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Often it’s great, but there can be tough times too

 finding friends  settling into a new environment  difficulties with concentration  new subjects, approaches, skills …  family difficulties  traumatic experiences

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anxiety difficulty concentrating family tensions lack of motivation obsessive behaviour difficulty sleeping phobias relationship problems

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depression social anxiety problem alcohol use eating disorders perfectionism addiction self-harm suicidal thoughts

The question is:

 how severe?  how persistent?  impact on daily life?

Counsellors are different from friends and family • they are outside your daily life • will not judge, criticise or make assumptions • neutral • only source of information about you is you

You might need:

 space to talk  no pressure  professional advice

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understand yourself think things through acknowledge feelings work through them change negative patterns consider options make choices

It might make me worse

Does going to a counsellor mean I’m What a failure? would my I might friends get upset think?

I don’t want to be reminded of how bad I feel

Suppose I won’t know what to say? Maybe I won’t like the counsellor

I can sort my problems on my own

concerns when thinking about counselling

I feel ashamed of my problems

Once you start counselling it never ends

Counselling could get in the way of my studies

It’s like saying I’m weak

I don’t want to talk to a stranger

No-one can understand how I feel I really must be in a bad way

If I go to counselling will it all be sorted?

Coming to counselling takes courage it involves facing yourself Counselling is a commitment of time and energy Counselling is an investment in you

Student Counselling Service 

Contact info: studentcounselling@ One-to-one sessions:  45-50 minutes



Counseling records do NOT become part of your academic record Response within 48 hours after initial contact via e-mail Referral when necessary

Stepped care approach!

Counseling is available in ◦ Hungarian ◦ English ◦ German

Institute of Behavioral Sciences

Student Counselling Services  
Student Counselling Services