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Events planner’s ! home office

Nilufar Pulatova    |  Jacqueline  Tamm  |    Isabel  Nilsson   Interior  Design  Academic,  Semester  II  

Client description and “wish list” Our client, Viola, is a young woman in her thirties who organizes events from birthday parties to corporate gatherings. Viola lives in Florence, Italy in one of the historic buildings with a very high ceiling – 4.5m. She dedicated one room in her home to her event planning business. This room is used only for business purposes – she does not use it as her living room. Any video material related to events is viewed on her computer. On as-needed basis Viola hires an assistant who works closely with her. For this reason, our client asked for a table that would allow them to work together. As part of her job our client needs to meet with her clients in her office and will need a comfortable meeting area. Since there is a seasonality associated with events that Viola plans, she needs a storage area for things that are not used on a regular basis. In addition to this, she would like to have an area for displaying objects.

Inspiration / Color scheme

Wooden table top

Height of ceiling is 4.5m => high storage accessible with a ladder and recessed lights

Along the wall deak

Color scheme: white and yellow


Storage area

Meeting area Working area

Perspective views

Home office desk: orthographic and perspective drawings (in cm) Front view

Side view

Top view Shelf


Storage area rendering Custom frosted  glass  wall       Small  led  lights  to  light  up   frosted  glass  wall  

Coat rack  

Storage: front view orthographic drawing Frosted   Glass  wall  with  a   custom  paEern.          

Open closet  for   hanging  clients’  coats  

Open display  shelves  

Storage: side orthographic drawings (in cm)

Second level storage for off-seasonal event supplies

Coat closet

Storage: top orthographic drawings (in cm)! View from the second level

Second level storage for off-seasonal event supplies LED lights built into the flooring of the second level to create an effect of lightness and luminosity

Balloon inspired armchair: perspective view

Armchair: orthographic views (in mm) Front view  

LeK side  view  

Right side  view  

Furniture board

Baloon ceiling lamps Line: Memory Designer: Boris Klimek


Eames-Style Office Chair Collection

Low Table H 40cm W 110cm D 60cm

Modular sofa: 2 piece can be separated to become 2 arm chairs W90 x D90 x H 85 cm

Home office desk: joinery and materials The home desk is designed to have a long working space for 2 people - our client and her assistant who comes to help on as needed basis). Since our client often works on more than one event, the long desk is very useful for laying out paperwork potentially related to different projects. The table will be covered with 2 pieces of float sheet glass. The central part of the desk is supported by 60 cm wide drawer cabinets made of the same natural wood material for a frame and laminated plywood for a drawer bottoms. We will use dovetail joints for a construction of drawers which will slide to open on side mount drawer slides. Above the table we are placing a shelf constructed of the same wood material as the desk for displaying beautiful objects. The shelf is supported by 6 metal shelf supports. Under the shelf we will place 4 underthe-shelf lights. Table top material: The desk is made of 4 pieces of 1.5m long natural wood boards joined together using dowel joints.

Under the shelf lights by Ikea L42cm W 8cm H3cm

Desk metal supports: It will be supported by 4 metal supports.

Shelf metal supports: It will be supported by 6 metal supports.

Storage: joinery and materials The storage area will be built on 2 levels: 1st level for storing things used on a daily basis and displaying objects and 2nd level mezzanine type area for storing items used for off- seasonal parties (e.g., beach party supplies for beach parties). Cabinet frame: rustic looking unprocessed wood.

Glass part: (used for walls on the 2nd level mezzanine): custom frosted sheet glass with a Moroccan pattern

Joinery (book shelves) Steel shelf support

Joinery (2nd level storage): Heavy duty metal shelf

Material used for shelves: medium density white fiberboard (MDF) which is more economical and will provide a good load bearing capacity. Floor led lights Built under the frosted sliding door for a special light effect  

Armchair: joinery and construction The armchair will be made of acrylic moulded as in a way that leaves the inside hollow for filling it, in our case, with confetti for a party theme. The mould has an opneningunder the seat for taking out confetti just in case our client would like to change a theme (e.g., rose petals for a wedding theme). Â

Acrylic material used for main construction

Yellow and grey confetti filling for inside of the chair

Cushions for the chair

Velcro to keep cushions from sliding

Home office Design  

Event planners Office