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TRANSFORMATIONS 1. If the crime is serious, you’ll be taken to a crown court Provided that 2. The government abolished Capital punishment in the 1950s Capital 3. People say that the police arrested John last night John 4. He was interested in talking to witnesses of crimes He was keen 5. Magistrates are fed up with listening to bad lawyers Magistrates are tired 6. If you are innocent you’ll be acquitted. You won’t 7. The shoplifter left his fingerprints on the counter and was identified by the police If 8. The murderer made so many mistakes that he was arrested immediately Due to 9. I have an alibi, I was having lunch with my in-laws The blackmailer said 10. It is impossible that you saw the theft yesterday. You can’t 11.Even though there were a lot of evidences, he was not charged with the crime In spite of 12.He told the other smuggler to turn on a light near the shore at midnight He reminded 13. I need to repair the lock after the burglary The lock 14. They didn’t let the terrorist be released on parole The terrorist wasn’t allowed 15. I left so many clues that I’m going to be caught I wish

16. I am really interested in politics What 17.If you are not guilty , you won’t spend a single day in prison Unless 18. The police said that he was a kidnapper He was accused 19. I’m going to hire somebody to install an alarm I’m going to get 20. At dusk there are always vandals shouting in the street I wish 21. It is not necessary to pay a fine You don’t 22. There are a lot of burglars in this neighbourhood , you should insure your house It is worth 23. I prefer being robbed to being blackmailed I’d rather 24. The mob broke all the shop windows All the shop windows 25. Richard works in Berlin. Berlin is a big city. Berlin, 26. Tom said:” I’ll visit my sister next year.” Tom said that 27. It’s impossible. They didn’t do their homework themselves. They can’t 28. I’d like you to phone me more often. I wish 29. I gave up smoking three months ago. I haven’t 30. Aunt Anne came last February and she is still with us. Aunt Anne has 31. The flat is too small for three people. The flat isn’t

32. He was seriously ill, but he managed to finish the book. Although 33. “If I were you, I’d go to the doctor”, he said to me. He advised me 34. I turned away the moment when the accident happened, so I didn’t see it. If I hadn’t 35. It isn’t necessary to buy a first class ticket. We don’t 36. I need a grant in order to study at university. I won’t 37. Even though he is a millionaire, he hates spending money. In spite of 38. She attended the meeting in spite of her illness Although 39. The coke was so cold (that) I couldn’t drink it. The coke was too 40. We couldn’t understand the e-mail message because it was in Russian. Since 41. The day was so wet that I stayed at home. It was 42. Although it was raining heavily, he didn’t open his umbrella. In spite of 43. It was such an interesting book that I read it three times. The book 44. My sister isn’t old enough to go to pubs. My sister is too 45. The cat is so fat that it can’t walk. It is 46. I haven’t got enough money to go on holiday this year. I can’t afford 47. Doug Tipper used to be a miner. Doug Tipper doesn’t

48. I wish my brother got a better job. If only 49.I didn’t study enough, so I didn’t pass all the subjects. I wish 50. A new Canadian hair dresser is going to dye my hair. I am 51. Jack got a new van last month. Jack has had 52. It is not advisable to swim in this river. You 53. A lot of people drop litter in the street. I don’t like it. I wish 54. People said that the new neighbour had been in prison. The new neighbour. 55. I don’t read newspapers anymore. I have given 56. Liz is tired all the time. She shouldn’t go to bed so late. If Liz 57. I can’t read what you write. Your writing is 58. The tram is about to leave. The tram is on 59. I’d like to spend a fortnight in a spa. I feel 60. I hurried because I wanted to be the first. I huried so 61. I whispered because I didn’t want anybody to hear me. I whispered so 62. A twister destroyed some of the houses in ten seconds. Some 63. You have to eat healthy food to be a hundred years old. If you 64. Due to heavy rains and strong winds, the yacht sank. The yacht sank because

65. A carpenter made some mahogany desks for me. I got/had 66. He didn’t want to wear a cotton shirt. He 67. They wanted to apologize for their behaviour, that’s why they paid for dinner. (ORDER) They paid for dinner 68. It isn’t necessary to bring skis as they are included in the package. You don’t 69. I thought parking was allowed here- (UNDER THE IMPRESSION) I 70. Tom said :” I will be playing tennis when you arrive” Tom said that 71. His daughter continued to cry until he could not be seen any longer. (SIGHT) His daughter 72. They moved to this suburb in 1997. (SINCE) They 73. They managed to finish the project in time for the presentation. (SUCCEEDED) They 74. Maurice didn’t come to the meeting yesterday. Perhaps he was ill. (MIGHT) Maurice 75. Jane allows her children to stay up to midnight on Saturday evenings. (LETS) Jane 76. Can I accompany you to the party? (MIND) Do you 77. I wish you didn’t drive so fast. If only 78. I think Tom needs top see a doctor. His cough is terrible. (OUGHT) With that terrible cough, Tom 79. The authorities said she wasn’t responsible for the accident. (FAULT) The accident wasn’t

80. “Why don’t you take a holiday?”, said Peter. Peter suggested 81. I haven’t sen Tom for ages. (SINCE) It’s been a long time 82. He didn’t want to join in the celebrations. (TAKE) He didn’t want 83. What a shame he wasn’t able to come. I wish 84. I took a sweater but it wasn’t necesary. (TAKEN) I needn’t 85. Somebody should tell him. (TOLD) He 86. He couldn’t find me at the exhibition. He wasn’t 87. She let her son go to New York for the exhibition. She allowed 88. I haven’t see her for ages. (TIME) It’s been 89. I didn’t understand what he was saying because I hadn’t read his book. If I 90. As the class representative I would like to welcome you. (BEHALF) I’d like 91. They believe the students were educated in Canada. The students 92. He escaped using a disguise. (MEANS) He escaped 93. Remind me to call Jack. (FORGET) Don’t let 94. This pasta is a new experience for me. (TIME) It is 95. I don’t agree with prohibiting smoking in bars. (FOR) 96. Pittsburgh is less exciting than New York. (AS) Pittsburgh

97. He couldn’t reach the cup because it was too high. (LOW) The cup wasn’t 98. She didn’t accept his marriage proposal. (DOWN) She 99. We were told to wait here by the director. The director was the person 100. Can you look after the kids this afternoon? (OF) Can you 101. “Why don’t you take a day off?”, Jim told me. (SHOULD) Jim 102. He acts like a poor man although he has a lot of money. (IN SPITE OF) He acts 103. I didn’t mean to break the vase. (ON) I didn’t break 104. Jake says Jenny is responsible. (ACCORDING) It’s Jenny’s 105. I was so bored by his lecture that I left. (BORING) His lecture 106. I’m afraid I’m still having problems with understanding life in New York. (USED) I don’t 107. I’d prefer if you didn’t smoke here. (MIND) Would 108. It was such an interesting novel that I stayed up all night to finish it. The novel was 109. Although he was able to do the job, he wasn’t given the position. Despite 110. You should take the train instead of the bus. If I were 111. Can you describe himto me? (LIKE) What 112. It isn’t necessary to buy a first clas ticket. (HAVE) You

113.I’m sure he was at home las night.(MUST) He 114. He is the man. His son won th first prize. He is the man 115. Why did no one informme of the change of plans? (WASN’T) Why 116. Even though he is a millionaire, he hates spending money. In spite of 117. She attended the meeting in spite of her illness. Although 118. The coke was so cold that I couldn’t drink it. The coke was too 119. We couldn’t understand the e-mail message because it was in Russian. 120. The day was so wet that I stayed at home. It was 121. Although it was raining heavily, he didn’t open his umbrella. In spite of 122. It was such an interesting bookthat I read it htree times. The book 123. My sister is not old enough to go to pubs. My sister is too 124. The cat is so fat that it can’t walk. It is 125. My parents have decided to postpone their trip to America. (OFF) My parents have decided 126. I haven’t got enough money to have a holiday this year. I can’t afford 127. Although Jenn Crowell is already rich and famous, her novel hasn’t been published yet. Despite 128. If you don’t like strong dishes haggis is not recomended. Unless 129. International pressure stopped Britaing dumping waste into the North Sea. As a result of

130. By 1995 the Swiss were already recycling 31% of their waste. By 1995 31% of Swiss waste 131. Doug Tipper used to be a miner. Doug Tipper doesn’t 132. The foundation has four main projects. It works with the local Polish community. The foundation, 133. Nike clothes are more prestigious than some anonymous sports clothes. Some anonymous sports clothes 134. Searchers found watches, cannons, coins and candlesticks. They found Chinese porcelain, too. In addition to 135. If the coastguard hadn’t called her, Mrs Lackey and her children would have died. But for 136. Although Isabella Lucy Bird looked like a traditional woman, she was quite unconventional. Despite 137. Isabella made friends with a cowboy called Rocky Mountain Jim. Rocky Mountain Jim was a cowboy with. 138. The Scottish crown jewels can be seen, as well as the Stone of Destiny. We can see not 139. I’ll probably have a heart attack unless I start eating less. If 140. He wasn’t a saint at all. He was very far 141. The launching of the Hubble Space Telescope meant a leap in astronomical observing power. As a result of 142. The myth of Father Christmas began in Siberia. Siberia 143. The Shamman Gos and Father Christmas may be related. There may 144. Tom finds scuba diving interesting. (INTERESTED) Tom

145. I didn’t go to the Alps because I don’t like skiing. As 146. My grandmother is 102 years old. (BORN) My grandmother 147. When was the football match? (TAKE PLACE) When 148. We last went fishing a year ago. (FOR) We 149. John didn’t wear any earrings at the job interview. (NO) John 150. I’d like to be with you, but I’m not. If only 151. Perhaps he is at the office. (BE) He 152. Using that CD is forbidden. You 153. I give you permission to go to the office. You are 154. Surely he sent you the e-mail. He must 155. In my opinion, you should follow his advice. (WERE) If 156. He was late for school because he missed the bus. (CAUGHT) If he 157. We were fined because we didn’t see th red light. (SEEN) If we 158. People believe he is a computer expert. He 159. The snow may have delayed him. He 160. Did they offer you a ticket for the concert? Was Were

161. “Don’t talk to her”, said my mother. My mother 162. “Where did you meet her last night?”, she asked. She 163. The student is very clever. You are studying with her. (WHOM) The student 164. Tom graduated in 2007. He studied at Oxford university. Tom, 165. I need a grant in order to study at university. I won’t 166. I don’t usually eat at restaurants. I’m not used 167. “If I were you I’d go to the doctor.”, he said to me. He advised 168. “You cheated!!!”, the teacher said to me. The teacher accused 169. That company has stopped advertising chewing gum. That company has given 170. The washing machine stopped working several days ago. (FOR) The washing machine hasn’t 171. Please, throw away your old slippers. Please, get 172.My advice is to go and speak to your bank manager. You had 173. Peter can draw very well. Peter is very good 174. I wish I hadn’t sold my car. I regret 175. She crossed the road so as not to meet me. (MEETING) She crossed the road to 176. David went to hospital, where a nurse bandaged his arm. David went to hospital, where he 178. Someone is massaging Sue’s feet at the moment. Sue

179. Parents shouldn’t allow children to watch violent films. Parents shouldn’t 180.You argued with your mother yesterday. Today she is upset. You say: I wish 181. You want to go on holiday but you can’t afford it. You say: If only 182. I’m about to finish. Wait a moment. I’m on 183. Getting a job doesn’t interest him He 184. You don’t need to take warm socks because it is very hot there. The reason 185. He left before I got there. By the time I

Rewrite the following sentences  

Rewrite the following sentences

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