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FEBUARY 14, 2014


Valentines Day at KCP Last Friday, KCP celebrated Valentines day with serenades. The seniors entered the class to sing a song to a girl or boy that the serenade was sent to. It was all in the middle of a class. At recess, there was a concert in the library. Also at recess, NJHS had a sweet bake sale. They sold many food such as brownies, blondies, ice-cream, slutty brownies, cake, cookies and much more. They sold to both, middle school and high school. At the end of the day, some seniors had a Valentine Assembly. Kids from different classes were picked by the seniors. They made a lot of fun activities. Everyone was entertained there. Kids from all classes had fun. It was a very lovely day at KCP. If Valentines day was that fun, student cant wait for Carnival day, at KCP too. At the classes, they also did activities related to Valentines day and love. All the kids went happy to their houses after a long, lovely and fun day at their school.

I: Hello Harry. How are you doing? H: Hey, I am doing very good, thanks! I: So.. I have heard that you are coming to Colombia in April. H: Yep. I am going to finally meet my lovely Colombian fans. I: Have you ever been to Colombia? H: No. This will be my first time going there. I've heard it’s a very fun place. I: All of your fans will go crazy that day. They are already planning on going to your hotel or to the airport to greet you. H : Wow! I am very excited to met them too. I cant wait.

I: Ok Harry, now lets talk a little about your personal and professional life. H: Sure. In can answer anything. I: At what age did you first audition to the X Factor? H: Umm. I was 16. I: Is your mom and dad very helpful for you in your professional life? H: Thanks to hem I am where I am. I would be anything without those two very important people. I thank them a lot. I: Do you have brothers or sisters? H: Yep, an older sister. Gemma.

Carnavals at Barranquilla this year are going to be extra fun. The carnavals will be chaired by the queen, Maria Margarita Diazgranados. She is an alumni at KCP. The dates of the carnavals will be March 1,2,3 and 4 2014. Things you can not lack are the Batalla de Flores, the Guacherna, the Coronacion, the Gran Parada, the Desfile de fantasia etc. It will all be super cultural and fun. At KCP, we will also celebrate carnavals. We will have queens and a Bando, and many dances. The queen will also come to our school.

If you see marimondas, monocucos, toritos etc don't get scared. This is a time of the year that it is obligatory to dance. If you get bored, Carnavals will not welcome you. So, finally, the last thing I have to say is that no one should miss this years carnavals. People from many places of the world come to se. Enjoy is the most important thing in this time of the year.

The Old City of PRAGUE A city that I would recommend to visit, would be Prague, Czech Republic. It’s a wonderful place. My grandma was Czech so I have visited Prague a couple of times. Prague is a very cultural place. Most of the building are from the Medieval Period. The architecture is very great. For me, the best things that I remember are Charles Bridge, The Square Clock and the church next to it, The Dancing buildings and EVERY street. Walking in Prague's streets make you feel as if you are living hundreds of years ago. The castle is also very beautiful. If you every visit Prague, go to Karlovy vary. It’s a city also in Czech Republic. It has a mineral water that is very healthy. If you go to a theater there, they are very beautiful and cultural. So remember, if you ever visit Europe, don't miss Prague. You will love it and enjoy it.

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This magazine is about fashion but this time, it has articles about schools, places, interviews etc. You will LOVE it!

La Mode  

This magazine is about fashion but this time, it has articles about schools, places, interviews etc. You will LOVE it!