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First and Second Year Studio Portfolio Isabelle Miller

Aurelia: Turtle Cove Pavilion pages 2-4 Waterfront Pavilion and Garden pages 5-6

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Bi-Mix House pages 7-10 St Peter Street Fire Station pages 11-14


miscellaneous artwork samples page 15

separate testing area 2 separate entrances outer/inner shell


“L� shape


site analysis/boardwalk ending strategies

2 Aurelia: Turtle Cove Pavilion

linear/ perpendicular

storage/wc separated from main pavilion

Aurelia: Turtle Cove Pavilion

plan axonometric section



Aurelia: Turtle Cove Pavilion Named for the cocoon stage of an insect's development, Aurelia strives to draw a visitor out to the farthest ends of the marsh. The double-shelled structure extends off the end of the boardwalk towards a small cluster of cyprus trees that mark a hopeful future for Louisiana's marshland and then spirals into an organic, enclosed lecture space oriented to catch the southeast winds of the warmer months and to direct attention towards the center.

Waterfront Pavilion and Garden

Located on the very edge of a lake in Southern Louisiana, this garden was created as a means of escape for its owner and a place of private meditation meant for one.


Designed for a potter, the main portion of the garden is a perfect circle, echoing the shape every potter strives to achieve each time he or she throws a mishapen lump of clay onto a wheel. The inner portion of the garden is initially hidden from view by a bamboo wall on either side of the path, which leads initially straight to the dock at the opposite end before leading one back down on either side to two curved benches well-shaded by the bamboo and a crepe myrtle grove in the center. Farther out over the water lies a square pavilion of juxtaposing geometry where one could pass the time dangling one's feet in the water over the lake.


Waterfront Pavilion and Garden

Bi-Mix House

Section Development

7 Bi-Mix House: site analysis Bi-Mix House: Site Analysis


Bi-Mix House


Bi-Mix House

Bi-Mix House

Designed for two friends with different creative outlets, the BiMix House essentially features three separate programs. Two of these are private quarters for the musician and the artist, including separate bedrooms and bathrooms, and the third consists10 of a shared living portion, including kitchen, living space, a guest room, and a dining room. The house opens up and out towards the Mississippi River, featuring separate entrances, ribbon windows, and two interior courtyards, and focuses on varied transparencies and shifted walls and floor heights (including a mezzanine level).



St. Peter Street Fire Station

southwest elevation

motion analysis/ concept development


St. Peter Street Fire Station

Drawing on the overlapping linear repetitions in the surrounding neighborhood, the St. Peter Street fire station hosts 63 firefighters and 3 different apparatuses. The project boasts 21 dormitories and a spacious double-level community space and day room and a faรงade of combination thermochromic and tinted insulated glass that allows ample amounts of natural light to enter while carefully screening the sun's hottest rays. During the night, the structure glows as a beacon and reminder to the local community of its protection.


third floor plan

second floor plan


St. Peter Street Fire Station

first floor plan



northeast-facing section 50’


St. Peter Street Fire Station

miscellaneous artwork

ground observation - gouache

hometown collage - construction paper


paper bag drawings - pencil

First and Second Year Portfolio  

Isabelle Miller's first and second year architecture portfolio.

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