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That’s English! – Module 10 – Unit 7 COMPETITION A) GRAMMAR - Obligation and permission Obligation � Make + object + infinitive The coach made the apprentice run 10 kms. In the passive, make takes infinitive with to. The apprentice was made to run 10 kms. � Require + object + to infi nitive This sport requires athletes to train hard. Permission � Let + person + infi nitive She let me wear her new trainers. � In the passive, let becomes be allowed to. They aren’t allowed to throw in the towel. Rewrite the sentences in the past tense using the words in brackets. 1 We mustn’t leave the school playground. (allowed) We weren’t allowed to leave the school playground. 2 All students have to arrive on time for class. (required) 3 They were required to practise for at least four hours a day. (had) 4 My daughter can Orly watch TV at the weekend(allowed) 5 We must be team players. (had) Complete the sentences with the missing phrases below. were allowed to let us go home let you eat was made to eat makes us work made me apologise lets us make you wear were made to leave used to let me go 1 My mother … for my awful behaviour. 2 Did someone … that ugly dress? 3 Our teacher … very hard. 4 When I was younger, I … vegetables, even though I hated them. 5 The spectators………… the match because they were too noisy. 6 Does your coach … junk food? 7 My parents never … on holiday with my friends. 8 Our old boss … early on Fridays, but our new boss never … . 9 The wrestlers ………. see their families once a month.

That's English module 10 unit 7  
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