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Self Promotion Development Isabel Nascimento Fashion Communication and Promotion 2 Nottingham Trent University Module 2 - Promotion and Context FASH20032


Visual Inspiration 1. Contrast of online and offline. Computer design is topped with doodles, ink and thick, heavy black marks. This aesthetic allows the designer to add a personal, sometimes inimitable feel to the design. The combination of the two mediums will allow me to demonstrate my interest in both areas and demonstrate a versatile skills set.

Visual Inspiration 2. High tech applications such as surveillance systems and mapping influence print and typography. Enconded messages appear in the form of photocopied textures, linear structures and numerical codes. Chinese characters are, in some form, a visually intriguing way of following this trend, with an additional sleekness and minimalism which, alongside simple shapes and clean layouts, translate my taste and visual beliefs.

Visual Inspiration 3. Busy grids continue at the forefront of layout design. Negative space is key and off white backgrounds are increasingly seen. One-tone designs have also become commonplace. An elaborate grid and a restricted colour palette will allow me to showcase examples of my work within my self promotion without compromising sophistication.

Aesthetic Overview Taking into account both these trends and previous feedback, I have rebranded my self-promotion with a more mature and timeless aesthetic in mind.


This new design is highly versatile and easily adjustable to the development of my taste. The logo has remained the same.

Helvetica Neue ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxwyz 0123456789!?@§&+()[]{}*

Adobe Heiti Std

如果你可以看到這篇恭喜你很酷 我期待著與您合作 congradulations - if you can read this, you’re cool. i look forward to working with you.

Colour Scheme

Business Card

Implementation The business card design was the catalyst for everything else. The simple back contrasts with the busy front without losing its cohesion. The edges will be foiled in either pink or silver, in order to break black and white’s simplicity.


Business Card (front and back)


Cover Letter, Back of Visual CV, Visual CV

Implementation The back of the CV complements the front by reinforcing my aesthetic, showcasing a few examples of it. This will only be shown on printed/mailed CVs.


Back of CV in detail


Brand Identity

Self Promotion Development  

Trends + Overview