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an inside look at contriversial issues within the community

6. ancestry* in depth look into ancestors

7. a metal bucket photo jornalism poem based in Lagos, Nigeria

9. lyricism* a rundown on profound lyrics

13. concept trends + design* exclusive A-COLD-WALL*by SAMUEL ROSS interview

17. heavy* the uncut reality of Liberia in the 90’s

1 ourblock* | June 2018


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my DOGS are not KILLERS

a discussion with a pitbull breeder photography by Isaiah Segarra

June 2018 | ourblock* 2

3 ourblock* | June 2018



ecently there was an unfortunate incident occurred. An unsupervised 7 year old youth was mawled by a pit bull. The neighbors gates were unlocked on an early November morning when the child stumbled in. Members of the community called for an instant ban of the breed. City councils have yet to come up with a solution. We caught up with local dog breeder, Tony, to hear his perspective on the unfortunate incident. Who’s at fault here? Tony: I feel both parties are at fault. You mentioned the kid was unsupervised, right? Anything can happen to a child that’s not being watched. On the other hand I don’t let my dogs out unless I’m around.

Do you feel that owners have to do a better job with this particular breed? Tony: Not just pitbull owners, all dog owner need to take full responsibility. A dog should have a muzzle on when left outside, especially an unsupervised one. Even though the dog is on your property it is still part of the community. It barks day and night, and sh*ts & pees on the same streets the kids play in. Be mindful of this.

If this were your kid, would you still feel the same way? Tony: Angry? Yes. I am someone who can live with my choice of words. Regardless of who’s involve. Even though the dog is on your property it is still part of the community. It barks day and night, and sh*ts & pees on the same streets the kids play in. Be mindful of this. Will the Pitbull breed ever be banned? Tony: Hope not. This is my family’s protection, man’s best friend as cliche as it sounds. I personally am looking to have my blue nose wear a face mask. My heart goes out to that little boy, and all victims of bad dog bites. We must teach children to approach dogs with caution. Kids come by and pet these giant dogs as if it is the norm, well unfortunate dogs bite back.Anything Pitbulls, should they be trained for these situations? Tony: Yes. I am someone who can live with my choice of words. Regardless of who’s involve. Even though the dog is on your property it is still part of the community. It barks day and night, and sh*ts & pees on the same streets the kids play in. Be mindful of this.

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A METAL BUCKET OLUDARE a poem by fufunsoup

Eyes wide open at dawn Eyes wide shut never Sleep, for the weak No rest for the weary. We’ll be here forever, facts over theoricatal thoughts fairy fable tales Only the strong will continue On the road to riches, I got stopped by the police A citation was given for my wo’s.

7 ourblock* | June 2018

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Song: The Day Women Took Over Artwork: Common

The New World Order is said to be an agenda intended to create limitation and restrictions to society. Common’s version looks to strike progress.

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‘The New World Order is fathers lovin’ their daughters & baby’s mamas supported.’ June 2018 |June ourblock* 10 2018 | ourblock* 12

‘somebody once told me that $ isn’t everything, but look who’s talking when a thou was his pocket change.’ 11 ourblock* | June 2018

Song: Good At Being Bad

Artist: Sammy Prez ft. Jay Rosewood Money is the root of all evil/money isn’t everything. Perhaps. But what about for those who struggle to make ends it financially?

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Photo courtesy of ACW (A-COLD-WALL*)

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‘CLASSES & INTELLECT ARE DEEMED TO BE QUITE SEPERATE AS WELL’ You’ve been traveling around quite a bit, right? Ross: This year’s just been manic. The window at Barneys was crazy but it kind of went over everyone’s head because my stuff from A-COLDWALL* is moving away from the initial kids, who don’t really know the reverence of Barneys, but they know it’s cool. It’s a weird time where I’m really in between both worlds. What I’m trying to do with A-COLD-WALL* is to slow time down a bit, so I’m posting way less, giving people more time, or forcing people to absorb one image for longer. We’re at an intersection where music, sports and streetwear are blending with high fashion, and it seems like A-COLDWALL* is at the center of it all. How have you brought together different cultures and translated your experiences into design? Ross: It has a lot to do with education. It’s almost like a displacement of how black people are perceived and how classes and intellect are deemed to be quite separate as well. My dad studied at Central Saint Martins and got firstclass honors. This was in the ’80s, when a black guy doing that in the middle of nowhere itself is a rarity. He left with me an appreciation of art and education. My mum ended up being a sociology and psychology tutor and lecturer, but at the same time I grew up working class with

no money. Because I didn’t grow up learning about fashion in school, the only thing I knew was about art and education and the value of it. And those two things came into play ultimately to allow me to move across different fields. Everything in our culture is fusing together, but then at the same time we have Brexit and the rise of Trump which seems like two polar opposites. What are your thoughts on that? Ross: A great example is Wellingborough where I went to school, which had the second highest Brexit vote for a town in the United Kingdom. So these are realities that were already there that I was aware of. It’s just a shame to know that it wasn’t a cynicism that, in my own mind, that led to the ultimate decision in terms of it becoming a reality. Once again it comes down to the lack of education and lack of resources. For example, there wasn’t a decent college in my town – there was a college that taught basic craftsmanship, but there wasn’t a college you could go to to learn about psychology, sociology, performing arts. ignorance continues to circulate.

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THIRD WORLD THE UNCUT REALITY OF LIBERIA written by Steven Wilkins photography by Isaiah Segarra

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