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Stradiņš ISA Review


Stradiņš ISA Review

ISA and its Board members A reflection of the past year.   Secretary     Hi,  my  name  is  Vibi  Rajkumar.  I  have   been  the  secretary  for  ISA  for  the  past   year.  I  have  very  much  enjoyed  and   gained  a  lot  since  taking  on  this  role.  I   was  initially  quite  scared  about  being   the  secretary  and  the  work  load,  but  we   all  help  each  other  and  it  wasn’t  as  how  I   thought  it  would  be,  it  was  better!     I  was  responsible  for  scripting  the   meetings  decisions  and  talks  and   presenting  it  to  the  next  meeting.  As   well  as  that,  I  was  responsible  for   notifying  members  of  meetings,   contacting  various  persons  in  relation  to   the  society,  administrating  the  day  to   day  activities  of  the  organization  and   creating  the  order  of  business.  Being   part  of  the  ISA  has  taught  me  many   valuable  skills,  as  well  as  help  the   international  students  integrate  with  the   RSU  SP  and  the  Latvian  students.   Although  each  of  us  within  the  ISA  has   our  own  roles,  we  collaborated   thoughts,  and   we  are  all  able   to  put  forward   our  ideas.  I   have  very   much  enjoyed   my  time  as   secretary  and   hope  that   many  people   will  also  follow   and  choose  to   represent  ISA!!   Good  Luck!!             Vibi  Rajkumar

Treasurer     Hello  I  am  Pragalathan  Sothirajah,  I  was   duly  elected  treasurer  of  RSU  ISA  for   year  2012-­‐2013.  First  I  thought,  have  I   just  taken  on  a  really  big  and  important   role  and  over  my  head.  Going  to  the   meeting  regularly  and  discussing  with   the  other  ISA  members  made  the  job  a   whole  lot  easier.  The  RSU  SP  a  bunch  of   really  friendly  and  experienced  people   helped  me  organise  my  roles  as   treasurer.  My  roles  included  drawing  up   the  new  budget  for  2013-­‐2014  which   includes  all  the  events  and  activities  the   ISA  carried  out  during  the  past  year  and   also  rooms  for  future  ventures.  The  ISA   has  made  me  a  more  informed,   dedicated  and  a  responsible  student.  I   wish  the  best  for  the  next  treasurer  of   this  budding  student  association  and   hopes  it  grows.    

Pragalathan Sothirajah  


Stradiņš ISA Review

President      Since  my  school  time  I  was  always   involved  in  representing  and  organizing   my  groups.  At  the  RSU  this  "habit"  did   continue.  After  joining  the  ISA  and  being   an  unspecified  officer  for  some  time,  I   got  the  offer  to  become  the  president.   Since  I  did  have  some  experience  from   building  up  other  organizations  and   organizing  events  I  decided  to  take  this   post.  So  what  is  necessary  to  be  taken  in   consideration  before  candidate  for  this   post?  First  of  all,  it  means  a  lot  of  work.   Many  meetings  and  Emails  are  the   crucial  part  of  this  position.  Second,  you   will  learn  (but  as  well  you  have  in   advance)  to  be  very  diplomatic,  since   you'll  need  to  work  with  very  different   personalities,  from  different  cultural   backgrounds,  and  mediate  between  RSU   staff  and  the  students.  Besides  that  you   shouldn't  do  this  job  just  to  "polish  your   ego",  in  fact,  you  can  do  it  easier  with   other  things  if  you  really  need  it.  The   post  of  the  president  can  be  very   gratifying,  especially  if  planned  things  go   the  way  you  planned  and  especially  with   the  right  team  behind  the  ISA  the  work   you  put  in  can  change  the  student  life  at    

Head of   Social   and   Integration   Affairs   Moving   to   a   new   country   meant   that   things   would   change.   The   culture   and   language  of  my  surroundings,  as  well  as   the   food   and   people.   In   my   first   semester,   I   noticed   that   I   hardly   had   any   contact   with   the   local   Latvian   students.   So,  when  I  was  elected  for  my  post  as  the   Head   of   Social   and   Integration   Affairs,   I   knew   I   would   have   a   great   opportunity   to  meet  Latvian  students  and  to  try  and   integrate   them   with   International   Students!   Together   with   this,   I   have   always  loved  organising  events.  The  way   an   idea   can   be   brought   into   life   and   the   organisation   that   goes   behind   it   definitely  gives  me  a  thrill!  My  role  with   the   ISA   helps   me   to   do   the   things   that   I   would  love  to  do  and  combine  that  with   helping  students  to  have  a  brilliant  time   in  RSU  whilst  studying  fo     r  their  degrees.  In  fact,  it  has  also  helped   me  become  better  at  managing  my  time   for  balance  between  study  and  fun!          

Sohini Mukhopadhyah  

Leon Schneider

the  RSU  into  a  positive  direction  and  the   feeling  being  part  of  something  what   does  change  things  is  always  a  good  one!  


Stradiņš ISA Review

Vice-­‐President     After  four  years  of  medical  studies  here   at  RSU,  I  felt  the  need  of  being  part  of  an   organization  whose  aims  and  goals  was   to  improve  the  study  life  at  the   university  for  the  international  students.   By  being  elected  vice  president  for  ISA  I   knew  that  I  would  be  able  to  more   effectively  work  for  that.     From  the  founding  moment,  ISA  has   been  working  toward  the  integration  of   foreign  students  with  Latvian  culture   and  our  differences  in  both  social   aspects  as  well  as  study  processes.  As   the  number  of  international  students   increases,  I  believe  that  there  is  a   growing  necessity  for  an  organisation   such  as  ISA  to  be  able  to  mediate   between  the  students  and  the  university,   in  order  to  get  the  voices  of  the   international  students  heard  and     respected.                                     JJohana  Christiernsson


Vice-­‐President   As  a  5th  year  medical  student,  I  have   found  myself  buried  in  books  with  no   other  activity  one  to  many  times,  but  in   my  4th  year,  I  decided  to  try  something   different.  I  heard  about  ISA  from  some  of   my  friends,  who  were  already  active  in   the  organization,  and  gave  it  a  shot.  I   was  elected  in  as  a  board  member,  and   later  became  co-­‐vice  president,  giving   me  the  opportunity  to  participate  in   organizational  work,  and  helping  to   make  the   university  a   better  place   to  study.     My  aims  and   goals  have   been,  and  will   continue  to   be  to  share   my   experience   with  others  in   the  form  of   tutoring  and   study  process   seminars.     And  also   helping  in   arranging   both  social     Wasifa Najam Butt and  academic   events  with  my  ISA  colleagues,  and   increase  student  participation  in  the  ISA   for  a  more  practical  and  greater  study   experience.    In  this  way,  I  can  exercise   my  passion  for  organizing  in  a  more   structured  matter.                       4  

Stradiņš ISA Review

Head  of  Academic  Affairs     From  the  first  semester  onwards,  I  was   fascinated  by  all  the  different   extracurricular  activities  we  could  do   besides  the  regular  studies.  The  ISA   helped  to  provide  the  organizational   framework  to  do  some  of  them.       Having  the  chance  to  get  to  know  many   fun  and  inspiring  people  and  discussing   new  ideas  or  existing  problems  with   them,  made  each  and  every  meeting  a   fun  experience.  After  being  elected  for   being  responsible  for  academic  affairs,  I   could  hardly  imagine  what  I  would  be   dealing  with.  In  fact,  the  activities  were   not  exclusively  connected  with  academic   affairs,  but  with  a  whole  range  of  things   including  social,  financial  or  sport   activities.  Academic  issues  such  as  the   Syllabus  and  the  third  attempt  rule  or   the  “red  book  system”  showed  that   students  have  a  great  impact  and  many   problems  are  solved  in  a  very   constructive  manner.       There  is  still  a  lot  of  work  ahead  of  us   but  I  believe  we  as  students  have  the   chance  and  ability  to  make  a  change,  not   only  for  our  fellow  colleagues,  but  also   for  our  university.     I  cannot  imagine  this  year's  Team  could   let  you  down...     We  will  make  RSU  a  better  place!   Together.  


Lukas Herrmann


ISA Board  
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