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Why I Support the Hospice

Message from our Chief Executive – Nigel Furlong It seems no time since the last issue of Care News and Christmas has been and gone already. It has been a busy few months with heavy demands on our staff and volunteers providing care to patients and families, and on our fundraising and trading operations. Christmas is always an emotional time for all those we care for and I pay tribute to all those providing high quality services in patients’ homes, at our day services and at the In-Patient Unit. You will read in this publication of examples of this remarkable care, which goes on day in day out; real testimonies to the commitment and dedication that the multi-disciplinary Hospice teams bring to making a real difference to people’s lives. As you know, we get only limited funding from the NHS to sustain this outstanding care, so rely on you, our much valued supporters, to continue to contribute either directly through events, donations and the

Did you know that it’s not Macmillan nurses that visit end-of-life patients in your town? It’s Isabel Hospice nurses!

Justine Perry (43) from Cariad Marketing in Hertford, is a local businesswoman who has Isabel Hospice close to her heart after the care we gave to her husband Steve, who died at our In-Patient Unit on 4th January 2013.

lottery or indirectly through donating or buying goods through our High Street and on-line stores. As our strategy, which I outlined in the September issue, rolls out we are investing in our income generation activities and you will see tangible evidence of this in the development of our new website, eBay (click on the symbol on the website!) and new shops in Sawbridgeworth and Hatfield.

“We lost Steve at 47 after being diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer aged 45 – which is no age at all; it’s tragic and we miss him desperately. We were referred to the Hospice and found their doctors and nurses such a breath of fresh air. They told us difficult news, they didn’t sugar coat, but their gentle compassion made it more palatable. We were under the impression that the Hospice would be a sad and gloomy place, but that misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s well designed and bright with fully equipped rooms.

As the New Year progresses there will be more to report on, including developments at the Howlands, Welwyn Garden City site, but in the meantime may I take the opportunity to thank you again for your continuing support and wish you a happy and fulfilling 2014.

Every person we saw there had a smile for us, and I think the Hospice runs on tea, because the cups that were made for us were endless, and always gratefully received.

Nigel Furlong Chief Executive

Steve saw his role within our family as the provider. He wanted to be there for our son and two daughters and didn’t want to be admitted as an In-Patient at the Hospice at first. However, by mid-December and following a bout of pneumonia, Steve’s condition had worsened and we both knew it was the best place for him. Whilst there he showed signs of improvement, which was down to the specialist care and symptom control that the In-Patient Unit staff were able to provide. At that time we were talking about treatment plans which we would pick up in the New Year. Steve desperately wanted to be home for Christmas and the Hospice doctors and staff arranged it all. They were so practical

It is often assumed that the nurses visiting patients at home in their final months and weeks are the well-known cancer ‘Mac’ nurses from Macmillan Cancer Support. In fact, there have been no Macmillan nurses fulfilling this community role in our area for many years and this care is only given by Isabel Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Please help us spread the word. Macmillan nurses care for patients in local hospitals but they do not provide end-of-life care to patients in eastern Hertfordshire at home, that is Isabel Hospice nursing staff. If you‘d like to find out more about our Clinical Nurse Specialists working in your town, go to

and helpful, but the reality of realising that dream for him just didn’t work out. The house was noisy, with children, the dog, general family life and the level of care that he needed was so high I was struggling. He had a fall whilst he was at home and as a 6ft 4” man, getting him up was not something I could do. It was a terrible time and we realised he needed to go back to the In-Patient Unit. We also made the heart-breaking decision to start preparing the children for what was to come. The Hospice’s children’s bereavement team, who had already been supporting us, started to work with the kids and Steve returned to the Hospice. The relief was immense and our quality of life as a family improved in those few short days. I was able to take Steve out for a walk and home for lunch, and on another day took Steve for a pub lunch with all his extended family around him. The staff were amazing and they made what was such an awful time a bit more bearable. A testament to how thoughtful they were, was on our wedding anniversary, which is New Years Eve and my birthday which is 1st January. A friend of Steve’s helped him order me flowers and when they were delivered a few days early the nursing staff put them in cold storage for him. Steve was sleeping a lot at the time and they helped him give them to me, which is a really special memory. It doesn’t matter how busy they are, they always find time to go that extra mile. They always had time for me, as well as Steve and I can’t ever thank them enough for this. It never occurred to me or Steve that we would ever need charitable help but my message to others would be, you never know when you are going to need it. I want to raise as much money as I can for Isabel Hospice so others who are, in the same situation as me, will receive the same levels of fantastic specialist care.”

Steve desperately wanted to be home for Christmas and the Hospice doctors and staff arranged it all

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, when you have a terminally ill member of your family, you don’t really pay too much attention as to where the nurse has come from, be it Isabel Hospice or Macmillan. You are only interested in making sure your family member gets the best care, and is as comfortable and as pain free as possible. However, this misunderstanding at such an emotional time can lead to donations being made to Macmillan rather than Isabel Hospice. At a time when the Hospice is under pressure to provide services to more and more local people the loss of income to a national charity is hitting us hard.


By Justine Perry



Garden of Memories

Auntie Pat

Remember your loved ones this summer at our new remembrance ceremony. Plant a wooden sunflower in the garden of remembrance and join together with others who have lost a loved one on 21st June. You can find out more, plus make your dedication on-line at 3

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Spotlight on

Stockwell Lodge Stockwell Lodge in Cheshunt is one of the 3 day services the Hospice runs on a weekly basis for patients and their carers. It is a nurse-led clinic, but it couldn’t function without the time and energy supplied by a dedicated band of volunteers. Alan Whymark who has been volunteering for 8 years, mainly as a driver but now at our day service, said “I like the atmosphere here, you meet lots of new people.” Tina Clayton added “ I started as a driver but now come here and help patients with the arts and crafts they do. Initially I thought the training may be daunting, but it’s not and it means you can really help patients but also the carers who get a bit of a break when their husband or wife is here with us.” Brian Cummins said “I am normally a volunteer at the In-Patient Unit and have been so for 13 years. I am here to help fill in for a few sessions and it’s nice to do something different. People sometimes think it’s a sad place but it’s not. We have a laugh and a joke and that eases the tension for everyone.”


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Hospice at Home

The Hospice enabled us to stay together until the end – he died in my arms Hazel Rorke said “It was such a frightening time for both of us when Ernie was diagnosed with a rare terminal condition called Corticobasal degeneration (CBD)*. He started falling over and could not control his balance. There was no pain, but there is no cure and so we had to give up the crash repair business we owned as it became too dangerous for him to be around the vehicles in case he fell. As soon as Isabel Hospice became involved in his care we both relaxed. We were married for 54 years and I just wanted to look after him until the end. We got so much support from the Hospice and we felt much more confident dealing with his illness. Community Clinical Nurse Specialist Jackie Watts visited and helped in so many ways. You couldn’t get more professional or caring people. The Hospice’s respite service, where Ernie was admitted to the In-Patient Unit for a few days, enabled me to get a small break, which as every carer will know is a lifeline. Ernie died in my arms at home which is what he would have wished for. After such a long marriage the pain of being without him still catches me unawares. I was recently able to make a donation to the Hospice and I know this is something he would have wanted me to do.”

Donations such as Hazel’s are vital to the continuing of our free end-of-life care, and could pay for many more patients to spend their last days and hours in the arms of their loved ones. • £150 is the average cost per home visit • Last year we supported 287 patients to die at home as was their wish • £445 is the cost to provide support for a bereaved family for a year • 12% of our patients have a non-cancer diagnosis *a rare condition where brain cells become damaged over time and certain sections of the brain start to shrink

Patient Frank O’Rorke enjoys the company of Brian, Tina and Alan at Stockwell Lodge.

Sponsored Cycle Ride 25km, 50km and 100km routes available

Help for South African Hospice Isabel Hospice has been able to donate syringe drivers (small pieces of equipment that deliver measured amounts of medicine such as morphine) to a Hospital in South Africa. Due to changing NHS regulations the syringe drivers are no longer approved for UK use, but are in perfectly good working order. Organised by Hatfield Rotary Club the syringe drivers have gone to the Groote Schuur Hospital who are trying to develop an embryo hospice movement for the people of South Africa. So far over 100 have been sent out from all different sources, including 29 from Isabel Hospice.


Mike Freeman, a former Isabel Hospice Chairman and of Hatfield Rotary said “I cannot overstate how gratefully they are being received, as there is practically nothing in the way of palliative care and support for the poor communities in South Africa. As the syringe drivers are now redundant if we hadn’t found this new home for them they would have been no use to anyone. It seems to me to be a real win-win situation.”

Sign up today for an early bird discount entry price Before Monday 3rd March £12 adult £5 child (under 14s)

Starting from

Bishop’s Stortford Rugby Club, Hadham Rd, CM23 2QE 9:00am, 9:15am & 9:30am start

Register from 4th March – 21st May at 5pm £15 adult £5 child (under 14s)

Sunday 25th May After 22nd May it is on the day registration fee of £20 adult £5 child (under 14s)

Sign up on-line today at


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Corporate Care News Aaron Lynch - Corporate Relationship Manager t: 01707 382547 m: 07966 621 160

Hello, I am Aaron, and have taken over the Corporate Relationships Manager role. My career background is based in retail, spending 9 years working for Tesco, specialising in Supply Chain Management. My most recent achievement there was to create a new way of forecasting sales for promotional lines, and linking with suppliers to help keep a smooth flow to the orders they would receive. From there I moved to Reckitt Benckiser, a household and healthcare manufacturer and supplier, responsible for brands such as Finish, Vanish, Airwick, Durex, Nurofen & Lemsip to name a few. My responsibilities there were to make sure that all parties were singing from the same hymn sheet. Not an easy task balancing expectations of both the retailer and supplier! I moved to Isabel Hospice because I want to use my skills to benefit such a well respected local charity. I spend a great deal of my spare time coaching football in the local community, I currently hold my UEFA B License in Football Coaching. If you feel you’d like to have a chat with me or get involved in sponsorship, adoption or just think you’d like to help out a great local charity, please feel free to contact me.

Best Digital have provided advertising banners for Hospice events either for free or at vastly reduced costs. Lisa Seccombe, Fundraising Director said “Geoff Rawlings who owns Best Digital makes such a difference to how we can market our events. This then means we raise our profile and more income for our worthy cause.”

Cariad Marketing

Cariad have been great Isabel Hospice supporters and recently helped on an e-marketing campaign to help bring in £10,000 of matched funding to go towards a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Gill Macdonald, Media Officer for the Hospice said “Justine and Carole from Cariad designed our e-mailer for free, and gave us training on how to make it work best for us. Their e-marketing expertise has been invaluable, and we are very excited now we are able to use this new marketing tool.”

Bows & Bells Sponsorship

Pexhurst have kindly sponsored our annual Christmas Bells & Bows appeal by paying for the pin badges. This means that every penny made from the collections goes towards patient care. Nick Tagliarini said “The Hospice is a charity close to our heart as members of the Pexhurst team have had assistance from the Hospice either for friends or family members. Also, with a local charity we know and can see with our own eyes the work it does. You feel like you’re really giving something back when you can see it.”

At the beginning of June last year, while Hester was jogging 2-3 times a week, she started to develop a number of symptoms which did not go away. Shortly afterwards it was discovered that the cancer in her lungs was growing and had spread to the lymph nodes in her chest and neck. The cancer was not treatable by most of the available options and chemotherapy had only a 20% chance of having any effect. She was fortunate enough to make it onto a drug trial that had the potential to specifically target the cancer she had with specific genetic features that her cancer also had. It could have been amazingly successful. However it was not. She had to stop the trial 3 weeks ago and continued to get worse at a frightening rate. Ultimately the problem was not the cancer in her lungs. It was the cancer in her throat.

Hester died on Thursday 7th November at 3:56pm UK time, 8 days before her 35th birthday I was with her for the duration. Our 5 and 3 year old daughters were in the same building and had seen her shortly before, but were not present when she died. I met Hester just over 9 years ago when travelling in Australia. After our journeys entwined travelling up the east coast of Australia, she joined me in my 1974 VW Camper van and we continued on around the entire perimeter of Australia, creating some of the most amazing memories for us both. We returned together and brought our camper van back with us, which remains with us to this day (and which will be used to transport her to her funeral - so that she leaves me as she joined me). We were married on 18th April 2008. Our first daughter was born on 5th August 2008. Our second daughter was born on 7th September 2010, and was just 5 months old when Hester’s cancer was found to have returned. She will not be here to watch her beautiful and amazing daughters grow up.

Charity of the Year

Sainsbury in Hoddesdon have been one of a number of businesses that have taken the Hospice on as their charity of the year in 2013. Thanks to all the staff and customers for helping raise thousands of ££. If you would like to adopt us in this way, please do get in touch!

By Tom Taylor

Hester had cancer for a very long time. First diagnosed and treated when she was 21, she went into remission for 9 years. 3 years ago it reappeared in her lungs, and was found to be inoperable. For 2 1/2 years it was stable and showed no appreciable changes. Life continued. Not normally, but Hester was fit and healthy. Very few people knew what was happening.


Providing Banners and Advertising Materials


Upcoming events Golf Day May 15th at Hanbury Manor near Ware - contact me to put in a team.

Networking with Heart Businesses large and small are welcome to join us for these local networking lunches. See our website to sign up

Skydive Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane? Call me!

Hester has time and again proven her dedication and passion for her beliefs, and has touched, supported and helped so many people throughout her life - I am finding things out about her now that I never knew while she was alive.

The Hospice did so much to alleviate her symptoms, and I saw her start to crave food and eat properly again, which I had not seen for over 4 months At the end, Hester spent the last week of her life in Isabel Hospice In-Patient Unit. They did so much to alleviate her symptoms, and I saw her start to crave food and eat properly again, which I had not seen for over 4 months. Every single person at the hospice, staff and volunteers, were amazing throughout, helping Hester, myself and our girls, and I cannot start to express my gratitude to them all. Hester in turn touched many of their lives, and I know that there was a huge amount of sadness amongst everyone there when she died. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude, and hope that this can be a small start to repaying that debt. Hester was an amazing person, and she will remain in our memories and hearts for ever. I just hope that we can help to make a difference to others in similar situations... Tom Taylor 8


Make A Will Week Trust news

Charity Warnes,

Deputy Director of Fundraising

We are extremely grateful to Tesco Charity Trust who have supported Isabel Hospice once again, this time with a grant of £15,000 which has enabled us to replace the flooring at our In-Patient Unit. The existing flooring in our reception area and corridors was badly damaged in places, and as such was an issue in terms of infection control, so the replacement flooring was needed to ensure the safety of those in our care. Thank you to Tesco for making this possible!

10th-14th March 2014

Have you been putting off making or updating your Will?

Now you have an opportunity to ensure that your family and loved ones are properly provided for whilst also donating to Isabel Hospice! Bishop’s Stortford

Lever & Co Solicitors and Notary Public 25B White Horse Court North Street, CM23 2LD Tel: 01279 758760 or 07957 377587

The ACT Foundation has offered a grant of £1,500 for which we are very grateful. This too will be used towards the new flooring. Thank you to the Graham Rowlandson Foundation, via Hertfordshire Community Foundation, who have funded essential work to the kitchen at our In-Patient Unit. The Foundation has supported Isabel Hospice on many occasions in the past, and we are hugely grateful to the Trustees for their ongoing support.

Pellys RJP Sworders Court North Street CM23 2TN Tel: 01279 758080

The Freemasons Grand Charity has recently awarded the Hospice a grant of £2,831 to help support our services. We very much appreciate the support that we receive, both through the Grand Charity and through the individual lodges. We were recently awarded a £10,000 grant by St James’s Place Foundation to help fund our Hospice at Home service, which supports people in their own homes at the end of life if this is their wish. This is a vital service, and we are grateful for their support. Without grants such as these, we would simply not be able to fund various aspects of our work, so we would like to thank all the grant making bodies that support us in so many ways.

Tees Law High Street CM23 2LU Tel: 01279 755200

Palliative Care Support Workers from our Hospic at Home team

Whiskers LLP The Folly 18 Hadham Road CM23 2QR Tel: 01279 439439

Local solicitors will prepare or amend your Will, and instead of charging a fee, they will invite you to make a donation to Isabel Hospice.

Suggested minimum donation; basic Will £100, pair of basic Mirror Wills £150. More complex Wills may incur a charge.

Gifts in Wills

Enjoying our Day Service at Christmas

When thinking about how you wish to leave your estate, you may feel that you would like to support a cause that is close to your heart such as Isabel Hospice, but in the current economic climate you could be forgiven for thinking that you need to preserve everything for your loved ones. What you may not know is that there is a way in which you can get the best of both worlds! Instead of leaving a set amount of money to a charity, you can leave a percentage or portion of your estate. This means that no matter what happens to the value of your estate, your loved ones will still receive the lion’s share. For example, if your net estate is worth £250,000, which was the average price of a terraced house in Hertfordshire in 2013, you might choose to leave just 1% to Isabel Hospice. This means that your loved ones would still receive £247,500, and would be unlikely to miss the £2,500 that would be gifted to Isabel Hospice. However, for Isabel Hospice that £2,500 might pay for over 60 sessions with our Therapy Team, almost 40 sessions for patients at our Day Services or more than four days of specialist nursing care for a patient at our In-Patient Unit; in short it would make a very real difference. If you are considering making or updating your Will, we would always suggest that you seek the advice of a solicitor. In March you can take part in Make A Will Week, and support Isabel Hospice whilst getting your affairs in order.


In order to make an appointment, contact any participating solicitor from the list opposite and quote ‘Isabel Hospice Make A Will Week’. Book now to avoid disappointment, as some solicitors are only able to offer a limited number of appointments!

For further information about Make a Will Week or including Isabel Hospice in your Will, please call Charity Warnes on 01707 382544.


Braddon & Snow Solicitors Riverside House Station Road EN10 7AT Tel: 01992 467479 Cheshunt

Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LLP Turners Hill Chambers 1 Albury Grove Road EN8 8XR Tel: 01992 642333 Cuffley

Angela Lever Lever & Co Solicitors and Notary Public Tel: 01279 758760 or 07957 377587



Curwens Crossfield House Gladbeck Way EN2 7HT Tel: 020 8363 4444

Curwens 19 High Street EN11 8SX Tel: 01992 463727

Bernard Pearce & Co 626A Hertford Road Enfield Highway EN3 5TG Tel: 020 8804 5271

Goffs Oak

Gisby Harrison Goffs Oak House Goffs Lane EN7 5HG Tel: 01707 878300 Great Dunmow

Pellys RJP 1-3 High Street CM6 1UU Tel: 01371 871600 Hertford

Braddon & Snow Solicitors 23A Fore Street SG14 1DJ Tel: 01992 536503 Duffield Harrison 27A Fore Street SG14 1DJ Tel: 01992 587065

Braddon & Snow Solicitors Montagu House 68 High Street EN11 8HA Tel: 01992 464552

Duffield Harrison 56 High Street EN11 8EX Tel: 01992 442911 Potters Bar

Stanley de Leon 45 Darkes Lane EN6 1BJ Tel: 01707 657277 Welwyn Garden City Crane & Staples Longcroft House Fretherne Road AL8 6TU Tel: 01707 329333

Ewart Price 1st Floor 16-18 Church Road AL8 6PS Tel: 01707 332383

HRJ Foreman Laws Garden House Solicitors 10 Parkway AL8 6HG 23 London Road Tel: 01707 887700 SG13 7LG Tel: 01992 422128

Longmores Solicitors LLP 24 Castle Street SG14 1HP Tel: 01992 300333

R A Savage & Co Gate House Fretherne Road AL8 6NS Tel: 01707 373037

Isabel Hospice, Head Office, 61 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1JR Tel: 01707 382500 Registered Charity No. 1046826


Volunteering Calling all retired nurses/carers we need your skills! Isabel Hospice is looking for nurses/carers to help care for patients at the end of life in their own homes. As a Community Support volunteer you would work alongside one of our Palliative Care Support Workers to assist with personal care and patient’s comfort and support their family and carers. You would also be providing respite sits to allow the carer/family member a break. Tina Croft, Clinical Nurse Specialist said “Caring for a loved one 24/7 can be very distressing. We often find the person who is caring for the patient puts everyone else first before themselves. This can leave them exhausted. Just a short break, provided by the Community Support volunteer can make all the difference. They may catch up with friends for a coffee, go shopping or go to the hairdressers or have a game of golf. They will come back revitalised and ready to continue caring for their loved one.”

Judy Pewsey is a volunteer already volunteering as a Community Support Worker. She said “I am a retired nurse and now volunteer for the Hospice visiting patients at home and sitting with them whilst their relatives have a break. My presence gives the relatives confidence to go out although I very rarely need to actually call on any of my nursing experience. I see myself as being more of a friend than a retired nurse. One lady told me that when I arrive, I am the only person walking through the door who is there for her. I hadn’t thought of it like that, I’d thought of being there for the patient but this lady was able to go out and buy herself some new clothes she needed, something she hadn’t been able to do for 8 months before I started to sit with her husband.” Judy added, “As a retired nurse or carer you may be concerned that your registration has lapsed. Don’t worry you won’t need it as this isn’t a trained nurse role and extensive volunteer training will be given. If you would like to find out more, ring Tina Croft on 01707 382500 or email her at I don’t know why more retired nurses don’t volunteer in this way. Nurses love to be needed and once your family has grown up and no longer need you quite as much you can be at a bit of a loose end. Volunteering means you are needed again, and you can do just a few hours a week and it makes such a difference, I’d recommend it.”


Volunteers Needed

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity for the Hospice, call 01707 382500.

Charity Shops We are delighted to announce the opening of a new shop in Sawbridgeworth. The new shop can be found at 1 Forelands Place, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9QD and will sell our usual mixture of clothes, bric-a-brac, CDs, DVDs and small items of furniture. Any donations will be gratefully received and can be taken directly to the shop. We are currently recruiting volunteers, so if you can spare an hour or so a week, please call Anna Boatman on 01707 382500. Duties will involve sorting donated goods, serving customers and keeping the shelves well stocked. If you would like to volunteer in any of our shops (Buntingford, Cheshunt, Welwyn Garden City, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Bishop’s Stortford, Hatfield, Waltham Cross, Cuffley, Sawbridgeworth or Ware), call Anna Boatman on 01707 382500 to find out more.


Since its virtual shop opened on 1st August 2012, money raised from our ebay shop has risen to over £147,999! Caralyn Robinson, ebay assistant explained “The kind of thing we sell on ebay is so varied it’s great. Anything from a die cast toy car, to a collectible Arts & Crafts lamp to a designer dress. It’s a really good way for the most to be made of the items that are being donated to the Hospice because they are being bought by people who know the value of them, and so we are maximising the amount we raise on the donated items. This means this money can go towards patient care and keeping our services running for free for local people.”


Jaegar Le Couture watch raises thousands A recent donation through from one of our Hearts of Gold envelopes contained a lovely surprise. A Jaegar Le Couture watch was inside! The Hospice team researched the watch and realised it was a specialist item. It went off to auction in Birmingham and raised a massive £1,400 once auctioneer fees were paid. If you would like to donate an item through our Hearts of Gold appeal, pop into any of our shops for the envelope or give us a ring on 01707 382500 and we can pop one in the post to you. All gold or any jewellery broken or in good order can be donated and will help us to continue to raise vital funds.


Thanks to Annie Thomas for organising both events! Make a SPLASH for the Hospice

Annie’s Adult Aquathlon 30th March Haileybury Sports Complex

This is a 300m pool swim followed by a 3k undulating run all in the Haileybury grounds. The distances are designed to encourage new-comers to aquathlon as well as being an early season sharpener for more experienced aquathletes. Suitable for entrants age 18 and over.

Saturday 5th April 7pm-10pm

sponsored brighton marathon... swim e m i t e f i l a f o Trips 2015 Haileybury Sports Complex Haileybury, Hertford, SG13 7NU

Suitable for all the family, this is a fun sponsored swim during the evening. Sign up at

£15 adult £5 Child

Fancy a challenge for

We have two new trips on the cards taking in the amazing countries of Burma and Vietnam.

The Road to Mandalay is a cycling challenge through Burma, the hidden jewel of Asia, and a country only recently reopened to tourism and relatively untouched. Cycling between 50km and 100km per day you will take in some beautiful scenery passing through villages, towns and temples, along dry riverbeds and paths, observing everyday life in Burma. The seven day trip will be challenging and a trip of a lifetime.

Sign up for either event at You can sign up online by scanning the QR Code on your smartphone.

I believe Patrick lived an extra 3 months because of the care he got All enquiries to Katie Robertson: E-mail: 01707 382500

“As a COPD patient” explained Ursula, “you really have to seize the moment. When Patrick says he felt well enough to go to Mill Green we packed up and went (along with his oxygen and medication) as he may not have felt well enough later in the day. We planned to stay a week but Patrick became very unwell after the birthday party. The North London Hospice (our local hospice for Crews Hill) were very good and wrote a letter detailing his medical condition/records and along with a local doctor’s surgery, Spring House, referred him to Isabel Hospice. Janice Penman and Dr Pia Amsler from Isabel Hospice, along with Community Matron Liz Richardson worked tirelessly to keep Patrick at our daughter’s house which is what he wanted rather than go into the Isabel Hospice In-Patient Unit. It was the place where he was most happy with his family around him.


My daughter had a piano in the room she had adapted for him to sleep in, and our granddaughter played it to him, a bit like Les Dawson it must be said, as the big family dog slept under his bed. Patrick was never a quiet man. He was a fiery Irishman. He loved all the nurses, he loved Dr Pia. He said she didn’t ever

places available – want one? Call us! Registration Deadline 28th February £45 deposit - £500 to raise

Marathon runners – we Good luck to all our Virgin London you all the luck for the appreciate all your training and wish would like to run for day. If you have your own place and we need your feet! the Hospice please get in touch –

Sign up at

As summer temperatures hit 32º, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) sufferer Patrick Corrigan found it more and more difficult to breath living in his wellinsulated house in Crews Hill. Patrick and his wife Ursula were regular visitors to their daughter Loretta’s house in Mill Green, and one morning in late July decided to visit their granddaughter, Sophia for her 5th birthday.


Brighton Marathon Sunday 6th April Registered charity no: 1046826

talk about him, or down to him. She spoke to him and he admired and respected her for that. I really feel that Janice, Dr Pia and Liz worked their magic on him. There was no miracle cure for Patrick but I truly believe if there had been, Dr Pia would have found it. The Hospice gave him back to us for the last few months of his life. Their care and expertise enabled him to come off all the breathing machines due to the medication they knew would work for him due to their palliative care knowledge, to ease his terrible pain and calm him. The Isabel Hospice Palliative Care Support Workers who came in to wash and care for him were amazing. They knew just how to help and all the expertise they had made all the difference to him. The Hospice night nurses who sat all night with Patrick were so caring and understanding. The Marie Curie nurse was amazing. I could not have coped without the many years of experience they had, they were fantastic. When Patrick died on 14th October 2013 age 67*, he did so peacefully at our daughter’s house. We had all that extra time with him and we are so grateful to everyone who made that possible from the doctor’s surgery, the district nurses, the community matron and all those from the Hospice. Our granddaughter writes cards to him all the time and visits his graveside. She will have wonderful memories of laughter with her granddad, for which we as a family will be forever grateful. *Patrick donated his corneas, and this will help people to see and enable valuable research into eye disease in the future.

The Vietnam Hill Tribe Trek and Community Project - Join us for this rewarding 10 day trek in the Mai Chau region of northern Vietnam. The trek takes you through jungle trails, small minority villages, past rice paddies and alongside gushing rivers. You will meet local people along the way, and each night have the unique opportunity to stay with the locals in their homes, experiencing their way of life. After the trek, return to the capital city, Hanoi and enjoy the hustle and bustle while you do something different by helping out at a community project.

To find out more, contact Aaron Lynch on 01707 382500 / 07966 621160 or go to our website: Michael Goulding OBE 1933 ~ 2013

Patron Isabel Hospice

Michael Goulding who has died aged 80 was a Patron of Isabel Hospice from 1999 until his death this Summer. Michael was a flower arranger to royalty and to seven Prime Ministers from Harold Macmillan to John Major. Michael was born in Hampstead and left school at 14 to work as a messenger for a stockbroking firm. After completing his National Service he worked at Turnford Nurseries with Thomas Rochford who encouraged him to enrol at Writtle College to study horticulture. It was there that he met Shelia Macqueen, the royal florist. After Writtle College Michael attended the Constance Spry Flower School, then worked for Pulbrook & Gould in Sloane Street before starting up in business with a friend. Michael’s floral displays were legendary, including the towering displays at Westminster Cathedral for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and his last assignment before retirement, decorating the Queen’s private

apartments at Windsor Castle for the Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday. Michael decorated palaces, stately homes and cathedrals and venues as diverse as The Tower of London and Woburn Abbey. We are so grateful for Michael’s ongoing support for Isabel Hospice which included many events showing his great skills, coupled with a warm and witty personality. He was a popular member of our Gardeners Question Time at the Glorious Garden Events. Michael’s garden at Hipkins in Broxbourne was renowned and in 1999 he moved to Broxted with his partner Michael Coates where they created another beautiful 10 acre English garden. Michael was appointed OBE in 1990 for services to Floristry. He will be remembered with great affection by all at Isabel Hospice and our thoughts are with Michael Coates and his extended family. Barbara Doherty MBE - Life President


e d a m u Yo n e p p a it h Our first ever Quizathon raised a total of £1,929. Seven pubs took part with the winning team with the highest score being the Whips and Flips from the Angel pub in Ware. The Bull, at Watton at Stone raised the most on the night with a total of £630.80.

D’alamaine’s Photographica

There have been so many people and businesses that help the Hospice throughout the year; we are grateful for each and every one. Here is a snapshot of some fundraising events that have taken place since the last issue of Care News that we hope will inspire you. We would like to thank everyone that has helped us.’

Lisa Seccombe - Director of Fundraising & Public Relations

The spirit of the roaring 20s was captured by The Great Gatsby Ball held at Brocket Hall, and organised by long standing supporters Jan and Rod Leggetter. The rip roaring evening raised around £14,900.

Thanks for Darianne Pearce who held a fundraising party in aid of her mum Beverly. They raised over £4,000, which is a wonderful amount.

Thanks to the friends and family of Richard Lane have worked so hard to bring in much needed funds Our Fundraising support groups in Bishop’s Stortford, North Mymm, Welwyn Garden City, Ware, Hertford and Broxbourne have been amazing this year. We couldn’t do it without their constant support

The Christmas shop window competition took place in Bishop’s Stortford. Won this year by Urban Spa. Thanks to our judges who included Paul Winspear, editor of the Herts & Essex Observer, and Cllr Janice Elliott, Mayor of Bishop’s Stortford.

The Big Give success – thanks to all of you who helped us raise over £15,00 from this national matched funding initiative which will go towards providing our Clinical Nurse Specialists (there are no Macmillan nurses doing this role in eastern Hertfordshire, see page 2)

Elements & Urban Spa continued to fundraise throughout 2013 for the Hospice. Thanks to Tara and Jackie for their continuing support.

Our Bows and Bells collections at supermarkets and in the street raised over £8,995 Thanks to all the collectors who stood in the wind, rain and inclement weather in November & December and toPexhurst for sponsoring the event.

The festive season saw Christmas fairs across eastern Hertfordshire in aid of the Hospice. Thanks to the Welwyn Hatfield Conservatives for donating £5,100 from the Hatfield House Christmas Market, to everyone who attended the Haileybury Winter Fair, raising £4,067 and the Free Church in Welwyn Garden City for raising over £600 as well as all the other festive supporters who continue to enable us to provide our free care.

Win a Car for Christmas– The lucky lady who won the car was Alex Chapman from Ware, who was singing in the choir at Carols in the Chapel when her name was drawn out of the hat! The car draw raised an 16 amazing £20,000. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets as well as those who sold them on our behalf.

Lights of Love ceremonies raised a wonderful £28,800. Thanks to all those who made a dedication in memory of a loved one, and all our readers, choirs and hosts for the ceremonies.

Thanks to Saints City Trust and Lawrence Levy for the donation and continuing fundraising in memory of Ryan Moran.

Thanks to Neville Mizen and Marianne Stringer for compiling their Christmas quiz – Put Your Foot In It. It costs just £1 to take part, and can be downloaded from our website www. until 28th Feb which is the closing date.

Thanks to The Pexhurst bike riders for all their sterling pedal power An amazing combination of Chinese martial arts and opera in the form of The Journey of the Monkey King came to University of Hertfordshire raising over £5,000 for the Hospice. Thanks to Adam Frosh and all those involved, who put the performance on in memory of friend and local surgeon Jeremy Sherman

Christmas at the Manor, organised by the Hospice’s special events committee was a sell out! Raising around £9,000 the lunch and shopping event was held at The Manor of Groves.

Albany Radio in Hertford continued to support the Hospice with their fundraising, raising £2,500 this year. Thanks to Chris Millwood and her family.

Thanks to Sylvia Flint and the men’s captain for the golf day at East Herts Golf Club which raised nearly £14,000 !!

East Barnet Lodge held a James Bond inspired dinner dance and casino evening, raising £6,200. Thanks to Peter Lambert and all at the Lodge for their continuing support.

Everest – Amazing challenge

by amazing people

The beauty of the photographs belie the extreme conditions our Everest trekkers endured to make it to base camp raising £62,000 in the process. This was no ‘jolly’, it was a hard mental and physical challenge with some days of 10 hour treks and night-time temperatures of -18ºC which meant frozen toothpaste was the least of the discomforts and showers were out of the question! In fact, of the 18 that set out, 5 were unable to complete the challenge due to altitude related illnesses. We are however, proud of them all. Our next challenges include • Road to Mandalay • Vietnam Trek If you would like to take part in a challenge to raise funds for the Hospice please call Aaron on 07966 621160. Those that like the comfort of their own beds need not apply!

We would like to thank everyone who has sent a donation to Isabel Hospice. If you would like a receipt or acknowledgement, please remember to give us your name and address.


Winner uses prize to treat son to fun days out If you would like to join our weekly lottery go to, fill out the form below or call Lisa Archer on 01707 382500.

When Siân Howard got the call on a Friday afternoon to tell her she had won the Hospice’s weekly £1,000 lottery top prize she all too familiar with the workwe do. Siân has been 4 was 011Page 14:37 Page 4 volunteering as a Shiatsu Therapist at the Welwyn Garden City day service for 2 years. “After I qualified as a therapist I worked at St Joseph’s Hospice in Bethnal Green for 4 years and working with end-of-life and palliative patients asof An In-Patient Hospice (IPU)care in the grounds e firstloved of An In-Patient Hospice (IPU) in the grounds of it was so satisfying. When my son started school I looked for the QEII Hospital, Welwyn Garden City, provides ents in the QEII Hospital, Welwyn Garden City, provides carelocal through full on team health care something more andasaw theofHospice website that ened in care through a full team of health care professionals. Patients are admitted to IPU for they were looking for volunteers.

winning a prize. We are going to use it for days out such as Welwyn Hatfield and the District of East going to the London Aquarium or the pantomime. It’s a lovely s a high Hertfordshire. surprise.”

es for up All Hospice services are free. e who Shiatsu is a form of traditional Japanese acupressure massage ituation, which stimulates the body’s natural healing ability by ast fewapplying gentle pressure to points across the body. Shiatsu

is a deeply relaxing experience. The underlying philosophy is t our that energy flows through the body in a series of channels and d our when this flow is disrupted, as in an illness or disease state, altham symptoms of ill health occur. Shiatsu aims to balance this ehensive flow in an individual and holistic way.

upport, nd



£100o £100


Isabel Lottery IsabelHospice Hospice Lottery Application Form

Application Form

Please use capitals and delete as appropriate.

Please use capitals and delete as appropriate.

Name __________________________________________


Name __________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________


Owner Sue Sexton said “The salon has been involved in fundraising for charity since we opened in 1983, but as soon as we talked to the Hospice it was clear to us that this was an opportunity to use our core skills to hopefully give that ‘feel-good factor’ to both patients and primary carers alike, and the feedback has certainly been fantastic. It’s only when you actually visit the Hospice that you realise just how much hard work goes into improving the quality of life for their patients and anything we can do to help in that regard is definitely worthwhile.”

Each chance costs £1 per week ______________________________________________________

Cheque / P.O. (made payable to Isabel Hospice Lottery)

Each chance costs week I wish to buy _______ chance/s each week£1 for per ________ weeks

My wife normally does a number 1 all over but since I’ve been so ill it got the longest it had ever been. The girls from Headlines cut my hair while I was in bed and even gave my eyebrows a trim. It was lovely.”

andCheque remit £__________________________ / P.O. (made payable to Isabel Hospice Lottery) Credit Card I wish to buy _______ chance/s each week for ________ weeks I wish to buy _______ chance/s each week for ________ weeks and remit £__________________________ and authorise payment of £__________________________

Credit Card ICard: wishVISA to buy _______ chance/s each week for ________ weeks / MASTERCARD Expiry date and authorise payment of £__________________________ Card No. Signed

Card No.

Standing Order Form Card: VISA date Quarterly £13 x/ MASTERCARD _______ weekly chance(s) = Expiry £ ______________ Half yearly £26 x _______ weekly chance(s) = £ ______________ Signed Annual £52 x _______ weekly chance(s) = £ ______________

Standing Order Form Quarterly £13 x _______ weekly chance(s) = £ ______________ Branch Address ____________________________________________ Half yearly £26 x _______ weekly chance(s) = £ ______________ __________________________________________________________ Annual £52 x _______ weekly chance(s) = £ ______________ To ________________________________________________ Bank plc

Account No

Sort code

To ________________________________________________ Bank plc

Please debit the account and credit:


to be held at Sworders Auction House, Cambridge Road, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex CM24 8GE

on Thursday 29th May 2014 at 11am ~ 3.30pm By kind permission of Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers

Branch Address ____________________________________________ Isabel Hospice Trading Ltd, Co-operative Bank, PAYMENT REF. 4th Floor, 9 Prescot Street, London E1 8BE __________________________________________________________ Account No. 68111135 Sort Code: 08-02-28

� I would not like information Isabel Hospice. First payment ofto£ receive __________ asap about and thereafter the same Isabel Hospice is registered under the Data Protection Act notice. 1988. amount *quarterly/half yearly/annually until further Your details will not be disclosed to any third party.

Name of Account holder:


PLEASE DO NOT SEND TO YOUR382 BANK If you have any queries please telephone: 01707 500.

� I would not like to receive information about Isabel Hospice. Isabel Hospice is registered under the Data Protection Act 1988. Your details will not be disclosed to any third party. Please Return to Isabel Hospice, Head Office, 61 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1JR


Hairdressers Katie Grogan and Vicky Penn said “its so nice for patients to chat to us about normal things, not their illness. We chat about what they’ve seen on TV and just everyday stuff. We really like coming here and cheering patients up.”

Tel Post ______________________________________________________ code ________________________________________________

Please Return to Isabel Hospice, Head Office, 61 Bridge Signed Road East,__________________________________________________ Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1JR

Isabel Hospice Cares for Local People Living with Cancer and other Life-limiting Illness

Headlines hair studio in Hertford have started providing a weekly hairdressing service for our patients and their carers at our Welwyn Garden City In-Patient Unit.

Post code ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

First payment the same Account No of £ __________ asap and thereafter Sort code amount *quarterly/half yearly/annually until further notice. Please debit the account and credit: Name of Account holder: __________________________________ BANK USE Isabel Hospice Trading Ltd, Co-operative Bank, PAYMENT REF. Signed __________________________________________________ 4th Floor, 9 Prescot Street, London E1 8BE PLEASE DO NOT SEND TO YOUR BANK Account No. 68111135 Sort Code: 08-02-28

Isabel Hospice Cares for Local People Living with Cancer and other Life-limiting Illness

This takes all the stress out of having your hair cut when you’re ill. The Hospice is the most fantastic place in the world.

Address __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

� �

In-Patient professionals. Patients are end admitted to IPU for 260 symptom control and of life care. About Shiatsu massage is a very gentle, complementary patients areand admitted to our each year.260 symptom control endnon-invasive of life IPU care. About therapy. Patients it relieves theirIPU anxiety and really patients arefind admitted to our each year. The Family Support Team consists of helps of the with the pain they may be experiencing. During the therapy specialists including socialconsists workers, counsellors, Family Support Team of Often from pain theyThe can totally relax and concentrate on themselves. pastoral carers, an Art Therapist, and a Welfare ort specialists including social workers, counsellors, when they have seen Adviser medicalwho practitioners theyand have been for Benefits provide care support pastoral carers,and an Art Therapist, and Welfare touched and patients examined in their a clinical wayboth but thisatherapy is the families before and after nts to Benefits Adviser who provide care support for bereavement. all about empathic touch to relax them. It’s and the same for the patients andare their families bothtime before and the carers I see. They spending allnearly their caring forafter their These services cost £5 million each year, of arers and bereavement. which we have to raise over £3.5 million. loved one and when they come to me, they can just let it tegrated all go and enjoy a treatment that is£5 just about them. It’slocal so of Please join the Lottery to support your These services cost nearly million each year, rewarding. Hospice and enjoy the£3.5 chance to win £1,000. which we have to raise over million. es shows area covered by the Hospice ake almost Winning the This Lottery was suchthe a surprise! I haveyour decided to Please joinmap the Lottery to support local and comprises the Boroughs of Broxbourne and amiliesput the money and in anenjoy accountthe for chance my son John who £1,000. is 6. He Hospice to win Welwyn Hatfield and the District of East rovide knows all about the volunteering I do here but doesn’t quite Hertfordshire. shows the area covered by the Hospice p patients This map understand the concept of a lottery. I told him it was like the services Boroughs offree. Broxbourne and All Hospice are ment and and comprises

Every member has the chance to win one of 28 cash prizes each week!

Headlines Hair for Hospice Patients

If you have any queries please telephone: 01707 382 500.

A full day in this renowned Auction House including a special preview of the Summer Country House Sale. Talks by the experts on the auction process, valuation of antiques and trends in the market Tickets £35 each to include: Coffee on arrival ~ Buffet Lunch ~ Tea Free Summer Sale catalogue Short Auction in aid of Isabel Hospice Tickets strictly limited To reserve your place please contact: Barbara Doherty Tel 01279 842140 or Suzanne Coleman Tel: 01438 717 406

Special Guest Speaker - David Battie who has appeared 19 numerous times on the Antiques Roadshow

You can now sign up on-line for many of our events below.

Donations through our new website have made a big difference to the lives of our patients. You can now donate on-line quickly and easily. Thank you to everyone who did so since its launch in September.

Forthcoming Events March

10th – 14th March Make a Will Week – see page 10

22nd March 14:30 Jumble Sale. Thundridge Village Hall. 20p entry. Come and grab some bargains. Contact details 01920 462992.

29th March 19:30pm Civic Dinner hosted by the Mayor of Bishop’s Stortford, Cllr Janice Elliott. In aid of The Mayor’s Charity, Isabel Hospice. To be held at The Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club. All enquiries to Renee Friend 01279 755320. 30th March midday Annie’s Adult Aquathlon – see page 14


5th April Sponsored Swim – 19.00-22.00 See page 14

10th – 12th April The Cherry Orchard performance with a raffle for Isabel Hospice. Water Lane Theatre Company at Hockerill Anglo European College, Bishop’s Stortford. www.waterlanetheatregroup. 26th April 14:30 Jumble Sale. Thundridge Village Hall. 20p entry. Come and grab some bargains. Contact details 01920 462992. Sunday 27th April Rotary Walk, organised by the Rotary Clubs of Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. Starts from Campus West Car park,

9am – 10.30am. Isabel Hospice will receive donations from the proceeds of this event. Please make your support known on the day. Email or call 01582 832679 for details.


15th May Hanbury Manor Golf Day, £600 per team, contact Aaron Lynch for details or go to to sign up 25th May On Your Bike – cycle ride in Bishop’s Stortford – see page 5

29th May Sworders Auction House Day – see page 19 for details. 31st May 14:30 Jumble Sale. Thundridge Village Hall. 20p entry. Come and grab

some bargains. Contact details 01920 462992.

Summer Events

July 13th Colour Me Happy 5km run Bishop’s Stortford College 10.00 September 13th Starlight Walk - 20.30 start Starting from Chauncy School in Ware. 10km walk. Early bird entry fee until 28th June £13 per adult, £10 per child (under 16)

November 8-18th Peru Trek combining working alongside the local community with a 4 day trek along the Salkantay Route. To find out more, contact Aaron Lynch on 01707 382500.

It’s never too early to think about Christmas!

Stuck with unwanted gifts? Please donate them to us so we can use them as raffle prizes throughtout the year Drop off your items at one of our 13 shops or call 01707 382500

Isabel Hospice contact details

Have you taken a great photo you think would be ideal for an Isabel Hospice Christmas Card? If so, send it into our Christmas card competition by April 30th to be in with the chance of being one of the winning entries. Contact Jenny Burke at to submit your entry.

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DAY SERVICES Day Service facilities at Thorley, Cheshunt & Welwyn Garden City Tel: 01707 382500 CHARITY SHOPS Cheshunt - 92 Turners Hill, EN8 8LQ. Tel: 01992 630545 Bishop’s Stortford - 6 Bridge Street, CM23 2JY. Tel: 01279 659551 Buntingford - 34a High Street, SG9 9AQ. Tel: 01763 274904 Cuffley - 3 Station Road, EN6 4HU. Tel: 01707 873346 Hoddesdon - 124a High Street, EN11 8HD. Tel: 01992 467539 galleria Hatfield - 94 The Galleria, Comet Way, AL10 0YB Tel: 01707 272870 Hertford - 37 Railway Street, SG14 1BA. Tel: 01992 504401 Hatfield - 72 Town Centre, AL10 0JW. Tel: 01707 258602 Sawbridgeworth - 1 Forelands Place, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9QD Tel: 01279 897027 Welwyn Garden City - 29 Stonehills, AL8 6NA. Tel: 01707 334638 Welwyn Garden City - 41 Fretherne Road, AL8 6NS. Tel: 01707 707285 Waltham Cross - 125 High Street, EN8 7AN. Tel: 01992 623291 Ware - 44 High Street, Ware SG12 9BY. Tel: 01920 463959 Website: Registered Charity No. 1046826



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By making a gift in your Will to ensure our service will be here for future generations.

By volunteering a few hours of your time each week or a few times a year. We can utilise your skills, whatever they are.

By joining the Hospice Lottery.

By donating goods to our shops.

Please call Lisa Seccombe for a chat if you would like to become involved in any way, on 01707 382500 All photos and patient stories in Care News are used with patient/family permission granted.

Care news feb 2014  

Our latest newsletter packed with stories and fundraising ideas.

Care news feb 2014  

Our latest newsletter packed with stories and fundraising ideas.