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TalentEnergizer Personal Development Project

AIESEC in ISCTE launches the first edition of the project TalentEnergizer, an integrated development program which main goal is to strenghten the skills and competencies of our members during their AIESEC career. This program includes 4 modules (explained inside). Each module has a criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to successfully accomplish the Project TalentEnergizer and get a certificate delivered by our partners in May 2012.

“É um Programa com uma abordagem integrada e inovadora. Acredito que permita desenvolver competências-chave valorizadas por qualquer entidade empregadora.”

Susana Bandarrinha Director-Coordinator Associação Acredita Portugal

“Um programa de desenvolvimento muito completo! Cada vez mais é valorizado pelas empresas o desenvolvimento pessoal do indivíduo ao invés dos seus conhecimentos técnicos” Rui Duarte Master Student of International Business at HULT - London

“Através desta iniciativa os membros terão um acesso privilegiado a um plano estruturado de desenvolvimento, que apenas algumas empresas oferecem aos seus elementos.” Marisa Raposo HR Consultant - Ray Human Capital

“Acreditas que a AIESEC é uma plataforma para explorares e desenvolveres o teu potencial? Este é o programa certo para ti. Prepara-te para desenvolver várias soft skills, contactar com diferentes pessoas e aprender muito!” Bruno Ferreira Analista de Negócio na Vodafone Portugal

Mentorship Program Mentoring is a process of informal transmission of knowledge and psychosocial support perceived as a relevant tool for work, career and personal development. A Mentor is a person who has a greater relevant knowledge and experience and who will embrace a relationship of trust, sharing and orientation. You as a Protégé will have the opportunity to learn from a person who was an AIESEC Member and is now in the labour market. Release Date: 22th November Criteria: 3 Meetings | 2 goals accomplished | 70% Evaluation

Training Cycle Training is a process that aims to improve a person’s attitude, knowledge, skills or behavior. This process will support members through their AIESEC career, by developing the needed skills to highly perform both inside and outside AIESEC. Our Training Academy is composed by very experienced trainers in areas such as Motivation, Sales and Leadership. You will have access to workshops and trainings provided by Wilson Learning, Consulmatos and WeChange. Criteria: Attend 2 of the 3 Trainings | Single Page Report

OUR PARTNERSHIPS Since 1965, Wilson Learning has worked with the brightest minds and leading thinkers to deliver Human Performance Improvement for Global 2000 clients in more than 45 countries. They are passionate about improving performance through people – helping them develop the skills and find the satisfaction needed to do their jobs effectively and enthusiastically.

Daniela Vieira Director of Marketing & Inovation

Boost Yourself Boost Yourself is a set of 3 interactive sessions where you will be able to explore yourself through personal growth exercises. It works as a GPS, first you identify where you are (point A) and your desired destination (point B). From there, it maps out the best route (C) to get where you want to be. 1st Session – Self-Awareness 2nd Session – Goal Setting & Action Plan 3rd Session – Career (Me & AIESEC)

Performance Assessment A performance assessment is a method by which our members’  performance is   evaluated  in terms of  quality and quantity and they are given feedback by the corresponding manager.  A performance assessment is an analysis of a member’s recent successes and failures, personal strengths and weaknesses. PA is an important part of the AIESEC career development. Criteria: Auto-Evaluation | Presence in Feedback Session

ConsulMatos–Resultores has an experience of over 15 years in consulting and business training, ensuring the desired results to its clients and partners. By positioning itself as a Management Welfare Clinic, ConsulMatos – Resultores aims to answer to any challenge that companies are faced with nowadays. They are some of the best specialists on the market in the area of Achieving Results, Development and Change.

Manuel Matos Managing Partner


Paula Campos Managing Partner

WeChange is a Consulting company of Human Resources, which operates establishing a relation of partnership with its clients, developing and implementing high value solutions in the management of its human capital. With an entrepreneurial spirit and long working experience in their market sector, WeChange has a short-term goal of scaling the presence of their brand across Portugal.

Talent Energizer  

Personal Development Project

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