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THE ARRIVAL CHAPTER 1 3. A __________________, whose greatest wish is for their situation to ____________. A paper bird is symbolic of their hope. For their wish to come true the _____________ must emigrate and move away from his most beloved ones: his ___________________________. Everything is ready: his ___________________, the tickets... all he needs for this new hard stage in their ___________________________. 4. ______________________ the father, mother and child looked on this picture!!!! 5. He _____________________early and packs his case. His impending parting is already hurting his small family. The _______________he puts in his suitcase is a memento he takes with him so as to _________________________________________, his up to now happy family. 6. She places her _______________ on his, which in turn lies resting on his suitcase. 7. A small room ________________________________. The freedom symbolized by the bird and the butterfly contrasts with the painful duty that need imposes on them. 8. He holds her hand lovingly ____________________________. 9. Sadness. The girl gets up, ______________________________ and finds her father’s case, ready for the ____________________________. 10. The family leave home. There is a _______________________ on the ________________________. What is it? Maybe hunger, war... It is like a _____________________ made of tentacles. 11. The shadow-shaped _______________. Is it real? In any case, the father’s departure is somehow related to those tentacles which are strangling the ____________________. 12. The look in the child’s face reveals her ________________________. She is not completely aware of what is happening. Her father gives her a ______________________, a paper bird, as if telling her: “ Don’t ____________, I’ll be back some day”. It is a keepsake. Farewell, embraces. The train _______________. 13. Three hands saying goodbye __________________, lovingly. 14. Back home, __________________ uphill, the steep slope symbolizing adversity, hardship.

CHAPTER TWO 3. __________________________________________________. He is in the small cabin of an ocean liner. Loneliness. Separation. 4. Storm in mid-ocean. ________________. Insecurity.





5. Clouds. They symbolize the _____________________________________________. Some of the clouds remind him of his family. 6. The ship at sea. The __________________ is coming to an end. 7. There are lots of people in the same situation. __________________. __________________. 8. Scenes on board the ship. He remembers his _______________, because he’s making a bird identical to the one he gave her ____________________________________. 9. He thoughtfully holds the paper bird ___________________ his fingertips. 10. A flock of birds: a __________________ for migration. 11. Everything seems ____________________ for people who get there. Contrast between what the _________________ is really like and the way in which it’s perceived by newcomers. 12. Trade and ____________________ between cultures. 13. Contrast between the “hope birds” and the tentacles which appear showing themselves in the ________________________. 14. Disembarkation. A queue whose ending cannot ___________________________. 15. Everything they come across is new for them. It’s a different _________________. Huge messages in unknown characters are hanging ____________________. 16. ____________________ checkup. 17. _________________ interview. Misunderstood ___________________. Problems with the _________________. Insecurity. Confusion. Disorientation. Resignation. 18. Resignation and yearning to ___________________. 19. His worker’s card is made at the __________________________ where the man is going to work. Passing through several departments. Feelings of ___________________ because of paperwork.

20. Feeling small, insignificant and all _______________, with your card, you miss a ______________________ you can talk to. 21. His worker’s card is _________________ together with the visa. 22. Hundreds of balloons fly away from customs towards the _____________. Our man ____________________ in one of them. 23. Overflying the ___________________, chaotic town. 24. The balloon has landed. It can be a symbol for loneliness and ________________, feelings that prevail in big cities. 25. A neighbourhood new for the newcomer with his ___________________ case, he walks across a _______________________ towards an unknown address. 26. A new language. A hard situation for him. Ignorance of the new culture. Need of a friend. ________________ is alone. People feel lonely, and instead of having friends, they’ve got ______________. Loneliness is disguised through pets. Lack of ______________________ between people. 27. Constant oddness. Appearance of strange animals. Messages _______________ in a strange language. The man is ________________. He’s looking for a ________________ to settle. 28. He’s completely lost. It’s ___________________ and he needs to find a place to sleep in. Fireflies help him: they throw his hat down, and when picking it up, he comes across a _________________ on the _______________________. 29. The tower clock shows ________________ in an undecipherable way. 30. The map he saw on the floor, with lots of ________________________________ with no attached translation. 31. An Arab comes up and talks to him. Our man tries to _______________________ to him that he needs somewhere to ____________________. He draws a bed. The Arab understands and the man ___________________ him. 32. Our man unsuccessfully tries to translate the map, with the help of a dictionary. 33. The Arab also brings a _________________ along. 34. The man gets to an inn. Sense that everything is ______________________, he hasn’t got so many problems as at the ______________________. He finds an animal inside a box and is frightened by it. It’s a sign for the ________________________ to come, which she does at once and checks him in. 35. The door to his ___________________________. He recognizes it owing to the symbol on his key, although he ignores its _____________________. He opens the door to find himself in a messy room by no means cozy.

36. He sees _____________________ hanging but doesn’t know what it is. He finds a lot of objects in the _____________ but he doesn’t know what they are or what they are used for. He is _____________________ lost. 37. He comes across an animal, which shows him where the _______________ is. At first he intended to ______________ himself from the animal, but then he realises that it just wants to ______________ him. 38. He grabs his case and puts it on the bed. On opening it, he sees _______________ sitting at their home. A tentacle of the monster is hinted at through the _________________ of his family’s house. Then he takes the family ______________ and a nail, and he hangs it on the _____________________. 39. On opening his case, he’s got a clear _______________ of his family, who have been left alone, with the monster lying in wait. 40. He stares at the ________________ and looks at his wife first, then at his daughter. He thinks about his family. One can perceive the yearning the man experiences on staring at his family’s _______________, recalling the last moment they spent _________________. The memory of the hands joined together helps him put up with loneliness, separation. The insignificance, the isolation of _____________ in motel rooms can be seen from afar. 41. Our man finds himself ____________________________ of a huge, unknown new world.

CHAPTER 3 3. The man is _________________________, dreaming of some clouds which turn into the animal which is in front of him when he ________________________. The animal has a feeling that something is approaching and goes to _______________________ out of the window. 4. The man gets ready to go out , equipping himself with a _______________ so as not to get lost in the ________________________________________. 5. ________________________________ counting money. 6. He goes out, wanders around and comes across ___________________________________________________.




7. He meets an Asian _______________________ who shows him how to get a _________________ communicating with him through hand signs. She also has a pet, who _______________________________________ his. 8. The girl showing him on the ____________________________. 9. Both get on the ________________________.

10. During the_____________________ the girl tells him how she got to the city. 11. The girl talking to him about her _________________________. 12. The ________________ of how she worked , when she was a _________________, basically as a _________________________. 13. The girl’s book is wrenched away from her by big, strong hands, and she is forced ________________________________. 14. The place where she works is like a big furnace where the _________________, or rather, the __________________ shovel coal into the boilers. 15. The girl runs away with her __________________. Once outside, she _______________________secretly. 16. The girl ________________________________ with her book and then on the wagon. 17. The girl finishes her story and tells him that he must get off the vehicle. He says goodbye and gets off at _________________________, gaping at the flying ship he has just left. 18. The man gazing open-mouthed at the strange means of ______________________. 19. A new neighbourhood, which looks like some kind of __________________ or shopping center, opens __________________ him. 20. He goes into the market. Everything looks strange there, he can’t find anything he is looking for in spite of carrying a _______________ with _______________ of the food he needs as well as their foreign names written ________________________________________________. 21. The man glancing through his notebook and opening a drawer full of food, where there are some... __________________________, perhaps? 22. He _____________________ a father and his son, who help him. 23. The father talking to him, _______________________, in a friendly way. 24. The man and his son keep showing him ______________________________ different kinds of food there are. 25. The three of them leave _________________, strolling and talking. They reach a beach where there are some ______________________________. 26. The father talking and smiling at him, resting his hand on the man's ___________________.

27. The son shows the _______________ his pet. The _____________ gets scared because it reminds him of the monster which is subjugating his ________________________, where he’s had to leave his family. The others laugh at him. 28. The man gets a fright when he sees a kind of tentacle going out of a pot, but it turns out to be the tail of the __________________________________. 29. The traveller explains them both ________________ he has had a fright. He tells them what the monster from his homeland looks like. 30. The __________________ drawing the ________________ fin his home town and a huge jagged tentacle floating above. 31. The other man tells the traveller the story of what _______________ in his own homeland, attacked by giant humanoids, encapsulated inside some kind of welding helmets. They both realize they have undergone _____________________________. 32. The man keeps on telling the traveller how he and his wife were once able to _____________________________________ from the giant humanoids. 33. Massive ________________________ go past the drain under which they are hiding. 34. After leaving their hideout they find a _________________________ hardly recognizable town. 35. The man goes on ___________________________________________ and talks about a stranger who helped them to escape from the giants. 36. The man and his _____________________.









37. The stranger shows them a way out and the route to follow in order to run away from the giants. Then, he demands them to ___________________. 38. The stranger gesturing for them to give him -_______________________. 39. The man and his wife reach a __________________, where they take a boat and set sail for the ______________________. 40. After the story the three of them, back in the _________________________, get on a boat. 41. They get to a place that seems to be another neighbourhood, which looks more familiar, where his ________________________________________________ may live. 42. At last they _______________________________ at the father and son's home, where the mother __________________________ a meal for them.

43. The woman ________________________ hands with her guest, and then they drink a toast to their brand new ______________________________________. 44. Nice meal and ________________________________________________. 45. They cheer up. They sing and ____________________________. The guest makes a ____________________________ for the boy. And he is given a sort of bowl or flowerpot. CHAPTER 4 3. A flowerpot, symbolizing ______________in the pets’ world, is shown on the windowsill of a cheap boarding house. Sunlight wakes up the man, whose pet wishes him good_____________, has breakfast with him, and hands him his hat as the man is getting ready to go out. 4. True confidence has emerged ____________man and pet. The last one passes the man’s hat to him. 5. As he walks along a densely populated ____________he can notice a great variety of trades. 6. He unsuccessfully applies for _____________________________. 7. Feeling disillusioned, he sits down on a bench, and his attention is immediately drawn to a man who is sticking bills. He has just decided to ask him for a job, and there it is! ... A _________________strike, at last! 8. Our emigrant shakes hands with his new _____________________to make clear his acceptance, without the employer showing much interest in returning such gesture. 9. Let’s get down to it! After posting some bills for a while, the man is ______________________by his boss, who points out they have been stuck upside down. 10. After being fired he finds a new job as a delivery man. He communicates through signs with his new employer, a woman showing him a number __________________________. 11. They shake hands to seal the_______________________, a gesture she appreciates. 12. His task consists in putting the parcels into a kind of post boxes, but on reaching one of the _______________he comes across a _______________ which attacks him. The man drops every parcel and rushes off. 13. He is sacked again and gets a job in a ______________where he has to sort out faulty and broken pieces of machinery, a dreary, weary, tedious work. 14. It is a big factory, full of ___________________in his very same situation.

15. He’s offered a ___________he takes, and a man then pours him some drink. He accepts a toast. His host turns out to be an old man who uses his ____________________________ for everything, a hand with which he, extremely serious, picks out a broken piece from the conveyor belt. 16. The toast: a necessary _____________________ from a mechanical job. 17. While holding the broken piece, the old man tells him about an episode in his life. He remembers being a young______________, smiling and holding a single daisy, one of the bunch that had been thrown down out of a window by a _________________, thus celebrating the soldiers’ marching past, heading for war. The old man is still wearing the same cap he used to wear as a soldier. 18. The troops’ triumphal ____________________as he leaves home with them. 19. Darkness gradually overcomes the___________________, as the battle approaches. 20. The young __________________moves forward, past a corpse. 21. The_________________. Soldiers running and brandishing bayonets. 22. A skeleton-covered battlefield. Defeat. Slaughter. Equality ___________________after a great_____________________________.


23. The outcome of war entailed the loss of one of the old man’s__________________. A situation he had to get used to. 24. The soldier’s return home. Back completely_____________________: a devastated Everything________________.

in his city, a

town now new world.

25. The old man comes back to the ____________________time. The working day is over. They clock off and leave. 26. Both men come out________________. The younger one strokes the plants, which symbolizes the recovery of contact with nature, as well as freedom. He takes out the pet he has raised in the flowerpot, letting it fly. Release. Outside the factory, light becomes_____________________. 27. The hand releasing the pet, with its _____________________widely spread wings.

28. While talking, both men take a stroll in the countryside, home of____________________, light, joy and nature. 29. They come up to some men playing petanque. The old man introduces his partner and they both join in the game. They __________________________ and make friends. 30. The man is introduced to the old man’s_______________. Handshakes and welcoming gestures. 31. A special place, where ________________________talks, laughs and has a good time.

CHAPTER 5 3. A bird lands on the ground and pecks around, picking up______________________ off the ground, and then it flies away with its beak _________________. 4. The bird, maybe the old man'sone, takes food to its chicks on the protagonist's windowsill. He is __________________________, probably to his family, and when he finishes he makes a paper bird with it and puts it into an ______________, with some money. The bird is once more a symbol for freedom. 5. The bird taking food to the flowerpot where its _______________lies. An analogy can be drawn between the bird and the man sending money to his family. 6. The man holding the bird-shaped letter in his hands and putting some _______________ into the ___________________________. 7. He goes out into the street, and asks a woman where the postbox is. Already familiar with the ________________________________ of his new country, he reads the instructions on the postbox and is able to open the slot and __________________________. 8. Passage of time. ____________________________________. A whole year goes by while the man waits for an answer to his letter. 9. Wintertime. The _______________.









10. The bird bringing food to its chicks, symbolizing our protagonist’s ______________________. 11. The bird brings the food closer to the ______________________ chicks’ beaks. 12. The pet gets out of bed, notices that something has just arrived and goes _________________. The man follows it and sees a letter on the floor ____________________________________________. Joy...when he opens it and sees another bird-shaped letter. He leans out of the window and looks up.

13. The bird-shaped letter, _____________________, bond between father and daughter, token of love. He looks up through the window. 14. A balloon is gliding in the sky. He rushes out. Joyful while running, ________________________________________________through the city. 15. The balloon lands, the pets welcome it, his family looking in surprise at the new place. The father ____________________ and the girl's face lights up with __________________________. His wife drops her suitcase and he drops his hat. Flock of birds, symbolic of a close-knit family. 16. Both serious and astonished, the girl looks __________________. Then she is beaming with happiness, her ________________________ fixed on her father. 17. The three of them walking together _____________________________________.

CHAPTER 6 3. A new life. The story of the __________________________ is coming to an end. The first scenes are ____________________________, but adapted to this new world, like the ________________, the food, the coffee maker and the cup. There are also things in common, like the pet made of paper, the hanging hat, the girl's pictures, the photo of a close, happy family. Prosperity. The father's hand putting a _______________ into his daughter's. 4. Memory of their _____________________________before the father's departure. 5. All together again sitting at ___________________________. The father explains to the girl the differences between the old and the ________________________________. 6. Memory of the father ______________________________.





7. The girl explores the new world with her new friend, the pet. The worthy life every ____________________ has a right to. 8. An enormous dove appears in the distance, emerging from the city with spread ________________. It symbolizes normal life, _________________, fulfilled dreams, happiness and harmony. 9. The girl goes to __________________________what her father asked her to. On the way, she comes across some animals, then she does her _____________ and, on going out of the shop, she sees a woman with a map in her hands, looking lost. The girl helps her to find her ________________. This scene symbolizes the children’s amazing ability to integrate and socialize. 10. The lost, emigrant ___________________ the girl a point in her map and the girl gives her directions.

11. Final ___________________ of the book. Many people go through the same situation. The protagonist family plays two ______________. Their main ___________ is that of emigrants and the second one is their ____________ as a family integrated in the new world who help those who _______________ as they did in the past. This story is a hymn to human solidarity.

Emigrants (FILL IN THE GAPS)  

Emigrants (FILL IN THE GAPS)

Emigrants (FILL IN THE GAPS)  

Emigrants (FILL IN THE GAPS)