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Workshop on Indian Classical Music

Presented by:  Brandon McIntosh Brandon McIntosh has been studying North Indian classical music for over 12 years and has studied sarod under the renowned master Buddhadev Dasgupta at one of the most prestigious music academies in India, Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata. He also has a masters in Music composition from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Because of his background in Indian and Western classical musics he has a rare ability to communicate the often illusive concepts of North Indian classical music to Western musicians.

 Kuntal Roy Kuntal Roy is a promisingTabla player based in Kolkata, India, trained under the tutelage of legendary master Pandit Shankar Ghosh. He has performed solos and accompanied leading artists on the Tabla. His performances have been applauded in all modes of the art, be it instrumental, vocal, or dance. He enjoys passing on the knowledge to dedicated students spread across the globe. He has given numerous workshops to students of Indian music and dance in India and abroad.

Topics to be covered:  

Introduction to North Indian classical music - using language and notations that western classical musicians can understand, concepts of Raga (scale/melody) and Tala (rhythmic cycles) will be explained. Improvisation in North Indian classical music and how it can be applied to Western classical composition - concepts such as: a) Extracting the essence of a melody by realizing the "path" the notes take and creating your own "raga" that you can use to improvise; b) Understanding ways to create a sense of "cadence" in Indian music by using concepts like tihay and mukra. Introduction to North Indian classical rhythm - concepts such as: a) Rhythmic Solfege (bol) and how it is used to create an intricate, communicable, language to learn and understand rhythms on tabla; b) Theka - an intricate rhythmic cycle, played by the tabla, that is used as a point of reference for the melodic instrument while improvising; c) Tihay - a mathematical concept of repeating a rhythmic phrase three times, from any beat in the rhythmic cycle, so that the last note, of the last repetition, lands of the first note of the rhythmic cycle.

Venue: MATRIX CENTRE FOR NEW MUSIC Minderbroedersstraat 48, 3000 Leuven

Date: November 28-29, 2010 18h00--21h00 For more information and registration for the workshop, send an email to:

Workshop on Indian classical music  

Workshop on Indian classical music

Workshop on Indian classical music  

Workshop on Indian classical music