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THAT’S ENGLISH - MODULE 10 – UNIT 2 IN THE MARKET A) GRAMMAR - REDUCED RELATIVE CLAUSES: Match the rules (1-4) to the sentences (a-d). 1 Verbs in the active voice reduce to the present participle (-ing). 2 Verbs in the passive voice reduce to the past participle. 3 Verbs containing have to (or equivalent verbs, like should or must) reduce to an infinitive with to. 4 The relative pronoun and the verb be followed by a prepositional phrase can be omitted. a This ancient company is a Japanese family business, (which was) originally set up in 597. b The employees are in the meeting room (which is) on the first floor. c The Shitennoji temple, (which still stands) still standing today, was their firt job. d If you want a Buddhist temple, they are definitely the people (who you should) to speak to. advanced_section15_01?cc=global&selLanguage=en - Word Formation: NOUN competition competitor ………….. investor stability

VERB compete

ADJECTIVE competitive



lend stabilise


That's english mod 10 unit 2  
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