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industrial design portfolio isabel wu



a highly motivated and dedicated individual seeking a year long placement in the design sector that will exploit the technical and creative skills I have developed.



(+44) 7905274878


London, UK

about me education Loughborough University

Industrial Design & Technology BA 2015 - Present Achieved a 1st in year one Townley Grammar School Alevels GCSEs 2008 - 2015

experience IBM Design

User Experience 1 Day Workshop October 2016 UX Design Loughborough Design School 2016 - Present Peer Mentor Clarks Shoes Summer 2015 Summer Temp

skills Personal

Logic Organisation Reliable Team Player

Technical Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop AxureRP8 Keyshot5 Sketchbook Pro Solidworks

Workshop CNC Machining Hand Tools Model Making Milling & Centre Lathe


internet of things pollution detector


surface model design perfume bottle

injection moulding mass manufacture promotional widget


user experience design smart city data app


design week domestic cleaning product

a collection of work whilst studying at Loughborough University

‘identify an opportunity for an IoT product for which the industrial design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly identified context’ a pollution detector that aims to minimise cyclists exposure to air pollution and harmful substances in heavily populated cities.

filtr pollution detector for cyclists

‘Air pollution contributes deaths in London every ye

to 9,500 early ear.’

road traffic and diesel cars

the problem


power button

microUSB charging port


a number of foam models were made to determine the size, finer detail and the final form. The use of blue foam was a cheap and fast modelling material in the initial stages of refining the shape to meet its function. the final appearance model was formed out of Prolab, shaped and finely sanded before priming and adding the final layers of finishing coat. Using the laser cutter, the filter was proved from acrylic and drilled to add the texture of the filter inlets ahead of the top coat.


TPE rubber grip LED lights

air filter enclosed magnetic fastening


the air filter allows air to flow in and through to the various sensors embedded within the electronics system. These detect pollution levels, testing for nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and more. The user is alerted when levels are outside of the ‘safe’ exposure zone.

the solution

1. 2.

attach the two halves around the bikes handles


load up the app a destination to ma live traffic data

when Filtr detects air quality outside of the ‘safe’ zone, it sends this data to the app to reroute you.


turn the device on to pair to the app

and enter your ap your route using


Filtr will glow when the levels are back within the ‘safe’ zone

final design

‘demonstrate an understanding of 3D modelling of complex forms’ a 2 part project: make a proficient surface model, creating a complex and compelling perfume bottle: that was as accurate to the initial sketch as possible, within a 3 week time frame. Realistic parts for the design were created, resulting in a believable representation of a real-life, manufactured product.

essence perfume bottle, an introduction to surface modelling

surface modelling & manufacturability

the point of the cut outs fade out of the centre of the bottle and continue round to the other side, widening as it goes. The zebra stripes were used to evaluate the continuous curvature of the surfaces created for a smooth, tangent finish. sectional views aided the hollowing out the bottle and features required for a fully manufactured bottle.

final model

food wa

‘design a functional polymer widget that is intended to be given away to promote a particular brand’ a project aimed at understanding manufacturing processes and capabilities, developing our skills in the engineering machine workshop to produce an injection moulding tool resulting in a polymer widget.

injection moulding a book page holder, Penguin Books

design process

a Penguin book page holder intended to be given away with special, limited edition Penguin books. A full set of engineering drawings were produced to complement the 2 shot injection moulding tool made viable for 3 million units to be mass manufactured.


widgets manufactured within a

13 week

Just-in Time work period

4 cavities

set in a vertical rotary mould

9.9 seconds

fill time

manufacturing process

both mould halves and inserts, including 2 slab inserts, were fabricated using the CNC Milling Machines. Using the CAD files, simulations were made which were translated into programming for the 3-axis milling machines; using HSM Works. Firstly tested using styrofoam moving to steel and aluminium for the functional mould tool. the pins were manufactured from silver steel and the excess material removed using the manual lathes and milling machines, with workload distributed amongst all members of the group. with 9 inserts, all parts of the mould tool were made to fit within small tolerances to ensure a perfect fit and keep flashing to a minimum.


final mould tool

‘design an app that utilises smart city data with the aim of initiating change in response to a current problem’ - [brief set by O2] ‘Sourced’ is a community built app that provides a platform for individuals and businesses to share surplus food that would otherwise be wasted.


an O2 shortlisted project 2017

a free food app to tackle food waste

‘4.3 million tonnes of f away each year in the U consumption.’

food wa

food is thrown UK that is fit for

aste at the consumption stage

the problem

RESEARCH research

INSIGHTS insights

IDEATE ideate

PROTOTYPE prototype

evaluate EVALUATE

REFINE refine

free food options

as part of the research stage, we looked into current methods of obtaining free food. We came across ‘Fruit Routes’, a campus run foraging scheme: set up for students to pick, eat and enjoy locally produced goods on a small, yet sustainable scale. Using maps and signage, students can navigate their way around the various shrubs and fruit trees. Through this we found you are limited to when the goods are in season (March - October), during the winter months there is a huge decline on what’s on offer.


attitudes behaviour & habits

we also spent the day at Loughborough market observing peoples attitudes and behaviour towards fresh produce and waste. Upon interviewing a stall owner we discovered people shop at the markets for price, convenience and to support local businesses as they want fresh and locally sourced food. As the day came to an end, the price decreased along with end of day deals such as 2 for 1 bowls. Whether perishable or not, leftover, unsold food would be disposed of and dumped in council bins, as this is the most cost effective method.


a businesses’ view

to encourage a community feel we wanted to invite local businesses into the scheme. We visited a husband and wife run patisserie bakery in the heart of a residential area to ask their thoughts and learn about their waste habits. As a small business, profits can be marginal so every little helps, incentives and what they as a company can get in return, such as brand image was important to them and a definite factor in signing up to the service.

“Currently we have to pay a fee if we surpass the weight limit on our bins, if it is cheaper to run part of the business through the app, it would definitely benefit us and our customers!� Marta Child -[BomBom Patisserie Owner]


Ria Ellis, 20 year old second year English student at Nottingham University a health conscious karate athlete who enjoys cooking nutritious meals. She regularly updates her healthy lifestyle blog, uploading recipes of her latest dining experiences and training programs. Quality, freshness, price and convenience is important to her. She likes to shop at the market however it clashes with lectures and the produce tends to become inedible quicker. Being a student funds are limited, so she instead shops at Tescos a couple of times a week, buying only what she needs each time.

task goals

- save money - source good quality, locally produced food at her convinence. - share her foraging experiences via her blog, encouraging others to get involved.

experience goals

- not have to worry about where the food she is receiving comes from. - enjoy sourcing, cooking and eating food she gets and being inventive with new recipes. - rewarding feeling that she has helped local businesses and the environment.

pain points


- town market opening hours clash with her lectures. - market food tends to ruin quicker than commercially produced. - tight, restricting student budget. - lacks knowledge of foraging routes and foods. - unaware of where food is sourced from.

Profile ofile

nformation rmation

Wireframing Wireframing Wireframing

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product profile


after generating a set of potential ideas and testing through a combination of paper and POP prototyping. I was able to develop the wireframes based on key highlighted issues for a better user centred experience.

user testing

final screens

AxureRP8 was used to prototype my working Sourced app. Set up so you can navigate through the designed user journey, visual cues, live updates and an in-app messaging service shows a visual representation of how the app can be incorporated into users’ everyday lives. Sourced, connecting people, places and businesses for smarter, cleaner and more sustainable cities.

Platform Device: iPhone 6/S & 7/S, iOS 10

‘design a product to improve household chores, adding value to the cleaning activity’ - [design week 2017] a device that uses smart technology to monitor family habits and movements to identify commonly touched surfaces to maintain a hygienic and sterile environment.


a 1 week design challenge

an antibacterial dispensing robot

‘We touch 30 objects ever are 5000 germs on our han time.’


ry minute, there nds at any given

ation and hygiene in the home

the problem

free food options

essentia antifu



bacteria on keyboards and mice


more bacteria on bathroom faucets verses toilet seats

2.6 hours

a day spent cleaning the house


the amount indoor air quality is reduced: compared to outdoors, if regular cleaning is not maintained

al oils contain natural antibacterial, ungal and antimicrobial properties

detachable lid

the Polypropylene coated ABS lid uses a twist to lock mechanism so is child proof and reduce chance of spillage.

storage tank

a 0.5L ABS storage tank: encased within a filtered cage, provides up to 6 hours of disinfectant.


Polypropylene ABS coated body, houses all internal electronic components including a lithium-ion battery, sensors for bacteria detection, heat and movement.

power button

2 power mode control for stationary or roaming disinfecting.

rollerball feet

polycarbonate feet allow 360 movement in all directions using the concept of a rollerball pen.

the solution

twist to lock




The p ABS mech and r


A 0.5 disinf

fill tank 3.

Bod replace lid

5. power on

Polyp body elect includ batte detec move


2 pow statio disinf



place on floor

allow to roam and disperse

Polyc move using roller

final solution

thank you



(+44) 7905274878


London, UK

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Isabel Wu Industrial Design Portfolio, Loughborough Design School  

Isabel Wu Industrial Design Portfolio, Loughborough Design School  

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