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lingua Sprachen lebendig sprechen lernen

Sommer 2011

Isabel Hughes

England Jetzt schon an die n채chsten Ferien denken!!! Meldet Euch an!!!

Sprachen lernen in der Horsemanship

lingua Sommer

August 2011


As you know, once the word spreads many people and ideas get connected and beautiful friendships are the result of these connections. Never being aware of what might be lying around the next corner, I was at the time working on the idea of forming language camps in England. After I had contacted some wonderful people from Bailey Mill through the British Horse Society, i informed my travel agency Katja van Leeuwen Reitferienvermittlung, following our visit to the farm we immediately planned to organise a venue for this up and coming season of 2011.



Pam and her crew welcomed us warmly on the first day with a delicious barbecue and after a long long journey we felt very much at home.

1. New Horses at the Farm

How wonderful to find someone who has great knowledge around the area. At Bailey Mill gave us great possibilities to stay either just overnight or even for a whole week. The airy holiday flats invite you to relax and have a sound sleep after a long day in the English camp and riding. We booked for 2 weeks hoping for many many reservations. I was so excited to launch the Talk&Ride in Cumbria this year and we hope that you have felt the same. We will keep you informed also about America and we are also looking for a ranch in the UK that offers WesternRiding. Have a great autum Have fun and enjoy this newsletter and hopefully we will meet again.

picture of horses tinker On Sunday 4 new horses came to the farm. The horses are so called Gypsy horses but we call them Tinker. But then a Tinker is a horse bred by the gypsies. It is amazing because the horses are very young and there is only one female. Yesterday there was fight between the horses.

3 Tolle Teenies

Ian will only keep two of them. At Bailey Mill you can ride outside through the beautiful nature. They have over 10 lovely horses for riding. But you can also ride inside the arena. Pic of arena You can ring up for a riding lesson and book straight away.

Sprachen lernen in der Sitzschulung

EQUIlingua! TheSimulator Group Discription The reason why we drove to Sally’s is her simulator. With this you can test your seat and adjust it if needed. The machine simulates the trot and the canter. Sally was able to stand next to us and correct us if necessary. Sally showed us all of our mistakes and you could feel all your muscelles , which you did not even know that excisted. Slaugh Farm is 5 minutes away from BM. It is a big area on a hill. You have a great view over the land. The horses can go wherever they choose to go. Everything is open to them. The can go into a hall or eat grass outside. All doors are open. If you are a visitor to Slaugh Farm and walk on the paths you have to watch out for the horses and if one crosses your way you must wait until it has gone past you. It is a concept that I have never seen before.

Sally loves horses the most. Sally and her husband are the ownders of the Farm. She is small and kind and loves her animals more than anything. Sally wants that everybody understands horses . She knows a lot about her favourite animals and learned how to ride them best. With her simulator she teaches a lot of people and shows them ways to relax while riding. In her living room there are many horse pictures and photos of them. One is right above the fireplace. After working on the simulator she invited us for wonderful cake and lemonade.

ClassRoom!? :)) The language course

Every morning after breakfast we had 4 hrs of English in the classroom. Isabel spoke with us and showed us ways of how to learn Grammar more easily. During that time we also created a lot of things. One day we created a T-shirt, the next we were able to make bracelets. Every day we had to write our reports and for that we created special folders. The English course is very good because it is so much fun and we laugh a lot. The teacher is very nice. The important thing about the course was writing about what we saw and learned, listening to English all day, speaking to all English people and understanding all their accents and last but not least, reading. A course in England is so much fun because of the funny accents. I want to come here again.

It is all about horses! The sheep and the animals

On the farm there are 3 dogs and two hundred sheep. The sheep are on fields away from Bailey Mill. When Pipin (dog) and Chap (dog) hear the horses coming they come quickly. The Dogs Pipin is the youngest and he is very sweet. He is a Jack Russel. When we go for a ride Pipin and Mist (Nebel) always follow. Mist is black and white and a border collie. Mist and Chap are sheep dogs and play with you all the time. Champ is the oldest dog . He is not so fit anymore because he is very old. Mist has one blue and one black eye. There are many sheep on the fields. The horses and sheep are together on the grass. There aren’t any problems with that

All about meeeeeee ! Marie, is from Germany, 155 cm tall, with long brown hair brown. Her favourite colour is red, she likes all kinds of music, she loves Tofu and is a vegetarian, she loves watching TV, playing handball and loves to ride. She loves horses because they are beautiful and friendly.

She did not know that her parents had booked the English course. She was first told on arrival and naturally she was really cheesed off. But then she started to like the whole idea and wants to speak English in order to speak to all people she is going to meet some day.

Katja, from Austria, 167 tall, long blonde hair and her favourite colour is green, she loves pop music and loves eating Wiener Schnitzel, Scrubs is her favourite TV series, hobbies are riding, reading, her favourite book is “Evermore”.

She loves horses because they are beautiful creatures with invisible wings. She wants to speak English because she wants to be international and have contact with people from other countries.

CCatharina, also from Austria, natural blonde but dyed black hair, she is 168 tall and she likes all colours. She likes instrumental music and eats almost everything. Her favourite TV series is The Big Bang Theorie.

Her hobbies are riding and playing the harp. She has millions of reasons why she loves horses. She wants to be an international girl and talk to people all over the world. She would like to get to now them and their mentalities.

Ann Kristin, she was the youngest in our course and did not have so many vocabs. So we helped her along. She has long blonde hair and her favourite colour is green. She is extremely creative and drew all the horses on her T-shirt herself.

During the course it was her birthday and she received many presents and we all made cupcakes and decorated them. That was a lot of fun. Her hobbies is horse riding of course and she loves the book “Herrscher der Wildnis” Horses are her favourite because they are so elegant. She wants to learn more English.

Theresa is Marie’s sister and was also not amused when she discovered that she was to join the English course. She has long blond hair and loves green is her favourite colour.

She enjoys Handball, pop music, spaghetti and her favourite book is “Flüsterndes Gold”. She had so much fun during the course, her parents were also at BM and spoke English all the time. Her dad joined the “SmallTalk” group together with Ann Kristin’s parents.

More about meee...

more about the kids Sophie Elena, comes from Leverkusen arrived with her parents. She has very long brown hair and her favourite colours are red and blue. During the course it was her birthday and she received many presents and a birthaday cake.

She loves horses because she can see that they are good natured and that she can learn from them.

Hendrik… he really was not too thrilled about coming to England for a horse riding course. He would have liked to have stayed in Germany to chill, after a while he got used to it and loved riding in the forest.

His favourite colour is red and his hobbies are reading many many books and vaulting. His favourite book is Eragon and he loves horses because of their intelligence. He hated going shopping in Gretna, so watch out ladies, if he is ever dragged into the city he will tell you that everything suits you just fine, just to get back home. Great guy.

He really liked the session at Sally’s. He is 188 cm and 16 years old.

Steven, he loved being in England and was very communicative. He arrived together with Hendrik who’s from Hessen he’s 14 years old. He loves the colours of the rainbow and eats almost everything. Metal Rock and Pop and R&B are his favourites.

Gret(n)a Aimee 15 years old and loves Blinkblink Her favourite passtime was going shopping. She has very dark wavy hair and bright blue eyes. Her favourite colours are purple, pink, red, yellow and green. Her favourite food is pasta and she loves GossipGirl on TV. Her hobbies among horse riding are, swimming, bike riding and shopping.

Sarah, 18years, is from Stuttgart. She is 170 cm tall and loves horses very very much. Her favourite colours are pink, purple and white and is into Rock and Pop as well. Her favourite food is actually spinage with egg and potatoe and she loves reading and chatting with her friends.

She loves English and would like to achieve a very good exam result next term.

He enjoyed cantering as he vaults but does not ride. It was a new experience for him. He wants to learn English because he wants to talk to everyone in the world and he helped me supervise the meal times when the others started returning to the German language, which was very helpful.

Also she loves and cares for her family very much. We had to go shopping three times so that she could buy a suitcase full of presents for her friends and family. When she grows up she would like to find a job travelling. She loves horses and she handled them very nicely. Greta stayed for 2 weeks and I think she enjoyed the whirl pool very much. She was also here for 2 weeks and we loved having her around. Sarah was always smiling at me and joining in. In the second week she was able to talk a lot better and stopped thinking about her mistakes. It was great to have her around.

Rainy Day! All students enjoyed the rainy day because they were able to design and fiddle around with bracelet. And the beautiful things they made, true artists.

Craft Time is Fun Time AnnKristin - a true artist drew the-

se horses for her T-shirt herself. I was totally impressed. I think we all wereKatja - her folder was so very neat. All the youth created and would not be stopped easily.


-Shirts are one of the highlights of our courses. part from that the teens loved their friendship wrist bands and keyrings.

part of the workshop was learning „horse“ vocabulary ,asking for things nicely and table manners of course. ittle Pipin kept an eye on them all the time and had great fun, too.

TheAdults Thomas, Marie’s and Theresa’s father, an engineer from Hessen, Jörg a teacher with a great vision from Baden Würtemberg and his wife Barbara a physio therapist. Although Hildegard, Thomas’s wife did not participate with our SmallTalk group she enjoyed speaking English all the time. After a couple of days the breakthrough came when she addressed Theresa, in English and her daughter answered automatically in English. Goal reached, I would say. Because Bailey Mill is a family run farm, we enjoyed sitting together at meal times and had a great time, enjoying the food and having a good chat. Thomas concerns were intercultural behaviour and understanding and Jörg wanted to learn some grammar as well. Barbara who had at one time enjoyed a long term stay in Australia, just wanted to brush up her English. I have enjoyed working with this small group immensely and hope the same applies to them. It was the first time that my vision of a family language course has come true and also sitting together at meal times enjoying each others company has definitely proven that lingua is on the right track.

We will continue!! Sprachen lebendig sprechen lernen.

Pam and Ian Copeland


YES WE CAN... WorkingGirls Anna Sophie and Lisa, those two girls from different parts of Germany, helped where ever they could. They were worked into every section of Bailey Mill and I think next year, even Ian and Pam could enjoy a holiday themselves, because we now know how to run this place. Working in the kitchen together and creating all those meals was great fun.

Termine Herbst: 15.10. - 22.10.2011 22.10. - 29.10.2011

We created dishes that we did not know ourselves that they existed. Pam let us use her facilities and had great fun herself. Lisa and Anna Sophie took Megan, my daughter and me for a wonderful tour on horseback and after 3 long weeks that was my “Good Bye� to Bailey Mill. I have enjoyed and learned a great deal about myself and horses. Thank you so very much.

@ Sally‘s


hen I met Sally Spencer and her horses for the first time it was as if I had known her all my life.It was a very very cold winter day and yet I felt the need to go out there and greet her horses. Since then 3 of them have passt away but I never forget the gentleness with which they greeted me with.


ally is a true Ambassador for horses and has been most of her life.This is what she has to say about herself.

have been involved with horses for over 30 years. I began life as a horse owner during my early twenties. As a child in Canada I was sent to a few summer horse camps. After moving to Edinburgh in 1967, I fed my horse appetite with sporadic visits to local riding schools and helping at livery stables. After a number of years nursing in Edinburgh, during which time I was given a horse on loan by a patient, I was drawn to combining my desire to assist people and work with horses. This materialised when I began working at the Drum Riding for Disabled, in Gilmerton, Edinburgh in 1974.


he experience I gained during my years at the Drum was a distinct privilege. It was at this time I came to own my first horse, Butterfly, a rising three year old TB. Looking back I was pretty clueless but with great intentions, like many other people entering into such an adventure with no reason to think otherwise. Butterfly and I developed an incredible telepathic connection that brought both joy and dilemma into our lives. I’ve never forgotten it and it has proved to influence me to the present day.


his period of my early education reinforced my core belief that there had to be a way of working with horses and riding them that was non-direct pressure-based for both horse and human. Needless to say, looking back, I was largely winging it, relying on my intuition and commonsense. The snag about this is that emotions can get in the way. I was aware that I was not equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to really help my horse. I subsequently discovered I couldn’t find any other people who possessed many of them either or could articulate their skills. As a result I suffered numerous bouts of heartache, sense of failure and lapses of confidence amongst my successes and magical moments. I am sure that I am not unique in this.


y 1985 my husband, Tommy, and I had moved to a small holding in Lanarkshire, Scotland. As I became a breeder of Morgan Horses, standing my stallion Monnington Andante at stud and marvelled in the world of raising young stock I faced various setbacks, the most debilitating suffering the effects of chronic fatigue. I simply adored helping youngsters to feel secure and have good grounding before venturing out into the world. Impairment of my mental, emotional and physical wherewithal occurred to such an extent that I had to notice that my horses were not only reading changes in my energy field but reflecting it, in particular my stallion. My dogs did too. Frustration abounded as I felt powerless to remedy what was happening for quite some time. Over the years I developed my interest in complementary therapies. I was instrumental in the promotion of nutritional feed supplements aiding joint function and soft tissue repair and studied care and trimming of the barefoot horse, transitioning all of my shod horses out of shoes.


y the year 2000 a window of change appeared. A virtual troop of remarkable horsemen and women seemed to be available to me through the efforts of Trisha Wren, now resident in New Zealand., who ran Centaur Clinics. They were Mark Rashid, Leslie Desmond and Peggy Cummings. I have attended clinics and activities whether as an auditor or ride participant and through them and their associates my life, learning and experience continues to expand. I moved to Saughs Farm in June 2007 with my husband, Tommy, and our family of horses and dogs with the intention of creating a facility offering core connected foundations for the benefit of humans and horses alike..“


Bailey Mill is run by the resident proprietors Pam and Ian Copeland. It is the ideal place to unwind from the stress of a busy life or get out and enjoy an activity holiday. Pam takes care of the guests and organises the bookings while Ian tends to his sheep and also cares for the horses. Becky the riding instructor is their right hand when it comes to horse matters. Maintaining a horse farm is not an easy business as in the winter there aren’t many guests, but the horses still have to be fed.

Although Ian says he can’t ride, he can of course, and he had to prove that to us when the new horses came to the farm and had to be ridden. Everyone who comes and stays is welcome to help with mucking out or feeding the horses. Ian is Scottish, therefore you might find that understanding his strong accent can be quite a challenge sometimes :) It was great fun. We hope you will come again and follow Talk&Ride at Bailey Mill Farm. Thank you so much

What can you see on this picture

What is the English word for Gerte?

What can you see on this picture? What is the English word for B端rste? What can you do with it?

What can you see on this picture?


What is the English word for Striegel?

What can you see on this picture? What is the English word for Hufkratzer? What do you do with it?

What can you see on this picture? What is the English word for Futter?

Seit einiger Zeit arbeiten wir mit der Katja van Leeuwen Reitferienvermittlung zusammen Für uns als Sprachenschule war es wichtig einen Partner zu finden, der uns persönlich kennt und weiß, welche Qualitätsansprüche wir an eine Location stellen. Ständiges Feedback, die Wünsche unserer Kunden und Hofpartner berücksichtigend, haben uns zu einer einmaligen Kooperationspartnerschaft verholfen. So führen wir Gespräche mit den Höfen und mit dem Team der Reitferienvermittlung um für die SprachCamps optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Ihre Familie ist uns wichtig und was gibt es Schöneres, wenn jeder beim Familienurlaub auf seine Kosten kommt. Daher ist uns IHR Feedback ungemein wichtig. Wir sind gerne für Sie da, das macht uns aus.

Wir alle sind Reiter von Kindesbeinen an, sprechen mehrere Sprachen, haben Familie und kennen dadurch auch die Wünsche und Anforderungen unserer Kunden aus eigener Erfahrung. Die Reiterhöfe werden von uns gemeinsam besucht und unterliegen einer Qualitätsprüfung. Wir beraten Sie kompetent und individuell – „Urlaub von der Stange“ gibt es bei uns nicht. Im Vordergrund steht die persönliche Beratung schließlich ist unser Ziel für jeden das passende Angebot zu finden. „Wer passt zu wem?“ ist eine Frage, die wir gemeinsam beantworten. Bei der Reitferienvermittlung erhalten Sie „alles aus einer Hand“: Informationen, Beratung zum Reiterurlaub, Beratung zu Sprachschulungen, Buchung, Abschluss von Versicherungen, Organisation/Buchung von Anreise und Transfers, Reiseunterlagen, etc. – kurz: Ein „Rundum-Paket“ für einen Traumurlaub!

Feel free to ring me: +49 (0)172 7772533 Contact me at: or find me on Facebook Isabel Hughes I would like to thank the Bailey Mill Crew for being such a wonderful team. Thank you kids for being so great and so very interested. I do hope that we will meet again. Lots of Love Isabel & Megan


Ferienhof Montabaur Herbstferien: 08 - 15.10.2011 Klassisch, Dressur, Springen, Ausritte Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Bailey Mill, England GB Herbstferien: 15.10. - 22.10. 2011 22.10. - 29.10.2011 Trail Rides bei der Buchung von 2 Wochen, erhälst du einen Nachlass von € 100,- auf die zweite Woche.

PferdeSchulze Herbstferien: 01.10. - 08.10. 2011 Klassisch, Dressur, Springen, Ausritte Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Sporthotel Harzer Land Ferien: ab 2012 Klassisch, Dressur, Springen, Ausritte Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Travelers Rest, USA Ferien: ab 2012 Klassisch, Dressur, Springen, Ausritte, Westernreiten Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Gut Breitenhaupt Ferien: ab 2012 Klassisch, Dressur, Springen, Ausritte Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Gestüt Leckebusch Ostern 2012 02. bis 06. April Westernreiten, Turniervb., Kurse, Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

Ferienhof Rädler Herbstferien: 29.10. - 05.11. 2011 Westernreiten, Klassisch, Turniervb., Kurse Bring eine/n Freund/in mit und erhalte einen Nachlass von € 50,- auf deine SprachCampbuchung

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