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The Sixth Sense 1.

Read about the main characters and underline the adjectives that describe them. Check the meaning in the electronic dictionary. 2. Find the expressions inside the red lines in the dictionary and translate them.

Major Characters Cole Sear

(actor: Haley Joel Osment)

A sweet and intelligent but emotionally troubled 9 year old boy, who is convinced that the ghosts of dead people are always trying to communicate with him. Malcolm Crowe

(actor: Bruce Willis)

A very sensitive and accomplished child psychologist, who tries to help Cole deal with his problems, while also trying to save his marriage. Anna Crowe

(actress: Olivia Williams)

Malcolm’s wife, a seller of fine jewellery, who seems to be growing away from him. 3. Have a quick look at the story

Plot Summary This is the story of an intelligent and gentle 9-year-old boy who lives in Philadelphia, and who happens to see ghosts. One day he tells his psychologist that "I see dead people. They want me to do things for them." He seems to be telling the truth. It is also the story of that psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a highly intelligent and accomplished professional who agrees to try and help Cole, just a few months after being shot in the stomach by one his former patients! Ever since that tragic incident, Malcolm and his wife seemed to be growing apart, and thus Malcolm must work with Cole while trying to repair his own personal life. Over time, Malcolm learns of Cole’s apparent ability to communicate with the dead, but seems unsure of how to help the child. In the meantime, Cole’s mother becomes more frustrated and scared, especially when some of his classmates seem to be physically abusing him. However, Cole himself remains strong, and in the end, it seems that he will learn to help Malcolm as much as Malcolm helps him.

4. Turn into red the words that you don’t understand and you think that are important to look up in the dictionary to understand the story. 5. Using the electronic dictionary, look them up and write the words and the meaning as in the following example:

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