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Patrol of the revolution (1917)

Soldier’s demonstration (1917)

It's been 12 years and I'm now a grown man. The time grew tough after the cowardly monarch had killed Papa. Mama had aged fast after Papa past, and it was up to Boris and I to provide. We did unspeakable things just for the sake of survival. As the years went by, revolutionary voices were blazing brighter each day. Tsar had wrote the October Manifesto which allowed freedom of speech and a Duma elected by the people, but this did not help. The Tsar had to resort to ungodly methods in order to maintain control. He brutally ordered the massacre and exile rebel parties all over the nation. Fortunately, when Russia went to war with Germany, our prayers answered. The cowardly Tzar and his generals was no match for the crafty German Generals and their well-disciplined soldiers. While he was busy fighting the Germans, the provisional government slowly forced the Tyrant to abdicate his throne. The perfect time to take control was Now. Small rebel groups began to sweep the streets of Russia. Boris, Mama and I marched down the frigid January streets in Petrograd, with a group of working class rebels, in protest against the provisional government. Today was the day. The roads were filled with fiery-hearted revolutionaries lead by the Red Guard. This was so much different that the first revolution twelve years ago. This time we were in power, we had control, the army had surrendered their weapons to us. Nobody could stop us now. We first took control of the six bridges then we marched from the city streets step by step into the winter palace. The women?s battalion and cadets guarded the Winter Palace. I held Boris and Mama close to me as we marched together. I looked around and I saw the fire in everybody's eyes. I knew they wouldn?t be able to stop us. Alexander Kerensky and the provisional government surrendered almost immediately after we took the palace. This time both sides only took two casualties and eighteen arrests. I still remember the day when papa said that someday, all the people would be equal. Today all that has come true. I now know for sure that my father did not die in vain and that the last few years weren't for nothing. I know that my Papa is proud and looking down on us.

Unexpected death of Lenin

Stalin vs. Trotsky

The final stand is here. The war between 'Red' and 'White' brought a whole country into a panic and it seems there's no hope in Russia's future, there's only darkness. As a result of sudden death of lenin by heart attack, and it seems Trotsky, as a hero of world war 1, will take a control and the After the great December revolution things began took a turn to the good. Work hours were reduced and the workers owned the factories. Life was good for Boris, Mama and I. Boris and I had found jobs in factories and Boris had even been elected to join the committee that controlled the factory. We had finally had the life Papa wanted for us, but this didn’t last long. A civil broke out against the Bolsheviks and all that apposed the Bolsheviks. The Bolshevik’s forces or the Red forces were no match for the white forces. The government resorted to desperate measures. First it had introduced conscription, this means that all citizens from 18-40 must join the red army. The mighty Leon Trotsky was given the responsibility to organise this army. This meant that our prosperity is gone. Our mother would be left to fend for her self, while Boris and I were fighting for our lives. Boris and I thought they might not take us but we were wrong. Although we didn’t want to go join the army, we believed that our mighty ruler, Lenin, would be able to lead us to victory. The war ended and today our supreme leader has past. All of the citizens went in morning for our beloved leader. He was closing his eye, the guy who promised us for peace and no more hunger couldn't respond to any person. His body was put in display for all to see. The city streets were crowded with Lenin's loyal followers. All of them waiting to enter Lenin's tomb to pay their respects to their loyal ruler. As a result of sunden death of Lenin, our last hope in Russia, the power struggle occurred that saw Joseph Stalin prevail, Leon Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party and deported, and a number of the old Bolsheviks systematically purged. The new idea of communism seems it will bring us the hope and new future to our country, Soviet Union!

Picture of Stalin

Propaganda poster showing Stalin’s great leadership

Its been 34 years since that cruel slaughter in a cold blood. I have grown old, and now both of my parents have moved on to the heavens. Mother died 10 years ago, her sickness finally hit her. Even on the last moment of her lives, she cried on the bed, in a sadness of missing father, and took her last breath and left us, I remember this moment and it just feels like it was yesterday. In this past 10 years Joseph Stalin ruled the USSR more violently than ever. Uncountable number of people/workers were sent to Gulag for no reason and i also had to spend harsh time in the Gulag because of the fact that I was standing on tank's way. Just a few days before, the news paper told us that representatives from both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany met and signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, which guaranteed that the two countries would not attack each other. Due to numerous wars, this agreement was good news to all of the people in USSR With Lenin gone, the Soviet Union was completely in the hands of Stalin. As he strongly demands intense industrial labor from our family,and people like us, the average working class, all over the Soviet Union. Mama's ill seems getting serious and growing more weary and frail each day. The new idea of communism, seemed like a hope first time, has not be the hope and hope to us was just like the fragile seed. It is almost as if, despite all the fighting and rebelling, little has changed. Even Boris must slave in the smoky factories every day while Mama and I head off to the kolkhoz to work. In the harsh sunlight and parched air, hundreds of people like myself plowed and sowed the land of the massive collective farm. It is always so dry up here in Russia. Our hours and hours and sweat and labor only yield a failed crop. One some days, when I felt my arms scream and my legs ache, the only motivation I had to keep the spade in my hand and live to the next day was Stalin's promising vision for a better Russia. But with every bead of sweat into each failed crop after another, my hope was slipping. Could Stalin's five year plan can really bring Russia out of its misery?

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Russian Revolution

Jun russian revolution sample  

Russian Revolution