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THAT’S ENGLISH! – MODULE 8 – UNIT 4 a) GRAMMAR - Noun pre-modifying another noun: id=mzRIAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA53&lpg=PA53&dq=NOUN+premodifying+another+n oun&source=bl&ots=aPnT6zpBnR&sig=g1JSXhh7CkOlZSrEZrUp16RQCe4&hl=g l&sa=X&ei=sgY9VJDXFdDmaJ3AgtgM&ved=0CFgQ6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=N OUN%20premodifying%20another%20noun&f=false -

Made of

Made of is used when the material the subject consists of doesn't change during the process of making the subject: Chairs are made of wood.

Here, wood is still wood. It doesn't transform into something else. On the other hand, made from is used when the material changed its nature: Paper is made from wood.

Now, wood disappeared — it was transformed into paper. Some more examples:

The house is made of bricks. [They are still bricks.]

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That's English! module 8 unit 4  
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