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dim /dɪm/ (adjective) (badly lit corridor, room) ciemny: The cab driver didn't notice her standing in the dim corner of the street.; (shape, figure) niewyraźny: The dim silhouette suddenly disappeared.; (memory) mglisty, niewyraźny: I do have a dim recollection of my first holiday at the seaside.; (feeling) niejasny: I woke up with this dim feeling that made me feel uneasy for the rest of the day.; (hue, colour) wyblakły: I don't like the dim red colour of these walls, we'll have to redecorate this room.; (glass, brass) matowy: As a birthday gift, he gave me that beautiful dim vase from the antique shop around the corner.; (person) ciemny, tępy, głupi: I can't believe you're really that dim!; (future, prospect) niewesoły, marny: A dim vision of the

company's future led to several strikes. ejection /iɑdʒekʃn/ (noun) (of lava) erupcja: The volcano's ejection isn't going to reach the town.; (of gases) wydzielanie się: The increasing gas ejection led to the foundation of environmentalist movement in our town. ; (of tenant) eksmisja: The tenants were informed about the ejection only a week before.; (of enemy troops) wyparcie: We were able to win thanks to the ejection of general Smith's troops.; (of a troublesome person) wyrzucenie: They've decided that ejection is the only solution to make Tim stop and think for a while about his behaviour.; (aviation) katapultowanie się: He survived the plane crash only thanks to the ejection. ejection seat (US Aviat.) fotel katapultowy equity /ɑekwəti/ (noun) (fairness) sprawiedliwość, słuzność: It is impossible to value the equity of this verdict.; (value) wartość majątku netto: The equity is assessed at 100 000 $.; (investment) udział (w kapitale), akcje: He tried hard not to lose his equities in Beckmann Incorporated; (theatre) Equity związek zawodowy aktorów (w Wlk.Brytanii, USA, Kandzie): He was the only actor who didn't want to join Equity.; (law) system prawny uzupełniający normy ustawowe i prawa zwyczajowe, stosowany w krajach anglosaskich indefinite /ɪnɑdefɪnət/ (adjective) (plan, idea, intention) niejasny: His holiday plans are still indefinte, that's why we can't make any arrangements.; (duties) niesprecyzowany: Indefinte liabilities introduce great mess in the functioning of the office.; (number, amount, period) nieokreślony: He proposed to her indefinite number of times and she kept saying "No".; (curfew, strike) nieograniczony: The Union announced an indefinite strike.; (rodzajnik nieokreślony) indefinite article: My students have no problems in

distinguishing indefinite articles "a", "an". indicate /ɑɪndɪkeɪt/ (verb) (direction, location, object) wskazywać: We couln't get to our destination because GPS indicated a wrong direction.; (presence of) świadczyć o: The itch indicates inflammation.; (time, value) pokazywać, wskazywać: The clock indicated midnight.; (weather, changes) zapowiadać: His behaviour indicated that some changes are about to come.; (imply, signify) wskazywać na coś: The results of this test indicate that students need some more practice instead of theory. to be indicated ; być wskazywanym, zalecanym: My doctor said that it is indicated to drink camomile tea if you have sore throat. member / 'membə(r)/ (of a group, family) członek: Her husband is a member of a legendary rock group. MP, Member of Parliament poseł, posłanka;: The local MP was accused of slander., active member działacz;: He is the active member of Greenpeace., member of the opposite sex osoba odmiennej płci;: All members of the opposite sex are asked to move to the next room., member of the public obywatel, przechodzeń, widz (w teatrze);: A few members of the public were witnesses of this tragic event., connecting member łącznik;: This device won't work without a connecting member. oblivion /ə'blɪviən/ (noun) (being forgotten) zapomnienie, niepamięć: The only thing she, as a pop star, was afraid of was oblivion.; (nothingness, unconsciousness) nicość, nieprzytomność to rescue sb from oblivion ocalić od zapomnienia;: This project is to rescue from oblivion The Great War monuments., to sink into oblivion popaść w zapomnienie, pójść w niepamięć;: Victoria, a former prima balerina, couldn't bare sinking into oblivion and suffered a severe breakdown because of that., to long for oblivion szukać zapomnienia, pragnąć śmierci;: The famous actress, longing for oblivion after her lover's death got addicted to heroine., to drink oneself into oblivion upić się do nieprzytomnośći;: His daily routine was

drinking himself to oblivion. plant /plɑənt/ (noun) (Bot.) roślina: They have no other plants but potatoes in their garden.; (seeding) sadzonka: She gave me a few plants of an extraordinary flowers.; (power station) elektrownia: They are building a plant against local inhabitants will.; (factory) zakład przemysłowy: The plant announced bankruptcy.; (mechinery) instalacje: The plants got burned in the factory last night.; (person, informer)

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wtyczka, osoba podstawiona: The officer worked undercover as a plant in a motorcycle gang. cement plant cementownia;: He's been working in the cement plant for all his life., nuclear plant elektrownia atomowa;: A strike was organised against building a nuclear plant., steel plant stalownia;: A local steel plant began

reducing workplaces. plaque /plæk/ (noun) (on wall, monument) płyta, tablica pamiątkowa: To commemorate the victims of war a new plaque was built in the cementary.; (Dent.) kamień nazębny: Our liquid helps to fight plaque and bad

breath. play /pleɪ/ (noun) (recreation) zabawa, rozrywka: Working in kindergarden, I had to come up with new plays veryoften because kids quickly get bored. ; (theatre) sztuka: I loved his creation in the play directed by Smith.; (game) gra, rozgrywka: The play ended with a draw. a play for radio słuchowisko radiowe;: She wrote a marvelous script for a play for radio. It's gonna be a hit!, the ball is out of play piłka jest poza boiskiem;: They had to stop the game bacause the ball was out fo play., to come into play (idiom) dać o sobie znać;: When such symptoms come into play, I guess we ought to start worrying., there's not enough play in the schedule plan nie daje możliwości manewru;: I'm afraid nothing can be done about it, there's not enough play in the schedule., a skilful piece of play dobre zagranie, dobra akcja;: His skillful piece of

play made him the most famous player of the team.

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