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MAY 2011


We also visited the circus to tie in with our previous topic. We were amazed at the acrobats that could climb up ropes and swing from their feet! We also loved the animals they had: elephants, lions, camels and bears, they could all do very clever tricks. It is finally starting to warm up outside and we love to take our toys out in the fresh air to play. As the weather warms up please send in a sun hat for your child and ensure they have a named bottle of water for use in the classroom and outside.

During April Nursery, Reception and KS1 held a theme day, the theme was the Jungle and everyone came dressed as lions, tigers, snakes and monkeys. We joined up with Year One and they came to our classroom for party food and then we joined them for some activities. The big children were so good with us they looked after us and helped us. We hope to join up with them again soon.

Reception 1st of April was so much fun for all the children in Early Years and K1 when we had our ‘Jungle Day’. It was so nice to see everyone dressed up in their favourite jungle animal. We also had a reading session with year 2 children that came to read stories for Reception children. This month we have been learning about Dinosaurs. This topic was very famous and the children enjoyed making fossils and dinosaurs skeletons out of pasta. It seems that everyone had a lovely Spring break and we are all excited for the last 2 months of Please remember that on Wednesday the 11th of May is our annual Sports Day so come and join us for some great outdoor fun! We are looking forward to go to the ‘Henri Coanda ’ Airport on Thursday the 12th of May, and we would like to thank Mrs. Ulmeanu for making this trip possible.

Year 1 April brought  Jungle  Day  to  ISB  and   some  very  unusual  visitors  came  to   school!    The  Year  1  classrooms  were   filled  not  with  boys  and  girls  but  with   elephants,  tigers,  snakes,  butterflies,   monkeys,  leopards  and  many  more   jungle  animals!    The  ‘animals’  took   part  in  a  parade  through  the  ‘jungle’   to  show  off  their  costumes!    All  of  the   animals  looked  fantastic  and  2   Well  done  to  Ilie  Velea  and  Alexandra  Neascu  in  1M  and  Amir    Hamze  and  Dilara  Abdi    in   1A!  After  the  parade  the  ‘animals’  were  very  hungry  and  needing  feeding.    Both  classes   went  to  Nursery  to  share  the  jungle  snacks........delicious!    Afterwards  they  got  busy   making  jungle  crafts  like  ‘slithery  snakes’  and  ‘tropical  birds’!    What  a  fun  and  busy  day!     ISB  also  had  ‘Health  and  Fitness  Week’  this  month  where  Year  1  took  part  in  extra  sport   and  physical  activities!    Many  children  enjoyed  tasting  and  drinking  fresh  fruit  juices  at   playtime!    The  clear  favourite  being  freshly  squeezed  orange  juice.....yummy!!  Some   children  took  part  in  an  assembly  to  promote  the  importance  of  eating  fruit  and   vegetables.    During  playtime  the  children  enjoyed  playing  parachute  games,  different   sports  and  riding  their  scooters!    We  would  like  to  say  a  big  thank  you  to  Ms  Laura  and  

Year 2 April was  full  of  activities  for  KS1.  On  Friday,  1st   April  while  many  folk  were  celebrating  All  Fools’   Day,  KS1  and  Early  Years  were  holding  their   Jungle  Day.  There  was  a  costume  parade  and  the   children  with  best  costumes  won  certificates  and   pineapples.  For  the  rest  of  the  day  the  children   enjoyed  fun  activities  in  mixed  age  groups.  

The first  week  of  April  was  a  Health  and  Fitness   week  for  the  whole  school.  Children  had  different   activities  during  breaks  organised  by  teachers   and  parents.  A  mixture  of  children  from  years  1   and  2  held  a  PE  Assembly  together  with  our  PE  

On the  12th  April  year  2  went  to  Reception   during  the  Guided  Reading  period  and  read   books  to  the  little  ones.     At  the  start  of  April,  2B  presented  three  familiar   stories.  Each  story  was  aimed  at  a  different  age  

Reception, year  1  and  year  2  were  then  able  to   ask  questions  to  the  main  characters  from  each   story  where  they  were  finally  able  to  find  out;   what  does  a  Billy  Goat  Gruff  really  eat  and  why   are  giants  always  mean!?   On  the  14th  of  April,  the  day  before  we  broke  for   Easter  holiday  2G  prepared  an  assembly   depicting  Spring  and  Easter.  The  children  

Year 3 Well it’s May already, the year is really flying by now, we ended last term focusing on ‘Health and Fitness’ and the whole year group took part in activities at break and lunchtimes as well as enjoying the fruit juices on offer from our Secondary Student Council and parent helpers. The first  week  of  April  was  a  Health  and  Fitness   week  for  the  whole  school.  Children  had  different   activities  during  breaks  organised  by  teachers   and  parents.  A  mixture  of  children  from  years  1   and  2  held  a  PE  Assembly  together  with  our  PE   teachers.    

As a year group we encouraged all our pupils to be more active and enjoy the outdoors more in this better weather with a trip to the park. We had a healthy picnic lunch then played football, basket ball, skipping as well as playing on the swings and slides. It was a great trip and fantastic to see all our pupils playing so well and being so healthy together!

We are beginning to plan our Residential Trip which will be in June (9th – 10th) where we will be staying in a holiday park and making the most of lots of outdoor activities. This term our topics are Plants (Science) and Communicating with others ( Geography) so if you have any interest in these subjects and would like to share it with us then please let us know and we’ll welcome you into school to share your passion and ideas with the pupils. We look forward to seeing you all at the Carnival at the end of the month!

Year 4 Just before the holidays, children planted a variety of seeds in small pots and looked after them in the classroom. It was very exciting watching them germinating. Once the plants were strong enough we then replanted them around the school. Look out for them when they begin to flower! 4M studying  the  plants  as  they  grow    

As well as growing plants for the school, year 4 are studying habitats. Here 4F’s class are learning about food chains.

Time to  replant  the  flowers  in  the   school  grounds    

Emir sharing   his   knowledge   about   where  food  comes  from    

Year 4 also finished the topic on electricity. Children used a variety of electrical equipment and built circuits to make bulbs light, motors turn and buzzers buzz! Children learnt the difference between series and parallel circuits. They also studied the dangers of electricity and how to use it safely.

4L demonstrating   their   science   skills   making   a   complicated  circuit  

Year 5 It may seem a little hard to believe, but we really are into the final section of the school year. Time just seems to be shooting along. We are all now looking forward to a very busy run up to the end of the year. At the moment, the Year 5 students are being introduced to two new, main topic areas. We will be studying history as our Humanities area, more particularly the Ancient Greeks. We are looking forward to finding out about many of their myths and legends and about the many inventions and improvements to society that they were responsible for. We are also designing and making class tapestries showing some of these myths and legends. It should be great fun watching everybody trying to improve their needlework skills!

Year 5 will also be studying different aspects of life cycles in science. To begin with, they will look at the life cycles of flowering plants. To help illustrate this, the students have already planted some flower seeds which have now begun to grow. Some of the classrooms now have their own ‘mini jungles’ in them. The idea is that these plants will then be transplanted into areas around the school, helping to create a colourful school environment.

Year 6 This month, the Year 6 students completed their work on Biographies and Famous People with a theme day on Friday 15th April. The students dressed up as a famous person from history, created Pop-Art pictures and learned about how celebrities use their fame to help others.

Thirza from 6B won the costume competition for her presentation about the actress Marilyn Monroe and Bruno from 6S won the cake making competition for his Pirate Ship.

At our party, we were also treated to ipod cakes, Hungarian pancakes, black and white biscuits as well as sweets and other famous foods!

This month we will begin preparing for our Year 6 production. We don’t want to give away all of our secrets now, but we heard a whisper that there will be adventure on the high seas at ISB in June. Watch this space‌!


Summer is on its way and so is our very popular Summer Carnival. We need your support to run activities, sell tickets or donate a prize for the raffle.

If you can help in any way, please e-mail Ms. Cristina We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 28th May!

ISB Newsletter - May 2011  

ISB Newsletter - May 2011