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Isabelle Aleksander / Industrial Design Portfolio

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Hello! I’m Isabelle Aleksander. I’m excited by the transformative potential of design. I’m fascinated by how design shapes people’s day to day experiences and the ways in which people interact with everyday products. I am creative, organised and used to getting on with diverse groups of people. I can grasp the ‘big picture’ but also relish inventing the detail. I love the challenge of finding imaginative solutions to design problems. I like teamwork especially when it brings together a broad range of skills and interests. I have found first hand exposure within the design industry to be invaluable and would like to build on and enrich my existing work experience. I am therefore seeking a three to six month placement in a dynamic and demanding design environment commencing March 2018.


Industry Experience:

Northumbria University


Design for Industry (BAhons)

City & Guilds of London Art School


The King Alfred School

therefore, June 2017 This provided a valuable insight into a design consultancy. Experience included: researching and preparing for a client pitch; idea generation for a new client brief; creating graphics and posters to showcase products; photo editing for the company website. Vivenne Westwood, June/July 2015 Joining the Footwear Design Team allowed me to appreciate the complexities of developing a collection from conception through to production and marketing. Experience included: contributing ideas to the SS16 men’s and ladies footwear collection; competitive intelligence gathering through online and media research; daily communication with factories and suppliers; researching and creating mood boards; creating and producing fabric books and technical sheets; co-ordinating sample sets between the archives, showrooms and Press Office.

Level 4 UAL Foundation in Art and Design - Merit

Associate of Trinity College London

forpeople, August 2017 Engaging with design professionals across the company. Experience included: image and product research ahead of client meetings; attending meetings and peer reviews of current projects with the 3D design department; producing mood boards ahead of client meetings; creating ideas and producing sketches in response to design problems occurring during manufacturing; attending seminars led by visiting design consultants.


Glass Light and Special Structures, May 2014 A hands on learning opportunity which included: creating architectural models ahead of client meetings; using CAD software including Sketch Up and Rhino to create technical drawings for projects.


tangerine, June 2013 My earliest introduction to working with a design consultancy included: assisting in the marketing department; research for tangerine’s 25th anniversary book including sourcing photographic material; organising for a key client visit.

A level - Design and Technology AS level - Physics AS level - Mathematics

Revelvant skills:

10 GCSE’s - A*-C






Experience of: Model making; sketching; blacksmithing; welding; glass work; intaglio printing

Contact me: London: 3 Elm Walk Hampstead NW3 7UP

Newcastle-upon-tyne: 70 Greystoke Avenue Sandyford NE2 1PN

Mobile: 07818626911


Linkedin: Isabelle Aleksander

Fun Theory Brief / Improve a behaviour or characteristic by involving an aspect of fun. Solution / Encourage more people to take the stairs instead of the lifts by transforming the stairs into a game inspired by doodle jump. Duration / 3 Weeks Type / Group Project

We can encourage people to improve bad behaviour by relating good behaviour to something they are familiar with. We considered that activities could be more fun if they were related to retro gaming, something that we all found fun as children.

Branded as ‘Doodle jump stairs’ reminds univeristy students of games that were popular when they were children, hopefully generating interest in our fun theory. The different colours of the left and right of the stairs could either be used by two seperate players to race eachother or by a single player to challenge themselves with different levels.

SpotiFind Brief / Design a tangible user interface which monitors elderly users Solution / A service that allows people to connect through musical interests to encourage face to face interactions Duration / 3 Weeks Type / Group Project

After carrying out user research the next stage was to create low fidelity sketches on phone templates which would later be used for user testing and feedback. Using these mean’t it was quick to work out what worked and what did not.

Spotifind is a Spotify extention that shows the user musical events in their area based on their music history. Spotifind connects people going to the event by putting them in group chats based on their ‘musical chemistry’.

ExoFlow Brief / Design a tangible user interface which monitors elderly users. Solution / ExoFlow acts as a reminder and encourgment for familes to call elderly members of their family Duration / 3 Weeks Type / Group Project

17% of older people in the UK are in contact with family, friends and neighbours once a week. 49% of all people ages 75 and over live alone in the UK.

Using waveforms as inspiration we explored the issue of lonliness with the older community and how this could be translated into a product with a focus on reconnection between the older person and thier family. We wanted to create a tangible method for two-way communication between an older user and their family members.

To combat loneliness, ExoFlow produces different magnitudes of waveforms representative of different levels of telephone interaction. Using two sister devices, both the elderly and family user can monitor the amount of interaction had in an unobtrusive way. Having a clear physical representation for the lack of interaction, we could allow family members to monitor their levels of interaction with their elderly members and act on this to gently remind them to spend some time together.

By monitoring the frequency of phonecalls, ExoFlow’s waveform would react accordingly: a large form representing decreased communication and a smaller form representing a satisfactory level of communication.

Inflatable Parliament Brief / Design a solution for the rebuild of the House of Commons in a modern political climate Solution / Design a temporary structure which can travel around the country acting as a functioning chamber for the House of Commons Duration / 9 Weeks Type / Art Foundation Final Project

My inflatable structure with its transparent domes, takes inspiration from the four national flowers that make up the United Kingdom. I chose an inflatable structure because it can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily transported around the country.

The chamber is set within two gardens. These act as the public gallery but can also be reconfigured for other meetings and conferences. The gardens create a calm enviroment which I hope will encourage more productive and consenusal debates.

Graphics Programmes / Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign Type / Placement Projects









During my time at ‘therefore - product design’ I had the opportunity of working on the graphic designs for two of their startups. These posters were to displayed the main reception of therefore offices and were used to capture the public’s eye as they walked past the office whilst informing clients of therefore’s latest work.




Contact Me Email / Mobile / 07818626911 Linkedin / Isabelle Aleksander

Isabelle Aleksander - Industrial Design Portfolio  
Isabelle Aleksander - Industrial Design Portfolio