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How can the error of jumping cursor in Acer be fixed?

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Your Acer laptop inhibited cursor has a habit of hopping and bouncing especially when some important procedure has to be followed. The Acer laptop controls the device in a way making it jump. You can eradicate this menace as the setting of the Acer has the prudent and designed touchpad motion that causes the cursor to move.

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▪ Go to the windows icon on the bottom left and access to the control panel from the left. ▪ Move to the viewing of icon link amongst the toolbar and go to hit the mouse button. ▪ Locate to the general setting and hit the synaptic devices from the rolls. ▪ It is no obligation to have the same product but you can try its alternative. ▪ Move to its setting. ▪

▪ Go to the plus symbol on your keyboard and enlarge the pointed ▪ ▪

area through the left frame. Try going towards the sensitivity tab and go to the palm check. Hold and lift the bar right side making it increase. This maximized speed would, in turn, minimize the jump. Hit the link of sensitivity-touch and choose to go to the heavy touch section. This will ensure the light brushing through hands or activation accidentally with the help of another object. This would prevent the pointer to roam. Look at the apply button on the dialog box and hit the ‘Ok’ button for saving the changes.

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How can the error of jumping cursor in acer be fixed  
How can the error of jumping cursor in acer be fixed  

This PDF is about to fix the error of jumping cursor in Acer. If you have any query or issue while doing this, Contact us at our toll-free A...