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MODULE 9 That’s English! – UNIT 4 IT’S BEEN VERY NICE TO MEET YOU! A) GRAMMAR - PHRASAL VERBS: 1 count on 2 look into 3 take aback 4 get together 5 give up 6 work out 7 bring up 8 blow up 9 get over Complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs 1 How does other people’s rude behaviour make you feel: are you … ? 2 Are you good at ... what other people are feeling? 3 Would you be interested in ... your family history? 4 What’s your favourite way of ... with friends? 5 Have you ever ... a sport or hobby? If so, why? 6 Who do you ... when you need help? Look at the sentences below. Choose the more formal option. 1 Travellers should spend some time looking into / investigating non verbal forms of communication. 2 The traveller in Tibet might be taken aback /shocked when the locals stick out their tongues. 3 In the US, most men normally just shake hands when they meet / get together. Replace the phrasal verbs in bold with the correct form of the verbs below. 1 Most families try to get together at Christmas. Most families try to meet at Christmas. 2 When I told my father I had crashed his car, he blew up. 3 Gestures can be a useful way to get over what you mean. 4 Scientists are looking into the reasons behind climate change. 5 Her handwriting is terrible: I can’t work out what it says. Investigate stop

rely on mention communicate understand



get angry

Module 9 thats unit 4  
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