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Dinner, Dance & Auction!

April 9, 2011 18:30 - midnight

Conrad Hotel Brussels


Hülsta Rolf Benz Carré Leolux Auping Skovby Gwinner Team7 Moll...

High class home furniture from outstanding European manufacturers. We welcome our customers in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.



avenue Georges Henrilaan 407 02/736 24 20

avenue Paul Gilsonlaan 441 02/333 02 31

Welcome from the ISB Director

Table of contents Welcome from the ISB Director


Service Learning at ISB


Auction Rules & Guidelines


Diamond Raffle


Mystery Candles








Sports and Fitness


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Bon Appétit


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Donors and Sponsors


Dear ISB Parents, Alumni, Faculty and Staff, Friends, Partners and Supporters, This is already our fifth annual, dinner, dance and auction, and our first under our new name of ISB Night! Since we began in 2007, this annual event has raised well over €200,000 and enabled us to improve our campus and our programme in ways that would not otherwise have been possible……..and it has been great fun along the way. Speaking of fun, I’ve had more than ever this year, as it has been my personal pleasure to work directly with the team of dedicated volunteers that make this event such a resounding success. They have been so successful this year that we had the experience of selling out all seats shortly after opening ticket sales. My personal appreciation to Tina Montana, Laura Hoffman, Brigid Reale, Anna Maria Croneborg, Pia Ramén, Sigrun Kreienbaum, Sabine Schwarz, ably supported by Michelle Brown, David Willows, Carine Morin and Jessica Franken, for all the hard work and all the laughs!! Thanks also this year to all the faculty and staff, and, of course, the students, who have been working on the Service Learning Projects we are supporting, to my own management team, and our Trustees, each of whom has added their whole-hearted support and to all of our many donors and sponsors, who have supported us in record numbers and with huge generosity.


Have a wonderful ISB Night! and many, many thanks to you all for your generous, active support of ISB and its vision for developing active, skilled International Citizens.

18:30 Silent Auction Begins/Cocktails & Canapés

With warm regards,

20:15 Silent Auction Closes/Three-Course Dinner 21:30 Dessert & Coffee/Live Auction 22:30 DJ/Dance Venue: Conrad Brussels Hotel Avenue Louise 71, 1050 Brussels

Kevin Bartlett ISB Director


In Support of ISB Guy Melviez Architect 36-38 rue Basse 1180 Brussles T + 32 2 346 88 86 E-mail:

What is Service Learning? Service Learning is a research-based learning method through which skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom are applied through planned strategic action that addresses an authentic community need. Through Service Learning our students: undertake new challenges, plan and initiate activities, work collaboratively with others, show perseverance and commitment, engage with issues of global importance, consider the ethical implications of their actions, develop new skills, increase their awareness of strengths and areas for growth.

SERVICE LEARNING @ ISB: “I like composting. It's great how the worms can turn rubbish into something that helps flowers and trees grow.” Alfred D'hanis-Brown, 2nd Grade (Composting)

“After working for the past three years with Cap 48, I really developed myself as a person and as a leader … This was a valuable lesson for me not only because it taught me more leadership skills but also to work with disabled people and learn from them.” Elie Lamazerolles, 12th grade (Cap 48) 4 ISB Night!

Our mission goals are to develop: International Citizens – students with a strong sense of empathy, a respect for diverse perspectives and a growing self-knowledge. Independent Learners - students who have developed such a deep understanding of their classroom learning that they can apply it successfully in challenging real-world contexts. These qualities are not developed in the classroom alone. We believe that they are the result of personal experience, acquired through active Service Learning Projects. Our students plan and execute their projects, just as adults do in the world of work: identifying goals, planning actions, marshalling resources, allocating accountabilities, analyzing results. They do so in ways that engage them with realities that are not found within the “ISB bubble”...and we’re not talking about tennis! This exposure helps them see the world that others occupy, and to develop their own sense of empathy, compassion and commitment. Service Learning is ‘mission-critical’ to us, so our goal is that every ISB student, every year, will have a real Service Learning experience. Some will be far afield, most will be local.

“The Togo trip this year was amazing. It gave me so many opportunities to open my eyes to a new world entirely. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and learn. My personal goal … is that we ultimately have put one element … into their hands that will help them rise above the poverty and create themselves a better life, and … for their community.” Dylan Cassell, 11th Grade (Togo 2010)

OUR MISSION IN MOTION All funds raised through ISB Night! are dedicated to supporting these projects, providing training, materials, transportation, and travel scholarships. No funds are passed directly to beneficiaries, but always used to support Projects through which our students learn. By supporting ISB Night!, and our Annual Fund, you are supporting Service Learning, supporting our Mission, and supporting our students in achieving our educational vision for them. We need this support, and we thank you for giving it so generously. Kevin Bartlett ISB Director

“Going on a service trip to Tanzania benefits both the people you help and yourself.You develop a different perception of how the circumstances are for some people and at the same time the importance of helping other people in need. It is inspiring to learn about another culture and having a great time while doing it!” Theodor Bolin, Grade 12 (Tanzania 2010)

“I went to prepare boxes … in Brussels with other people from Serve the City. In total, I think we made around 200 boxes. Today felt really satisfying, keeping in mind that all of that is going to people from Belgium in need, I helped people from my own country, which is closer to me personally than the people from Africa I helped with the African Bazaar.” Ellen Moysens, 11th Grade (Serve the City) 5

Auction Rules and Guidelines Auctioneers

Jennifer Crocker & Jeannie Cross



On the evening of the event, please sign in at the registration table.You will be assigned a bid number that you may use to bid on all Silent and Live Auction items at the event.

1. Silent Auction items are available for viewing and bidding on the night of the event from 18.30 to 20.15 (6:30 pm to 8:15 pm).

1. All bids are binding offers to purchase. Once made, bids cannot be withdrawn. 2. You, the bidder, are financially responsible for the use of your bid number. 3. In the event of a dispute on a bid, the ISB Auction Committee or the Auctioneer will act as the final authority in determining the bid. 4. Payment by successful bidders must be made at the close of the evening at the payment desk. Payment will be accepted in cash (euros), American Express/Visa/Mastercard or via bank transfer. 5. All sales are final. Items are not refundable to merchants for exchange or credit. 6. Certain items will not be sold below minimum bids. 7. Some donated Auction items have a restricted time of use. Please check the details of the items purchased for valid dates. If there is no date specified, items and services are valid until December 31, 2011. 8. All Auction items must be removed at the close of the evening 9. Auction payments are not considered as U.S. (or any other country) taxable donations. 10. Reservations for private homes, condos, tickets, private dinners, lessons, etc. must be mutually arranged between the successful bidder and the donor unless otherwise specified. We suggest that initial contact be made within 14 days of the Auction. 11. The Auction Committee has endeavored to catalogue and describe items and services correctly, but everything is sold “as is�. Certain Auction items and/or services may have restrictive use or other qualifications which may affect the value. Many of the items, such as private vacation homes, are not transferable.

2. All items in the Silent Auction are accompanied by a corresponding bid sheet that is placed near the item. Persons desiring to bid must do so by writing their bid number and the amount of the bid on the bid sheet. 3. Each new bid must be written on the next blank line available on the bid sheet and must respect the stated increments. Once entered, a bid may not be withdrawn. 4. Please be advised that each item has a specified minimum starting bid and minimum incremental bid. Each increase in bid must equal or exceed the minimum incremental bid amount stated on the bid sheet in order to constitute a valid bid. A bid will be disqualified if it does not meet the minimum starting bid or does not exceed the minimum incremental bid. In this case, the bid of the preceding bidder will be honored. 5. The Silent Auction tables will close at 20.15 (8:15 pm) on the evening of the event. Warnings will be given 10 minutes and five (5) minutes prior to closing. The person offering the highest qualifying bid prior to the close of the bidding will be deemed the winner. No late bids will be accepted. The decision of the person closing the table will be final. 6. The closing bid circled by the Auction official constitutes the winning bid, unless it does not meet the minimum starting bid, in which case it will be disqualified. If a closing bid has been incorrectly circled, the qualifying bid of the preceding bidder will be honored. 7. Please leave bid sheets on the tables for the Auction officials to clear. 8. Bidders may also check the bid sheets to see if their bids have been circled and they are the final winners.

LIVE AUCTION RULES: 1. The Live Auction will begin after dinner and will continue without interruption until all Live Auction items have been auctioned. Most items will be available for viewing prior to the start of the Live Auction. 7

2. Your bidding paddle contains your personal bid number. A bid for the Live Auction is entered by raising your paddle and being recognized by the Auctioneer. 3. Items are listed numerically in the official Auction Catalogue. The Auctioneer reserves the right to change the order in which items are sold.

DIAMOND RAFFLE RULES: 1. Diamond Raffle tickets are available during the Silent Auction on the night of the event only.

5. The Auctioneer may specify a minimum price at the start of the bidding, and may remove an item from the line up if it doesn’t get sufficient bids.

2. A Diamond Raffle ticket can be purchased for 20 euros. You may purchase as many tickets as you wish. With each ticket purchase you will also receive a small box with three exquisite chocolates by Pierre Marcolini.

6. On the fall of the Auctioneer’s gavel, the highest bidder will be the purchaser of the item.

3. At the end of the Silent Auction, the winning ticket will be drawn.

7. In the event of a dispute, the Auctioneer will act as the final authority and will determine the winning bidder. This decision will be final.

4. The winning ticket holder may choose one item of jewelry from the “jeweler’s selection” displayed during the evening.



4. An Acknowledged bid is a binding offer to purchase the items.

1. The Auction Committee offers online bids as a convenience to the ISB global community. Online bids will be accepted on all items contained in the catalogue and the addendum to the catalogue. In order to enter an online bid, you may place your bid online at 2. All online bids for the Silent Auction will be entered on the bid sheets prior to the opening of the Silent Auction as the starting bid. 3. The online bids for the Live Auction will be announced as the bidding reaches the online bidder’s amount. 4. Please carefully note the item number, the item description and the bid amount on the online bid form. All online bid forms must be submitted at by noon on Friday, April 8, 2011 in order to be considered. 5. Online bid forms must be accompanied by a payment guarantee with a credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express). Online bid forms without a payment method will be considered invalid. 6. The Auction Committee will notify winning online bidders via e-mail or telephone on Monday, April 11, 2011. 7. The Auction Committee offers this service as a convenience and will not be responsible for error or failure to execute bids. 8. Where two online bids for the same item are submitted for the same amount and those bids are the highest bid for the item, the online bid submitted first will be deemed the winner. 9. The bid amount does not cover any shipping costs for items.

8 ISB Night!

Mystery Candle gifts will be available for purchase on the evening of the Auction. 1. For 20 euros, you may purchase a “Mystery Candle gift” from student volunteers who circulate through the crowd selling attractive silver candles for you to take home and enjoy as a reminder of your lovely evening at ISB Night! Each candle has a ticket attached which corresponds with a Mystery gift.You may purchase as many Mystery Candle gifts as you wish. 2. To claim your gift(s), take your ticket to the Mystery Candle gift booth. Student volunteers will give you the Mystery gift(s) that correspond(s) to your ticket number(s). No substitutions are allowed. 3. Mystery gifts each have an approximate value of 20 euros or above, with some larger prizes. Items include restaurant and beauty certificates, CDs, products, gift certificates to local shops, etc.



L01 SPORTY BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH THE VARSITY BOYS’ SOCCER TEAM Now here’s a party theme to remember: this birthday party features several hours of fun for your child and his/her guests. Join the ISB Varsity Boys’ Soccer (Football) Team for a sports-centered birthday event for up to 15 children. Gift includes a cake and group photo with the team. Making this opportunity super special is the fact that ISB sports facilities are not available for private use. Location: ISB synthetic field and the High School Annex lounge. Time and date to be coordinated with Jason Baseden, Head of the ISB Athletics Department. Thanks to the ISB Athletics Department and the Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team

L02 COOKING CLASS & DINNER Gather a party of six to prepare and enjoy “An International Dinner” with Host Chef Thierry Goffin at the Fahrenheit Home Chef shop & showroom on Brussels’ Avenue Louise. See how to prepare a star-studded menu to envy, featuring dishes from around the world. Your meal will commence with Huitres au Champagne (France) and Salmon-wrapped Chicons (Belgium). Your main course will feature popular duck dish Red Curry Keng Ped (Thailand) and Melanzane alla Parmiggiana (Italy). For a succulent dessert to savour, enjoy “American Cookies ‘n’ Cream Ice Cream wrapped in Franco-Belgian crepes with African Cocoa-Chocolate Sauce.” A top sommelier will be present to talk you through the accompanying wines. Now how’s that for a menu worthy of an international school? What’s more, this dinner will feature a live pianist gracing the keyboard of the venue’s very own upright piano during your welcome aperitif and during dinner. To top it off, this offer includes a voucher for 150 euros to use on your purchase of any of the shop’s elegant kitchenware and utensils. The winning bidder will choose a convenient date and the cooking class & dinner will take place from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm.

Science, Math, History. Everyone knows that homework is important. But no child will complain about study time when perched behind this fantastic desk and chair that grows right along with them. This genuine Moll, height-adjustable scholastic desk gets top grades from ergonomists, orthopedists, children and adults. Moll is worldrenowned for its innovative design and quality. This beechcolored, melamine resin-coated chipboard Runner Desk is the most popular model. With the touch of a finger, the desktop moves up and down to the desired height. The Maximo Forte chair is also easy to adjust individually and safely in seat height, seat depth and the height of the backrest. Ideal for body heights from 109-200cm. Desk width 121cm, depth 70cm, adjustable height 53-82cm.

Thanks to the Fording Family & Fahrenheit Home Chef

Thanks to Forme & Style





L04 MAGICAL GETAWAY AT COURCHEVEL 1850, SAVOIE, FRANCE One of the world’s most luxurious ski resorts … the best restaurants … the most exclusive boutiques ... and, of course, you plus one! This two-night stay at the Grand Hotel au Rond-Point des Pistes in the heart of Courchevel 1850 promises to be an experience you will never forget. Wake up to find some of the Alps’s most sought-after pistes rolled out like a carpet at your doorstep. This Trois Vallée ski domain is France’s largest with something for every skier from off-piste to groomed trails. A special get-away opportunity at an inviting hotel, Madame Ecker and her impeccable staff are waiting to make you feel at home. Settle in by the roaring fire and enjoy the magical, unparalleled scenery of the French Alps. And don't forget, Courchevel 1850 has the best après-ski scene in France. Offer includes double room and breakfast for two in the best available room for the requested period. Stay is for "in-season" dates (December 1-15, January 15-February 12, 2012 and March 13-26, 2012, subject to change.) Thanks to Grand Hotel au Rond-Point des Pistes

L05 ONE-YEAR SILVER MEMBERSHIP* AT SPA CINQ MONDES, DOLCE LA HULPE For your well-being, every day of the year. Deep in the heart of the Forêt de Soignes, just down the road from ISB, the exclusive Spa Cinq Mondes at the Dolce La Hulpe hotel offers a refuge from the bustle of city life where you can regain a sense of inner calm. As a club limited to just 300 members, overcrowded classes and fights for parking spaces are one thing you are sure not to find. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a one-year silver membership* that includes use of an exclusive pool, spa and fitness suite. The 15m indoor pool is heated to 28-29C° and has adjoining sauna and hamam areas. Sports and wellness activities include a cardio-fitness suite, various group classes such as Tai Chi, and tennis courts. As a member, you will also receive special offers from Spa Cinq Mondes including a free one-hour discovery session and a 10% reduction on products and treatments. *Silver Membership access from Sundays 4 pm to Fridays 4 pm only. Thanks to Spa Cinq Mondes and Dolce La Hulpe

L06 ATTENTION MU FOOTBALL FANS A private box at Old Trafford awaits the lucky group of five people accompanied by ISB MS Head Mike Crowley at this Manchester United game. The bidding may become fierce as football enthusiasts vie to be the winner of these sought after seats. The game is Manchester United against Blackpool on Saturday, May 22, 2011.You’ll enjoy drinks and a full dinner served by a private waiter during this unforgettable evening in exclusive seating. It’s likely to be a critical game for MU to decide the Premiership title for this season. Thanks to Ray Kubis 10 ISB Night!

An ISB Advantage Card Partner

L07 LUXURY GATED PERIOD APARTMENT IN LONDON A welcome respite after a day of sightseeing in London or visiting the English countryside, come 'home' to this unique apartment set within the conservation area of the prestigious, award-winning Royal Arsenal Riverside. This split-level, well-appointed apartment, with gated entry, is on the second floor with views of the River Thames and historic Arsenal buildings. The first level consists of open-plan lounge, dining and kitchen areas, complete with hob/oven, dishwasher, large fridge-freezer, microwave & washer/dryer. The spacious and light living area has two leather sofas, armchair and an additional double sofa bed in a separate nook. Digital TV, DVD player, IPod Dock, CD, DAB radio and WiFi internet. Off the entry hallway is a tiled, walk-in shower and WC with heated towel rail. A spiral staircase leads to two bedrooms, one with king bed and en suite bathroom, the other with single beds. O2 Dome, London Attractions and City Airport minutes away by Thames Clipper, Rail or DLR/Tube. Parking space. Apartment rental for up to seven days, subject to availability and excluding July and August. Thanks to Andrea Spuck & Tim Southerst

L08 LIVING IN THE AFRICAN BUSH: AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME Take your family on the trip of a lifetime! Experience what it’s like to be the exclusive occupants of a luxurious and spacious South African bush lodge (sleeps up to six) in the prestigious Raptor’s View wildlife reserve. Your hideaway is situated in the heart of South Africa’s lowveld, acclaimed for its environment & wildlife and next door to the Kruger National Park. Wake up to an uninterrupted view of the Drakensberg mountains; imagine breakfasting on fresh mango, while eyeing giraffe drinking from your own rimflow swimming pool. Sip an evening glass of an earthy South African pinotage gazing at the ruby-red sunsets, smelling the straw fragrances of the bush and hearing distant cries of hyenas preparing for the nightly hunt. A perfect end to a day in the bush as Nyala and Kudu amble briskly past your observation deck seeking out refuge before dusk falls. The plains animals that roam throughout your estate include Giraffe, Waterbuck, Nyala, Kudu, Zebra, Impala, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Baboons, Monkeys and Warthogs. Overhead a variety of raptors constantly patrol the skies. It is a safe place for children to explore, as the reserve is devoid of dangerous animals, though jackals, leopard, hyena and wild dogs are frequent visitors after dusk. Located in Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province, in the northeast of South Africa, this amazing property is just a short 40-minute drive to the world-famous Kruger National Park, and within driving distance of the Blyde River Canyon, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kapama Cheetah Breeding Project, Tsakani Tribal Village, Khamai Reptile Centre, Jabulani Elephant Safari, Gwalagwala Hot Air Ballooning Flights, Bombyx Mori Silk Farm and many local citrus farms, restaurants, pubs, internet cafes, African craft shops, supermarkets and other amenities. This house is available for two weeks during the period of May/June or September to December 2011 upon mutual agreement of the date with the owners. Travel to/from South Africa, car rental and local cleaning services not included. See the property's website on: Thanks to Mr & Mrs Harris 11



L09 FROM CHAMPAGNE TO WARHOL: BELGACOM PRIVATE ART COLLECTION, GUIDED TOUR One of the finest collections of modern art in Belgium is on display at the headquarters of Belgacom in Brussels’ city center. Original masterpieces from Warhol, Gursky, Alechinsky, Araki, Streuli, Knoebel, Serrano, LeWitt, Delvoye, Mapplethorpe,Van Warmerdam and more than 100 other important artists are featured in this private collection, not accessible to the general public. Belgacom will open its doors for you and a group of your friends (no more than 20, please) for an expert guided after-hours tour. This package includes a cocktail toast, a light dinner, and professional tour guide in your group’s preferred language (English, French, or Dutch).The collection is set in one of the finest views of Brussels including the 26-floor high glass bridge that suspends you over the city at night. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for lovers of modern art, an experience not available to the general public at any price. Make it an evening for a large group of friends! Date to be determined by mutual agreement; offer valid on weekdays through end December 2011. Thanks to Belgacom

L10 DISCOVER SWEDEN PACKAGE This unique opportunity leaves no stone unturned. A perfect travel idea for two couples or a family of four, your trip begins with round-trip airline tickets (tourist class) from Brussels to Stockholm and transfer to the exquisite Hotel Norrtull. Explore Stockhom by day and pamper yourself in evening luxury during a five-night stay in two double rooms at this lovely, soulful hotel situated in one of the city’s most distinct historic buildings. Located close to the city centre, public transportation, bars, restaurants and shopping are close at hand. Take in some of Stockholm’s highlights: the Wasa museum, Skansen Open Air museum, the Old Town, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral and Drottningholm (a UNESCO world heritage site.) Offer includes breakfast for four people, RT bus transfers and air travel as described. Reservations must be made 50 days in advance. Thanks to ISB Parents Pia & Fredrik Ramén

L11 VIP MENU FOR EIGHT AT STEAKFRIT’ RESTAURANT A VIP menu for eight people at Brussels’ new STEAKfrit’ restaurant has been custom-prepared for the winning bidder of this truly tasty auction item. STEAKfrit' is a modern and contemporary brasserie with stylish traditional elements that refer to the classical Belgian kitchen without nostalgia. Their menu includes a selective choice of traditional and familiar dishes prepared with top-quality ingredients and served in generous quantities. Enjoy fine champagne, fabulous wines and an exquisite menu with your guests for an unforgettable and fun-filled evening in a private room with an intimate setting. Offer valid at STEAKfrit’ Schuman. Substitutions available on an à la carte basis on request. Thanks to SteakFrit’ 12 ISB Night!


L12 ST REGIS MARDAVALL MALLORCA RESORT STAY A gala event tonight. A three-night stay including breakfast in Mallorca tomorrow? Set against the stunning Tramuntana mountains and dazzling Mediterranean Sea, while blessed with year-round sunshine, the elegant St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort is an exquisite pièce de résistance embracing luxurious living and impeccable service. From distinguished golf courses and a most sophisticated spa to exhilarating gourmet dining and the foremost collection of modern Mallorcan art, this is true dedication to the pursuit of idyllic relaxation at one of the world's most bespoke resorts. Will you be heading to this paradise soon? Take in the sights! This package includes a three-day economy car rental from Holiday Autos including unlimited mileage, all necessary and compulsory insurance and unlimited coverage (damage and theft plus local taxes). Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Holiday Auto

L13 WINE TASTING EVENT Treat yourself to a wine experience like no other! Chai & Bar, located in the amazing Royal Depot on the Tour & Taxis site, welcomes you to an unforgettable wine tasting evening. Before your first sip of wine, you will be enchanted by this unique site – the soaring ceilings, exposed brick walls and wooden wine crates reaching to the ceiling. On offer: Five Grands Crus Classés wines from Bordeaux. The evening will be hosted by Chai & Bar owner Christophe Dufournier who will guide your taste buds through this unparalleled night. The event is open to 16 lucky participants. Date to be reserved by winning bidder.


Thanks to ISB Parent Christophe Dufournier and Chai & Bar

L14 BUSINESS CLASS TO CHINA Stop the press. If you fancy traveling to China in style, grab up these two business-class tickets on British Airways from Brussels via London to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong (including airport taxes). Bookings must be made at least three months in advance. In the event that the specific requested flights are not available through the booking system used by DHL Express, alternative flights and dates will be offered. Change fees apply after initial confirmation of booking. Thanks to DHL Express

L15 BEAUTIFUL BARCELONA Enjoy a three-night stay including breakfast at the recently opened W Barcelona, designed by world-famous architect Ricardo Bofill. An avantgarde icon of stunning architecture, W Barcelona rises high above the Mediterranean sands in Spain's most dynamic and stylish city. Located along the famed beachside boardwalk La Barceloneta, W Barcelona offers incredible views and an unprecedented sensory multiplex of entertainment, recreation, culinary delights, nightlife, and hospitality in one of Europe’s most exciting destinations. Don’t miss the rooftop club “Eclipse” which boasts panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean! Thanks to Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide 13

Av. Henri Conscience, 216 - 1140 Evere

Tel : 02 242 66 59

For all information you are invited to discover our site:




103 PORCELEIN CAKE PLATE Hand-painted plate by Rezi de Orleans e Bragança (see item 102) featuring one of the designer’s signature “Tropical” motifs. A native of Brazil, the artist has lived and worked in Paris, Munich, Lisbon and London, perfecting her craft along the way with the study of the art of trompe l'oeil at the wellknown "Van der Kellen School of Painting" in Brussels. Additional pieces can be ordered such as tea sets, serving dishes, dessert plates or even a whole dinner set. Thanks to ISB Parent Sandra Marcourakis

101 NESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE George Clooney and John Malkovich are just two of Nespresso’s banner consumers. Is this “Citiz” coffee maker in your star-studded future? Coffee capsules in their colorful aluminum casings can be purchased for delivery to your very doorstep at the coffee company’s website: Thanks to ISB Parent Deiadre Rauch

102 SET OF ORCHID CACHEPOTS These two, gorgeous, handpainted porcelain orchid cachepots are a royal addition to any home and a genuine conversation starter, too. The masterful artists, specialists in the design of china patterns, are none other than Caroline de Pierpont and Rezi de Orleans e Bragança, a descendant of the kings of France and the Emperor Pedro II of Brazil. Also related to the kings of Bavaria, her father Prince Pedro Henrique de Orleans e Bragança married Princess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria. Rezi is the last of twelve children from this very art-oriented family. Discover more of her work on Thanks to ISB Parent Sandra Marcourakis

104 HAND-PAINTED PIECE OF VINTAGE FURNITURE La Maison Roc transforms vintage furniture into keepsakes, creating stylish, decorative objects for your home. This oneof-a-kind item is painted in antique cream and stressed to give it that lived-in look of a family heirloom. A piece like this easily complements both traditional and contemporary homes. Thanks to ISB Parents Katie Lewis and Caroline Talboys of La Maison Roc

105 B & W BREAKFAST Good morning sunshine! With this caffeinated gift basket you’ll be ready to hit the road running! “Breakfast in Black and White” basket contains a six-cup Bialetti coffee maker, an insulated travel cup, a Berghoff sugar and cream set, a sugar tong, a set of espresso cups, a porcelain butter dish, two individual cutting boards, a honey spoon and two packs of paper napkins. Thanks to Spatule et Moulinette An ISB Advantage Card Partner 15





“What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it. “ ~Charles Dudley Warner, My Summer in a Garden, 1871.

Alternatively, one could invest in a voucher for three hours of garden maintenance by Garden Fred! Thanks to Garden Fred


The Nilfisk GD 111 is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable unit that can be relied upon to do the job, day in and day out. It is ideal for cleaning offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets, and similar light to medium duty applications. Bet it’ll also do your living room… Thanks to BOMA

111-112 COFFEE MADE FOR SHARING Take home this convenient, easy-to-use Senseo® “Next Generation” coffee machine and a large box of original Douwe Egberts Senseo® coffee pads. This brand’s famous two-cup system is perfect for making every coffee moment an occasion to be shared. Join the family of Senseo® coffee lovers and discover all 13 tasty varieties, from Extra Strong to Senseo® Café Latte Speculoos!

Visit the showroom of Polishpottery4you and make your own selection of handmade Polish pottery. Choose six dessert plates and matching bowls or a set of three baking dishes of your favorite patterns. Thanks to ISB Parent Joanna Szpil

108 ROSENTHAL SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS Rosenthal's impeccable quality and innovative design sets these salt and pepper shakers apart.The avant-garde design with noble accents and an emphasis on architectural shapes makes these shakers perfect for any festive occasion. Thanks to Patzio, Tervuren

109 HAND-KNOTTED RUG This beautiful hand-knotted “Kazak” rug from Pakistan, in rich colors of burgundy, sapphire and cream, is offered by a well-known carpet shop patronized by many international residents of Brussels. Ideal as a hall rug at 84 x 116 cm and 100% wool, it would adorn any type of floor. Thanks to Tapijten Demuynck 16 ISB Night!

Thanks to ISB Parent Laura Hoffman

113 LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE Two charming lamps to light up the corners of any room with a decorative touch. In signature Marie Hamilton style, these matching table lamps will bring a little bit of country chic to your décor. Thanks to Marie Hamilton Home Decoration

114 THE WELL THAT WON’T RUN DRY You’ll never go thirsty with this one-year home lease of a Sipwell SublimO water fountain! Belgium’s leading water cooler experts will provide your family with water of the highest quality, including the delivery of up to 400 liters fresh water for a year. Even the cooler installation is included. A valuable addition to any home, for in the words of author Thomas Fuller, “We never know the worth of water ‘till the well is dry.” Thanks to Sipwell

Travel 201 ZUM WOHL! Be the envy of all your friends, when you secure reserved seating for four at the famous Hacker Tent at Germany’s beloved Oktoberfest. These tickets entitle you to two litre-size mugs of special Oktoberfest beer and a plateful of Wiesnhändl, the tasty chicken specialty that is the perfect accompaniment to your brew! This event is so well-attended that you need to arrive well in advance to be certain to get places in the middle of the action! Can you think of a better reason to unearth your lederhosen? Ticket availability is limited to a fixed date TBA. Hotel and travel not included. Thanks to IABG

202 FOREST DREAMS Wake up to a serenade of birdsong from your hotel room windows with this voucher for a one-night hotel stay with breakfast at the Auberge-Restaurant Au Repos de Chasseurs. Since 2002, this three-star hotel, situated directly adjacent to the Forêt de Soignes, gives guests a unique opportunity to enjoy natural beauty right in the heart of Brussels. A perfect starting point for a forest hike, with a welcoming terrace that is popular with local walkers and nature lovers. All bedrooms are spacious, light and decorated in a simple and modern way; rooms are equipped with telephone, color television and Internet connection. This earned the hotel three hearths from Logis de Belgique. Thanks to Auberge-Restaurant Au Repos des Chasseurs An ISB Advantage Card Partner

203 PARIS AIR SHOW Four exclusive tickets to the 49th Paris Air Show from June 20-26, 2011 on any day you choose. Tickets are even valid for the days restricted to Trade Visitors (must be over 18 years of age on those days). More information about the event on Thanks to Cassidian

204 DAY AT THE RALLY For the classic car enthusiast, here’s a chance to participate in the 8th Annual Fastelovends Classic in Cologne, Germany, on June 26, 2011. Participate in a day-long rally using either your own classic car or serve as a co-pilot alongside another driver. Fun challenges to master and meals are included. Additional information on Thanks to

205 BABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR Fulfill a driving fantasy by spending an afternoon behind the wheel of a vintage car. Based in Düsseldorf ’s Meilenwerk, an old locomotive shelter, Sports and Classics offers the driving experience of your dreams with the use of one of its vintage cars on a Saturday or Sunday. This wonderful experience could be the centerpiece activity during a fun weekend excursion to Düsseldorf. The firm also refurbishes and sells classic cars: Thanks to Sports and Classics

206 TURKISH NIGHTS & DELIGHTS! Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul . . . This two-night stay at the W Istanbul is the perfect chance to discover a city that offers an empire of sights and sounds to discover. Combining historical architecture with W Hotel’s iconic design, the W brand’s first hotel in Europe is located in the cultural center of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. A glittering tower amidst gilded domes and minarets, W Istanbul embodies the multicultural and financial center of Istanbul, situated at the point where Europe meets Asia, where ancient monuments meet sublime design and classic romance meets haute couture. Most sights, shopping and supping are minutes from the hotel, by two feet or four wheels. Old World, meet New World. Offer excludes breakfast. Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts 17





Enjoy a two-night stay with breakfast in W’s newest flagship hotel, unveiled in February. Set in the epicenter of London's vast entertainment scene, W London-Leicester Square stands 10 storeys tall and is veiled in translucent glass that will change color according to the time of day, the ambience of the area or happenings within the hotel and city. Within the hotel, an attitude of formal day turns quickly into informal night aided by classic design with a contemporary twist and nightlife accents inspired by the hotel’s surroundings. A wonderful base from which to take in the best of London and nearby West End shows. Or stay in to enjoy the hotel’s AWAY Spa to detox and refuel, or work up a sweat at SWEAT, the state-of-the-art fitness center. Highlight your stay with an unforgettable meal at the UK’s first SPICE MARKET restaurant by three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Regenerate your senses in the heart of the French capital with this romantic two-night stay in a deluxe double room at The Westin Paris. The Westin Paris is an oasis of tranquility which overlooks the Tuileries Gardens and has direct views of the iconic Eiffel Tower.Perfect for the personal catch-up that many of us need, a Heavenly Bed promises to provide a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. Enjoy breakfast (included) and then, if your heart desires, all the famous Parisian boutiques, bistros and bars which are within easy walking distance.Voucher valid until February 2012 and subject to availability. Offer also includes a voucher for two round-trip tickets on the Thalys from Brussels to Paris [some restrictions apply: non-upgradeable fare and must be booked one-month in advance]. Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Eagle Travel

Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts


208 ONE WEEK IN THE ALGARVE Travel to Vilamoura and discover Portugal’s famous Algarve region. Up to four people may stay in this lovely apartment, facing the "Oceanico-Pinhal" Golf Course and boasting pleasant views of the city and the sea. The apartment features two terraces, two swimming pools and a solarium, and is conveniently located just five minutes from the five Vilamoura golf courses, shops, restaurants, several beaches and the Marina; only two minutes from the Faro airport, the "Ria Formosa" Nature Reserve and the city of Albufeira, famous for its nightlife. Dates to be determined by mutual agreement. Details: Hall; fully-equipped kitchen with breakfast corner opening onto the terrace view of the golf course; living room opening onto a large terrace with view of the swimming pool; master bedroom; children's room with four bunk beds; one bathroom (Jacuzzi); WC; garage; third floor, no lift. Thanks to Isabel de Faria and Paschalis Papchristopoulos 18 ISB Night!

Brussels weekend out? Experience 130m2 of contemporary luxury in a Conrad Brussels’ Duplex Suite! As the name suggests, these suites are split over two levels and combine steel, glass and dark woods with carefully-chosen artworks and fabrics. The bedroom and bathroom are situated on the upper level, the living area with separate powder room on the lower level, and each has its own private entrance. The bedroom is tastefully furnished with a striking wooden four-poster bed accompanied by a relaxing chaise longue. In-room amenities abound. Your one-night stay in one of these striking suites will include a bottle of champagne and breakfast. Thanks to the Conrad Brussels Hotel

211 HOME BASE IN BERLIN You won’t run out of things to do and see in Berlin. With 175 museums, 50 theatres, some 300 cinemas, 4650 restaurants, around 900 bars and 190 discotheques, the only thing in short supply is enough time to explore it all. So plan a trip to Germany’s capital city and make“The Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz” your home base for two nights, including breakfast. Conveniently located on the city’s vivid Alexanderplatz, this completely renovated hotel offers perfect access to public transport and a taste of authentic Berlin. This package includes a meal for two at the Ständige Vertretung, a popular pub and restaurant within walking distance of the hotel and a favorite of anyone who is anyone in Berlin: Described by French news agency AFP as “… not an ordinary pub, but a political storybook”, discover great food, great atmosphere and your fair share of history, too. Thanks to the Park Inn, the Rezidor Hotel Group & the Ständige Vertretung


302 PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENSE (AVOID – EVADE – DEFEND) WITH DARREN AZEEZ Get a group of up to six friends together and take part in a four-hour mini-seminar (2 x 2 hours) in practical self-defense. Designed for adults, the workshop will focus on defusing aggression in a self-defense situation. Participants will learn how to avoid a confrontation and how to defend themselves when no other option is available. Instructor Darren Azeez has been a life-long practitioner of martial arts, including Kyokushin-kai Karate, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All three systems are based upon self-defense methods and rape defense programs. He has also instructed workshops for the middle school PE department and during a recent Professional Development day at ISB for teachers. Please note: The seminar will require physical activity, so gym attire will be required. Age restriction: 18+ Thanks to Darren Azeez

From the first class Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh to the luxury Regent hotel in Berlin, you will find famous hotels of the Rezidor Hotel Group wherever you travel. Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson… grab up this hotel voucher worth 150 euros on your next stay at any of the hotels owned by one of the world’s fastest-growing international hotel companies. Thanks to Rezidor Hotel Group

Sports & Fitness 303 MOUNTAIN-BIKING IN THE ARDENNES 301 FOR HOCKEY FANS The blades scrape. The puck flies through the air. You, adorned with a fan pack of Leuven Chiefs team souvenirs, are part of the crowd and in the heat of the action! If you love hockey you’ll love these 10 open tickets, good for games during the 2011-2012 Leuven Chiefs Ice Hockey season.

Join ISB teachers and Outdoor Adventure leaders Christian Noyon and Michael MacNaughton for an unforgettable mountain-biking adventure in the Ardennes! Ride on paths through the woods and fields around Houffalize, some of which are used in the Mountain Bike World Cup. After your ride, you might even choose to stop at the brewery that produces La Chouffe beer. Christian and Michael will bring their experience and joie de vivre and look forward to a trip with you and your guests! Offer also includes a sleek Urge “endur-o-matic” bike helmet from KM10! Thanks to ISB Outdoors Faculty Christian Noyon and Michael MacNaughton & KM10

Thanks to ISB HS Teacher Gil Paelinck 19



304 SIX-MONTH LEASE OF AN ELECTRIC BIKE What travels at speeds up to 25 km/hour on 200 watts for up to 80 km and only weighs 24.5 kg? An electric bike! Thanks to C-TEC, developers and implementers of sustainable mobility solutions, cars are no longer the only effective means of getting around town. Within the framework of the BECI Bike Project, C-TEC offers a full bicycle fleet management and consulting services for organizations and businesses wanting to increase the sustainability of their mobility policy. As the winning bidder you will take home this bike for six months of unrestricted use. This offer includes one maintenance visit per quarter at the time and place decided by the leaser. Thanks to C-TEC & the BECI Bike project

305 - 306 VIVA RONALDO Someone you know will be VERY happy with one of these authentic, limited-edition Brazil 2002 soccer shirts with Ronaldo’s number. Be a part of football history along with one of the greatest footballers of all time. Thanks to NIKE/OutstandingSports

309 GIDDY UP! This unforgettable two-hour session will be held in French at stables in La Hulpe. Suitable for a child or an adult, this is a golden opportunity to experience first-hand the joys and mystique of safe horse-riding and how to get started. If you have always dreamt of riding but never got around to finding out about it, or if you think that your child would be thrilled to get on that enormous but friendly-looking horse, you will not get a better chance. Catherine Hos and Diego, her lovely white horse, will demonstrate that horse-riding is as relevant as ever, not only promoting physical fitness and mental development, but also great fun. Session will include tips on horse care and safety, preparing the horse for a ride, then helping to groom and saddle it. Learn to mount a horse and adjust the stirrups, along with basics on how a horse is ridden and controlled. If a child is involved, this patient horse will then be guided around the ring on a long tether. If an adult is involved, the lesson will be given un-tethered in order to get a first experience of what horse-riding is all about. The session will end with un-saddling and rewarding Diego with a well-earned carrot or apple before heading to the clubhouse for a drink. Offer valid through September 30, 2011. Thanks to Catherine Hos, ISB Human Resources Department

307 THE PERFECT SERVE One can hardly live in Belgium without catching the country’s current love affair with tennis. Whether you are a beginner or ready to take on Kim Clijsters, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to work with ISB tennis coach and trainer Bernard de Coninck. This offer is good for five one-hour lessons. And just in case you need a racket or balls, we’ll even throw in a 50-euro voucher for use at Polysport, a sports shop specialized in tennis, ski & snow sports and hockey.


This great jacket and cap is offered by Marika of Imagine Arthouse, designer of ISB’s lovely sports clothing and team logos. Sure to be of use on many sporty occasions.

BMW Belux invites one person to compete in the Belgian qualification tournaments of the BMW Golf Cut International 2011. Choose from among the 20 individual events that welcome 100,000 participants annually competing in three tournament categories (Men 1 - hcp 0-11, Men II - hcp 12-28, and Ladies - hcp 0-28). The winner of each category is invited to take part in the national final and the ultimate winner will represent Belgium at the BMW Golf Cup World Final. This exclusive event, played on some of the nicest courses in Belgium, is open only to a select group of golfers chosen by BMW Dealers or BMW Belux. Imagine yourself at the First Tee and bid for this rare golf opportunity!

Thanks to Imagine Arthouse

Thanks to BMW

Thanks to Bernard de Coninck & Polysport


20 ISB Night!

Treat Yourself 404 - 407 COIFFURE COFFEE MORNING 401 SPA EXPERIENCE Indulge yourself along with three friends for a threehour get-away at “A Beauty Well” spa in Hoeilaart. A private “Roman bath” treatment center will be reserved exclusively for you and your group. Enjoy steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, water massage for feet, and an outdoor heated pool. Can you imagine a more relaxing setting to gather, sip tea, soothe tired muscles, rejuvenate dry skin and catch up with friends?

Want to catch up with friends and get beautiful all at the same time? Toni & Guy will pamper three women with a hydrating shampoo, hair treatment and head massage.You will also get a luxurious blowdry to finish off your look. Tony & Guy will even provide breakfast of coffee and croissants … simply irresistible. One voucher per salon.Valid at one of the salon’s four locations. Thanks to Toni & Guy Hairdressing An ISB Advantage Card Partner

Thanks to “A Beauty Well” An ISB Advantage Card Partner

402 STRESS-BUSTER Our hectic lifestyles take a toll on our vitality. When we feel tense, tired, forgetful, depressed, irritable, burnt-out or without a sense of control, it is a clear sign that we need new strategies to cope with stress. Take time out at the Body Mind Wellness Centre to recharge your batteries with this luxurious 2 1/2 -hour spa experience & wellness package for two including access to a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi and infra-red cabin with massage or facial treatment. This tranquil and relaxing environment is the ideal setting to improve your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

408 - 409 A NEW LOOK Toni & Guy Hairdressing Salon is an international company offering the best in creative hairstyling to suit your individual needs. Sit back, relax and say goodbye to bad hair days with a cut and color with the stylist of your choice. Valid at the salon’s Royal and Schuman locations Thanks to Toni & Guy Hairdressing An ISB Advantage Card Partner

Thanks to Body Mind Wellness Center for Stress Management


403 SEBASTIEN CUT & COLOR Hair too long? Split ends? In need of a new style and some hairstyling advice? Grab this chance to get your hair cut and blow-dried with either highlights or coloring at Overijse’s favorite salon, Sebastien!

A special birthday, your anniversary or just because? Experience a luxurious overnight stay at Dolce La Hulpe. You and your guest will stay in the spacious Sequoia Suite with a king-size bed. Enjoy a gourmet meal for two in the hotel’s Tree-O restaurant, replete with Maitre D’s wine selection. Spoil yourselves with a one-hour spa treatment at the renowned Spa Cinq Mondes. Package even includes breakfast. What are you waiting for? Thanks to Dolce La Hulpe & Spa Cinq Mondes

Thanks to Sebastien An ISB Advantage Card Partner

An ISB Advantage Card Partner 21



Learning 501- 502 DISCOVER THE INNER YOU Get a glance of your true self with the Insights Discovery Profile, a personality profile based on the theories of Carl Gustav Jung. After completing an online questionnaire, you will receive a 20-page detailed description of your personal preferences on how to approach work and life and your interactions with other people. The profile offers a framework to gain more insights into one’s personality and communication style, and offers suggestions for further development. The profile is always followed up by a one-hour, one-to-one de-brief coaching session by Qlickcoaching. You also get to keep the copy of the profile itself as well as a background brochure with information on Jungian typology and a description of the different personality types.

505 GUIDED DAY TOUR OF OLD BRUSSELS & MUSEUM VISIT Discover the historic soul of old Brussels during a day out with Middle School French teacher Isabelle Malvaux. Fascinating Brussels captures the imagination and will intrigue you with its diversity of cultures, languages, city-wide comic strip displays and architectural styles. These elements will form the focus of the tour, which will start at the Place Poelaart, proceed on to the Palace of Justice, down into the Marolles and Sablon area, ending at the Place Royale. The day-long trip will include a break for lunch at a local restaurant* and an optional guided tour of the Magritte Museum*. Maximum group size is eight to 10 people, to be booked for a weekday before June 1, 2011. *lunch, museum ticket fees and other incidental costs not included Thanks to Isabelle Malvaux, ISB MS French teacher

Thanks to ISB parent Anneliese Monden & Qlickcoaching

503 BECOME A BLOGGER: A STEP-BY-STEP COURSE TO ON-LINE PUBLISHING The rise of Social Media has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for budding writers, eager to share their thoughts and stories with an audience of both friends and strangers. David Willows is a communication professional with experience in on-line publishing. He is offering a tailor-made half-day training session for one to six people. Participants will leave with an introduction to social media; advice on writing and publishing for web; a step-by-step training on how to set up a blog; tips on what to write and what to avoid; as well as learning how RSS, feedburner, widgets, Twitter and other applications can increase traffic to your site. Thanks to David Willows, ISB Director of External Relations

504 COMPUTER GURU Your own computer guru (you don't have to ask your teenager) will help ease those frustrating computer moments away. This donation of one free visit includes: free PC diagnostics (check computer status, connection, virus, and more), free PC repair (reinstall Windows, remove software and more), and free consulting for your home network. Namaste. Thanks to ISB Parent Luis Fernandez 22 ISB Night!

506 PARLEZ-VOUS FRANÇAIS OR IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH Oui, yes, bien sur, who better to improve your language skills than a bilingual Franco-American NATO (A/A A.I.I.C. Classification) staff interpreter?! Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced student, take advantage of this unique opportunity to take private English or French lessons. This offer is for six private 90-minute English and/or French lessons or “English/French bilingual workshop” for those who speak good English and French but would like to enhance both. Special emphasis can even be placed on improving your French or English accent! Sessions held on Saturday mornings in Woluwe St. Pierre (Chant d'Oiseau neighborhood) before end December 2011 (except during official ISB and Belgian holidays). Thanks to ISB Parent Pasty Hunter

507 FOR THE AUTOMOBILE LOVER: MUSEUM D’IETEREN GALLERY TOUR D’Ieteren, a Brussels-based automobile dealership, is one of Belgium’s acclaimed dealers of Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and Bentley. Founded in 1805 by master coachbuilder Joseph-Jean D’Ieteren, the firm is present today in some 120 countries on five continents serving more than 19 million customers a year. While living in Belgium, don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit the company’s private museum (2,300 m2) in Ixelles with over 100 displays covering more than 200 years of the history of mobility. The exhibition theme is the seven phases of D’Ieteren operations from horse coaches to automobiles.The winning bidder may invite between 25 and 50 people for a 90-minute guided tour of the museum followed by champagne or soft drinks. Date to be arranged Monday to Thursday after 6:30 pm. An amazing opportunity for a special look at a local family-owned business turned international powerhouse. Thanks to D’Ieteren


510 A SPECIAL “KATTENBERG KRAFTS” SESSION: A SMALL BUSINESS VENTURE AT ISB Gather a group of up to six participants to attend a two-hour craft lesson hosted by the High School Special Education students and their teachers. Select either a jewelry class: beaded watches, eye glass holders, bookmarks, hangers & key chains, or paper-making: stencil a design of your choice on bags made from 80% recycled plastic or use recycled scraps of paper to create beautiful handmade cards or stationery. Offered during school hours, date determined by bidder. Thanks to Lara Alsen, Mrs. McGrail and the HS Special Education students

If you’ve been vowing to update your PC, this package is for you! With Roxio Easy Video Copy & Convert for PC (EN/FR/GE)), you can convert any video for any device. You can put DVDs on your portable player, enjoy home movies or TiVo recordings on your smart phone, and capture and burn YouTube favorites to DVD. There’s also a one-year subscription to McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 for 3 Users (DE/FR/IT/UK) and Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business English (full package including Word 2010, Excel 2010, Powerpoint 2010, Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010). Brought to you by PC-Ware, one of Europe’s leading ICT service providers. Thanks to PC-Ware

509 IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE DIRECTION 511 POTTERY WORK SHOP FOR ADULTS Have you ever thought about changing career? Have you spent countless hours wondering what might have happened “if only” you had gone back to school for that extra diploma? Wave goodbye to the what-ifs and give yourself the gift of three personal Career/ Life Coaching sessions. The sessions are offered by a professional executive search and career transition expert. (Sessions for one person.)

Are you looking for a special birthday gift or something unique to give for Christmas or just want to learn how to create a nice vase for your home? ISB Parent Sabine Schwarz will teach you and your friends the basic techniques of handmade ceramics in this half-day workshop. Offer good for a group of up to eight adults.

Thanks to Dorothy Dalton

Thanks to ISB Parent Sabine Schwarz An ISB Advantage Card Partner 23



Boutique 601 COACH HAND BAG


Known for exquisite design and enduring quality, a Coach purse is a must-have accessory. This exquisite handbag offers a sophisticated silhouette in a fashionable metallic hue that is sure to go with everything. It opens up to reveal a deep, spacious interior with terrific pockets and boasts comfortable shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

“Jewelry that makes a statement” is the motto of NJM Jewelry, featured regularly in women’s magazines.The collection features original silver and gold vermeil pieces, as well as pieces set with precious and semi-precious stones. This attractive hammered brass bracelet was inspired by a vintage look. Najmia Agmir, the face behind the brand, is available to come to your home to show her designs in a fun and relaxed group setting that never fails to please. Find out more at

Thanks to ISB Parent Deiadre Rauch

Thanks to Najmia for NJM Jewelry Agmir

602 GLAM NIGHT OUT Stylish bling? Or simply elegant? You can’t go wrong with these absolutely gorgeous Swarovski®- signature pieces for him & for her. For him: a set of rhodium-plated cufflinks beset with two Swarovski® Jet crystals. For her: Swarovski® ladies’ white calfskin wallet with a clear crystal mesh tab closure. Wallet features a coin pocket, three credit card sleeves, four pockets and a zip coin pocket. Measures 12 x 9 cm. Thanks to ISB Parent Laura Hoffman & Armadillo Brand Communications

603 PRETTY IN PURPLE Adorn yourself with this stunning bracelet, consisting of five rows of amethyst beads and one amethyst “drop” bead set in 18-carat white gold. Jewelry designer and gemologist Trine Lamm works with goldsmiths and stone dealers around the world to create dream-like pieces that stimulate the imagination. More of her designs can be found on Thanks to ISB Parent Trine Lamm

605 PRECIOUS POUNAMU STONE NECKLACE A special item donated to the ISB Night! auction by Caroline Nu’u, this pounamu necklace is a unique, hand-carved piece from New Zealand. Pounamu plays a very important role in Maori culture. It is considered a taonga (treasure) and is valued for its strength, durability and beauty. However, its value transcends the aesthetic and practical properties. Because of its link with chiefs and peacemaking, it is considered to have mana (status) and to be sacred. The stone is highly treasured by all tribes throughout New Zealand. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries a number of skilled, professional carvers started to produce high-quality jewelry, emphasizing both Maori designs and the stone’s natural beauty. This design is a koru pattern. A koru-shaped carving symbolizes new life or beginnings, growth, peace and harmony. If you hold it up to the light you can see its warm semi-translucent beauty. A piece to treasure for a lifetime. Thanks to Caroline Nu’u, ECC Head

24 ISB Night!

606 FOR THE FASHIONISTA IN US ALL Whether you love Levi’s or Versace, here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Grab this chance to enjoy an entire day of Exclusive VIP Shopping at Maasmechelen Village, home to more than 100 boutiques selling leading local and international brands at generously-reduced prices all year ‘round. Your day will commence with an official welcome and includes a personal one-hour Styling Session followed by an hour of Personal Shopping with the village stylist.You will also receive a Maasmechelen Village gift card worth 50 euros. Making this package even more attractive, you will receive a VIP Day Pass for you and a friend, which entitles you to a 10% discount on your purchases in nine boutiques of your choice. To rev up the offer, this package also includes a 150-euro gift voucher for use at Mer du Nord, one of Belgium’s favorite prêt-à-porter clothing brands for women, men and children with boutiques throughout Belgium. Discover easy and sporty designs or active adults and children with a bohemian flair and amazing attention to detail.

608 MER DU NORD SHOPPING VOUCHER A 150-euro gift voucher for use at Mer du Nord, one of Belgium’s favorite prêt-à-porter clothing brands for women, men and children with some 25 boutiques throughout Belgium. Discover easy and sporty designs or active adults and children with a bohemian flair and amazing attention to detail. Thanks to Mer du Nord

Thanks to Maasmechelen Village & Mer du Nord

607 FOR THE ISB FAN This ISB Shop duffel is filled with wonderful branded school goodies. Walk the planet with school pride or cheer your team to success in this ISB Nike baseball hat, ISB scarf, ISB red T-shirt (size L), ISB fleece (size M) and ISB picnic blanket.

609 BONSAI BLISS Your very own bonsai tree. Special. Unique. Like you. Thanks to Scherdel

Thanks to ISB Shop

Bon Appetit 701 GERMAN WINES SELECTION Enjoy this superb range of typical red and white wines originating not only from well-known areas along the Rhine and Mosel valleys and southern Germany but also unknown and hard-to-find wines like those of the Saale-Unstrut region. From the north to the south of this famous wine-producing country, the wine-producing German States are proud to offer this surprising variety of superior wines, a must for any wine connoisseur. Thanks to the Wine-Producing German States

702 SPECULOOS BAKING SESSION Popular during the holiday season but delicious with coffee or tea the whole year ‘round, seize this golden opportunity to learn to make speculoos, one of Belgium’s favorite specialties. These low-rising crispy treats feature flour and brown sugar mixed with a special blend of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves... but only a native can show you the real magic behind these delectable and delicious koekjes. Organize a speculoos-baking party with friends and let Francis Trappeniers teach you his grandmother’s secret recipe using antique molds that are family heirlooms. Discover what makes these cookies the addictive treat that they truly are... Thanks to Francis Trappeniers, ISB Finance Director 25



705 HURRY FOR CURRY Plunge into the culinary world of an ancient Indian Empire with a dinner for four at Les Rives du Gange, one of the city’s most popular Indian restaurants situated just off the Boulevard Souverain in ISB host community WatermaelBoitsfort. Thanks to Les Rives du Gange An ISB Advantage Card Partner

703 GENUINE THANKSGIVING DINNER DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR A uniquely American holiday, “Thanksgiving” is an annual celebration and a day on which families gather to give thanks for all they have and enjoy. An event that dates to the very origins of the early colonies, legend has it that the first Thanksgiving was in the form of a feast enjoyed by early settlers and the Native Americans who taught them how to survive the bitter winter using local wildfowl, fruits and vegetables. Now it is your turn to enjoy your very own Thanksgiving dinner for up to 10 people, brought to your door. Your menu will be designed by The Honorable Howard W. Gutman, United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, and his wife, Dr. Michelle Loewinger, who will ensure that your holiday feast will be as authentic as can be! Thanks to ISB Parents Ambassador Howard Gutman and Dr. Michelle Loewinger

706 HATBOX OF MARCOLINI SPECIALTIES Master chocolate-maker Pierre Marcolini states that his reason for being is to offer you a dream and to aim for perfection. Traveling around the world to find the finest and most precious cacao beans has led to his ground-breaking and innovative approach to one of Belgium’s most famous assets: chocolate. Is this special hat box going home with you? Contents: Malline Gourmande, Palets fins de 16, 30 truffes Champagnes, Biscuit Spéculoos, Tablette Chocolat au lait, Tabeltte Chocolat Blanc, Tablette Fleur de cacao, Croustillant Fondant, Orangette, Bouchée trianon. Thanks to Pierre Marcolini

704 BE A CELEBRITY CHEF! The Jessie Lewis School of Cooking is the place in Belgium to learn how to cook or to improve your kitchen skills. Enjoy a hands-on cooking session in a professional kitchen using locally-available ingredients. Participants will prepare a sit-down meal (five to eight dishes) and then enjoy their hard work with a glass of wine! You will develop new skills, gain tips and be able to prepare a gourmet meal with confidence. Classes are fun and encourage participation and interaction. Jessie has donated two seats for her selection of 2011 cooking classes. Choose from evening and day classes. Thanks to Jessie Lewis School of Cooking

707 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC BASKET There’s a reason that the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s largest tourist destination. Known as Quisqueya to its nationals, the country hosts the Caribbean’s largest lake, lowest elevation and highest mountain. Don’t just close your eyes to imagine yourself on an island holiday… bring it all to life with this fabulous basket of the best of the Dominican Republic: the unforgettable magic potion better known as Ron Barcelo Imperial Aged Rum, 10 Romeo y Julieta Corona cigars in glass tubes & even a CD of the best merengue dance music. What better way to sit back, relax and dream of the sun... Thanks to the Fernandez-Montana Family

26 ISB Night!

708 CASE (12 75 CL BOTTLES) OF CHATEAU LAGRANGE 1998, ST JULIEN BORDEAUX Wine advocate Robert Parker gives this wine 88 points, noting: “This dark ruby coloured, elegant, attractive effort offers spicy new oak, medium body, excellent concentration, as well as depth, surprising softness and early appeal'. Anticipated maturity: now-2015.” Thanks to ISB Parent Hans Skeppner

709 COOKING CLASS & INTERNATIONAL DINNER Gather a party of six people to prepare and enjoy a meal with Host Chef Thierry Goffin at the Fahrenheit Home Chef shop & showroom on Brussels’ Avenue Louise. This is a perfect opportunity to study the art of fine cooking with friends or family. Even young children are welcome on this occasion to see a professional chef in action. A memorable event that is all at once unique and exclusive, yet still comfortable and entertaining. The winning bidder will choose a convenient date and the cooking class & dinner will take place from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm.

713 HOME DELIVERY OF BIO FRUITS & VEGETABLES On-line retailer is the place to be when it comes to ordering fresh bio fruits & vegetables for weekly delivery directly to your doorstep! Enjoy a subscription to the Home Delivery Service and enjoy three months* of home deliveries of fresh produce of your choice. *A store credit of 263,88 euros will be made available to you that you may use in any way you choose until the credit runs out. The amount is based on a standard weekly shipment of a medium box of fruits and vegetables for 12 weeks. Depending on how you use your store credit, this may take more or fewer weeks. The winning bidder can start, stop and suspend deliveries at any time. The subscription credit may not be exchanged in part or in full for cash. The winning bidder must reside within the delivery zones or may use ISB as a delivery point. Most areas in and around Brussels are catered to. Thanks to


Thanks to ISB Parents Thierry & Donatella Goffin-Fording

Back again by popular demand: a wine event for six to eight people! Le Chemin des Vignes in Stokkel will offer the winning bidder a blind tasting on a weekday night of your choice. Learn to evaluate a wine based on vintage, color and taste notes. This would make a great birthday present or a no-fuss party idea. The establishment now also offers a great selection of world coffees to discover as well!

This year, Italy celebrates the 150th anniversary of the adoption of its constitution: One united country, with many different souls, perhaps in no way more evident than from a culinary perspective. From North to South, from the Alps to the islands, many different tastes, drawing inspiration from different cultures and influences. Honor this celebration as the guests of the Rosetto family. “Chef Luca”, a chemist by education (and an alchemist in the kitchen), will share his deep passion for cooking, inspired by two great family cooks, his mother and grandmother. Discover a variety of dishes that will take you and your guests (maximum four people) on a gastronomic tour of Italy. Here’s your chance to discover the spirit, flavor and charm of this special country.

Thanks to Chemin des Vignes, Stokkel

Thanks to the Rosetto Family





715 GUTEN APPETIT! Savor a home-cooked German dinner for six. For a special night out with friends, treat yourself and your guests to traditional homemade Spätzle and sumptuous Black Forest cake. Javol, German cuisine is much more than sausage and beer! Find out for yourself how varied and subtle the cooking of Germany can be as you indulge in your evening menu.You’ll be treated to regional dishes representing the best of German gastronomy, expertly prepared by ISB parent Sabine Schwarz. If weather permits, dinner can even be served outside under a starry sky!

720 WINE & CHEESE TASTING FOR 16 Living in the European capital certainly has some advantages and one of them is the huge variety of wines on offer. Where do you start? This evening wine-tasting event is the perfect opportunity to taste wines from different corners of the world and discover which grapes or regions best suit your palate. Elizma Myburgh from R99 Wine Consulting will come to your home to guide you and a group of up to 16 people through several wines with matching cheeses, while discovering some perfect combinations. Thanks to the Newman Family and R99


Thanks to the Schwarz family

716 GIRL SCOUTS BASKET Once a year, every year, there surely must not be an American household out there that doesn’t welcome the familiar news that it is Girl Scout Cookie time! Whether you are cookie addict or seek to become a convert, here’s your chance to try these scrumptious, popular varieties: Trefoils (3), Samoas (3), Tagalongs (3), Do-si-dos (3), Thin Mints (1) and Lemon Chalet Cremes (1). Don’t eat them too quickly. Did we mention that these only come around once a year…. Thanks to Girl Scouts of America

Interested in learning more about wine? Need advice on food and wine-matching for a special event or dinner? Do you have old wines in your cellar you don’t know whether to drink, keep or throw away? Use these two vouchers to invite a partner, friend or colleague to participate in a wine-tasting workshop with R99 Wine Consulting! Choose from a wide variety of workshop themes, from “The Wines of Argentina” to “Riesling… the real Cinderella”. Attention winning bidder: please note that these sessions go really fast! Once you decide on a theme you’ll want to reserve your places quickly! Offer includes a Magnum Bottle (1500ml): Podere del Paradiso Paterno II Barrique IGT 2006 (Sangiovese) Thanks to R99 Wine Consulting

722 FOR THE FOODIES 717 - 719 THE ART OF CHOCOLATE A day out that your friends and family aren’t soon to forget and surely one of the most appropriate Belgian memories you might ever create! Enjoy a chocolate-making workshop for eight people at Zaabär, a Belgian craft chocolate and spices manufacturer. Learn to make your own chocolate truffles, mendiants or chocolate bars! Located in the heart of Brussels, Zaabär’s 600m2 chocolatier is site to both production and shop. For more information about Zaabär and their classes visit

This totally decadent hamper was designed to indulge your every gastronomic fantasy – assembled by gourmet food specialists “Rob”. “Totally Love” hamper includes chocolate, foie gras, preserves, macaroons, Kusmi Tea, and much more. Accompanying Rob’s love basket is Jack O’Shea’s own Butcher Block wine – six bottles from the New World. This exclusively produced cabernet sauvignon blend from California will go perfectly with mouth-watering steaks, another kind of love affair.

Thanks to Zaabär

Thanks to Rob Gourmets’ Market & Jack O’Shea’s

28 ISB Night!



Organize a different kind of late breakfast on Sunday with this authentic Bavarian brunch for eight to 10 people. Bavarians love a substantial breakfast to start their day. You and your guests will enjoy a variety of food including white sausage and pretzels, all washed down with coffee and white beer. An original way for a group of friends to celebrate the best of Bavaria in a memorable way.

Love Sushi? The ISB High School Japanese Club is thrilled to invite the winning bidder to delight in fine sushi, shashimi and other Japanese specialties. This 200-euro gift voucher is your ticket to a meal at Yamayu Santatsu Japanese restaurant.

Thanks to ISB parents Bernd and Sigrun Kreienbaum


724 LET THEM EAT CAKE Nicky Fox is a senior at Brussels American School who will be attending university in the fall to study Culinary and Pastry Arts. She aspires to own her own cakedecorating business. For nearly two years, the 17-yearold pastry prodigy has decorated cakes for many events within the Brussels American community, including graduation and fundraisers. Word of her creations has spread like wildfire, quickly making her a hot commodity for birthday cakes and other special events. The winning bidder on this item will receive a certificate for a cake for the event of their choosing to serve a maximum of 80 people. Certificate expires on June 30, 2011. Thanks to Veronica (Nicky) Fox

Thanks to Mariko Ishida and the ISB High School Japanese Club

Take a world tour with this exciting collection of bottles from around the world. Each of the ISB Board members has contributed a special bottle of wine or liquor to create this spectacular gift basket. The basket also includes some treats to enhance your tasting experience. Thanks to the ISB Board of Trustees

728 POLISH PIEROGI COOKING SESSION You and your three friends are invited to experience a session of authentic Polish cooking. Learn to prepare pierogis with a variety of fillings and then enjoy your creation together over lunch with a glass of wine. Or wash it down with a shot of vodka if you prefer! Thanks to ISB Parents Joanna Szpil and Coral-Ann Downing



A basket of Delhaize house-brand goodies that shows just how delicious shopping can be and how well-prepared you can be for unexpected company. Includes: Cheddar Creppies, Chips de légume, Huile d'olive basilic, Grissini, Bio galettes de riz, Bio confiture framboise, Aubergines grillée,Tagliatelle, Fruits de mer, Mousse praliné, Pain d'amandes, Galettes fines, Coeurs de chocolat & a bottle of Champagne Duval-Leroy. Bon Appetit !

Top up your own supply with this bottle of Piper Heidsieck, packaged in a striking red, multifunctional gift box. Includes two branded champagne flutes.

Thanks to Delhaize

Thanks to ISB HS Teacher Anne Brennan

“Three be the things I shall never attain: envy, content and sufficient Champagne." - Dorothy Parker




730 THAT’S THE SPIRIT! The wonderful items that are offered for bidding as part of the ISB Night! auction are all made available by donations from generous companies and parents who wish to support the school and its mission. In true auction spirit, ISB Parent Elisa Harris has offered to cook and deliver a meal for six people to a winning bidder. Thanks to ISB Parent Elisa Harris

733 SUNDAY BRUNCH AT THE CONRAD BRUSSELS Here’s a hot ticket to one of Brussels’ most popular Sunday Brunches in town.Take your family or group of four to the Conrad Brussels Hotel and treat yourselves to a delicious Sunday Brunch, including two bottles of wine. Sunday brunches at the Conrad Hotel are always a sellout, with reservations recommended months in advance. Pick a date early and make your reservation for a relaxing day out. Thanks to the Conrad Brussels Hotel

731 A TRIP TO MALT DISNEY Belgian beer is famous, but wait, there’s more! Discover The Belgian Owl, a Belgian Single Malt Whisky launched in 2004 by Etienne Bouillon of Haspengouw. Just seven years on, this little-whisky-that-could recently scored 95.5% in the “Whisky Bible 2011”! Take a two-hour tour of the Owl Distillery, located in Grâce-Hollogne near Liège. Visit the farm where the barley is grown and follow the process from cultivation to the aging process in authentic oak casks.The perfect outing for a group of friends to discover one of Belgium’s best-kept secrets.

734 DINNER WITH THE IRISH AMBASSADOR His Excellency Mr.Thomas Hanney, Ambassador of Ireland to the Kingdom of Belgium and his wife, Paula Fitzmaurice Hanney, cordially invite a group of eight people to an authentic Irish dinner at their residence in RhodeSaint-Génèse. This opportunity not only offers a fine dining experience in a unique location with a special host, but promises to be a lively evening of stimulating conversation. Event date to be arranged by mutual convenience. Thanks to ISB Parents Ambassador and Mrs. Hanney

Thanks to The Belgian Owl

732 DINNER WITH THE PAKISTANI AMBASSADOR This may be your oncein-a-lifetime chance to attend a private dinner with His Excellency Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Kingdom of Belgium and his wife at the Ambassador’s residence. A six-course dinner will feature authentic Pakistani cuisine and drinks. This evening not only offers a fine dining experience in a unique location with a special host, but promises to be a lively evening of stimulating conversation among the five to six lucky couples. Event date to be arranged by mutual convenience. Thanks to ISB Parents Ambassador and Mrs. Jilani 30 ISB Night!

735 ORIGINAL HOEGAARDEN Discover the secrets that have turned Hoegaarden, a local Belgian white beer from the town of the same name, into an international success story! A unique day out, your party of six will experience what makes this authentic wheat beer so unique. Witness the complex brewing process first-hand, from copper kettles to inox fermentation tanks.Your day will end with a special beer dinner at the Kouterhof restaurant. Thanks to AB InBev



This framed visual design is a selection of inspiring graphic artwork from a range of extremely talented ISB Middle School artists. Using only black and white squares, this artwork pulls together a variety of interpretations of several concepts: Playful, Congested, Order, Tension, Increase and Strong. Make this new “Vasarely” your own! No photo available at time of publication. For latest updates:

A tribute to ISB and its beautiful Château. Gouache on canvas. Thanks to the ISB Kindergarten Class

Thanks to ISB MS art students

802 PAINTING U.N. HEADQUARTERS BY KINDERGARTEN CLASS This group painting by the kindergarten students was exhibited in the kindergarten-led United Nations Assembly for ECC. A comparison was made between ISB and the UN. Gouache on canvas. Thanks to the ISB Kindergarten Class

806 SPRING A delightful but sparsely observed phenomenon is the budding of trees in spring. It's the moment of hope and of what will be. This stunning Grade 3 collage captures those early moments of spring. Each leaf has been designed by a 3rd-grader and blossoms with life. Be the lucky bidder on this Grade 3 masterpiece that you will cherish for years to come. Thanks to ISB ES Grade 3 students

803 TEXTILE WORKSHOP FOR ADULTS This three-hour Textile Workshop with ISB HS Visual Arts Department Head Jenny Thomas will explore various methods of printing onto fabric such as silk screening, block printing as well as silk painting. Several samplers can be produced. Gather a group of up to four adults and find a Saturday morning in May for this special opportunity. Date to be determined by mutual agreement.


No description of this artwork available at time of publication. For latest updates:

Ahoy mate! Is that land you see a’yonder? Not quite, but you’ll surely have a perfect view of center stage when you claim these four VIP seats for the upcoming Middle School production of “Treasure Island” on May 13 or 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm. Offer includes champagne before the performance and during intermission.These tickets are unavailable at any price, so don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Thanks to ISB HS students

Thanks to Ed Grody, ISB Theatre Manager and Technical Director

Thanks to ISB HS Visual Arts Head Jenny Thomas






808 LANDSCAPE BY DAPHNE HOVERS “Bryce Canyon just before the rain”. Acrylic & oil paints on framed canvas. Format: 50x70cm. No frame required. Daphne Hovers was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands. A child of two artists, art has been important in her life since her earliest years. Daphne attended fashion school and went on to study marketing and communications, but over the years she never stopped drawing. In 2006, she started a four-year painting course at BKO in Overijse, graduating last year. She is currently participating in a four-year drawing course. Thanks to ISB Parent Daphne Hovers

As the largest animal to walk the Earth, the elephant is known as a symbol of strength and power. It also represents perseverance, in that it is an extremely hard-working animal. Elephants are also seen as symbols of wisdom and dignity, because of their incredible intelligence and very long life span. Each one of the 4th-grader’s elephants has all that and more - they are colorful, polka-dotted and striped. This Grade 4 collage is a homage to working together as a group to make something beautiful and meaningful. Thanks to ISB ES Grade 4 students

811 ES GRADE 5 ART PROJECT No description of this artwork available at time of publication. For latest updates: Thanks to ISB ES Grade 5 students

809 CERAMIC ARTWORK BY MONICA VACCARI "Head", 2011. Raku ware (type of Japanese pottery).

812 ES GRADE 6 ART PROJECT No description of this artwork available at time of publication. For latest updates: Thanks to ISB ES Grade 6 students

The piece represents a person facing the sky, looking for communication between the human being and the unknown. – Monica Vaccari Artist and ISB parent (Gloria and Gaia Rosetto’s mother), Monica Vaccari was born in Modena, Italy, in 1965. She received her degree in “Graphic Design and Photography” in Modena and attended the Politecnico in Milan, where she earned her master’s degree in Architecture in 1991. In 2001, she moved to The Netherlands where she worked at Den Haag’s Vrije Academie and developed her ceramics skills. She also worked as a free lance photographer for Global The Hague magazine. In 2010, she published a book of photography, My The Hague. She currently teaches art and photography and continues to develop her research in photography and ceramics.


Thanks to ISB Parent Monica Vaccari

Thanks to ISB Director Kevin Bartlett

32 ISB Night!

Share Kevin’s passion for African wildlife and birds, in particular, with a set of original wildlife photos taken in Africa by ISB’s Director. All photos have been professionally matted and are ready for framing. They will brighten up any wall and bring a bit of the wild into your home.



“Gedachteloos” (“thoughtless”), 2010. Sculpture in bronze (épreuve artiste) atop Belgian blue stone pillar.

Chef Jessie Lewis is well known for her culinary capabilities, but these beautiful and unique watercolor paintings reveal yet another side of this multi-facetted, talented artist. No photo of these artworks available at time of publication. For latest updates:

Sculptor Sylvia de Bok is Dutch, married and mother of three sons at ISB. Always highly interested in art, she has followed several private and group courses in Paris, Geneva, Vienna and Brussels in painting, drawing, pottery and wood-carving over the last 15 years. Her passion for sculpture developed in September 2009 after being introduced to a Dutch sculptor. She is now working in his atelier in Holland, creating sculptures in wax which, once finished, are cast in bronze. Her work is abstract yet figurative.

Thanks to Jessie Lewis

Thanks to ISB Parent Sylvia de Bok

815 THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES A keepsake to remember your days at ISB, this framed print depicting the ISB Château makes a cherished decorative accent in any room while serving as a reminder of the happy times you and your family have had at school.


Thanks to ISB

Oil and pastel color-mixing study by Grade 2 students.

818 ECC GRADE 1 ARTWORK Oil and pastel color-mixing study by Grade 1 students. Thanks to ISB ECC Grade 1 students

Thanks to ISB ECC Grade 2 students

820 - 821 FOR THE THEATRE LOVER 816 PAINTING BY MARIE PIERRE MAQUET “Envol”, Oil on canvas. Artist Marie Pierre Maquet is French and has lived in Brussels since 2009. She has exhibited in Lille (France) and in Miami (USA) and is currently preparing for an exhibit in Vendée this summer. Thanks to ISB Parent Marie Pierre Maquet

Three of the English-speaking theatre groups in Brussels have put together this special package of two tickets for each of the following plays: The American Theatre Company: “Café Theatre”, April 14-17, 2011 at 8:00 pm at the Maison Blanche The Brussels Light Opera Company: “The Threepenny Opera”, Matinee performance on May 7, 2011 at De Kam Cultural Center in Wezembeek-Oppem The Brussels Shakespeare Society: “The Tempest”, November 27 to December 4, 2011 at the Bronks Theatre Thanks to ATC, BLOC and SHAKSOC 33



822 FRAMED ARTWORK “Calme du Matin”, Roger Hebbelinck, Color print engraving on paper, framed, numbered and signed in pencil. Painter, aquarellist, sketcher and filmmaker, Belgian artist Roger Hebbelinck was born in Brussels in 1912. He studied drawing at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Brussels where he achieved honor for his antique figure drawing. Later he took up oil painting and in 1932 started his own sketch-print atelier. Hebbelinck's work was regularly shown in exhibitions in Belgium and France and is represented in many important collections. Thanks to Schleiper


825 LAMP BY MICHAEL BONNE Title: "Salix Babylonica Lamp 2", 2011, fire-sculpted wood. Michael Bonne is a Belgian designer with a strong love for discovery. Recently he has been working on project “afterburn”, studying the structure, texture and behavior of wood through the burning of it. The burning allows the wood to unveil and unfold itself in a way that is intrinsic to its life path. In order to share his experience with the deeper structure of wood with a broader audience, he lets the fire shape pieces of wood into voluptuous shapes, refining them to user-ready objects and products, tangible for anyone to discover. Thanks to Collection Care Belgium

Helga’s bright and colorful modern paintings are on display in homes and offices throughout the United States, Canada, France and the Netherlands. Thanks to ISB Parent Helga Overeem

824 LORENZO DE MEDICI BRONZE STATUE Luminous sculptures of detailed beauty and emotion well describe Michelangelo’s master work. This bronze “Lorenzo de Medici” is a reproduction of Michelangelo’s original marble sculpture, located in the Medici Chapel of San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy. The young, pensive and introspective young Lorenzo, dressed as a Roman soldier, sits with legs crossed and arm perched on a money box. Lorenzo, best known as history’s greatest patron of the arts, died at 26 years of age, just after the birth of his only child. This detailed reproduction bronze sculpture with marble plinth is beautifully cast, dated and made in France (1850-1880). No doubt a special addition to your art collection, and one step closer to any dream of owning a Michelangelo! Thanks to Dutch and Duchess Art & Antiques 34 ISB Night!

826 CHILD’S PORTRAIT BY DAPHNE HOVERS A wonderful gift idea for your family or loved ones! Create a portrait of your child on a framed canvas (30x30cm or comparable) in acrylic paint. The artist will take pictures of the child and paint from those. Specific wishes can be discussed. Daphne Hovers was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands. A child of two artists, art has been important in her life since her earliest years. Daphne attended fashion school and went on to study marketing and communications, but over the years she never stopped drawing. In 2006, she started a four-year painting course at BKO in Overijse, graduating last year. She is currently participating in a four-year drawing course. Thanks to ISB Parent Daphne Hovers



“A Schooner with a View of New York” by J. Clark & J. Hamble. Numbered 31.

Whether your job takes you to The Hague this summer or whether you just wish to explore the area, this summer day camp opportunity by Zein Child Care is definitely something to know about! Zein provides international childcare in The Hague and will offer two lucky children (age 4-12) a chance to attend Summer Camp 2011. This day camp is open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm and runs during the entire summer holiday. The award-winning program offers age-appropriate activities like arts & crafts, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, cooking, survival, music, tennis, soccer and much more. For more details please check

Nicely framed print engraving, originally printed and sold in January 1807. A must for all sailors. Thanks to Schleiper

828 PHOTOGRAPH BY ARDAVAM NIROOMAND “Bogarnes, Iceland”, Photograph on archival photo canvas, 55 x 100 cm This photo will take your breath away as you contemplate a mythical place in a mythical land: Iceland, the place where everything began. Its vastness will captivate you and you'll want to take this pure, unpolluted, magical landscape home. ISB Parent Ardavan Niroomand, previously a professional wedding photographer in the United States, is currently on assignment at IMEC, an international research consortium in Leuven. He is now pursuing photography as a hobby and experimenting with various styles of landscape and travel photography. Thanks to ISB parent Ardavam Niroomand


Thanks to Zein Child Care

903 KIDDY CLASSES LANGUAGE COURSE FOR KIDS Ensure the little ones are kept happy and entertained during the summer at Kiddy & Junior Classes. Choose from one week of Baby Club or Kids Immersion in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek or Russian. The Baby Club (age 3-6) includes varied activities specially adapted to the younger child under the guidance of a native speaker trained in entertainment for this age group. The Kids Immersion (age 6-12) is a dynamic program that offers numerous activities only in the language studied. Classes based in Woluwe-St-Pierre or Etterbeek. Thanks to Kiddy & Junior Classes



A five half-day holiday camp at The Little Gym® is such a delight. It gives your child the chance to stay on her or his developmental toes, make new friends and have heaps of fun. Little Gym camps follow exciting themes which add a dash of imagination to playtime. Expert coaches fill each two or three-hour camp session with fitness and fun. Group activities, snack time and special events give children time to interact and build their social skills. Gift voucher valid through August 31, 2011. Thanks to The Little Gym

Enjoy a tailor-made cross-cultural etiquette session at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, located in the heart of Brussels’ European Quarter. This unique family experience is a chance to meet world-class experts in the field and learn through a range of practical, fun-filled activities. This three-hour session will be adapted to children of all ages and refreshments will be provided. Thanks to Ines Urquiza, International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels

An ISB Advantage Card Partner 35



905 A WEEK AT THE ICC SUMMER CAMP Voucher for a morning or afternoon activity for one week at the ISB Summer Camp (excluding math and tennis courses), famous for keeping your kids entertained during those long summer days! Thanks to Tommie Bette at the International Community Centre in the Chalet

908 ES PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY One lucky ES student will join Mrs. Zeiders for the day and assist with the day-to-day running of the school! The “Principal for the Day” will be profiled on the digital screen of the lobby. She or he will visit classes and discover what’s happening across the school. We will host a pizza lunch and chat about topics of interest (guest list and topics to be confirmed with the Principal for the Day!). There will also be a chance to meet the team at the Château for a behindthe-scenes look at how our school operates. The recipient will have to be out of regular classes for some of the day, but we’ll overlook it just this once! Date to be coordinated with Mrs. Zeiders and the classroom teacher. Thanks to ES Principal Anna Zeiders

906 POTTERY CLASS FOR SIX ES CHILDREN Does your child delight in the flitty flight of butterflies, the ominous thunder of dinosaurs, or the creativity of masks…? Sabine Schwarz, organizer of numerous pottery events at the ES, will offer a pottery workshop for six children on a weekend in the ES art room (date and time by mutual agreement). Thanks to ISB Parent Sabine Schwarz

907 MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP! Surprised to learn that you can even make your own soap? Ever wanted to know what really goes into soap? This bubbly three-hour workshop held at The Croft’s Soap Kitchen in Hageland combines both creativity and science. Using the cold-process soap-making method, you will turn olive oil – and yummy essential oils – into skin-lovely, velvety, creamy soap. In this workshop, each child will make a “loaf” of soap that can be cut into bars. Includes light refreshments during the course. The session is for four children aged 10 or over and accompanied by a parent. [Birthday party option: birthday cake can also be included plus two additional children may attend for a fee of 30 euros per child]. Date and time must be mutually agreed upon. Voucher valid until December 31, 2011. Thanks to The Croft Artisanal Products 36 ISB Night!

909 FRONT ROW SEATS TO GRADUATION You won’t miss that perfect photo when you take home six VIP seats for the High School graduation ceremony on June 10, 2011. Additionally, you will receive a special photo after posing for a family portrait by the official graduation photographer. You will also enjoy a reserved table at the reception following the ceremony. Thanks to ISB

910 SADDLE UP Join an instructor of equestrian school Het Gulden Spoor in Moorsel, Tervuren, for a series of four one-hour private or group lessons. Thanks to Het Gulden Spoor


911 PARTY ECC PIZZA Bid on this pizza lunch to be served in your child's class and hosted by Miles, the super-awesome, fun language block teacher (and popular ECC figure) who all the kids LOVE! Thanks to Miles Madison, ECC Literacy Coordinator

Snuggle up tight with this irresistible, adorable, stuffed WWF Panda, just perfect for hugging tightly while reading Zen Shorts, a Caldecott Honor Book in which Stillwater the Panda tells three not-to-be-missed Zen tales. This special children’s gift package also includes a 100 euro gift voucher from C de C, a clothing store for infants and children offering beautiful prints and classic styles. A concept by Cordelia de Castellane, this international brand resonates with children for its contemporary yet timeless appeal. A perfect set of gifts for your prince or princess… Thanks to Serneels Toy Store & C de C by Cordelia de Castellane

912 PARTY ECC MOVIE EVENT Mr. Brewster, the librarian, has offered to hold a “stories and cinema” event for one lucky ECC class. Bid on this event and let your child meet with Mr. Brewster to select a number of movies based on children's books.The films will be shown to the class in cinema style in the library. Mr. Brewster will even provide popcorn and juice. The time and date of the event will be determined by Mr. Brewster, the teacher, and the parent. Thanks to Jeffrey Brewster, ECC/ES Head Teacher Librarian


913 FOR THE JUNIOR ISB FAN A perfect gift for your favorite ISB student. This selection of branded school merchandise includes an ISB blue-and-black striped hat, ISB red T-shirt, ISB scarf, ISB Nike sweatpants (size XL), a football (soccer ball) and a gym sack (nonbranded) as well an ISB teddy bear to take and photograph on your travels. We’ll love to see where he's been! Thanks to ISB Shop

Now here’s a party theme to remember: this birthday party features several hours of fun for your child and his/her guests. Join the ISB Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Team for a sports-centered birthday event for up to 15 children. Gift includes a cake and group photo with the team. Making this opportunity super special is the fact that ISB sports facilities are not available for private use. Location: ISB synthetic field and the High School Annex lounge. Time and date to be coordinated with Jason Baseden, Head of the ISB Athletics Department. Thanks to the ISB Athletics Department and the Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Team 37

Let the play! n e r ld i ch



p nce t 2


underground waste solutions Molok digs deeper for you

A pleasure for people

Made for the environment

Molok’s Deep Collection is an ingenious collection of semi-underground waste containers. What you see is a stylishly crafted container that blends seamlessly into its surroundings but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Two thirds of the volume is out of sight as it is concealed neatly and safely underground.

Molok containers can hold more waste, but take up less space. This looks more attractive and is kinder on your budget. It’s logical really, as your waste does not need to be collected as often. The well thought out cellar effect also ensures optimal hygienic circumstances and much safer storage for your waste.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are a constant theme throughout all Molok’s activities. The Molok systems have been contributing to supple and ecological waste collection for years. The containers themselves are composed of sustainable materials as far as this is possible.

Contact us @ T 00 32 11 45 42 79 • F 00 32 11 45 42 80 • •


916 BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH THE ISB LACROSSE TEAM Now here’s a party theme to remember: this birthday party features several hours of fun for your child and his/her guests. Join the ISB Lacrosse Team for a sports-centered birthday event for up to 15 children. Gift includes a cake and group photo with the team. Making this opportunity super special is the fact that ISB sports facilities are not available for private use. Location: ISB synthetic field and the High School Annex lounge. Time and date to be coordinated with Jason Baseden, Head of the ISB Athletics Department. Thanks to the ISB Athletics Department and the Lacrosse Team




A summer fantasy awaits the child who attends this week-long workshop at La Maison de la Littérature de Jeunesse “Le Wolf”. Story-telling, reading, mask-making, writing, illustrating and even shadow play, are all part of this adventure. What an ideal way to plunge into the fairytale world of books for the day and emerge with a head full of ogres and princesses, wolves, far-off voyages and other fanciful characters. This offer is for a child aged six to 10 with a good knowledge of French. Summer workshop dates by mutual agreement. Full program available at

Take off to the great outdoors with an empty basket and return to discover all the great things you can do with the bounties offered by Mother Nature. During this unique, week-long, French-language summer day camp, your child will learn to put nature’s gifts to good use by creating delicious food, fun toys or even cosmetics! This offer is for one child aged five to 10, from August 22 to 26, 2011 and takes place in the Uccle area.

Thanks to Le Wolf: the world of literature & fantasy


Thanks to Parci-parlà

Celebrate your child’s next birthday at the Children’s Museum! The lucky birthday boy or girl (age six and up) can invite up to 14 friends to discover “1001 repères”, the museum’s new exhibition dedicated to the discovery of the children’s points of reference, such as time, place and origin. A guide will lead the children through the exhibit to experience the magical surroundings that the museum’s team has created for them. After an adventure filled with fantasy, education and fun, the event will end in style with a fantastic feast! This offer is available in English, French or Dutch on a mutually convenient

Why not celebrate your child’s birthday at Brussels’ Centre for Fine Arts? You choose the date and let the BOZAR team look after the rest! A genuine artist (and experienced tour guide) will allow your children to discover the magic and excitement of an exhibition in English, French or Dutch. After uncovering the exhibition’s treasures and secrets, the children will get to experiment for themselves in a creative workshop. To top off this playful, artistic adventure, the party will end with a celebration worthy of an encore, featuring a delicious, organic Birthday Tea Party. Let the festivities begin! Offer valid from October 8, 2011 to January 14, 2012 during the “Europalia Brasil” exposition. Offer is for a birthday party for one child aged six to 12 with a maximum of 15 children per guide. Date by mutual agreement.

Thanks to the Children’s Museum

Thanks to the Centre for Fine Arts, BOZAR Studios



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5 LIBRAIRIES à votre service Bruxelles Libris Agora ESPACE LOUISE

Libris Agora, Livres & vous Libris Agora Service, fournisseur de livres pour les écoles, bibliothèques et collectivités.

Une seule adresse pour toutes vos commandes : Rue André Delzenne, 4 7800 ATH Tel. : 070 / 66 30 35 Fax : 068 / 27 84 75

40-42, avenue de la Toison d’Or 1050 Bruxelles 02 / 511 64 00

Libris Agora FORT JACO 1324, chaussée de Waterloo 1180 Uccle 02 / 372 04 32

Libris Agora Liège 7b rue des Carmes 4000 Liège 04 / 223 21 25

Libris Agora Namur 53-55 rue Emile Cuvelier 5000 Namur 081 / 22 06 32

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Mobelsa Workspace Solutions Avenue du Faucon 39 B-1410 Waterloo Tel. +32 (0)2 354 15 73 Molok West Europe Europark 1003 B-3530 Houthalen Tel. +32 (0)11 45 72 79 (Le) Musée des Enfants 15 rue du Bourgmestre B-1050 Brussels Tel. +32 (0)2 640 01 07 Nike NJM Jewelry

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Votre traiteur à l’école Scolarest est le partenaire rêvé pour le secteur scolaire. De la maternelle à la haute école, Scolarest s’adapte à l’univers des enfants, des jeunes et des jeunes adultes pour leur proposer des menus sains et équilibrés.

Contact : Chaussée de Haecht 1179 - 1130 Bruxelles Tél. 02/243 22 11


Thank You We would like to thank our ISB Night! committee members, who have given so much of their time and energy to help plan this special evening as well as solicit the amazing gifts in this catalogue. Without their dedicated commitment, this evening could not take place. The 2011 ISB Night! Committee Kevin Bartlett Michelle Brown Anna-Maria Croneborg Jessica Franken Laura Hoffman Sigrun Kreienbaum Sandra Marcourakis Tina Montana Carine Morin Pia RamĂŠn Brigid Reale Sabine Schwarz David Willows

Catalogue design & production Laura Hoffman & Mireille Robbe for Armadillo Brand Communications

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Many thanks to Egmond Brenninkmeijer, Chair of the ISB Development Committee, for sponsoring the student buffet during the event.


BNP Paribas Fortis, partenaire de vos projets. Business Centre South-East Avenue Louise 65 | 1050 Bruxelles TĂŠl. : 02 228 71 77 | Fax : 02 228 62 00 E-mail :





The items you treasure most deserve the greatest attention when you move. They are treated with the utmost care by those meticulous men sent by Gosselin, who wrap them in that specific Gosselin paper and move them in accordance with the Gosselin master plan specially drawn up for you. Gosselin has over 70 years’ experience in VIP treatment. Their service is so impeccable that you will be moved when you see their specialists at work. Gosselin was the first moving company in Belgium to have achieved FAIM/ISO, the international moving industry’s most prestigious quality accreditation. With their 32 own branches across Europe, Central-Asia and the Caucasus, you will no doubt receive the service you have always been looking for.

WE KNOW HOW TO MOVE PEOPLE Belcrownlaan 23 | B-2100 Antwerp - Belgium T +32-3-360 55 00 | T +32-2-772 34 87 | F +32-3-360 55 79


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ISB Night! Catalogue 2011  
ISB Night! Catalogue 2011  

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