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A steaming mug is like 路abig, warming hug as the temperature cools, says Isabella Fowler




A decadent treat, the Classic Spanish Hot. Chocolate recommended by the friendly San Churro staff is more of a chocolate soup than a drink. Steaming hot, thick and fragrant, it's not for the faint -hearted, but pure bliss for the sweet-toothed. $5.95 gets you a huge mug of chocolatey goodness.


RUlld!e St; Gauger Sf. Marinn.





MILKAHOllC The hazelnut hot chocolate from this quirky " Norwood spot will have you craving more. Chilli, mint and peanut butter are tempting as well, but hazelnut is a staff favourite: Smooth and flawless in flavour, tasting like a liquefied Ferrero Rocher, the delectable drink costs $S.50 with a marshmallow included.


Greeting you with the irresistible aromas of cinnamon and melting chocolate, Adelaide' Arcade's newchocoholic paradise offers a drool-worthy menu. The Belgium Hot Chocolate is served hot and frothy and is rich and velvety with a touch of bitterness. $6.50 for a large.

Sliop 50-52 Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide; 8223 4890; kokol:!!adw.HI"I


61A Edward st, Norwom:l. 8431 9922


BRACEGIRDLES This Adelaide favourite boasts a hot chocolate that will make you feel at home; subtle, creamy and a perfect temperature. Generous "in size and served with a marshmallow, the drink is comforting with a silky texture, not too sweet and not too milky. $4.50 small and $6 large.

Gienelg. Mctafmi Vale, Mafion, 100ral! Gamens, Kensington; bracegird!<lll

Food Review - The best hot chocolate  
Food Review - The best hot chocolate  

Published in Taste, Wednesday May 14 2014