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Presented by Isabella Davies

TOPSHOP ABOUT THE BRAND Topshop was founded in 1964 and is now a British multinational retailer which is part of the Arcadia Group. The Arcadia Group is a British multifashion house owned by Sir Phillip Green and includes brands such as Miss Selfridge, Wallis and Dorothy Perkins, with Topshop/Topman the most popular produce out of the brands. The Brand was founded in a British Department store and with it's popularity it then developed into its own independent store in 1970.

TOPSHOP IN 2018 Topshop now has over 500 shops worldwide with 300 of them being in the UK. Topshop is known for being the go to shop for all the latest trends and must have items. With prices ranging from an adverage of ÂŁ15-ÂŁ50 it is known to draw in more than 250,000 on a weekly basis according to Acadia in 2017. Topshop sells a wide variety of products from Socks, Handbags, Skirts and Shoes, with sizes ranging from 4-16 in their clothes. TOPSHOP AW18

TOPSHOP - PRICE ANALYLIS OF PRICE -Topshops price point is more towards the high end of the high street. With a selection of price points for their products, there is a huge variety to pick from -Topshop have a basics range which is known more as Jersey, which products an alternative cheap option to their more expensive products with t-shirts on sale as little as ÂŁ5. -They also have a boutique collection where jackets can range up to ÂŁ400 - Their products are priced mainly around the materials used and how popular the item will be - When Topshop in the past have completed collaborations with different celebrities their price point has been priced as higher

TOPSHOP- PLACE ANALYSIS OF PLACE -Topshop stores are mainly in bigger towns and cities. The main flagship store is the one on oxford street in London, its more than three floors high, and includes a restaurant, nail bar and even a hairdressers. - Bigger stores have personal shopping to help you find the perfect outfit without the hassle of you having to find it yourself.

- They also have a big online website which saves the trouble of going into store. It is easy to navigate and also has a wider variety of their products and sizes online. They usually have an incentive to buy such as free delivery.

TOPSHOP - PROMOTION ANALYSIS OF PROMOTION -Stores often have sales such as 50% off and they follow the steps of their online website with their sales. - Topshop puts a lot of money into their advertising with unique concepts such as live catwalks on your phone - Their website usually have unique promotions such as free delivery or student discount -One of the brands unique selling points are the window displays, they always have a range of maniquens showing their latest trends which encourages users to buy the products

TOPSHOP - PRODUCT ANALYSIS OF PRODUCT -Topshop’s products are fashion clothing and they have a lot of good ranges. They often repeat a pattern over several garments to make their own collections just like designers -Topshop unlike most other high street shops don't steal ideas from other fashion houses and usually find their own patterns to use and create a trend out of - Topshop have a basics collection called Jersey where you will find cheaper items which are for every day wear - Topshop have a more expensive collection as well called Topshop Boutique



WHERE THEY ARE IN THE MARKET Topshop is very high up in the market with them having both high price and high quality Their biggest competitor is Zara with their footfall and sales but also with similarity with products

Zara Both ÂŁ29.99 Topshop





- My idea is to release a new fragrance line for Topshop as this is something they haven't released a perfume line yet. Topman has realised already a Fragrance line for men so I thought that Topshop would benefit from a fragrance line. - The perfume line will follow the same bottle designs as Topman and will be priced at ÂŁ10 which is in accordance to Topmans pricing of their bottles.

CONCEPT OF THE PERFUMES The perfume line I am creating will be focusing on 3 key emotions. Lust- Red Rejoice- Yellow Rejuvenated- Green This is a unique idea as no other brand has based their sense of smell on their emotions. With this being a massive USP I feel the perfume will gain a lot of attention and with the price of the product being extremely affordable, their should be major profit earned from the launch and the following weeks after.

How is this idea unique WHO ARE THE COMPETITORS?

- The two main competitors for my perfume range are H & M and Zara. - Their perfumes range from ÂŁ4 - ÂŁ12 - Both have very basic designs and no meaning behind the perfumes such as a story -My concept is including emotion and colour which is niche to the current market and the bottles will reflect this


My 3 key ideas are: - Social media influencers - Instagram and twitter sneak peaks - Countdown timer on websites

COUNTDOWN TIMER How this will be effective

Topshop mock up of website

Countdown timer helps customers get a buzz around a new launch and adds a big emphasis to how amazing the new product will be The countdown timer will take up the whole homepage on the webpage with just a little sneak peak at the bottom of what the products will be about Nearer to the time the countdown page will reveal little by little more information


Social media influencers are an amazing way of reaching a wider audience who may not have thought to look at the product before

How they will help the launch

Shaaanxo who has over 7 million followers over 4 platforms

For my launch I will send the product to the influencers two weeks before the product is launched so they can create a hype around it and market it on their social media

Social media influencers will be promoting the product on their youtube videos as well as on Instagram. I want them to promote their favourite emotion by having a theme to the post which matches the bottle


- Website spin the wheel - User generated content for competitions - Email marketing (retention marketing) - Free samples with any purchase on the website

SPIN THE WHEEL How will this concept work

My main idea is to have a spin the wheel on their website promoting the product which will mean customers will have the chance to win discount codes or even a brand new perfume When they get to the main screen a big button saying spin me will appear and they will have the chance to press it once When they spin the wheel they have a chance of winning a discount code to spend on perfume or even gain a full bottle for free This will gain a lot of attention and by having the chance of winning discount codes with every time you winning a minimum of 5% off this will mean people will be encouraged to purchase the item

USER GENERATED CONTENT How will this gain attention

User generated content will be a great way of people being able to engage with the product as well as having a chance of winning free products Every day a winner will be picked from their # photos on Instagram to win the whole perfume collection This will encourage people to interact with the idea behind colour emotion and be able to engage with the product on a personal level. It is also a free way of marketing and will reach all their followers


Email marketing will be a great way of using retention marketing. Existing members of emails and Topshop will be able to gain one day early access to the product and will also recive a unique 20% code to them This will make them feel valued and also help to promote the product to people who are more likely to buy than new customers On the email they will be able to pick what perfume they want out of the three and will also have a questionnaire which will help them decide which one suits them.

FREE SAMPLES How will the free samples work

Free samples are a great way of letting customers test the product to see if its something that they like The free samples will be given to anyone who spends over ÂŁ20 on their website and will come with the order The customer will be able to pick what emotion they want to experience and will be able to find a discount code for 10% off on their free samples

Why I feel this idea will work? Topshop has a gap in their market with a perfume range and I feel with my ideas for marketing and the concept of the idea it will gain a lot of attention and profit. With the perfume priced at ÂŁ10 it is a reasonable price with all ages being able to afford it from young teenagers through to adults. Item 3 5%

Maybe 35%

Yes 60%

60% said they would definitely purchase now

Topshop Perfume presentation  
Topshop Perfume presentation