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Additional Payments to the Annual School Fee 2020/2021 *Additional payment gathers all extra costs during the year: resources, local co-curricular day trips, compulsory residential trips, online subscriptions, e-books, career tests, examination fees. Please read the detailed information below Key Stage 1: 376 € Key Stage 2: 591 €

Year 7: 615 €

Year 9: 225 €

Year 11: 1146 €

Year 8: 218 €

Year 10: 705 €

Year 12: 937 €

Year 13: 1015 €

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – Year 6) 

All resources are covered in this fee. The school will make sure all needed books and

resources will be ready for the children to use by the start of September.  Local co-curricular day trips and visits within the Bucharest area which involve whole year groups. This also includes our Ice Skating Week.  In Key Stage 2 there are compulsory residential trips that we expect children to attend which enhances their team building, relationships and independence skills. The planned residential trips are: Year 3 – Club Villa Bran Year 4 – Cheile Gradistei, Moeciu de Jos, which is near to Brasov Year 5 – Predeal Outdoor Team Building Year 6 – Busteni Outdoor Team Building  Online subscriptions to enhance Mathematics, English curriculum for both in school and at home activities.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 - Year 9), Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) and Key Stage 5 (Year 12 &13) 

All eBooks and Resources are covered in this fee. The school will ensure that all eBooks are ready for use in the first week of school in September. There may be a small number of workbooks for KS3 which will be required in hard copy which may be purchased from Carturesti Book Store. Details will be communicated to parents in due time.

   

Local co-curricular trips and visits within the Bucharest area which involve whole year/subject groups and which are organised by departments (this includes such things as the Athletics Challenge and museum visits, etc). A 3-night/4-day residential trip for Year 7,10 and 12 in association with Outward Bound Romania. The trips will build on the annual residential trips which have been part of the Primary School calendar for many years and will develop 21st century skills in our students such as resilience, team-working, self-confidence empathy, communications and problem-solving. These are the skills which are desired by universities and employers and which will help them throughout their lives. Career Testing and Guidance in Years 9 (MyFirstChoices), 11 (MyFutureChoices) and 12 (MyUniChoices). IGCSE Examination fees in Year 11 (8 subjects). IB Diploma examination fees in Year 13. Technology fee for Year 7,8,9,10,11,12,13

The fees detailed below do not include optional events and activities such as the Ski Trip or class visits that are purely for enjoyment. Nor do they include uniform costs which are different for each student Registration Fee €1000 registration fee is due upon submission of each student's application. The registration fee is non-refundable. €50 online placement test fee is charged for all new students applying for Year 7-13. The placement test fee is due before the test date. Special Education Needs Fee – only if applicable A special education fee of €2,000 per year will be applicable on top of the tuition fee if the student is placed in a special needs programme. The decision to admit the child will be made by the relevant Principal based on the recommendation of the Special Needs Coordinator. English as a Second Language Programme Fee (ESL) – only if applicable A special education fee of €2,000 per year will be applicable on top of the tuition fee for the students entering Year 3- 10 and who are placed in the ESL programme.

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Additional Payments 2020_2021  

Additional Payments 2020_2021