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Cannes film festival -

Using real animals in movies -

Film – Pet Doctor

Pet Doctor There's an old saying in the theatre world "Never work with children or animals". It's a pity that Herman Gross has never heard this piece of advice, or if he has, that he didn't pay attention to it. It's not so much that Pet Doctor is a bad film, although I can't really find

many reasons for saying it's a good one. It's more that it makes me angry. Gross is a good actor. His appearance on the New York stage last winter in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet showed that he really can act. So what's he doing in this nonsense? It's a story about a small town doctor who finds he's making more money by looking after the local children's pets than he is by looking after humans. Then he gets into trouble with the police, because he doesn't have the right sort of licence to do this and, surprise, surprise, the children and their pets find a way to solve his problems. I won't say how, as it's the only part of the film that's even slightly original or amusing. If you have to see it, you'd be annoyed with me for telling you. But my advice is, when it comes to a cinema near you stay in and shampoo the cat. Questions 1. What is the writer trying to do in the text? a. Compare Herman Gross with another actor. b. Give his or her opinion about using animals in films. c. Give his or her opinion about Pet Doctor. 2. The text gives the reader ... a. information about a new film. b. ideas about how animals should be cared for. c. news about the lives of film stars. 3. The writer thinks that Pet Doctor is ... a. amusing. b. original. c. not worth seeing. 4. Why did the writer mention Romeo and Juliet? a. It's an example of a really good play. b. Gross proved he's a good actor in it. c. The central characters are very young. 5. Which one of these TV guides is describing Pet Doctor? a. A doctor is loved by the children whose pets he cures. But everything goes wrong and he is sent to prison.

b. A doctor finds he can cure local animals, then discovers this isn't allowed. But it all finishes happily. c. A doctor prefers animals to humans and stops looking after his patients. People are dying, the animals are cured, then the police arrive . . . C) LISTENING COMPREHENSION -

Gladiator Trailer - Guess the film - My favourite movie D) WRITING Write a three-paragraph description of a film you liked. (Book page 65) E) SPEAKING (Vocabulary – Expressions) Topic: Describe a movie, which made a strong impression on you. Well um, the name of the film is …... It is actually a very famous movie. It won the Oscar in 1989. And um…it’s a movie about the story of a kid who grows up in a small village in Sicily. And we can see very clearly through the film uh in what way the community influence him, and uh also his first love story with a local girl and how much they affect his life. So it’s actually a movie in retrospective because it goes back, and uh he tries to get in touch with the same girl. And by doing that, you basically revisit the most important part or his life. Parts. And uh, it is really showing us in what ways all these things really affect all us. How much we keep on dreaming, and how much we keep on hoping in our lives; especially when we can’t leave- err what we really wish and desire to leave, especially when it comes to emotional things. And uh it’s a film that ah is also based on a true story, and um I think um the public can really feel that. So it’s also shot in a very, very good way and we can see Sicily through 50 years of life. And from the end of the Second World War to today, which is also more or less perhaps, you know, the period of time of my life, of my father’s life. Anyway, the main actors in the film are [unknown] and the famous actor who I don’t remember. Thank you. Do you go to the movies often? Yes, yes, as often as I can. I really like films, especially the European movies - French, Italian, and English. I really like the way they represent the- the European culture.

Thank you. Now I’d like to ask you a few more questions about films and movies. Are films popular where you come from? Yes, they are very popular. Actually, cinema and movies is a big industry in Italy. And uh it has been the second major industry in the world in terms of films uh in the 50’s, so you have probably seen yourself a number of Italian movies. But uh, actually, it is a particular kind of way of making films and uh they still remain very popular. Yes. Do you think people are going to the cinema more these days compared with 25 years ago? Umm…No, I don’t think so. I think that today TV and videos and DVDs actually have replaced often what people used to go only going to the theatre. A few years ago when I was younger, I remember, there were a lot of people going to the cinemas and it was packed, and the same movie was left there for weeks and weeks and weeks where now normally, a show in the same cinema for a lot less. What films are popular with young people these days? We have in Italy a very strong American influence and as well, so a lot of American movies, and a lot of high-tech movies with special effects. And uh but at the same time we also keep maintaining a kind of our own genre and some Italian movies they never get to the overseas market, they also remain- become very popular in Italy. Do peoples taste in films change as they get older? I think so; I think so- I think movies also a little mirror of how we change in life, what interests us and what we see in them. And um ah, as you know, in our 20s we are perhaps a little more romantic and we like certain kinds of movies, and then perhaps we like to think a bit more about our life… and we see different kinds of films. Has technology made a difference in the quality of modern films? I think so, yes, a big difference. Um the effects now seem to really suck you in when you see a movie. And the way the film edited, they also keep your attention a lot better than in the past. You can see the way that they are put together, and also the sound quality is a lot better, and umm I think there’s been certainly, technologically speaking, a big improvement there. How will technology be used to improve films in the future? Well, ah I am not an expert but I think that if we will ever get 3-D movies, ah or movies in 3-D, ah we will uh find ourselves even more immersed in what uh for only at the moment only our eyes and our ears can see in two dimensions. Why have the forms of popular entertainment changed over the years? Because the society has changed a lot. And now uh we seem to be rushing all the time, and we want to consume everything a lot faster. So I think every form- form of entertainment is also reflecting that kind of very fast, quick way of ah wanting something different, and wanting something very quickly and ah…yes. Will people still go to the cinema in the future? I hope so. I don’t know, but I think there will be people that, like today, like to see not only the new movie but also the old movie because it represents what they have seen what they were younger and what they and also what they were dreaming at that time and I think that remains within us all our life.

That's English module 7 unit 6  
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