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Ballerina bed

Jacqueline Tamm  |      Nilufar  Pulatova  |  Isabel  Nilsson   Interior  Design  Academic,  Semester  2      

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Client description and design inspiration Perspective drawings Orthographic drawings –  Front –  Side –  Top –  Back •  Materials and construction

Client Our client is a 5 year old girl who is passionate about ballet and has aspirations of becoming a prima ballerina.

Design inspiration

Our inspiration came from the girl’s dream of being on stage as a prima ballerina and a music box. Therefore, music box platform and a performance stage were our main inspirations.

Bed details Type of bed: adult size bed Mattress measurements: twin size 90cm x 200cm (Continental Europe standards). Bed construction: custom made slatted bed frame which will fit a standard twin size mattress. The bed will be raised on a custom made platform with built-in lights to resemble a performance stage. Color scheme: since our client is only 5 years old, the bed will be originally painted in bright pink and blue colors. As she grows the bed can be repainted. Functionality: •  Storage functionality: there will be 2 under-the-bed storage drawers placed on each side of the bed. •  Stretching pole: the back side of the headboard has a big mirror with an stretching pole adjustable for height of a girl. •  Shelf / side table functionality: headboard side of the bed has a back shelf and 2 side shelves built on each side of the bed to be used for a night stand or books.

Perspective drawings Â

Orthographic drawings  Front:


Orthographic drawings  Top


Materials and construction Bed construction: slatted bed construction with an underneath pullout drawers functionality Platform and a slatted bed will be constructed of oak wood. Joinery: Mortise and tenon joints for joining side boards to legs and a headboard Dovetail joints for a construction of drawers. Drawers will slide to open on side mount ball bearing soft close drawer slides Screws will be used for attaching slats to a main bed frame. Backside mirror will be attached with an industrial double sided scotch tape. Stretch bar will be attached using metal fasters.

Materials and construction Dreams Tempur  Original   Deluxe  27  MaDress  -­‐   Medium  Firm   H27cm  x  W90cm  x  L200cm  

Eyeleds® MulO    floor   lighOng  system;    built-­‐in   depth  of  6.5mm  

Pink bubblegum,  blue   and  white  wood  paints  

Mirror for  the   back  side  of  the   headboard  panel  

Poplar wooden  sOck  for   a  stretching  bar  

Ballerina knobs   for  drawers  


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Furniture design Ballerina bed