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isabella suppa selected works 2019 architecture + urban design

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parana delta, argentina

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communal housing

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masterplan @ yorkU

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st clair library

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chicago auditorium building

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hello! my name is Isabella Suppa p h o n e : 416 801 9920 email:

I am a third year student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Architecture and Urbanism have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. I am very blessed to be pursuing these passions through my education and my co-op work history, both in Toronto and abroad. I believe that a city is alive- it breathes and moves, it develops and grows. I too feel vibrantly alive in the centre of any city. It has become my personal interest to understand the past, current and future workings of any city I encounter, and apply my personal analysis, projections and curiosities about the places I live and study into all design projects I may encounter. These curiosities influence my work. I often become fascinated with an idea, an action, or a potential interaction within a space and thus, a project is born. I wish to explore through my future co-ops and in my postgraduate education the future of urbanism, using research-bydesign approaches and further explorations into data and tools for analysis. I wish to understand many scales influencing urbanism, and architecture, such as current worldly issues, policies, regional guidelines as well as human interaction. This is a collection of a few ideas, interests and beginnings of my explorations into what fascinates me in the urban and built realms. I hope you enjoy.


education 09.2016 - 08.2021 ( ex p e c t e d )

University of Waterloo School of Architecture Candidate for Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Honours Co-op (BAS)

work experience 09.2018 - 12.2018

FABRICations, Amsterdam NL, architecture + urban design intern

01.2018 - 04.2018

[IBI] Toronto, Toronto CA, architecture intern

05.2017 - 08.2017

The MBTW Group | W Architect Inc., Toronto CA, architecture intern

volunteer experience 10.2017 - present

University of Waterloo, federation orientation committee

09.2017 - 12.2017

Waterloo Architecture Student’s Association, vice president

05.2014 - 10.2014

Maple Health Center Alzheimer's Unit Murals, designer & painter

achievements 12.2017 - 08.2018

University of Waterloo, Excellent Academic Standing for 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B Terms


University of Waterloo, Dean’s Honour list

skills digital + manual

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rhinoceros 3d qgis revit autocad sketchup adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe indesign maxwell render vray

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3d printing laser cutting hand drafting model making drawing sketching painting

professional work 01 parana delta, argentina 02 communal housing

professional 01 02 03 04 05 06

parana delta type:

research + sustainable regional design


09.2018 - 10.2018


qgis, illustrator, photoshop


FABRICations, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Parana Delta­­­­is an important yet fragile natural water system located between the provinces of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and Santa Fe in Argentina. FABRICations explored in a research by design process a sustainable development perspective for the Parana Delta. The research and results were presented at the end of October 2018 at the Conferencia Binacional de gestion Integral del Agua in Buenos Aires. The work presented is meant to generate further discussion, while also acting as a plea for an integrated approach to address the complex pressures from climate change, infrastructure, ecology, economic productivity and urbanization in the delta. The areas surrounding the Parana Delta continue to rapidly urbanize, and the recreational and urban continental edge of the lower delta is increasingly developing into the floodplain. The interior of the delta sees much intensification of land use for economic production that modifies the landscape through unsustainable methods such as poldering, putting the delta at further risk.



urban growth







economic productivity + flows


An ambition for the delta is to create sustainable ways to inhabit, cultivate and preserve the interior areas. Sustainable poldering is used to create connected and autarkic activities for living, production and ecology. It also creates a more sustainable edge along the Delta, promoting the balance between urban and nature, while taking into account current and future needs for infrastructure. strategy diagram


proposed urban strategy

01 professional 02 03 04 05 06

communal housing type:





rhino, illustrator


FABRICations, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

During my co-op term at FABRICations, I conducted research on a variety of communal housing projects around the world. This was intended to create a toolbox that the office will then use to propose a collective-living project of their own. This research looked at collective housing on a multitude of scales; from share houses, to entire urban schemes. Each typology was considered for its use of building form cultivating shared spaces, its unique public or communal amenities, and the financial or internal governance systems that saw it built. This drawing was presented along with a document that highlighted the concept, program, residential profile, target groups and cost/rent of the projects. Further analysis was used to understand how the projects maintain their success, how they operate either as collectives or as communities, and how their built form allows for the communal ideals of each community, designer or culture to be realized. This project marks an important milestone in my own endeavours. I am increasingly interested in the future of residential built form, currently under pressure from increasing rent prices, and insecurities in current ownership structures. I believe many of these projects exemplified solutions for a humane, affordable and collective future.


research poster

academic work 03 04 05 06

masterplan @ yorkU symphony st clair library chicago auditorium model

01 02 academic 03 04 05 06

master plan @ yorkU type:

urban masterplan, communal university residence


01.2019 - ongoing


rhino, illustrator, photoshop, gis, physical modelling


Zihao Wei + Max Schramp

In this conceptual masterplan for a student residence at York University, we propose a microcosm for a new city, where inhabitants are emancipated from the present day monotonous urban identity. Here, socialization is favoured over isolation; autonomy over prescribed courses; and a collective identity over no identity at all. Thus, we have designed for the urban nomad. A space for a wanderer, free to discover a place, a route, a home. Relating to the urban fabric of traditional market towns, the residents meander through streets defined for pedestrian use, each urban village with its own distinct feelings of wandering. The wanderer travels not directly from one point to the next, but passes through a series of expansions and public nodes, hugged by built form. Their path is enriched with many possibilities of meeting someone along the way. Upon arrival at a market stall, or the building threshold in this case, the wanderer is free to enter and exit through a porus fabric. Residents live in the public realm, sharing in all activities with the collective and homogenizing spatial and hierarchical organizations of activities. This masterplan will be followed up by architectural designs and future inquiries into urban design for a smaller portion of the site, to be completed in April 2019.


site oblique


site response and definition of axis

axial intersections

zone for design

wandering paths

freedom of circulation

final design

c o n t ex t m a p + p r o c e s s d i a g r a m s



site plan + site sections


Barcelona Spain

Manhattan, New York USA

Grid identical blocks, total gird penetrated by avenues. Efficiency is prioritized

Amsterdam the Netherlands Amsterdam the Netherlands

Paris France Paris France

Radiation all roads lead to the center, programs and spaces are organized in rings Radiation all roads lead to the center, programs and spaces are organized in rings

SOHO, London the United Kingdom

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Turkey

T intersection street layout is consisted of multiple T intersections, every turn is accompanied by a pocket space

Barcelona Spain Barcelona Spain

Manhattan, New York USA Manhattan, New York USA

Grid identical blocks, total gird penetrated by avenues. Efficiency Grid is prioritized identical blocks, total gird penetrated by avenues. Efficiency is prioritized

Harajuku, Tokyo Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Subdivision within a hierarchical system, each block is subdivided into smaller ones

Amsterdam SOHO, London the Netherlands


the United Kingdom SOHO, London the United Kingdom

Istanbul Grand Bazaar France Turkey Istanbul Grand Bazaar Turkey

Rome Italy

Venice Italy

Harajuku, Tokyo Japan Barcelona Harajuku, Tokyo Spain Japan

Rome Italy Rome Italy

SOHO, London the United Kingdom

Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan Manhattan, York Shinjuku,New Tokyo USA Japan

Venice Italy Venice Italy

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Turkey

urban fabric studies + abstractions of urban wandering paths

Radiation intersection all roadsTlead to the center, programs street layout is consisted of multiple and spaces are organized in rings T intersections, every turn is T intersection accompanied by a pocket space street layout is consisted of multiple T intersections, every turn is accompanied by a pocket space

Relief a continuous pathway, street unfolds into relief spaces

Subdivision within a hierarchical system, each Gridsmaller ones block is subdivided into Subdivision identical blocks, total gird each penetrated within a hierarchical system, byisavenues. Efficiency is prioritized block subdivided into smaller ones

Relief a continuous pathway, street unfolds into relief spaces Relief a continuous pathway, street unfolds T intersection into relief spaces

street layout is consisted of multiple T intersections, every turn is accompanied by a pocket space


building sections



village vignettes

01 02 03 academic 04 05 06

symphony type:

research, landscape design, installation


07.2018 - ongoing


rhino, illustrator, photoshop

This research and design experiment has been submitted to the Common Waters exhibition, occuring in Cambridge, Ontario in the summer of 2019. The stretch of the Grand River that runs through downtown Galt currently exists as an acoustically rich zone. The dam, located slightly upstream of Parkhill Road contributes to an intense threshold of sound one experiences as they interact with the river. Here, the water velocity increases, and very rapidly decreases again creating noise as water crashes onto nearby rocks or infrastructure. The sound of the water brings a narrative, an idea that these sounds are the voices of the water trying to communicate to us. It is the voice of our ancestors, or perhaps an echo of something that presently lies upstream. Inspired by the 1927 Walter Ruttmann silent film “Symphony of a City�, one may begin to think of this site for it’s dynamic acoustics as parts of the city that sing in harmony with each other. One can imagine a device that calls for your attention to listen to its voices of the present and past. Digitally fabricated listening devices work within their acoustic landscape to either intensify, dampen or contribute to sound. This is all in hopes to remind the local community to open their ears, and listen to the spaces they inhabit.


grand river watershed



potential sites for sound installation

sound source

sound response


shape + interaction

natural water flow

to dampen



water at parkhill dam

to diffuse



water meeting infrastructure

to reflect



water meeting natural rock

to replace




to concentrate




to amplify



to select

pedestrian interaction

site map and auditory conditions mind map


sound barrier: concrete flood wall sound source: parkhill dam sound absorber: berm sound observer: parkette sound observer: portage sound source: automobiles sound source: infrastructure sound barrier: flood walls sound observer: river edge parks

sound intensity -12 dB -18 dB -24 dB -30 dB -32 dB -36 dB

ex i s t i n g a u d i t o r y c o n d i t i o n s



sound installation conceptual vignettes

01 02 03 04 academic 05 06

st clair library type:

public library, architecture




rhino, illustrator, photoshop, maxwell render

This studio project was my first attempt at exploring the realm of public buildings. I am interested in spaces where people can gather, a public node in a city that denies the isolation and introvertedness that the downotwn and suburban dwellers have most direct access to. In the high density area of St. Clair Avenue West and Bathurst Street in Toronto, this library acts as a retreat, a place to promote conversation, group work, community meetings and performance. This social program for the library is enhanced through all five floors- with a gathering space leading to a sunken courtyard on the ground floor, family reading areas in the children’s section and many areas for group work and collaboration. The main method of organization is through shifts in the floor plates, providing means for bookshelves to nestle into the structure and allowing views to pass over taller stacks. Most shelves are multifunctional, such as a shelf that also acts as a desk, a shelf that wraps around a ramp, or a shelf that forms a seating area.


c o n t ex t a x o


building elevation


interior vignette


building sections





interior bookshelf conditions + selection of floor plans

01 02 03 04 05 academic 06

chicago auditorium type:

model making, architectural


07.2018 - 08.2018


rhino, laser cutting, physical model making


Adil Dharshi, Callum Nolan, Yannik Sigouin + Colin Williams

The Auditorium Building by Adler and Sullivan (1889) stands as a proud architectural monument in Chicago as a product of the technological advancements occurring in post-enlightenment and post-industrial revolution America. Innovations such as new building construction methods, use of steel and the invention of the elevator allowed for a building of this scale to be accomplished. It also marks the beginning of a building typology with the Chicago School that still influences the way we build tall buildings today. This building was the first multi-use building in the world of its scale, as its program includes a hotel, offices and an acoustically brilliant auditorium. It was also the tallest building in Chicago at the time, and the largest building in America. The auditorium building also uses innovated foundation technologies designed by Adler in order to support the weight of a building of this scale. It is because of all the aforementioned success that myself and my group members chose to showcase this specific building. The representation of this building was completed through an in depth research process, and curation of original and recreated drawings in which a 3D model was produced. This 1:125 millboard model stands at 80 cm long, 24 cm wide and 52 cm tall and is now on display in our school library.




thank you! 416 801 9920

Profile for Isabella Suppa

Isabella Suppa Architecture and Urban Design Portfolio 2019  

I'm currently a third year student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Hope you enjoy this current selection of my work.

Isabella Suppa Architecture and Urban Design Portfolio 2019  

I'm currently a third year student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Hope you enjoy this current selection of my work.