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What is this? And what colour is it? What colour is its BEAK? What colour are its FEATHERS? What colour are its legs? Is it big or small? Where is it? What is the weather like? Is it cloudy? Is it sunny? Is the sky grey or blue? What colour are the clouds?

How many birds are there on the wire now?

Is the new bird tall or short? Is the new bird thin or fat? Is the new bird ugly or beautiful? Where is it?

These birds MAKE FUN OF and LAUGH AT the new bird. Why? Are they nice? Are they good? Are they cruel? Are they respectful? Are they friendly and welcoming? Are they funny?

Is the new bird heavy or light? And the other birds?

Do these birds accept or reject the new bird? Why?

What happens next?

Has the small bird got feathers now? Do you think the small bird feels embarrased because it is naked?

Do you think the small birds deserve what happened to them? Do you think they learnt a lesson? What lesson?


For the birds  

Kiwi. Explotación didáctica 1º ESO

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