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CAROLINA (Speaker: Alba) My name is Alba. Today Carolina is wearing an argyle pattern black and grey dress, a black jacket, a black sweater, black tights, black boots, bracelets and earrings.

FÁTIMA (Speaker: Jawad) My name is Jawad. Today Fátima is wearing a black skirt, a black blouse, black tights, black boots and a necklace.

LUCÍA (Speaker: Pablo) My name is Pablo. Today Lucía is wearing purple jeans, a purple, green and white blouse, a green waistcoat, grey ankle boots and earrings.

HELENA (Speaker: Alberto) My name is Alberto. Today Helena is wearing black jeans, a white T-shirt, a red jacket and black ballet flats.

PAULA (Speaker: Julene) My name is Julene. Today Paula is wearing denim shorts, a white shirt, a grey and blue jacket, brown tights, brown shoes and a brown hairband.

IVANA (Speaker: Ayoub) My name is Ayoub. Today Ivana is wearing a pink dress, a pink beret, black leggings, black ballet flats, a necklace and earrings.

CARLA (Speaker: Hugo)

My name is Hugo. Today Carla is wearing dark jeans, a T-shirt with white and blue stripes, brown ballet flats and earrings.

SALOMÉ (Speaker: Maika) My name is Maika. Today Salomé is wearing a brown dress, black stockings, brown shoes, earrings and bracelets.

ANDRÉS (Speaker: Eddy) My name is Eddy. Today Andrés is wearing red trousers, a green belt, a light green T-shirt, grey trainers and a red cap.

DAVID (Speaker: Alberto) My name is Alberto. Today David is wearing a black and purple T-shirt, blue jeans and grey trainers.

NEREA (Speaker: Noemí) My name is Noemí. Today Nerea is wearing a denim dress, a black jacket, black boots, a white sweater,and white tights. She is carrying a grey bag.

1 ESO D Models on the Catwalk - Final  

1 ESO D Models on the Catwalk - Final

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