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2 January 2009

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Watch out for this! • Important issues and pieces of mind: Racism , environment , health. Beauty and it’s tyranny • Music around the world form Denmark to Morocco. Special stops at Rock and Latin music and Creamfields in Villaricos. • Urban legends and scary stories. • Travels: Accompany Luis to Ireland for a pint of Guiness and some intercultural melting pubs. Let Ilham and Insaf take care of you as guests in Agadir and Casablanca . Culture and gastronomy included. •

Snapshots from Cultural days

• The usual dose of Book and film reviews. • Aimee waves goodye to El Jaroso.

One year to remember Editorial

ing bureaucracy, the isolation of one and all in their own problems, the use of “El Jaroso” as a mere “title expenYou open this first page after diture” institution. Part of staring at the unusual front what we all do in El Jaroso is cover which I have borrowed peeling off with age and roufrom http://www.abandonedtine and carelessness, but we, a site full of are lucky to share some very haunting photographs of alive routines. This magazine , decaying places. Unlike most already in its sixth issue is an of the pictures there, the one example of that. in the front cover shows how In the last issue we had high a spring breeze is sweeping hopes to come out together flowers, new colours and birds across the old ceiling. It with the Spanish Magazine . seemed a good metaphor for We never managed it but the all the Extracurricular Activi- good news were the appearties we implemented along the ance of a new Spanish magazine online: “SCRIPTORIUM” course in the belief that engaging in memorable events is and at the time of writing this, November 08 there’s every a more educational activity than what the official curric- intention to produce a second issue of the Spanish magazine, ula offers. Later on I found so there’s still chances for that the charming vintage pixie unfulfilled coupling. with a scrape of some music called “the wings of my A very interesting proposal dreams” Just the thing! from students 07/08 was to Here we are again fighting the moral decay in education : following the same rut, the everyday classes, the increas-

include a Cd in this issue containing favourite music of students and music related to some articles Publisher here.

To that effect Ilham & Insaf wrote a good deal on music and handed out their personal cut of Moroccan music and Outlandish, a truly cultural fusion group that happens to have residence in Denmark . The country we have been exchanging letters with all though the year. Oh, well , we never managed that either and the idea remains in store for future. In this issue you will find interesting articles on though provoking issues, some new worlds discovered in the “home and away” section, besides some local urban legends. You may have heard that Walt Disney is said to have been born in Mojacar but I bet you never knew the Bogeyman was originally from Gador. Leaf on and enjoy! As it turns out the magazine will appear in time for passing as a “regalo de Reyes” and for wishing you all a happy 2009.

Reviews to the “THE 07/08 MASS MEDIA REVOLUTION” issue.

• Reviews of previous 2º bach magazine • Graduation class photo with highlighted contributors.

Hola Luisa, Gracias por el envío. Vaya pedazo de trabajo!! great as always, eres una mákina. Isabel Perez ( Owner of the Spanish most visited English learning page

I scrolled through the magazine and marvelled at all the work you and your students have put into this magazine. It must have been a hell of a job to get all that copy handed in, to edit it into a passable form and then get it all nicely put out in a professional lay-out . Congrats!! Anne Beeker ( Coordinator of Hi Luisa! I am Laura Diaz Fernadez of 2º bachiller This is mi opinion about the magazine. I like very much the magazine because pupils can write about the things that interest us, in addition, it is a very good way to learn English. The article that I like most is "...whose fault?", about bullying, because it has a great importance in our society and nowadays it is happening very often in high schools.

Read on “THE SELF REVIEW”on page 19 )


RACISM By Ver贸nica Jara We all know racism has always been there. In the XVIIth century Europeans colonized African land. Their basic ideology was that the white race was better than the rest of humanity. Some people are being affected by historical reasons. At present , there is racism even in my town . There are racist groups (gansters) whose mind is being affected by racism. They believe that if they make fun of an immigrant they will be best considered by the rest of their friends. The plurality of cultures, economies and religions has turned racism into a common problem in our society. This problem is very important. We must solve it as soon as possible because the number of people that are being affected physically and psychologically . Racism is in-

creasing at the moment. These people can't live normal lives and they are subjected to physical and verbal abuse just because they were born in a different country and have a different colour or language. These people only want a better future. Because of it all, authorities implement hard rules to fight racism Authorities mustn't just send messages just to warn against racism. They must act and apply hard rules against any type of racist attitude or injustice. If we all worked harder we would solve this problem. We know that overcoming racism will take a long time , but we must try. In short, this article aim is to denounce examples of under valuation, humiliation, incomprehension, offences and insults that some immigrant people suffer in our society.

By Ilham Bembouras jobs, money or home away from them. This it is not right, because foreign people do not want to leave their countries but they need a job, eating,etc; and in their countries they do not find these, this is why they come to other countries.

Racism has always existed in all societies. At present, we can observe racism for example at schools. Do you think that there is racism in our town? I believe so, there is racism in our town. Although not everybody is racist but the most of the people have ideas about racism. They think that people who are from other countries come to their country in order to take their

Changing the topic, for example: most of the foreign students at school do not have friends because of their nationality. In my opinion, everybody should have friends from whatever place because it is interesting to know things from other countries like their languages, typical food, way of thinking, etc. In my school there are people from many cultures and I think that it is an advantage because we can learn about other cultures. But not everybody thinks like me. In my school, the students from other countries have only friends who are from their same country. Teachers usually think that there are

Moroccan groups or English groups because these students are victims of racism. In some occasions teachers can be right and in this case they have to search for a solution. In my opinion there are many ways to prevent racism at school: organising activities where to mix several foreign students, with this type of activities we can learn to open our mind and to be more tolerant. Another way to prevent it is teaching to people that there are not better cultures than others and that not only rich people deserve respect, the rest too. People are usually racist with poor foreign people and that is so because most of the people are materialist and they do not do anything for free. We live in a capitalist society where relationship are ruled by convenience and where money is more important than human beings. Talking about convenience,


what more annoys me is that there are racist people who find it convenient for them to feign the opposite, because nowadays tolerance is fashionable . Some time ago it was normal to be a racist and to treat people from other cultures like slaves or low beings, at present we do not believe that we are equals in this respect and I suppose that tolerant persons may also feigning to be racists in order to fit and not to be treated like “rare insects” . And now the roles are changed. At present we are very careful with our language and the words we choose. For instance in school literature they use “gender free language” with “alumn@s” and strange words like that, but maybe we are not so careful with our attitudes. Using politically correct language with the wrong attitudes can be pretty cynical. In USA no educated citizen would call a black person “black” but “Afro-American” , this artificially correct language in my opinion only makes racism more difficult to trace, and does nothing to prevent it.

Medicinal marihuana, myth or reality A recent presentation of the conclusions of a clinical study promoted by Catalan medical and pharmaceutical institutions in which the therapeutic utility of the sati vex was evaluated in an oral aerosol made up of a mixture of cannabis extracts, brought controversy again about the possible clinical use of marihuana and its derivates. The precise aspects of how their components (the cannabin ides) act in the organism were not discovered until the 90s. Then the scientific research on these components experimented a spectacular growth, thanks to those studies nowadays we know well how the cannabin ides act in the organism and which can be some of their immediate therapeutic applications. Nevertheless, the legal restrictions that have existed for many years

By Lucía Alarcón Collado

about the buying of cannabis derivates have made the study of the therapeutic potential of this plant enormously difficult ; so that nowadays not many studies which employ exactly the methodological criteria necessary to be considered investigations clinically controlled exist . The Catalan study contributes in general to confirm previous clinical tests which supported the validity of the use of these substances in the treatment of the symptoms of diverse pathologies. Although, the clinical use of the cannabis and his derivates are still limited. Will cannabis be the aspirin of the XXI century, is it a remedy for innumerable illnesses? Or is on the contrary a plant without medical utility, even a substance that opens the door to hard drug consumption?

The importance of beauty By Sandra Navarro Nowadays many people give a lot of importance to beauty. On television the models show excessive thinness. Many girls are obsessed about looking like models. It generates that many people undertake difficult plastic surgery operations. In society girls give a lot of importance to weight and this produces that many girls put their health in danger.

been important and different looks have been in fashion all through the ages. Nowadays there are clinics that aren’t legal. These clinics are opened because there are people who haven’t got enough money to be operated in good clinics. There are a lot of programmes that have made reports about journalists who have checked that these clinics are illegal and they haven’t In ancient times people didn’t give got the necessary equipments to perform so much importance to physical their operations safely. characteristics. Beauty has always

5 I scrolled through the magazine and marvelled at all the work you and your students have put into this magazine. It must have been a hell of a job to get allBy that copy Bembouras handed in, to edit it into a passable form and then get it all nicely put out in a profesInsaf sional lay-out . Congrats!!

About beauty

Anne Beeker ( Coordinator of innovative programs in Holland.

I think that contests of beauty are a silly thing because this type of contests only values the outside look and there is already a lot of shallowness in the world and people that not feel good with their bodies. Society is guilty of this since it makes us believe that to triumph you need to be handsome, slim, etc.; although the society also tells us that beauty is inside, but theses context of beauty continue to be financed . The money which is used to finance these contests might be destined to other more important things, for example: to improve the parks or to build youth centres or to give to the neediest … What bothers me the most is the attitude of some persons who participate in those contests, I wouldn’t like generalizing but they believe themselves superior to the rest; they look at others over the shoulder and they judge to the others solely for their

appearance. At present, there are many people who give enough importance to the appearance. People are influenced by mass media. Society in which we live has made groups of superficial people. These people only care about their beauty, their appearance and outside looks. There are people who do not feel good with their bodies and they think that the best solution is changing their body image but when they change it the most of them continue without feeling better with their bodies or they have depressions. I believe that the problem is in their minds and that they shouldn’t change their image, they should try to learn to feel better with themselves and they should ask for psychological help. So they become more self-confident. The superficial people do not think or do not want to think that beauty will have an end or will disappear with the passing of time and that the inside will always remain.

Child porn By Sandra Navarro Today we have a major access to infantile pornography due to the Internet use. Besides the news in the diaries on scandals related to the discovery of nets of infantile pornography in Internet, it has provokes that the people worry about the risks children are exposed when they surf Internet .Infantile pornography is produced by bands that kidnap children to force them to be prostituted.

On the other hand there are professionals who devote themselves to investigate in the net on this. In many occasions these professionals have discovered illegal nets of infantile pornography and these persons have been imprisoned. However other persons continue practising this crime and they are not imprisoned. I think that this topic should concern the whole world because day after day there are more children who suffer this problem.

Climate change By Ana Piñero around six or seven degrees due to a lot of phenomena, such as pollution that produces the greenhouse affect and consequently the global warming of atmosphere. This global warming is already causing serious problems. Summers are very hot and winters are very cold, there are strong rains and the sea level will rise because the ice in poles is already welting. In Spain, for example, great parts of land will disappear, such as the Delta of the river Ebro and the “Marismas” of the Guadalquivir river.


All these facts prove that the changes that experts say will happen are true. But we would avoid all these changes if we didn’t pollute so much and all the countries in the world followed Kyoto Protocol. It says that a lot of countries should reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. n a few years, temperature will change all over the world. This means that temperature will raise

To conclude, we can say that it depends on all the people in the world that we will save or we destroy our world.


Pollution By

Sole Portillo Besides, at present a lot of people are very concerned and they are trying to look for some solutions. In ancient times, people were very careful with nature in general because they lived closer to nature. In the towns the people didn’t throw rubbish and other objects in rivers and forests because they lived there. This way, the river water was clean and different fish and other water plants could grow. The industrial revolution produced a very big change. The factories appeared , and these businesses were placed near the most important cities in the world.

Pollution is a very important problem around the world. It causes a lot of disasters everywhere. Many people throw different objects away, some are contaminating and it is bad for nature although other people have a lot of respect with nature. There are organizations that protect animals and plants from different endangered species.

At first these factories were very contaminating because they threw waste to the rivers and other natural places. These places were very very damaged. This was caused by rubbish and contaminating products. The governments studied this problem and they began setting up rules. Today the factories are less contaminating but in spite or this fact, a lot of solutions will be needed if we want the world to continue existing as we know it.


English are cold………..or are they? Many Spanish people have the opinion that English people are very cold and they don’t like mixing with people from other cultures. Some English people who live here seem to be like that but you can meet some others who can be very friendly. When you don’t know a person very well you can have an opinion about them which many times is influenced by prejudice. There are some English people, who have established their residence here who try to mix with Spanish people and when they get together they are nice, affectionate and they are ready to share their culture,

By Sole Portillo

gastronomy, festivities and they want to take part in them together with their Spanish people. I think that mixing with other cultures is not only a problem for foreigners but also for Spanish. When the Spanish treat the foreigners in a friendly way and they have a good attitude to living together they can have a good relationship with neighbours and friends I believe that we all are living in global world and people from different countries need to have friendly relationships and knowing about each other.

My experiences in Ireland

By Luis Flores

I was in Garrucha when my father asked me if I wanted to go Ireland and I told him that it was a good idea, so my father bought a ticket for the plane. First I took a train in Murcia and I went to Madrid. In Madrid I took my plane and arrived to Dublin, there I was for two days to visit, after that I took a bus to Galway, where I was for three weeks. Galway is a beautiful town in the west of Ireland, there I lived with an enchanting family, the father, the mother, a crazy grandmother and six other students and only one bathroom ha-ha. Every day I took a bus because my school was in the centre and it was one hour away from my house if I lost the bus. In the school I met a lot of people from different countries. There were a lot of Japanese and Italians. The Spanish were less

Guiness, the most popular Irish beer


Arran Island Galway centre but I didn’t care because when we finished our class everybody was together. Galway is a quiet town but the centre is very interesting because there are always many musicians in the streets and a lot of pubs. The pubs in Ireland are different from pubs in Spain but I love Irish pubs because they have a good atmosphere, it is common that the pubs have live music and always a good beer,

one of my friends In Ireland lend me his driving licence an I put my photo on it. My life in the house of my family was very good but short be-

In Ashford Castle

The Spanish - Japanese connection the most popular beer in Ireland is Guinness that is black beer, for me it is better than lager because it has a special and different taste. In Ireland the pubs have to close at two o’clock , it is very early for a Spaniard but there the people go out earlier than in Spain and they have to be 18 to enter the pubs and in a lot of them it is impossible to get in if you don’t have an identity card , so

cause I was in the house only at dinner time and on Sundays ( on Sundays I slept ). But when I was in the house it was great because the family was very nice and the grandmother was crazy. I remember when she was drunk with her bottle of whisky and asked me if I wanted to drink with her. In general I think that my travel in Ireland was a wonderful experience because I learnt a lot of English and now I have friends all round the world.

Everybody in Sally’s bar Arran Island


Agadir By

Ilham Bembouras La Kasbah: It is surrounded with walls; it offers an impressive vision of all Agadir. Beach zone: The beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are so spectacular that you will not want to move from there. The Outdoor Theatre and the Museum Bert Flint are near the coast. La Medina of Coco Polozzi is a medieval Medina, the houses and shops were built with traditional materials by the Italian-Moroccan architect Coco Polozzi.


Natural Reserve Oued Massa: in the river Massa, there is a big variety of animals like flamingos.


gadir is known throughout the world for being the tourist capital of Morocco, Agadir offers the best beaches in Morocco. In 1960 something terrible happened: an earthquake demolished the city. Because of it Agadir had to be rebuilt; it became the most modern place in all the Mosque north of Africa. This city receives approximately A 50 % of the tourist income of the country. The most touristy places are the following:

Museums: Bee and Honey museum from THE area of the Souss (Berber population); museum Bert Flint where there are many historical objects from South Morocco, etc.

The modern city: it is full of liveliness with broad avenues like Avenue Hassan II and beautiful gardens like Garden of Ibn Zaidoun; it has a lot of night life : parties, concerts, etc. Kasbah


By Ilham Bembouras can city with almost 3 millions inhabitants. The name of Casablanca owes its origins to the Portuguese sailors who identified the town from a small white house situated on Anfa’s hill.

Mosque of Hassam II

Casablanca ( ‫اﻟﺪار اﻟﺒﻴﻀﺎء‬addar al-baïda in classic Arabic - dar beïda in dialectal Moroccan Arabic- literally « the white house ») is the biggest city from Morocco. It is the economic capital and it is situated 80 kilometres from Rabat. So it is the most populated Moroc-

It has very much industrial and financial development. Its port is one the biggest in Africa, and its airport concentrates 55 % of the air traffic of Morocco. Casablanca has very good communications.The most touristy places are the following:

• The central market. • The Corniche and her beaches: the

maritime walk with her beaches and where the beacon of The Hank is. In this zone there are abundant hotels and bars. • Derb Ghallef: a big market.

• Mosque of Hassan II. • Park of Arabic league and Park Yas-

mina. • Museum of the Villa des Arts. • Square Mohammed V. • The medina (Bab Marrakech).



Moslem Festivals and Typical dishes

The most important customs for the Moslems are: Ramadan is a festival that starts 10 days before the last Ramadan because it depends on the month’s moon. Our month has got 29 or 30 days and it is difficult to know when Ramadan starts, so Ramadan can be celebrated any month in the year because it goes back in the year. The Ramadan lasts for 30 days. In these days the people stop eating, that is to say, they are fasting. From dusk to dawn people are allowed to eat. Normally people eat at midnight or one hour before the dawn; and that is called “s7or”. We have “harira” that is the typical soup of Ramadan and we eat many sweet things. When 26 days pass we celebrate that the archangel Gabriel came down to our world from heaven reciting of the Koran so that Mahomet memorized it, he archangel came down ever two months to recite the Koran. So that Mahomet learned it and would be able to teach the Koran to Moslems .Typically people go to pray to the mosque, the rest of the year they usually pray at home; although they can go to the mosque too. Every Ramadan day we celebrate festivals and concerts. The people go out late in the evening and some people go back to their homes at 4:00, they eat, pray and then they go to sleep. In Ramadan people can go to the Mecca and they are there for one month. When the Ramadan ends, that morning the people get up early and they go to pray. People have breakfast with the typical bread, sweet and typical soup; the parents or grandparents give money and they give new clothes away to the children. Later the people call or visit their families to congratulate them for the end of Ramadan. The reason why Ramadan is celebrated is so that Moslem people know how poor people feel so that they can lend their help. Two

By Ilham Bembouras

months and 10 days after the Ramadan we celebrate “3id kabir”, it is known like “lamb’s festival”. In this festival we get up early to go to the mosque to pray. After that, one member of the family, normally the head of the household, sacrifices the lamb. In the afternoon they wear the typical clothes and they visit their family and they sing and dance the typical dance. Two months later we celebrate “3eshura”, it would be like a mix of Christmas and End of Year.In this day the families go shopping, they buy presents for the children and they go to the fair. In the evening they have dinner of “3eshura” (in this dinner the people make: “couscous”, chiken or turkey). Other important festival is “3id-el Maulid”; in this festival we celebrate Mahomet's birth . It is normal that the families gather, eat and spend the day together. The youngest go out with their friends or their relatives in order to have a good time. The streets are full of people.


It is pronunced: brewatt. It can be sweet( almonds and peanuts) or salty (chopped meat, and potatoes…). Harira is a typical soup that it is usually eaten in Ramadan.

Chebakiya is a typical sweet. It was brought by us at high school in the Cultural Day( 5th December). Dates with nuts, it can be prepared with coconut. We brought this plate in the Cultural Day too.

Baghrir is very good. It is had in Ramadan and in the other festivals. Most of you know this plate. We like it a lot and in Morocco it is typical to eat it on a Friday.


The Indalo The Indalo is the symbol of Almería but the majority of the Almerienses don’t know its meaning or his its origin. For many centuries the Indalo was considered a symbol of good luck in the north and in the south-east of Almería, especially in Mojácar where painted it in the front of the houses to protect them from the stormS and the evil eye. For many A LONG time it was called “muñequillo mojaquero”. In 1968 “la Cueva de los Letreros” was discovered, there were cave paintings and there The Indalo was found drawn in the wall of the cave.


By Luis Flores

The archaeologies discovered that the Indalo was the representation of a man supporting the rainbow in his arms, this man was the agreement of the humans with the gods and he protected the people from deluges and tempests. Indalo means in Iberian language, Indal eccius (the messenger of the gods). Although the symbol was named Indalo in honour of Saint Indalecio who was a precursor of the Catholic religion in the south of the peninsula. We can see the importance of the Indalo in Almería for example in an intellectual movement in the XXth century whose members called “Indaliano movement”, another example of the importance of the Indalo is that it appears in Almería football team coat of arms .

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. Charlie Parker. Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Berthold Auerbach

Creamfields 2007 there were more than 40.000 people, artists like Carl Cox, Miss Kittin, The Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy have performed . During the time the festival lasted , we saw how Villaricos was overcrowded and after Villaricos has organized Creamfields the festival finished the streets events, in principle theaddar contract was were full of people sleeping under Casablanca ( ‫اﻟﺪار اﻟﺒﻴﻀﺎء‬ any shade. Something that the agreed three years, al-baïdafor in classic Arabicfrom - dar 2004 to newspapers do not say is what 2006 in 2007Moroccan the festival was beïda but in dialectal also celebrated there. Every year the happens in the surroundings of Arabic- literally « the white Creamfields: raves are organized festival been growing, house »)has is the biggest city for the afterwards spontaneously or orfirst in 2004; were apfromtime Morocco. It is there the ecoganized by somebody and many nomic capital20.000 and it ispeople situatedand in proximately people think that this is the best 80 kilometres from Rabat. So it part of this festival, there are even is the most populated Morocpeople who go to Creamfields and canVillaricos city with beach almostat3Creamfields millions never enter the enclosure. inhabitants. The name of Casa-

By Luis Flores

Creamfields is a festival of electronic music that is organized from a “ Cream pub” in Liverpool. The pub festival big success has turned it into an important company that organizes Creamfields festivals in many countries around the world.

blanca owes its origins to the Portuguese sailors who identified the town from a small white house situated on Anfa’s hill. • It has very much industrial

and financial development. Its port is one the biggest in Africa, and its airport

But in 2008 Creamfields will not be celebrated in Villaricos because it has been confirmed that the festivals will be moved to Roquetas de Mar. But Creamfields is something that is impossible to explain because to get to know it,

it is necessary to live it, the sensations that you can live there are unique and it is necessary to be there to feel how the music wraps all your body and doesn’t let you stop. All kind of people from all over the world come to Creamfields, and though drugs are very present in Creamfields, there aren’t many problems because people go there to enjoy good music and even better atmosphere and the majority don’t want any problems and just go around in their cloud. Because of all of this, I think that Creamfields is an experience that you can’t afford to miss. Beaches


Outlandish By

Insaf Bembouras Bread and Barrels of Water(2003), Beats, Rhymes& Life(2004) and Closer Than Veins(2005).I will tell you about two songs I like very much: Aicha is a song of their second album Bread and Barrels of Water. Its videoclip earned a prize to the best musical video. Isam said in an interview:<< this song doesn’t talk about a topic of love, it talks about the type of woman we admire. That woman who respects herself, who is a fighter and who is proud of her personality>>

Oultandish is a hip-hop european group, it iwas formed in Denmark. its components are: Isam Bachiri ( Danish of Moroccan origin), Waqas Ali Qadri( Danish of Pakistani origin) and Lenny Martínez ( Honduran). They are very religious being Isam and Waqas Muslim and Lenny a Catholic. They spent their childhood in a slum near Copenhaguen. They met in the youth clubs, and they decided to create this group in 1997. Outlandish means strange, foreign, inmigrant...; that is to say, everything related to what is different. I and my sister love this group be-

cause it is a fusion of cultures and beliefs. They demostrate to the world that so different cultures can coexist together, with no war or racism or impositions of a culture on another one. Outlandish reflects tolerance. We should learn from them.

I believe that they composed this song for women to feel more selfconfident and so that they aren’t afraid of being different, without imitating the rest of girls, that is to say, showing how they really are.

Fatima’s hand is a song that talks about a girl whose parents forced her to marry a boy because they believed that it was the correct thing to do. They composed this song to show their opposition to “arranged marriages”. I agree with Outlandish’ opinTheir type of music is R&B, Hipion because I think that everybody hop, Rap and Soul; it is influenced should be free to choose who to by their different origins. They marry. Most of the people believe sing in Arabic, English, Urdu and that Islamic religion defends the Spanish. In my opinion, they “arraged marriages” and they are stand out becase of this mixing wrong. There is nothing in the Koran of languages,cultures and musical about the parents deciding with styles. They have published four whom their daughters have to marry. albums: Outland’s Official(2000),

By Pedro Segura Rock music is a musical genre that includes the diverse musical genres derived from Rock and Roll. It is usually played by guitar, drums , and bass. Many

styles of rock music also use instruments such as organ, piano, synthesizers, violin, cello or saxophones. Every instrument has a place in Rock. Rock music normally centres on guitar, both electrical and acoustic; though this can change depending on the subgenre of Rock. Early rock stems from a great quantity of sources, mainly blues, rhythm and blues, country, jazz and folk. All these influences combined in a musical structure based on blues: fast, danceable and catchy. This one is the real basis of rock.


The term “rock and roll” has always included all the genres that derive from it. But later, due to the increasing popularity of many of these derivative genres, different terms were used to include all aspects related to Rock but historically rock and roll includes all the genres derived form it . Rock music has its roots in the 1950's. During the late 1960´s, rock music was combined with folk music to create folk rock ; with blues to create blues rock and jazz to create jazz-rock fusion, and psychedelic rock. In the 1970's, rock incorporated influences from soul, funk, and Latin music. Also in the 1970's, rock developed several sub-genres like soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal and punk rock. The sub-genres of rock during the 1980´s include glam metal, synth-rock, thrash metal, hardcore punk and alternative rock. The subgenres of rock in the 1990´s include these styles: grunge rock, britpop, indie rock, piano rock, or nu metal. Within the genre of rock as we have already appointed , there are countless genres. Now we will highlight some of them and make reference to groups of such genres. Blue´s group, ZZ top, of Indie rock, Artic Monkeys, The Kooks, the Killers; Nirvana is the icon for Grunge; Iron Maiden for Heavy Metal; Metallica in TrashMetal; Dream Theater in Metal Progressive and System Of A Down and Slipknot in Nu Metal. I have only mentioned some groups but there are thousands and thousands within each genre I hope that this article has succeeded in making you learn about this style of music which is a well nown genre but also largely forgotten by society.

Latin Music By

Verónica Jara

I am a Latin American but I have been is Spain since I was 11 years old. I didn't know much about Latin music, I was very small when I came over and I grew listening to Spanish music. My dancing is so-so , I am not can expert but I am getting to learn more about

Latin music. Although I haven't lived for a long time in Ecuador, I believe I love Latin music because Latin people have the rhythm in their blood. When I came to Spain Spanish people didn't dance to Latin beats. They didn't like this kind of music. But I can see now it has changed. At present, Latin music was not very popular. Nowadays there are Spanish singers whose beats are Latin, Latin discotheques, Latin dance academies, TV programmes like "FAMA”. Spanish people are being affected by Latin beat. They want to learn to dance Latin music. They go to Latin discotheques where DJ plays : salsa, merengue, bachatas, reggaeton, Latin ballads...In short, Latin music is a good business for some Spanish companies, but we mustn't forget Latin immigrants have helped and are helping to achieve this. We even did activities about Latin dances in "The Cultural Week" at our school . I enjoyed these activities. Sincerely, I wish I were a professional dancer to teach other people how to dance. I believe Latin music is becoming a boom so I invite you to dance it. Latin beat is good to have a good time, what do you think?.


Changes at Eurovision context By Laura Diaz This year Rodolfo Chikilicuatre is going to Eurovision contest to represent Spain with his song 'chikichiki' . Spain has only won this contest twice. In 1968 Massiel won with her song 'la la la' and in 1969 Salome won with song 'Vivo cantando'. This year Eurovision contest seems it’s going to be funny because the Spanish singer, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre has a funny appearance, his look is very strange. He is different. His song is really funny. I think that his song is a critic to reggaeton because the lyrics are an irony of this type of music. The song lyrics are quite provocative because it talks about some Spanish

politicians, Zapatero and Rajoy. Rodolfo Chikilicuatre is a collaborator in Buena Fuente program. He started singing in this program just for fun but he never thought he was going to go so far. He plays this role to bec o m e f a m o u s . I hoped that Rodolfo Chikilicuatre wons the Eurovision contest because he has a different sense of humour. The famous Rodolfo Chikilicuatre didn't win but he was number 16. This year Spain has got a better place in the Eurovision Contest. A lot of people think that Rodolfo Chikilicuatre made a fool of himself , but other people think he didn't. My opinion is that he was very funny and he did well.

Arab Music By Ilham Bembouras




In Morocco all kind of music is listened but there are different traditional styles like : gnawa, raï, chaâbi, berber, andalusi, Arabic, etc. We are going to talk about them briefly.

“bendir”. Some singers from raï are: Cheb Hasni, Cheba Fadila, Cheb Khaled , Cheb Mami, Cheb Sahraoui, Cheba Zahouania, Cheb Kader,etc. Raï mixes with other styles like rap, reggae, rock. Again what is “bendir”?.

Gnawa is a “Subsaharian” music style. The instruments used are “guembri or sintir”, “tbel” or drum and qraqeb like metal castanets. The music is very rhythmic. Gnawa Festival is celebrated in Essaouira a town in Morocco every year. You already know what “tbel” and “qraqeb” are but what is “guembri or sintir”?

Chaâbi is a kind of Moroccan music; chaâbi means “popular” (common people).The instruments are similar to rai instruments. This music is listened at weddings, baptisms, café… The language used is colloquial and it creates new rhythms to dance.

Raï in Arabic means “opinion”, it arose in Algeria . The traditional instruments are flute, “derbouka” and

The Andalusi music is performed at family meetings and celebrations. The texts are written in classical Arabic, therefore it is cultured music. This kind of music is more typical of cities like Fez, Tetouane, Rabat, Oujda, Meknas, Taza, Tanger.



The Berber music is located in Rif’s zone (Nador, Al Huceima), in Souss’ valley (Taroudant, Agadir) and in the Atlas. This style is more ancient than Andalusi music. Most of Arabic music singers are from Egypt and Lebanon. At present, Arabic music is mixed with others styles like “Hindu” music, flamenco, etc. This corresponds to cultural fusion. Some of the most outstanding musicians are: Umm Kulthum, Amr Diab, Wael Kafouty, Nawal AlZughbi, Dianna Haddad, Tamer Hosni, etc. Umm Kulthum



Urban legends : By

Laura Diaz

Did you know that Walt Disney was afraid of mice? and that the drug LSD inspired the Beatles to make their song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? These are urban legends which have spread all over the world. Urban legends are traditional stories, that although containing supernatural elements, it is thought that they are real facts and these legends are known by common

The Bogey man Translated and adapted from gico/Enigmas_articulos_Crimengador.htm

During childhood our parents and grandparents threatened us saying that if we didn’t eat or if we had a bad behaviour the bogey-man would kidnap us. This history seems a story for children but actually the famous bogey-man had a name and surname . Julio Hemández Rodriguez, who was born in Almería. This macabre history that we are going to tell has three main characters Julio Hemández Rodríguez., Francisco Leona and an old witch from the

knowledge, by communication means and Internet. The urban legends could have different versions. Their origin is really commercial. One of the best known urban legends is the one about the werewolves . Medical advances have discovered that there is a syndrome called 'Universal Congenital Hipertricosis'. This syndrome is a strange illness that causes hair to grow a lot all over the patient's body. If we think in the Middle Ages there were people with this syndrome, it is not strange that it is believed that these people were believed be wolf men. There are a lot of urban legends.

By Charo Gorretas

place. They were people who did the most macabre murder in Spain. The facts happened in July of 1910 in Gádor, a municipality 15km from Almería. On the 28th July 28th 1910. In the middle of the evening Bemardo's parents (a seven year old child) realized that the child was missing and they went out to look for him around the place. The worried parents asked the peasants. But they hadn’t seen him, so the following morning they decided to communicate the facts to the police. The neighbours and the police looked for Bernardo until finally Julio Hemández Rodriguez declared having seen the child in a ravine. He was dead and awfully mutilated. Days before the disappearance of the child, Fernando Ortega, a neighbour of Gádor, had been diagnosed tuberculosis. The scared man met Francisco Leona, a quack and a barber who told him that he would only be healthy if he drank blood from a child and if he smeared the fat of a child over his chest . After much pondering and influenced by the advices of Francisco Leona and of the old witch who lived with him, he decided to accept the offer.

GADOR On the 28th at 7 pm Bernardo González Parra was playing in a plot of land while Julio, nicknamed ''the idiot" for his mental condition., prepared to kidnap the child because Francisco Leona had promised him a great sum of money . When Bernardo saw Julio. he asked him if he wanted to play with him. Then Julio took out a handkerchief seeped with chlorophorm and covered the bewildered child's mouth, He put him inside a sack and he took him to the house of the quack . Then he was laid on a table and killed . They used multitude of weapons while the seven year old child was crying till he finally lost consciousness.


Ghosts ships By

Charo Gorretas


egends of ghosts ships always have been present among the sailors' myths. The ocean or the dangerous seas have caused fear in people because their lives aren't

ship was sailing to the East Indies, commanded by captain Hendrik van der Decken, the ship was sailing from Amsterdam to Batavia's colony, in the Dutch East Indies. Everything seemed to go fine for Hendrik van der Decken and the crew while they were crossing the tropic sea, but near Buena Esperanza a strong storm broke the sails and the helm. Days and weeks passed and the ship couldn't t escape the storm. The legend says H. van der Decker was angrier each day because his skills and knowledge were of no use .Taking advantage of the desperate spirit of H. van der Decken, the devil suggested him in dreams to defy God’s attempt to prevent him from bordering Buena Esperanza. The Dutch captain accepted the deal. Frantic he pronounced this oath:

in their hands. Close to the origin of sea monsters' myths are the storms that destroyed ships ,there was a terror that seemed to affect sailors more than anybody : the ghosts ships. Ships without other crew that sailors' ghosts who died on the ship while they were sailing. Sorrowful souls were destined to sail the seas eternally . The Wandering Dutch The Wandering Dutch story is one of the oldest and most famous and among sailors' myths. The story was born 400 years ago. Distant precedents demonstrate that in 1680 a Dutch

“I challenge the power of God to detain the course of my destiny. I won’t fear devil even if I have to sail the seas until the judgment day” The capitan's punishment come fast, when God's angel ordered Van der Decken to sail the seas forever. The ship would sink and the crew would die, nobody could prevent the Wandering Dutch from sailing the sea until Judgment Day. Decken and his ship never came to Batavia. From 1680 there are innumerable people who claim having seen his ship. It is said that any ship that should sight the ghost ship will be unlucky.


Spartans By

Luis Flores days, while the Persians waited for the Spartans to flee but they didn’t flee and when the battle started the Spartans resisted for 3 days the Persian assault.

The battle of the Thermopiles during the Persian war, faced 300 Spartans against 250.000(or 1000000 this information isn’t exact) Persians soldiers in a strait gorge. Although the Spartans were many less, they were there for 5

Until a Greek traitor indicated the Persians a different way between the mountains, they attacked the Spartans and they finished with the Spartan resistance, but they preferred to die than to move back from their place. The Persian army lost 20000 soldiers and was delayed for several days, which allowed the Greek army to prepare the counteroffensive. This battle left two sayings for history: When a Persian said to Leonidas that the

Persians archers would be so many that their arrows would cover the sky. Diekenes, a Spartan soldier, said “Better this way, we will fight in the shade”. The other saying is when the Persian emperor, Jerjes, said to the Greeks that they should hand over their weapons, Leonidas, king of Sparta , said “Come to take them”. The Spartans society was a warlike society that educated its citizens from children so that they were courageous warriors. A good example of this education is that when the young men went to war their mothers said to them “return with your shield or on it” this phrase means that they should fight until death as dead soldiers were carried on their shields.


Cultural day By Insaf Bembouras Foods from the world. Henna Tattoos. Solidarian sponge cake: -the funds raised went to an ONG-.

Spinning top tournement A group of pupils and teachers meet every Friday to organize extra curricular activities, and one of them was held on the 5th of December to celebrate the Constitution day. In this day, the last three hours were free to do any cultural activity. These were some of the activities: Sports: football, volleyball, basketball, etc. Concerts, Games online. Chess’ Tournament. Dances: Latin and Moroccan dances. Spinning top tournament , Dying of T-shirts. Ecology workshop: Workshop of ecological paper. Workshop for making soap.

Henna Workshop I took part in most of them and I had a very good time In my opinion, with these kind of activities you have the opportunity of meeting many people. For example, I had the opportunity of meeting to many Moroccan girls who didn’t know that my sister and I are Moroccan and they were surprised when we talked to them in Arab.

English is very important

By Sandra Navarro


nglish is very important due to the fact that it is the international language . Nowadays in many jobs when they usually contract people they demand an intermediate level of English to be able to assist foreign customers. English is also very important because of tourists who come to our country. On the other hand, English is necessary when we travel to countries where they speak English or where the common foreign language spoken by most people is English. Personally I think that speaking English is very good and if you know how to speak English it you can get a better chance at job possibilities.

BOOK AND FILM REVIEWS The last leaf and other stories By Irene Avila


Burlington Colour code :Yellow

think this book is good because it has four well known entertaining stories with a message to transmit. Their teaching can be useful when we have to make decisions in our lives or to bear in mind that there are more important things than material goods or money. We must enjoy life because we won’t live forever.


The murders in the Rue Morgue By Irene Avila

Burlington Colour code :Yellow


he murders in the Rue Morgue is a very interesting book with three great and unexpected mystery stories. It is very recommendable for horror and mystery stories lovers. It keeps you intrigued until the end and you never expect the ending.


By Luis Flores Heinemann Colour code :Green

The long travel is almost finished but when Mary and Peter are flying to Australia, the plane has a problem and they have an accident; suddenly the children are alone in the desert. They will try to survive in middle of the desert with the help of a strange native character and the children will realize that there are not differences between people all over the world. Will the children be able to survive?

Sweeny Todd, the demon barber of Fleet street By Luis Flores This is a musical film and it tells the story of Baker who was exiled from London for 15 years because the judge Turpin wanted the baker’s wife who was very beautiful, so the judge accused Baker falsely .When Baker returned to London he searched for his family but he discovered that his wife was dead and his daughter (Johanna) had been kidnapped and married by force to the judge. Then Baker changed his name for Sweeny Todd and he returned to his barber’s shop where he planned his revenge. The revenge was that the judge would go to the barber’s shop and there Baker would kill him. Baker murdered some men with his barber razor to practise. Baker was helped by Mrs. Lovett; the owner of the shop was below the barber shop. She used the dead men to make pies and both their business succeeded, People adored Lovett’s pies but nobody knew how she made her pies. Later Baker discovered that his wife was alive. Lovett had lied to him because she wanted to marry him. Baker killed her but after that Toby, a boy who worked with Lovett, killed Baker. Another story in the film is about Anthony Hope, a friend of Baker, he had met Johanna and together they had planned the liberation of Johanna to flee from London together. Anthony didn’t know that Johanna was Baker’s and Johanna didn’t know his father.

Our read of Shakespeare By Ilham & Insaf Bembouras Each term we have read one play by Shakespeare. We like this author because his plays talk about human feelings: hatred, pain, jealousies, love... Shakespeare was a great Anglo-Saxon poet but he stood out especially like a playwright. With regard to his personal life we cannot mention anything because there is not much information about it. Our attention was attracted by the way plays finish, which is to say, the death of most of the characters. We can observe it in some of his plays like:

Romeo and Juliet: everything turns around love and the main characters kill

themselves because they cannot be together in life and they decided to be so in death.

Othello reflects the cruelty of the jealousy that also leads in the end to death. Macbeth and The King Lear shows us how ambition for power drives the characters to death.


Hamlet : with this play we can learn that revenge leads nowhere, or in other words, revenge leads to death. We can observe this topic in the last film of Tim Burton: Swenny Todd.

Some of our favourite plays are his comedies: A Midsummer Night’s Dream , there he mixed fantasy with real life . That reminded us of Descartes’ theory: The confusion between dream and wakefulness. We can associate this play with a play by Calderon de la Barca too: La vida es sueño (Life’s a dream) which talks about the same topic.

Never again

By Aimee Carr

The last few days of school were the most would never all be together again. Never again would stressful days of the year. All I could think about we study together, worry about exams together, comwas finishing the exams and being done with it plain about the teachers together. And the teachall. When I finished my last ers...some of them we would exam it felt as though a never see again. I suddenly realhuge weight had been lifted ised the mark that my teachers off my shoulders. I was finhad left on me. I would miss ished, no more stress, them all, even the ones that I even if I didn’t pass all of hadn’t got along with. Never my subjects that stressful again would I walk into a classtime was over and done room where everyone knew my name, never again would all with. the teachers know my name, Later that afternoon we even the ones who didn’t teach had our graduation cereme. mony. It was the first time anything like this was being When the ceremony finished, done at our school. I was very nervous about after a lot of tears, we left for our dinner. It was our how it would go and what it last supper. When we were there it would be like. Saying Goodbye to el didn’t feel like it was the last time. We all had fun together and with the teachOnce the ceremony started I felt Jaroso . ers, everybody was laughing, joking and the weight of my exams being replaced with the weight of Such a sweet sorrow! having a great time. knowing that nothing would ever After dinner we all went out to a disco, be the same again. Everything some of the teachers came too. We all had suddenly changed, forever. As I sat and lispartied and danced, and all of us were closer than ever. tened to Mónica, Manoli and Luisma give their Then came the time to leave, we all climbed on the bus speeches all I could think about was that we and left for Cuevas. On our trip back to reality, the reality where nothing was as we were used to, nothing was the same, everything had suddenly changed. Once we got off the bus we all said goodbye, and it really was a goodbye. Not a see you later, or “I’ll call you tomorrow”, or even “see you in school”. It was a goodbye. Sure we’d see each other again, but nothing would ever be the same. Everything had changed. It would never be the same.

Never again. Aimee between Carmen (FQ) and Antonio Martinez at 2º Bach Dinner


Damián’s Simón Auto-review ( Written from Granada sometime during the 07/08 course) I can’t believe that one year ago, we were arguing about a name for the magazine. I proposed a name that I thought seemed strong and eye catching to the readers and my partners voted it! .The magazine is well assorted, sometimes even striking . I think that this magazine has got more articles criticizing society than the 05/06 Jaroso Mirror magazine from last year. One of the things that surprised me were the statistics on good learners, we talked about it in class but I didn’t know that it was going to be published. In general, I liked all of the articles but I really missed articles on feelings about leaving the Jaroso and our partners like the ones there were in the 05/06 magazine from the last year. One of the articles I liked was the article by Lucía , it shows us how society is changing with regards to maternity. Another curious article is “the power of money” by J.A. Silva. And, of course, this magazine had to have something about “ The Simpsons” and their 20 years anniversary . I personally think that they´re the best. I’d like to finish this review wishing you all good luckwith selectivity (and 2º of Bachillerato, of course) and good luck with your own magazine.

One of the 2º Bachillerato magazine writers, Damian Simón, from the 06/07 generation of 2º Bach, writes a review for his own magazine after leaving once and for all El Jaroso.

some kind of extemporal community of 2ºBach leavers and magazine writers. Maybe I’m getting carried away but this is an inspiring thought.

I know that at present your thoughts are focussed on passing Bachillerato and Thanks be given to E-mail facilities that allow us so many opportuniSelectividad but you’ll be away from el Jaroso much sooner than you think and ties to keep in touch. Many more than we dare to think. But much looking forward to the future helps move forward the present. more importantly, thanks to Damian’s very brave insight acknowledgWill you people of 2º Bach 07/08 generation, once you ing that 2º Bach Magazine could be something It has finally happened The are away from El Jaroso, not only read your own magainteractive. What do people who wrote the zine, but also give this editor some written feed back?. magazine think about their own magazine?. self-review!!!! Younger generations can benefit loads from your written Here’s the dramatic nature of the game: stuexperiences, your views, your expectations… to add to the dents review the previous year magazine, but their own production making of the 2º Bach 08/09 SEVENTH one and only issue. Will you believe catches them when they are already away from EL Jaroso, in a differthat learning and sharing memories do not have to be, must not be chopped ent town, with different people, in a different world. up in the different stages of people’s lives and act accordingly? Damián has found out that “times at school” can be a continuum, our Luisa magazine can benefit from being read and contributed to by older To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also generations. Thus the learning –and not only of English – could be dream, not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France extended, so that our magazine could become the newsletter for








January 2009

One Year To remember 2008  

Magazine by the students at IES Cuevas de Almanzora

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