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Perks of Being a Wallflower Final Project Charlie’s Memories

Directions: Charlie goes through a lot of changes in the year this book takes place. He makes friends, loses friends, explores his family dynamic, etc. It is your job to capture these memories and, using Charlie’s voice, explain why these memories are so important. You will create a memory box for Charlie’s freshman year of high school. You will need to choose FIVE objects that highlight his memories. They can be movie stubs, songs, books, etc. You will then explain each of the five objects with a short paragraph. All in all, you will have 5 paragraphs explaining why the objects were included in the box – from Charlie’s point of view. The project can be a physical box with objects, a PowerPoint, or Prezi.

Requirements: 1. Five objects that represent Charlie’s memories 2. Five explanations – one for each object 3. At least 3 quotes (total) from the novel that support your explanations

Due Date: The complete project will be due at the end of session 13 (Feb. 13)

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