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TEACHING- A modest but gallant profession WENKIE JHON A. MARCELO Intavas Elementary school In an attempt to inspire his subordinates, DR. ARMIN A. LUISTRO FSC challenged the department ofeducation personnel with encouraging message. In his statement: “Our department has begun to become a true government for the people. One that is professional, competent, and committed, set on serving the needs of our countrymen. Dedicated to provide every Filipino child the opportunity to stretch her mind, broaden her heart and nurture her spirit”. Moreover, he recognized “each one’s contributions to the cause of education as “an opportunity to make the teachers’ mark in history, to leave a legacy for our children, and our children’s children, to make our families proud.” Accordingly, “This is the perfect time and opportunity to make a difference and truly be agents of change, to change the face of the government, to change the destiny of our people.” In my opinion TEACHING as a profession is a variety of vision and challenges. Personally, I am impressed with the Secretary’s statement; “Together with all the progress unfolding in the sectors of our economy, health, safety, public works, national defense and private, the Philippines has clearly gathered momentum towards a better and higher future. We are part of this progress. We are making it happen.” In addition, I am elated realizing that I have chosen the perfect career and have taken the right direction in life. Recently, the ALLIANCE for CONCERNED TEACHERS – a party list protecting the rights of the TUTORS proposed an act believed to be beneficial to the mentors. It suggested modifying the COMPULSORY efforts of the teachers during election into VOLUNTARY and adjusts its compensation from FOUR THOUSAND (4,000.00) PESOS into SEVEN THOUSAND (7,000.00) PESOS. Hopefully, this will recompense the minimum bonus we received last year which was only FIVE THOUSAND (5,000.00), lesser than the bonus received by a UTILITY WORKER of other Government Institutions. However, the idea of fascinating the lives of the younger generation and taking an important role in molding the children’s personality is more than enough reparation for all the sacrifices and the difficulties experienced by a TEACHER like me.