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The Perfect Dog Walker Tips If you own a dog, then you already know what great friends these animals can be to you and your family members. They provide you with love, friendship and security all in one. Chances are that you are unable to be with your perfect pup 24/7 and those times when you are not around are ones in which a dog walker will come in handy. Here are ten tips to hiring the perfect dog walker: 1. Before you hire someone to walk your dog, figure out how often you will need them to do so. This will allow you to budget accordingly and choose a dog walker who will be able to fit your needs. 2. Choose a Dog Walker Seattle who offers more than just dog walking. You will find that a full-service dog walker, such as one who grooms and trains your dog as well, may come in extremely handy. 3. Ask friends and family for referrals for dog walkers. You can also use a pet service locator website to zone in on the perfect dog walker in your area. 4. Check on your dog walker’s availability and make sure they are flexible with their time.

5. Inquire with the dog walker before hiring them as to the types of dogs which they walk as some dog walkers only deal with small dogs, etc.

6. Look for an experienced dog walker to ensure that you’re pet will be in good hands. 7. Meet the Dog Walkers Seattle first. You don’t want to blindly choose a dog walker without making sure they are compatible with you and your pet. 8. Be certain to find a dog walker who handles all the duties himself/herself. This way you know it will be them who is walking your pet at all times. 9. Choose the right dog walker after thoroughly reviewing all options. 10. Ensure that your pet likes the new dog walker before hiring them. After all, it will be your pup spending most of the time with this individual, not you. These ten items will help you to choose the right dog walker for your furry family member.

The Perfect Dog Walker Tips  
The Perfect Dog Walker Tips  

Most Dog walkers Seattle simply just take the dog for a walk or let the dog out for a potty break. Dog walkers usually take the dog for a wa...