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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A list of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi With the kind of f inancial slump the world is in, it makes the right sense to pursue a career in f inance. Af ter all, only a f inancial expert can successf ully steer the ship of his lif e through such a phase. And mind you, most people don’t know even a thing about f inance. T hey either rely blindly on what their f riends are doing, or hire a f inancial investor to take decisions on behalf of them. But you need to be dif f erent, and you can be dif f erent by studying f inance and taking your own decisions. In f act, you can take decisions f or people once you’re a f inancial expert. T here is a wide array of career options af ter doing Finance Courses in Delhi. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular career choices:

MBA-ED | MBA in India | Top MBA Colleges | Business Schools | Masters in Finance Careers with BSc in Management and Business Economics Bsc Management course in Delhi from ISBF BA HONS In Management- Shape Your Dreams ISBF Offers Best BA Hons Courses In Management A list of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi


• Investment banker: An investment banker invests money on behalf of large corporations, the government, and multi-millionaire clients. T heir main job is to increase the net worth of these clients by maximizing returns on investment. If you have sound knowledge of f inance, you can def initely become an investment banker. • A f inancial advisor: A f inancial advisor can either be an independent advisor, or work on behalf of a f inancial f irm. A f inancial advisor helps individuals and business organizations to make f inancial investments by helping them know about mutual f unds, stocks, insurance schemes, and bonds that best suit their f inancial stature. Don’t conf use an advisor with a salesperson. T he latter just try to sell a company’s policy via telemarketing. • Real estate consultant: Real estate has everything to do with f inance. It has various f inancial considerations and dif f erent f inancial obligations to be done f or purchasing property. T here are so many clauses, dif f erent types of taxes, and f ees that can

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be best understood by a f inancial expert. You can become a real estate consultant, which is always a booming business. • Open up a f inancial advisory f irm: If you have the power and the will, you can even open up your own f inancial advisory f irm and hire f resh graduates to work f or you. T here’s a good chance of your business becoming big.

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A Diploma in Finance and Investment is a good f inancial course to consider. Posted by ISBF at 11:39 AM

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A list of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi