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Isaura Perez

Design Portfolio

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Urban Townhouse pg.1-6

Wolf Pen Creek Walkway pg.7-10

Texas A&M University Visualization Department and Outreach Center pg.11-14

Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Construction Science Building pg.15-18

Italy: Genius Loci pg.19-24

Professional Practice pg.25-38

Watercolors& Sketches pg.29-32

This project is a continuation of the Wolf Pen Creek Project. Individually, we were asked to design a townhouse within the area to connect living spaces with the recreational area. The challenge of having the length of the building longer than the width required critical analyses of how light will enter the building, as well as how circulation within the building functions. The solution was a courtyard and a light well to provide adequate lighting within the building. The light well separated the public and private areas in the townhouse. Circulation was kept on one side of the building to provide better design of the building's program.

Urban Townhouse

ARCH 406 Spring 2010 Professor Francis Downing

Interior Renderings of Bedrooms 2

Rendered Section

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Rendered Elevation Fourth Floor

Roof 4

Interior Renderings: Right: Living Room Bottom: Bedroom


This project was completed in a group. Our design concept was established using the Fibonacci Sequence for proportions as well as aesthetic purposes in creating the walkway. Our purpose for the design was to unify the shopping district in College Station to Wolf Pen Creek Park. Our solution was to use the main component of the bridge as a monumental feature spread throughout the park and the walkway set within its folds to promote physical activity when trying to reach the shopping district. My involvement in the project was the design of the walkway as well as the rendering of the site as well as perspectives.

Wolf Pen Creek Walkway ARCH 406 Spring 2010 Professor Francis Downing




Structural Frame Detail

Walkway Mesh Pattern


Walkway Structural Detail

Stair Detail


This project required the preservation of an existing warehouse. We were asked to develop the space into the new Visualization Center for Texas A&M University. The building is located in downtown Bryan, Tx. My approach was to intergrate the community of Byran. College Station into the building's design but attaching a gallery that could be used by the students as well as local artists. The design result was a 20,000 sq.ft. building equipped with computer labs, studios, as well as a living space for a steward and visiting professor or artists.

Texas A&M University Visualization Department and Outreach Center ARCH 405 Fall 2010 Professor David Woodcock



Second Floor


First Floor



This project is a proposal for a new building at Texas A&M University for the Construction Science Department. In a group, we designed a 60,000 sq.ft. building that followed the protocol set in the Texas A&M's Master Plan. With our studio's focus on green design, LEED Silver certification was major factor in the proposal. The design includes green roofs, solar panels on roof, and green and natural materials on the inside like rammed earth, bamboo, and local limestone. We allowed for every room to have a view to the outside and brought inside natural light through a major light well that became the most dominate feature in our design.My contribution to the project was the use of Revit to create renderings as well as the plans of the building.

Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Construction Science Building ARCH 305 Fall 2008 Professor Logan Wagner

Entrance View


Right: Rendering of Lobby Program: Revit Left: Exterior Rendering Program: Revit

Right: Rendering of Patio and Bridge Program: Revit Left: Exterior Rendering Program: Revit Floor Plans: Basement First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Fourth Floor


Genius Loci can be translates as the “spirit of place.� Throughout my travels in Italy, I was struck with the question of what makes up this spirit. Was it the texture, the materials, the plants, the people, the architecture? How could a place evoke an emotion of danger, comfort, serenity, and peace? What were the elements that allowed the spirit remain in a place? I found that Genius Loci brings all elements from architecture to exude a certain feel in a space. Architectural elements and natural materials are in conjunction to form a space that causes feeling within the human psyche. The places were the spirit resided the most was in spaces where different textures and materials came together and created crevices of wonder.

Italy: Genius Loci

CARC 301 Spring 2009 Professor Brian Dougan

East Elevation/ Section 20

South Elevation

West Elevation/ Section 22

Plans and Diagrams


Model 24

My experience in the professional world revolves around the development of plans, elevations, & details. I have participated in the development of Specifications, Rough-ins, and Material Selections for projects. The following material remains the sole property of Carrell Partners & Yost Architecture. The following projects included are Einstein Bros Bagels and Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel.

Professional Practice

Schematic Rendering


Floor Plan

Millwork Detail

Storefront Section

Storefront Elevation


Floor Plan


FFE Package


Watercolors & Sketches



Castiglion Fiorentino, February 4, 2009

Tuscan City, April 12 ,2009 32

Seascape, March 15, 2009


Isaura Perez 214.235.6660

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