study done by this university, mice that were consistently bullied by dominant males gradually grew anxious and showed unordinary behaviors when dealing with other mice. Yaov Litvin, a post doctor in mind, behavior and brain, depicted that these symptoms demonstrated in mice have been implicated in


Not only this, Ohio State University study discovered a connection between bullying and substance abuse: Adolescents involved in bullying had a higher risk of using substances while lower proportion of non-bully victims engaged in alcohol and drug abuse. A survey done by Ohio State University illustrated that only “BULLYING CAUSES 13.3 perDEPRESSION, SOCIAL cent of high PHOBIAS, HUMAN DISORDERS, school stuSCHIZOPHRENIA AND dents who AUTISM.� were not involved in bullying used marijuana, while 31.7 percent of the bullies did. This demonstrates that bullying not only causes stress but also causes alcohol abuse. Therefore, to genuinely end alcohol abuse issues, there should be no more bullying among teens.

dditionally, a research from Institutional Research

Board of Delta State University found out that victims of bullies have a higher risk of self-harming than students not involved in bullying. According to the survey, out of 2141 students, 237 children were victim of bullies and 8 percent of these children have engaged in self-harm. On the other hand, of the 1904 students who were not involved in bullying, only 2 percent had self-harmed. Undoubtedly, there is more risk of engaging in self-harm when bullied by others.




astly, a study by Yale University con-


firmed that bully victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit a suicide compared to those not involved in bullying. A study done in Boston has also ascertained that 50 % of suicides among teenagers are related to bullying and that middle school girls may even be at a higher risk of committing a suicide. Undeniably, bullying is the normal students lead cause of teenage suicide.

375 250 125 0 victim of bullies

possible rate of commiting suicide

As studies demonstrate, bullying can lead to different types of teen social issues such as self-cut, alcohol abuse and suicide. In this sense, Lena was clearly one of the victims of bullying. However, the responsibility is not only in the bullies, but also in the bystanders as well as the victims. Only if the bystanders helped her out, or if the victim knew healthy ways to cope with bullying, she could still be alive, overcoming bullying. Recognizing this story of Lena, if you are one of the bullies, understand that you can suddenly become the victim of bullying. If you are one of the bystanders, step up for the victims. If you are one of the victims, don’t let yourself die like Lena did. Your thoughtful choice can save one’s life.


"I was bullied every second of every day in elementary and middle school. Obviously, people are going to bring you down because of your drive. But, ultimately, it makes you a stronger person to turn your cheek and go the other way."

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