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THAT’S ENGLISH! – BÁSICO 2 / MÓDULO 3 UNIT 1 Your life today

FUNCTIONS - Ask and give information about oneself v=CZCfTX-oRzg - Describe what one is doing

GRAMMAR - Revision of present simple present-simple-revision v=2McNvst-g4o

VOCABULARY - Habits, daily routines and actions l=es&r=67ab1513698fc29846e6f15c9e24c84c ailyactivities1/dailyactivities1_1.htm

- Revision of present continuous e.asp?id=2369 s/140921/Present-Continuous-Tense v=50rLgSmToBw&feature=related (Pres Simp vs Pres Cont exercise): on/athome2/athome.htm cont.) up/grammar/simpre-prepro/exercises? ex02 ex03 ex04 ame/viewgame.asp?id=1438 2 (Good) Memories

- Narrating past experiences game/viewgame.asp?id=405

- Past simple - Adjectives to describe feelings 04/pasado-simple-simple-past-tense.html v=dNP5BzrBiOg&feature=fvwrel

- Expressing duration 04/ejercicios-pasado-simple.html implepast.html (use 3 – duration in the past) 04/ejercicios-colocar-los-verbos-enpasado.html v=7KWLZELf1Sk&feature=related -For + time periods mar/presentperfect-pastsimple.htm (second section – past simple) ctives/moods%20feelings.pdf me.asp?id=6096 - Lifetime events Events and processes

- Time clauses (past): before, after, when auses2_4.html 3 Learning languages

- Asking for, giving and refusing permission essing-agreement.html - Giving advice

- Can, may maymight/exercise1.html r/permission3.html 8/01/giving-advice-and-suggestionmay2.p.htm como-dar.html - Expressing necessity /grammar/modals-and-modalverbs/modals-for-expressing-necessityand-obligation

- Word classes umbnail_id397002139327.html umbnail_id397002139371.html umbnail_id397002139464.html

- Should / shouldn’t should/exercise3.swf

- Language skills ame/viewgame.asp?id=1734

-Learning materials me.asp?id=2557 hp_files/communication-lesson-lack-ofnecessity.php should/exercise2.swf me.asp?id=2869 90.html v=thQBZaPOuBM&feature=relmfu me.asp?id=237

- Need to mar/gerundiooinfinitivo.htm (bajar hasta el final)

- Classroom language v=0fqfW8fVbKE&feature=related CED/unit7/page3.htm 10-ejemplos-de-verb-patterns-want-andneed

4 Health ocumentos/4_eso/unit_0/classroom_lang_bi.pdf nguage.htm m

- Expressing obligation v=tYEBovLXCeo

- Must / Have to - Parts of the body /2009/02/obligation1.pdf me.asp?id=659 mar/verbosmodales1.htm ises/modal-verbs-exercises-must-haveto/

- Making an appointment - Illnesses and injuries me.asp?id=5456



- Showing interest and concern musthaveto/exercise3.html musthaveto/exercise2.html musthaveto/exercise5.html musthaveto/exercise6.html musthaveto/exercise7.html - Can I make an appointment? http://englishcommunicationexercises.w (At the doctor’s: ) t_the_doctors me.asp?id=2480 me.asp?id=2640 s/es/phrase-book/the-doctor.php - What’s the matter? How are you? I’m worried about... 5 T R A V E L L I N G

- Describing a journey g_a_journey_in_English

- Revision questions

- Travelling by train and plane

- Asking for information tm _bus_and_train v=2u8ETD5srgY

- Frequency and time adverbs v=pA1TSkECMpA&feature=related _air?lang=es essons/adverbs-of-frequency-exercises line_2.htm v=lCKFGYFxg7A&feature=related

6 - Expressing admiration Fashion Shopping e/exclamations/ for clothes

- Describing clothes df/elt/catalogue/0-19-437775-X-b.pdf? - Making comparisons psup.php

- What a..! How..! mmar/exclamations-exercise.htm /exercise-english-2/exercise-english55422.php - The definite article

- Clothes and accesories cle_the.htm me.asp?id=2293 cle_the2.htm

Conversations at a clothes shop: cle_the3.htm alogues/shopping/shopping_2.htm

- Comparative and superlative adjectives 30/grammar/regcom1.htm

- Adjectives to describe clothes me.asp?id=8445 pa_1.htm MEDIATE/unit14/page3.htm v=RCcoyhxBSlk&feature=related v=giXUZZp3KqU&feature=related - Degree adverbs: too, enough son17/04.html son17/05.html son17/06.html ame/viewgame.asp?id=3110 7 N E I G

- Making comparisons (equal. / infer.) 0028/comparativeadjectives#.UHWVQS4xqA8

- As... as s/adjectives_comparison_as_as.htm

- Adjectives for personality mar/adjectives/personality/words-for-describingpersonality.html


- - Showing interest http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.or Less.. than / / not as/so... as g/exams/exam-speaking/showing interest yAns/Yeni%20Klas %F6r/gramex23.html#5 - Showing sympathy esaurus-category/american/Ways-ofexpressing-sympathy g-english/grammar/exercises/as-asadjectives.html mar/adjectives/personality/synonyms/adjectivesdescribing-personality.html me.asp?id=2941 (What… like?):

- Really? songs/personality-adjective-list-song ingenglish/radio/specials/1210_how_to_ converse/page15.shtml v=bhjSpATBecs - Personal information http://www.multimedia- Oh, no! / I’m sorry to hear that / I feel sorry for her – him - Vocabulary related to neighbours 010/06/improve-spoken-english-how-to- express.html v=GOFpMUKfaAA

8 Plans and resoluti ons

- Talking about future intentions - Talking about immediate plans and agreements 410/grammar/410-expressing-thefuture.htm

- Present continuous 7/11/present-continuous-for-futureplans-or.html v=VS7_qa6AL4s tos/ingles/PDFs/tercero/epcfm3e1.pdf - Be going to + verb s/form/goingform.htm s/use/goinguse.htm s/exercises/going_2.htm s/exercises/going_1.htm

- Traditional New Year’s resolutions New Year’s resolutions • Here are some common New Year’s resolutions (personal plans for the coming year). Tick the resolutions you would like to make. I’m going to…………. o Exercise: do more/join a gym/take up a sport o Health: lose some weight/go on a diet/eat less chocolate/stop smoking/give up junk food o Hobbies: start a new hobby/join a club/learn a new skill( how to cook, paint, play an instrument) o Friends: make new friends/write to friends more/be kinder to friends/ spend more time or less time with friends o Studies: study more/do more homework/listen more in class/get books from the library/ read more o Money: get a Saturday or holiday job/save more money/spend less/be careful with pocket money o Stress: worry less/work less/relax more at weekends/go to bed earlier s/exercises/going_3.htm

- Stop + -ing, give up + -ing phrasal-verbs/give+up.html - Bad habits

Stop to / Stop ing: Let's compare the two forms side by side, changing only the second verb: Jason stopped playing the piano at six. = Jason was playing the piano, and he stopped doing that at six o'clock. Jason stopped to play the piano at six. = Jason was doing something else. He stopped that action, and began to play the piano at six o'clock. 9 Lifetime A C H I E V E M E N

- Narrating experiences shcourse/home/elementary-course/3have-you-ever-eaten-snails/grammarfocus shcourse/home/elementary-course/3have-you-ever-eaten-snails/vocabularybuilder

- Present perfect simple + ever / never s/form/perfectform.htm

- Lifetime turning points title=Life-Events-Vocabulary-Quiz Let me talk about my life: /09/present-perfect-con-ever.html A)

Name: Joe Bloggs Age: 35

Things I’ve done

T S m shcourse/home/elementary-course/3have-you-ever-eaten-snails - Contrast Past simple / Present perfect simple vos/GRAMMAR4&5.PDF v=5JfrS2gYKe0&feature=related

I’ve been to London. I’ve been to London many times. I first went there when I was seven years old. I like London. It’s an exciting place but you need a lot of money to live there. Things I haven’t done I’ve never jumped out of a plane. I’ve never jumped out of a plane. I don’t think I really want to do it because it looks very scary. Maybe one day, when I’m brave enough. - Unusual experiences HAVE YOU EVER..... + ??


-Narrating experiences



for a job

My First Job Everyone has had a job experience, and the first is always the most memorable. I had my first job as a cashier. I started my job after I lived for two months in the United States, and that was my first job experience in life. I learned values about

- Verbs followed by –ing / to infinitive v=oRyAY0xV1Xc

-Job skills


Communication: writes clearly and concisely,

sacrifices, responsibilities, and life lessons through my job. When I started my job, I was really excited and happy. At first, I had trouble understanding English, but all my coworkers helped me whenever I was in difficulty. For some time, communicating with people was not easy for me, but my job gave me a good opportunity to develop my communication skill and selfconfidence. Working at that job, I met my manager Holly, and she was my trainer and friend too. She was very friendly and a kind person. She always told me that the customer is our boss, so I have to be very responsible, respectful, and helpful to my customer. She assisted me without any exception whenever I needed her help. I learned how to fulfill customers’ desirers and be helpful to them. After working for one year at that job, suddenly my District Manager told me that I had to leave that job. I felt very upset because I loved my job, the staff members, and the customers. On that day my manager and I cried a lot. Then, she encouraged me to look for another job and helped me to find a better job. It was a great first job experience to me.

- Expressing duration df v=8XdMLCCK5DQ

speaks effectively, listens attentively, openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves differences, leads group discussions, provides feedback, persuades others, provides well-thought out solutions, gathers appropriate information, confidently speaks in public infinitive_verbs.htm Interpersonal Skills: works well with others, sensitive, supportive, motivates others, shares

credit, counsels, cooperates, delegates effectively, represents others, understands feelings, selfconfident, accepts responsibility infinitive2.htm

- Present perfect simple with for / since / just / yet / already r/PresentPerfect1D.html (for since) since_for.htm (for since) entperfect/fororsince.php (for since) 9-howlong.htm (how long?) v=u3RVtbj1opU (yet already)

Research and Planning: forecasts/predicts, creates ideas, identifies problems, meets goals, identifies resources, gathers information, solves problems, defines needs, analyzes issues, develops strategies, assesses situations Organizational Skills: handles details, coordinates tasks, punctual, manages projects effectively, meets deadlines, sets goals, keeps control over budget, plans and arranges activities, multi-tasks Management Skills: leads groups, teaches/trains/instructs, counsels/coaches, manages conflict, delegates responsibility, makes decisions, directs others, implements decisions, takes charge.

- Working conditions ultimedia/london/unit5/index.shtml

- Expressing disappointment /exercise-english-2/exercise-english17320.php (yet already) es_perfect/pres_perfect_yet.html (yet already) NTARY/unit19/page4.htm (just) - What a shame! What a pity! 2012/01/expressing-disappointment/

That's English - Basic 2 - Module 3  

That's English! - Basic 2 - Module 3

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