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This ice cream has been created by 12 to 15 year old students from Hayle Community School. Made of original ingredients from the lands of Cornwall with many different flavours to choose from.

Let us tell you a story:

Once upon a time, the ice cream left the Coast of Cornwall and...., it was lost in the bay of Málaga along the coast. Some Spanish sailors went to Malaga Bay to look for the great treasure. They had heard the following news: `A unique and delicious ice cream has been lost along the Coast of Cornwall.´ They went on a desperate hunt to find the treasure first;

Natalia e Isabel, I.E.S. “La Rosaleda”, Málaga 2012

When they arrived they went crazy looking for it!!! Following the clues, they arrived at the Casa Mira Ice Cream Parlour. They found a new ice cream that had revolutionised the Coast of Cornwall and had come to conquer the hearts of the Malagueños. Aren’t you going to try it? Come and taste it!!! You will not regret it!!! It is summer, four o’clock in the afternoon. It is hot and it is forty degrees in the shade. Do you need to cool down? Do you need an ice-cream? Eat the best; eat a Currantly Cornish ice cream!!! Come and try it!! In Casa Mira, Larios Street and In Fragola, Ciudad Jardín I AM GOING TO EAT ONE!!! Natalia e Isabel, I.E.S. “La Rosaleda”, Málaga 2012

The story of Currantly Cornish  
The story of Currantly Cornish  

All the ads have been mixed together to tell you a story by Natalia and Isabel.