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Information about wire mesh available in the market You must have seen wire meshes at a number of places like in window screen, fencing, in room dividers, walls and ceilings. Sometimes, wire mesh is also used for plumbing. You must have also seen the use of wire mesh in construction work. visit this page to know more about us.

Types of wire mesh 

Woven wire mesh These are also known as wire cloth. The maximum application of such wire mesh can be seen in various windows or doors. They are available in many different sizes. You can also use them in porch or patio

Welded wire mesh Such wire meshes can be found for heavy-duty jobs. Here wires are welded at each of its cross section and thus making it a very sturdy product. For various industrial and commercial settings such wire mesh fencing is very commonly found.

Knit wire mesh It is also often called as chicken wire. Originally such wire mesh was used for providing barrier to livestock. However, these days such chicken wire mesh can be seen in many other applications too.

Benefits of wire mesh 

Very low-cost item and can be used for many different applications


Wire mesh has got application in household purposes as well as in many industrial applications too.


It is easy to install and can be used for blocking pests


Decorative wire mesh can also be used for various interesting appearances

In many cases, you can find perforated metals, which are used as an alternate to wire mesh. If a metal hole is created at uniform distance then it more or less looks like a wire mesh.

Information about wire mesh available in the market  
Information about wire mesh available in the market  

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