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Revolutionary Voices Journal Yujin 8-5 July 4, 1776 Today was a big day in our history. Today we signed the Declaration of Independence. The newspaper headline reported, 'Continental Congress." Others including me had lots of dissatisfaction with the British. I was mad about how British acted on America. British, mean country, putting taxes in high prices in 1764 that had given us the problem of economic. My job was selling British product but by the prices nobody bought it thus I was in danger. Lots of people chatted the start of the 7years war British needed more money for fixing the damage. British known America was once lived in British and we needed British items accordingly they just put high prices like un sugar, money, paper, tea, clothes and stamp that was nobody couldn't send a letter unless we use the stamp. In 1767, many people that most were women stood up and spoke up "We are not going to use British items anymore" and didn't marry the men that used British items. Another dissatisfaction with British was sending British troops to America. They mentioned us that they sent the troops for protection for Indians. British made a reservation about Indians where America wanted to extend area. Consequently, America kept attacking Indians so that cause sending the British troops. But I think they sent the troops because the money from British troops British wanted America paid for armies. Many people just suppressed but in March 1770 the collision of British troops and Boston citizens 5 people had died as a result of the troops and that cause the Boston tea party. In the collision of the troops and citizens were more like a kid throw a rock to the troops then the troops get mad and shoot the boy and people get mad about how British troops act to them. Many people still remember Boston tea party because that was the biggest turning points of America history and if wasn’t the Boston tea party America was still paying money to the British. I heard my friend that was living near Boston and about Boston tea party. It was started at Picture 1 Boston Tea Party, 1773. Boston Harbor in December 1773 many people were bringing Indians clothes that day was British ships importing 90,000 pounds of British tea. When British ships coming near the harbor people dressed up as Indian and boarded the British ship. After a while Indian come outside and throw 90,000 pounds of British tea. She expressed that the sea waters become brown, people looked at what happen and laughed out and British sailors yelled out in angry voice “I am going to tell British King about what happen and you’re going to pay for it”. After that the congress started. In the newspaper, it showed that British demand us to pay for tea and Benjamin Franklin explained "America cannot paid for the British tea". But British canceled all other taxes except tea duty. Colonist were angry and yelled out "Give me liberty or give me death" and prepared for war against British. Next day, Colonist presented declaration of Independence. It was about all people have rights, life and happiness.

1782 after the last war At last the end of the conflict between America and British almost 2 years had pass people keep giving voice now there will be only peace. Thanks to declaration of Independence declaring "We declare these truths to be self-evidence‌..all men created equal". There had been many battles between British and America like first was in Bunker hill in 1775 British had attacked in Bunker hill with 2,400 troops and won. Lots of America troops were killed and others called the war the Bloody Battle. But that was the start of the war and real war began. The good news was France and Spain donated colonist because of British. British attacked many America states and at that time the British target were New York and America lose near New York then Washington decided to retreat to Philadelphia. In 1776 was the moment when America troops strike back like winning in New Jersey. During the war America have plenty of problems with money that Congress had no gold or silver therefore the value of money was down but effort of Robert Morris, a wealthy good businessman, helped America about the problem so new government didn't collapse. I heard the winter at valley forge fight was terrible time for Washington armies because many people died from disease, there was limited food. America kept lost by British for 5years. Another war was battle of Saratoga in 1777 British won the war and America was in danger. The last victory fight was in 1781 the battle of Yorktown through George Washington, a great leader, and Benjamin Franklin, a Picture 2 Battle of Yorktown 1781 great speaker, convinced French to attacked British together so French signed for joining the war. America troops first French moved the troops to the south and moved the America troops secretly so America won the war and British had no choice and signed final surrender document. Eventually British will not attack America anymore and noticed during the war all of us had realized America was not just fighting to win the British it was fighting for freedom from British. Many people said French troops joined the war because of losing 7year war of British France wanted to revenge to British. After the war, many people cried about people that died from the war and others were excited because of now they didn’t need to pay the British items in high prices, no more British troops to bother them and anyone can enjoy the British tea because there are no more groups that if someone who drink the tea then the groups harass the people because they used the British tea.

1783 October Now British admitted the thirteen colonists in America after the war with British and effect of George Washington he became the first president of America. I heard someone chatting about in October 1781, leader of Parliament suggested giving offensive campaigns so ambassador who was in Paris send what they want. French sent envoys because problems of demand. There were fishing rights, thirteen colonists to be free, extending board in Mississippi and releasing prisoners from the war. In April 1782 British accepted all the demand of America and now America was out of British domination and set the new country name is The Picture 3 Treaty of Paris 1781 United States of America. Other countries who joined the war France, Spain and Netherland made an agreement. The leaders of United states were Benjamin Franklin, John Couch Adams and Henry Lawrence. Now people are arguing about was the revolution worth it or not. Some say about the revolution totally worth it because change of politics monarchy to democracy, change of laws and state like inheritance of land instead of passing intact to the oldest son, freedom of worship, deciding people status not on the birth and separating church and state. But others are opposite of values of revolution because the rights of women didn’t change at all, if people status was slaver before the revolution still have the same status after the revolution and blacks were still in slavers. I don't know why government didn’t change the rights of women since women showed the British “We are not going to do what you told to do”. So I think women did some part for winning the war. And thinking about what if British didn't put the items in high prices then my shop will not close and British would have more benefits.

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