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IGCSE OPTIONS 2019 Name of pupil: ______________________________ Form: ____________________ OPTIONS: You can only choose Economics OR Business Studies NOT BOTH! You MUST at least choose 1 Science subject (S) and 1 Humanities subject (H). You can NOT choose the same subject in more than one block.

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French Spanish Turkish English Support (only for

students selected by school)

Business Studies (H) Drama Economics (H) Physics (S) Art and Design Biology (S) History (H) Geography (H) Physics (S) Biology Business Studies (H) Chemistry (S) Geography (H) Music Biology (S) Chemistry (S) ICT Sociology (H) IGCSE PE

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Friday, 09 March 2018

Dear Parents, Overleaf is the final IGCSE Options Form for students starting year 10 in August 2018. Maths, English and Global Perspectives are compulsory subjects taken by all students. There have been some slight changes made to the options following the draft survey carried out in February. The classes for these subjects are organised by the school and, in the case or English and Maths are based on ability and potential. All students must choose a Foreign Language. English Support is ONLY available to those students identified by the English department as requiring additional time and support in learning and developing their skills in English. It is compulsory for all students to choose at least 1 Science (labelled S) subject and at least 1 Humanities subject (labelled H). In addition, you may wish to consider choosing your child’s subjects to enable them to gain the Cambridge ICE (International Certificate of Education) Award on top of their regular IGCSE certificates. This involves no additional study but is awarded to students who successfully pass (with grades A*-C) at least 7 IGCSE exams in subjects which cover 5 different subject groups. The Cambridge IGCSE subjects are grouped into five curriculum areas: ●

Group i: Languages

Group ii: Humanities and Social Sciences

Group iii: Sciences

Group iv: Mathematics

Group v: Creative, Technical and Vocational

The ICE is an optional, additional, qualification which is awarded based on the subjects your child has studied and passed. It does not require any additional exams or study. Cambridge do charge an additional fee to register for this in Year 11 for this. The deadline for returning the form to school is Monday April 2nd, 2018. For more information about the Cambridge ICE please visit:

For information about Cambridge IGCSE qualifications in general, please see:

If you would like to discuss the options process, or the IGCSE exams, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office. Yours faithfully, Anthony O’Brien Head of Examinations and Assessments

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IGCSE Option Selection Sheet  

IGCSE Option Selection Sheet